Pronunciation of Imprecise
/ˌɪmpɹɪsˈa͡ɪs/, /ˌɪmpɹɪsˈa‍ɪs/, /ˌɪ_m_p_ɹ_ɪ_s_ˈaɪ_s/

Antonyms for imprecise

Designful, well-deserved, most intemerate, more unmixed, on beam, more clarified, more stickling, stiff with, easily affected, point by point, most tight fisted, validated, most hypersensitive, more overnice, Fine-spun, more feeling, strong, fit bust, uninfected, straightout, most described, respectful, in fallible, out-righter, more well-deserved, alive kicking, far, un-hurt, most unventilated, more close-lipped, over-nice, more expressed, more methodized, most cathedral, more confining, un mistaken, more sureenough, in-firmer, more peewee, express, anti septic, un-distorted, most unalloyed, most taper, in-clement, true, de serving, most close-lipped, un-impeachable, more attenuated, more jam-packed, structured, more pinched, more purified, most right-thinking, apparent, more fine-grained, un damaged, un-dubitable, hushhush, velocious, faultless, most truthtelling, choater, more wellkept, un impaired, de-terminate, more limiting, most wellsuited, level, over nice, that the ticket, in bag, un-healthiest, most dirtless, anti-septic, most recognizable, far sighted, welldefined, most wall-to-wall, un broken, choiciest, most assigned, most undistorted, open and shut, more nit picking, non-partisan, elbow to elbow, alive and kicking, filled the rafters, un equaled, most aok, clubby, more right-handed, most highspeed, more wall-to-wall, most structured, sweltry, most closelipped, un feigned, Unrefuted, un relenting, Circumstantiated, more inerrant, most right thinking, more monogamous, copacetic, un contaminated, re cognizable, un flinching, detailed, more high-brow, most disclosed, readable, un guilty, got it together, out righter, crossing the t, pre-possessing, most point by point, in-disputable, more near-at-hand, in culpable, more setup, more precise, careful, intimate, highspeed, most well regulated, un disputed, stand-up, more described, what the doctor ordered, godfearing, most elaborated, precise, well-marked, more truth telling, un spotted, most card carrying, explicit, more high speed, more a-ok, high minded, befitting, un mixed, un blurred, most speckless, most certified, choicy, re-cognized, in-culpable, dotting is, temperate, mannerly, understandable, pre carious, straight from horses mouth, most truth-telling, more right-thinking, more swarming, more unpresumptuous, crossing ts, un-deniable, more well-kept, un adorned, Crimeless, most elbow-to-elbow, prudish, de fined, most nondiscriminatory, un-decayed, more aok, formal, full up, in-dubitable, more stale smelling, refined, dotting the i, ex-press, more fine spun, circumscribed, a couple, more fussbudget, more disciplined, more near at hand, clear, sainted, choicier, more undistorted, most close grained, more well regulated, more velocious, attentive, mum's word, super sensitive, nit picking, de-voted, secure, sure-enough, more defectless, most massed, ex tensive, unspotted, most unfaked, nearlier, most unmodifiable, un decayed, well constructed, hard by, de-contaminated, in compliant, more never-failing, most true-to-life, more tapered, most terminating, un modifiable, most stand-up, more compressed, more unpermissive, re strained, more circumscribed, more bosom, all there, sub lime, single minded, Finicking, narrow, spick and span, rare, most sensile, more close-grained, more unbroken, neverfailing, Clocklike, in contestable, un-polluted, most apprehensible, in-arguable, more justified, undistorted, re-gular, most authenticated, adequate, full, stoner, most revered, most amen, ex celling, most confining, in good health, most wellmarked, closegrained, in errant, more elbow to elbow, more speckless, up the hilt, more intemerate, close grained, veracious, turned on to, recherche, in-firmest, clean, more hypersensitive, most wall to wall, un-usual, straight, polished, most enumerated, un-communicative, most set-up, valid, schoolish, uninjured, un-comfortable, good enough, like is, plain, most elbow to elbow, most finegrained, un bending, pro-found, most saintlike, more glorified, most supersensitive, on numbers, super-sensitive, mums word, up to here, in nocent, to a turn, most emotionable, on the and up, in-errant, un-equivocal, buttoning up, on up, most unforthcoming, more wellmarked, righteous, established, un-guiltiest, authentic, high-brow, most uncorrupt, near at hand, hairline, more contracted, crossing the ts, buddy-buddy, most oldline, cardcarrying, un smudged, more supersensitive, more stickler, un complicated, more card-carrying, up par, un-alloyed, open shut, ex-acting, in-nocent, in-experienced, under one nose, ultra-precise, re fined, bright, most sardined, free of error, positive, un changeable, sardined, more well marked, out spoken, restricted, on the up, most a-ok, more jam packed, ex-celling, more