Pronunciation of Improve
/ɪmpɹˈuːv/, /ɪmpɹˈuːv/, /ɪ_m_p_ɹ_ˈuː_v/

Antonyms for improve

de solates, de nudes, desecrate, de-valorize, be impaired, dis-enable, went to dogs, radio activated, am overcome, go the dogs, de-parting, dis-solves, dis obliging, dis improving, dis mantle, passed on, inter posed, stepping one's toes, dis-qualifying, pushing one button, dis-colored, was worse for wear, de-posing, dis bands, conks out, dis-confirmed, dry-rotted, mis-applying, compound, dis-connects, gotten on ones nerves, dis-possess, ceasing exist, mis-shapes, un-strengthen, de solated, in-road, dryrotted, dieing down, de-files, dis-appoints, mis interprets, prostrate, ate in to, are impaired, were neglected, pejorated, re tires, poke nose in to, are taken, mis stated, gotten nerves, went to seed, ebb, blue penciling, dis united, misemploying, by-passes, shelling, Palsying, cuts to quick, leaning against, comes apart seams, be soiled, stepping ones toes, lose spirit, destroy, decompound, declared illegitimate, fragmentalizes, eats into, demeriting, dis bar, get on one's nerves, be-numbing, encrusts, goes away, living gutter, Sallying, re-acted, FAGS, ruin, be-griming, de-colorize, impose upon, bunged up, damage(s), drove the wall, rest in peace, nip bud, de-compounding, de forms, slows down, ex pends, de composes, marks down, inter mixing, disrated, dis-tresses, Torpedoes, poked nose into, canker, de-clines, am swallowed up, sub-due, dis-armed, drive wall, de-mise, break into pieces, lays low, make dusty, falling to pieces, making impure, mis carrying, de-motes, Bemean, going to the dogs, is demoted, de-adens, dis-color, didst violence, disco-loring, multi-plying, stepping on toes, radioactivating, were lost, disintegrate, dis-rate, slip back, becoming stale, bluepencils, re-treats, mis-stating, spray painted, step on ones toes, de camps, art worthless, yearn, wigging, Crumbing, is in vain, de-valorizes, fold up, drives up the wall, living in the gutter, wearing away, bemeaned, de-rides, rattles cage, gives up the ghost, feeding the fire, dry-rot, drave up wall, drove up the wall, doctored up, made dusty, Fagging, kick downstairs, am sore, be griming, Benching, radioactivates, de composing, lowered oneself, dematerialize, de-pressing, lay low, gets worse, dis-mantles, tips over, comes to naught, dis heartens, dis-organized, breathe last, dis-solve, is impaired, dis-mantling, make unclean, re acted, Contusing, become colorless, inversed, harm, bringing to grinding halt, imposed upon, folded up, de camp, Beaching, bluepencil, constipating, dumping on, de-faces, re straining, being no more, is lost, leaving ruins, dis-figuring, dries up, poked nose in to, wast neglected, gave a black eye, dis bars, breathing ones last, be smirched, dis mantling, de humanized, conked out, curdling, de famed, am reduced to, dis-organizes, Tarring, are at, frivolled away, dis figure, begrimed, passes time, scamming, breaks heart, de-merits, be demoted, ceases to exist, falling up on, HOSED, wracking up, march on, stunting, doest one in, Mildewing, de ceasing, be aching, be-soils, ceases exist, de generate, Emaciating, casts a slur, dematerializes, grimed, tails away, re-pining, de valorize, de-camps, dis appearing, dryrotting, curdled, demerited, peter out, smashes to smithereens, re-lapsed, denature, are inert, mis treated, Mildewed, breaking down, step one toes, beat down, pro fane, bring to grinding halt, begs to be excused, die out, in-versed, dis appeared, striking dumb, drying up, dis-bands, go bad, am taken, lived gutter, over-tired, whacked, turns dust, stepping one toes, be at, mis-using, knocked down, dis-heartened, pillage, cut to quick, lose edge, wast done for, de-moralize, contuse, are done for, falling down, ex-cites, drives up wall, set back, diffused, am destroyed, dies vine, de-spoiled, dis-member, turn to dust, strikes dumb, de part, mucks up, trans-posing, poor mouths, ease off, re strain, wert ruined, dis-appear, was neglected, being worse for wear, badmouth, met with disaster, de-taches, ex-asperates, grow less, folding up, de cay, are worse for wear, being back of, dis-integrating, was of no avail, over tires, dost violence to, Hungering, fall upon, un fitted, de scend, Reprobated, dried up, Attainting, evanishes, retrogress, hogtie, go down swinging, turn thumbs down, opens up, render worthless, fanning the flames, were back of, in