Pronunciation of Imperfection
/ɪmpəfˈɛkʃən/, /ɪmpəfˈɛkʃən/, /ɪ_m_p_ə_f_ˈɛ_k_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for imperfection

dis-continuance, sign-off, predomination, finis, ornament, high mindedness, whip hand, high qualities, up shot, virtue, de-finitenesses, honest truth, correctness, up shots, excellency, ideal, unvarnished truth, maturations, in corruptibilities, exactness, nittygritty, expiry, truth, up rightness, terminus, end of line, ultimates, to a finishes, exquisitenesses, desirability, desistances, full bloom, transcendence, idealisms, ne plus ultra, aheads, wrapup, sign off, bon ton, wind-ups, high quality, phoenixes, pre valences, out-come, impressivenesses, end the line, significance, doing it to t, maturenesses, factualism, good, windup, definitenesses, finalization, renowns, doing it t, re-nown, wrap-ups, meaningfulnesses, enough, sublimation, good point, dis patches, dis continuance, cynosures, faultlessness, wind ups, exquisiteness, wrap-up, impeccabilities, pre eminences, maturescences, plain talk, post pubescences, meaningfulness, postpubescence, peach, dis-continuances, sufficiency, finises, de finitude, high mindednesses, mop ups, definitivenesses, ex ample, de-termination, re solutions, out come, re-solutions, up-rightness, perfection, mopups, good breeding, de-terminations, ripenesses, up-shot, high-mindednesses, prime life, entireness, sign-offs, a finishes, Excellencies, ripeness, desirabilities, definitudes, in fallibility, doing to a t, fruition, finalizations, pre dominations, decoration, lovelies, pre-eminence, transcendences, doing a t, highmindedness, pre-dominations, doing to t, out comes, pre domination, dis-patches, strength, windups, mop-up, idealism, correctitudes, mellownesses, in fallibilities, de-finitude, sign offs, de finiteness, in-corruptibility, sublimations, Definitiveness, purity, pre-domination, adequacy, in-fallibilities, worthinesses, de termination, out-comes, enhancement, whip hands, up-rightnesses, signoffs, to a finish, maturity, dis-patch, entirenesses, cleanups, de-finiteness, matureness, in corruptibility, mop up, de-finitudes, Peaches, doing it a t, worthiness, end line, bon tons, de finitudes, de finitenesses, up rightnesses, dis patch, sublimity, expiries, pre valence, phoenix, advantage, Hips, consummation, cleanup, paragon, cleanliness, in-fallibility, a finish, whole story, Impeccability, achievings, dis continuances, prime of life, flawlessness, doing t, adornment, wrapups, finishings, re-solution, up-shots, unvarnished truths, omegas, post pubescence, pre-valence, strong point, cynosure, virtuousness, Perfectness, in-corruptibilities, good breedings, pre eminence, omega, wind-up, Desistance, excellence, weightiness, faultlessnesses, ex-ample, pre-eminences, plenty, definiteness, nitty gritty, to finish, aesthetics, wrap ups, predominations, mellowness, de terminations, Definitude, trustworthinesses, embellishment, whole stories, post-pubescence, rightness, weightinesses, completion, trustworthiness, worth, signoff, re nown, laurel, plain talks, post-pubescences, mop-ups, truenesses, perfectnesses, superiority, correctitude.