rightthinking, more recognizable, lousy with, most compressed, most hairline, up here, un impeachable, clearcut, more particularized, duckier, un-worldliest, individual, meth odic, most clocklike, more well-marked, most pent, un-guilty, un-cluttered, more sensile, more hairsplitting, most defined, ex acting, hush hush, accurate, Unpresumptuous, nearliest, more welldeserved, unventilated, straitest, chokier, more undubitable, more assigned, true to life, more ultraprecise, most inerrant, gradual, sureenough, more well deserved, un injured, blow by blow, more wellregulated, dead-on, most close lipped, in line, most ending, re tired, un-stabler, more enumerated, most stand up, more wellconstructed, uncontaminated, un deniable, more massed, defectless, Intemerate, most nit-picking, most unbroken, ex act, out-spoken, more ironhanded, elbow-to-elbow, pre-scribed, most near-at-hand, mixest, unmistaken, well-bred, un yielding, straiter, more crushed, Uncorrupt, more set up, clean cut, be-fitting, more stand up, more graspable, simpatico, by book, in-flexible, give take little, more buddy buddy, loud enough, more truth-telling, un-qualified, exact, de terminate, on button, bulleye, most sure enough, errorless, in-dividual, un-compromising, more well-constructed, de served, most pinched, more tight-fisted, mingier, more finegrained, un-faked, un wavering, most crushed, more laundered, crossing t, un cluttered, fore sighted, on q t, un predictable, official, delicate, well mannered, strait laced, un ambiguous, to the point, most niggardly, most cherished, most well-kept, most neverfailing, more buddybuddy, clearly defined, un-permissive, most unrefuted, more dextral, close-grained, on track, wellgroomed, un-adulterated, supported, on the up up, give take a little, in-exorable, un mistakable, clubbiest, un-spotted, most jam-packed, most purified, un polluted, most high brow, most fine-spun, in tact, ex press, more undesigning, ironhanded, across street, fussbudget, close lipped, most skinflint, more cherished, most dexter, more hairtrigger, most uncontaminated, most consolidated, most oversensitive, dead set, not vague, more donnish, on the numbers, most rigged, most abutting, more silhouetted, on money, dis-passionate, a t, out and out, in flexible, making with, most well-regulated, more well-suited, un guiltiest, severe, more copacetic, more uncolored, un tarnished, beyond compare, un-generous, dis criminating, undeniable, near-at-hand, away, un soiled, kind, most truth telling, more unsmudged, unblurred, un moving, de scribed, un biased, more methodic, most monogamous, un-refuted, at length, most stalesmelling, re-solved, de finite, more elaborated, more crammed, more unblinking, right thinking, more emotionable, dis closed, pennypinching, unbroken, unmixed, Indefectible, most disciplined, tough nut crack, most incapacious, more microbic, out right, buddy buddy, definite, more truthtelling, most disinfected, more true-to-life, just what was ordered, obvious, on level, most rehearsed, hard line, meth-odic, un-impaired, singleminded, uncolored, turned to, most crimeless, more skinflint, buddybuddy, wall-to-wall, sophisticated, more uncorrupt, in-separable, righthanded, more linear, most a ok, suitable, most buddy-buddy, under standing, de-mure, most ultraprecise, more well suited, more stalesmelling, re-liable, more wellsuited, more gossamery, Undubitable, un-adorned, bounded, in separable, trueblue, most watertight, choatest, prearranged, Choate, most rightthinking, more out of this world, most attached, re-liablest, more uninfected, most well marked, un-doubted, most seriatim, well marked, in-controvertible, un equivocal, around the corner, un permissive, pro founder, palsy walsy, well deserved, pre-pared, sweltriest, trim, more schoolish, most indefectible, more mobbed, complete, defined, up to par, Unguilty, well groomed, most mobbed, more textbook, un-changeable, more right handed, stalesmelling, condign, fine spun, meticulous, right, important, more huddled, most huddled, exceptional, bullseye, most linear, un-alterable, truthful, up hilt, bulls-eye, more stale-smelling, straight from horse mouth, most unmistaken, more incapacious, unalloyed, exquisite, speckless, most thronged, most attenuated, truthtelling, more high brow, right as rain, most laundered, most schoolish, most circumscribed, tangible, graspable, most unblurred, more standup, fine and dandy, particular, more unmodifiable, re cognized, be seeming, most shattery, most stickling, reactive, un-ventilated, more set-up, regular, corroborated, un hurt, up to the hilt, more shattery, peaceful, most uninjured, dotting the is, neat as pin, most circumstantiated, sub-lime, most fine-grained, most contracted, Gossamery, on the beam, real, most wellkept, re liablest, most unsmudged, more cleansed, most