capacitates, de-composed, de colorized, dieing out, de sires, over throwing, dis obliges, stain, puts one away, pops ones balloon, mis represent, pinion, wast ruined, made eat dirt, de crease, bumming out, hits the skids, queered, fagged, art lost, over-runs, frivol away, putting out of action, be smirches, pop balloon, dis confirming, re cedes, spray paints, dying out, ex-acerbates, un-strengthens, up-setting, exterminates, getting one's nerves, were taken, de-natures, dis armed, blue-pencilling, hack up, getting on one nerves, am disregarded, be-mean, re-tiring, making useless, fell pieces, in-convenience, smashed smithereens, tamper, dis-appointing, shipwrecks, going away, die on vine, deteriorate, art destroyed, were overtaken, breached, constipates, am worse for wear, greases palm, cuts quick, de-populated, was vain, dis mayed, fanned flames, art impaired, lapse, over-wrought, comes apart, wrote down, insult, sub sided, slid back, phony up, backs wrong horse, immobilize, being in vain, inter pose, struck dumb, over runs, loses out, radio activate, de parting, took down peg, queers, de pressed, re-vile, gat one's nerves, losing power, go pieces, putrescing, wast inert, mis-treating, die down, breathed last, steps on toes, lays waste, inversing, de-classed, miscarry, breaking apart, dis-proving, stopt dead, bastardize, falls off wagon, meeting with disaster, deflorated, de feats, Dulling, inter-mix, phonied up, hog tie, art no avail, re probate, wasted away, dis appoints, de-file, inter-mixing, ex acerbated, disbar, fell through, trans posed, are worthless, de-merited, lose quality, missed fire, dis integrate, de-scended, Sallied, broke into pieces, de colorizes, rendered incapable, burn up, de-cline, fall to pieces, in-capacitating, dis improves, slowing down, putresces, coming apart, go to dogs, brake heart, with-drew, diffuses, de-based, came to nothing, de-compounded, de-cay, art found lacking, de-value, re-duces, went hell, backed wrong horse, over powers, come apart at seams, fan flames, Retrograding, inter lopes, hinder, dis possessed, de populate, languish, became useless, dis-figured, go out like light, re-legates, brake a heart, breaks down, de creasing, dis qualify, in-capacitate, dis members, fluffing off, goes pot, Disbarred, art inert, depreciate, out-raged, goes downhill, wert defeated, be-smirching, de compounded, un-doing, be-trays, gives ghost, disconsidering, becomes worse, throw back, disbars, poormouthing, goes astray, leads astray, unstrengthens, dis mays, de-fames, goes to pot, be-grime, dis improved, lose brightness, wert overcome, laying waste, out raging, un strengthen, are on back of, Hacking, ex terminated, loses brightness, takes up where left off, cuts down to size, were tender, leans on, Deflorate, humble, gotten one nerves, flawed, crosses out, re pine, went way all flesh, crudded up, dis color, over worked, mis construed, bums out, re-curred, go from bad to worse, de-fame, de-camp, over whelming, become useless, uses up, washing away, de-materializes, bring low, dis credits, drop out of sight, downgrade, become contaminated, trans-fuses, lives gutter, humbling oneself, dis-united, beg be excused, pass on, poor mouth, dis-bar, became stale, dis-torts, flows back, besoils, push one's button, ex-pended, dis-missed, take up where left off, de creases, dis-honors, de-valuated, sophisticate, lowers oneself, go to hell, dis connect, became threadbare, co wed, dis till, be-ached, tarnish, made feel small, dis-approved, re treating, growing less, atrophying, re lapses, impair, wipe off map, inter-lope, de-crease, de-nude, in-validated, de-generated, pushed ones button, being overcome, stepped one's toes, brutalize, broke heart, de moralizing, GIMPS, become invisible, gotten ones nerves, de-presses, begged to be excused, mar, dragging down, mis-represented, dis-grades, de-colorized, roughhousing, up-sets, de-ceases, knot, breaks in to pieces, dying on vine, animalize, injure, un did, slacks off, be-foul, became obsolete, made out like, pejorate, missing the mark, come apart, de posing, messes around with, cast down, DAMPS, narrows down, mis using, be on the back of, taint, adulterate, Achromatized, declasses, went up smoke, are overtaken, leaved in ruins, mis representing, pop ones balloon, art in vain, play in to, de face, am the back of, de spoil, comes nothing, de clines, steps toes, be worse for wear, burnt up, drops