witting, un-guiltier, re-cognizable, in-fallible, neat as a pin, hard to please, that ticket, measurable, uncluttered, in dividual, un designing, in-temperate, on the button, mum the word, un-reserved, wellgrounded, undeviating, more sure enough, most sure-enough, out-of-this-world, most dextral, unquestionable, more unalloyed, wellconstructed, chockfull, most expressed, palsywalsy, inerrant, more nit-picking, hypersensitive, in-considerable, sound, un-stable, Transpicuous, fair minded, most overnice, most gossamery, most recherche, indisputable, un healthiest, dis infected, straight from horse's mouth, supersensitive, most venerated, clubbier, in spitting distance, most high-speed, to t, bull's eye, becoming, dis-closed, un-injured, pleasing, un mitigated, most fine spun, zipping ones lips, most textbook, un-sullied, un-folded, dis-infected, most high-brow, ducky, pre meditated, well-kept, most roommate, that's the ticket, more transpicuous, un-modifiable, clamming up, card-carrying, unqualified, under one's nose, most out-of-this-world, un tainted, dissimilar, un dubitable, up to snuff, unerring, pre pared, un-disputed, most swarming, most fracturable, in alterable, more unmistaken, dis passionate, re quired, donnish, nice, most tight-fisted, tight-fisted, tight fisted, never failing, most suffocating, more arranged, sufficient, sure enough, un-flinching, most defectless, more indefectible, choky, un-predictable, high speed, most old line, more beseeming, conscionable, upwards of, dotting the i's, factual, most beseeming, most cardcarrying, cleancut, mingiest, spic span, most taintless, in-defectible, on the q t, smooth, de-cent, up to hilt, right handed, un sullied, most true to life, appropriate, more designful, pro found, most reactive, unpolluted, shatterable, witting, co-pious, nondiscriminatory, ex pressed, more chiseled, re liabler, more cardcarrying, be-coming, most cropped, more ending, most card-carrying, most completing, in groove, re-strained, un healthier, rigorous, more conscionable, making it with, more old-line, most well-suited, indubitable, most buddybuddy, de contaminated, more simpatico, more hairline, un-forthcoming, most designful, most nit picking, re-liabler, hard, more revered, more true to life, chokiest, most unfolded, un marred, more a ok, more fine-spun, re-lated, god fearing, decent, more well constructed, un guiltier, un-mixed, niggardly, most limiting, un changing, absolute, on right track, more stipulated, under ones nose, crowded, most fussbudget, more pronounced, same, un comfortable, most uncluttered, more attached, most jam packed, proper, unblinking, de lightful, watertight, more unrefuted, most well deserved, most sensatory, well advised, in significant, most right-handed, unfaked, most behooving, de-finite, un corrupt, most fine grained, wellbred, dirtless, un usual, most chiseled, strict, most obvious, well suited, un-blemished, more thronged, set stone, sensatory, duckiest, more neverfailing, most wellregulated, more hair trigger, un compromising, more constricted, out rightest, un abridged, thats ticket, more pent, in-comparable, most tapered, welladvised, more unventilated, more elbow-to-elbow, in a groove, more well-regulated, more defined, certain, Stickling, most old-line, more finicking, pre-meditated, non essential, un-deviating, un-infected, more wall to wall, nailed down, ample, irrefutable, wrapped tight, rightminded, in-variable, caring, hyper-sensitive, more decontaminated, on and up, un defiled, neater, matter of fact, most never-failing, to turn, un-worldly, in keeping, un-mitigated, most crammed, wellmarked, crossing the t's, fairminded, hairtrigger, more highspeed, more close lipped, most silhouetted, more authenticated, virginal, in the ball park, unaccepted, mob scene, most out of this world, most unpermissive, enough, most well-marked, co pious, sensile, close, most simpatico, well-formed, under nose, rigid, reliable, in firmer, just, pre possessing, moral, on the money, bull-eye, un faltering, discriminating, non discriminatory, perceptible, cut and dried, stonest, un refuted, most well suited, most welldeserved, highminded, bull'seye, mums the word, nit-picking, de-lightful, in-alterable, de-fined, most high speed, pre-carious, over-flowing, un-feigned, well-constructed, in firm, most methodized, tough nut to crack, un ventilated, most near at hand, apprehensible, de mure, actual, that's ticket, cut fine, closelipped, calm, un-mistaken, non-stop, in-compliant, de-scribed, more closegrained, un-tainted, un wed, most clockwise, more messianic, more behooving, specific, well bred, across the street, un faked, more card carrying, be-seeming, thats the ticket, mild, all together, give or take little, more apprehensible, working, definable, un-stablest, most well-constructed, to point, fit to bust, old-line, bull eye, disciplined, fine-grained, un colored, de-served, more rehearsed, out-right, un-wavering, thin skinned, mingy, dis-criminating, straight out, most uncolored, un-damaged, set in stone, fore-sighted, in dubitable, mindful, old line, more disclosed, in-visible, what doctor ordered, un blinking, most point-by-point, un movable, correct, un-presumptuous, un-tarnished, most sainted, ok, substantial, fine, most well constructed, un-conditional, well grounded, uttered, un alterable, wellsuited, silhouetted, decisive, more seriatim, close-lipped, set-up, touchy feely, most undubitable, most close-grained, zipping one lips, fussy, well-regulated, more consolidated, de voted, more recherche, novel, in controvertible, extraordinary, more circumstantiated, standing room only, re gular, most shatterable, on up up, pro-founder, more oversensitive, more reactive, dotting i, concerned, clear cut, wellfounded, genuine, most arranged, finite, singular, more unfolded, more hair-trigger, thick as thieves, palpable, Undecayed, perfect, taut, in experienced, trans parent, un-abridged, on qt, more disinfected, un-smudged, de tailed, beyond doubt, un stable, in ball park, more roommate, most unpresumptuous, re-quired, most cleansed, most donnish, chock full, even, un stabler, tight, moderate, most undecayed, true-to-life, Non-essential, un-faltering, in the pink, determined, un stained, un-soiled, faithful, re served, seriatim, be coming, un-broken, un affected, more watertight, cozy with, finegrained, be fitting, a few, tuned in, dextral, un forthcoming, substantiated, more agreed, thick with, locked in, tight chops, in firmest, un-complicated, most undesigning, ex cathedra, un erring, de cent, un-blurred, in pink, overnice, un generous, un-mistakable, non partisan, un doubted, un conditional, on top each other, more uncluttered, most settling, out-standing, in good shape, more old line, out standing, most peewee, sure, un-blinking, more close grained, more crimeless, most unmixed, more unforthcoming, most amplified, hit nail head, pre-arranged, in temperate, more undeviating, un-yielding, bulls eye, more buddy-buddy, drawn fine, more correspondent, cooking with gas, more cropped, clockwise, minute, ultra precise, most graspable, most standup, rightthinking, limited, grammatical, identical, Beseeming, un qualified, un-equaled, dotting i's, more oldline, de-tailed, most stale smelling, un-marred, more out-of-this-world, emotionable, un-erring, most righthanded, wellregulated, deadon, un-moving, more righthanded, crossing t's, fracturable, critical, most hairtrigger, most glorified, Shattery, more undecayed, on target, unguiltier, constrained, pedantic, most methodic, most hairsplitting, most muted, linear, dis-criminative, in comparable, more right thinking, more suffocating, un-limited, well kept, connected, un adulterated, fit, trans-parent, mum word, more uncontaminated, incontestable, more fine grained, topped off, under-standing, more dirtless, teeny weeny, de-liberate, un-healthy, most right handed, most conscionable, die hard, thinskinned, most hair trigger, on up and up, more unfaked, most set up, de liberate, ex-act, in tended, flawless, more sensatory, tight lipped, un stablest, pat, un distorted, most hair-trigger, in considerable, most decontaminated, more clocklike, un folded, un-bending, all inclusive, most resolved, more condign, un-stained, de-serving, un-questionable, distinct, fixed, sweltrier, un-defiled, give or take a little, more sure-enough, well regulated, most unspotted, most setup, more structured, most finicking, more well kept, spic and span, in-tended, confirmed, more individualized, dead on, fine dandy, un worldlier, more saintlike, gentle, more unpolluted, most velocious, in disputable, un-wed, card carrying, believeable, honest, more uninjured, un infected, most bosom, zipping lips, more settling, monogamous, re-served, oldline, more completing, in variable, courteous, by the book, teenyweeny, hit nail on head, unique, in visible, free error, definitive, most never failing, right minded, most agreed, over flowing, Incapacious, more witting, most ironhanded, around corner, un worldly, by numbers, well-suited, most transpicuous, most sureenough, more unspotted, peewee, more taper, dexter, allinclusive, abnormal, microbic, unusual, fine grained, re-active, on the nose, more amen, un healthy, more resolved, polite, sensitive, hair trigger, un-movable, most constricted, in-tact, incontrovertible, most condign, uncommon, fitting, more closelipped, most well-deserved, zipping one's lips, stale smelling, a turn, attached, truth-telling, dis criminative, un-changing, a ok, never-failing, more muted, most correspondent, most particularized, un-contaminated, most unblinking, more similar, the point, most stickler, more fracturable, doctrinaire, most justified.