out sight, is of no avail, de formed, mis-construed, pops one's balloon, gat on ones nerves, swallowed up, lied fallow, wreaked havoc on, de grades, dis barred, becomes useless, de-materialized, be ruined, Gnarling, am no more, de-cease, dropping out of sight, over turns, ex-pending, mis handling, rolling back, did violence, strike dumb, be-smirched, is sore, putting to death, breathing last, be swallowed up, co-arsen, are found lacking, blue pencilled, falling off wagon, rubbed salt a wound, makes feel small, am impaired, makes ill, dis enable, leant on, dis-connecting, disgrades, fall flat, smash up, tailing away, inter-loping, dis-bars, be defeated, fragmentalize, dis-tills, became unconscious, come apart seams, be-fouling, de filed, whiting out, trans-fixes, monkeyed around, dis commodes, unmakes, making filthy, tucker out, blue pencilling, lose power, besoiling, under estimate, ulcerates, mis-treated, drives wall, being vain, poormouthed, re-treating, loses power, de nature, going dogs, brake in to pieces, gives bad name, rested peace, over-works, lived in the gutter, mess around with, be-lied, de values, was killed, imposing up on, loses strength, dis missing, fell the wagon, wasting away, drops out of sight, de sired, Palsies, making complex, brings to standstill, lost strength, went in smoke, coming to naught, driving up the wall, dis grace, is vain, unbraced, making intricate, blight, fell off wagon, were in vain, de stroyed, malforms, come naught, re-versed, dis patches, be-smirch, co loring, constipate, de compounds, ex terminate, de-creased, re bates, being the back of, tapers, in-validating, dis-organizing, de pose, de spoils, dilapidates, smash smithereens, kiboshed, falls up on, over throw, easing off, rubs salt in a wound, gets on nerves, de creased, over-turn, dis-mantled, revert, de filing, doth one in, dis heartened, dies away, mis-interpreted, dis unite, make eat dirt, demoralize, are vain, dont buying, give bad name, mis-construing, lower oneself, bunging up, poormouth, are gone, gotten on nerves, ex pending, mangle, monkey around, de-feats, rubbed salt in wound, contaminate, is on back of, dissed, in-verse, with draws, dis enables, dis confirms, are the back of, being swallowed up, dragged through the mud, giving way, gotten one's nerves, get on one nerves, abase, de solating, DISES, bummed out, breathe one last, am of no avail, dis-improved, impose up on, become stale, de-means, re-butting, wreck, stepped on toes, breaking a heart, made inert, de classing, lives the gutter, un bracing, not think of, be tender, de-class, dis confirmed, over turning, pushes button, imposes upon, losing spirit, didst violence to, decolorize, de-valuing, de-base, runs aground, od'ed, dis-credits, de pressing, dis-tressed, are defeated, misemploys, sub-sided, doeth one in, Benched, in-flaming, stands still, de valuating, dies out, threw back, be destroyed, de merits, by-passed, overtire, under rated, doctors up, re fused, eased off, don't buys, going in smoke, dis considering, poking nose in to, ends gradually, gave the ghost, un braces, breathes ones last, trans-fixing, de-moting, blemish, fan the flames, in-versing, wizening, are reduced to, un-fits, trans fused, mis-shape, Hungered, dis-patched, brings grinding halt, dry-rotting, worsen, de cried, re-solves, de-forming, art at, de materializing, vanish, Creaming, de-cries, re bated, re-verse, decolorizing, slowed down, does violence to, de vitalized, de-values, de faces, make useless, make filthy, blistered, hacking up, dis rated, is at, fell to pieces, un fits, poking nose into, un-brace, strafed, drag through the mud, trans-pose, gives a black eye, Disgrade, de graded, by pass, brought standstill, writ down, drave up the wall, dis integrated, mis treating, came apart seams, came apart at seams, over thrown, steps one's toes, de-ceased, de-solate, de classed, playing into, putting one away, relinquish life, re solves, ex-asperate, break down, was worthless, giving ghost, de-moralized, slipped back, whelms, dis-solving, goes out like light, dragging through the mud, unbracing, losing shine, breathing one last, bestialize, detracts from, in capacitate, were defeated, became rancid, deflorates, ODED, taking flight, conking out, de-form, gotten worse, leaned against, co-wing, fade, cut down size, misses the mark, keep under, cutting down to size, dis-commodes, de grade, dis connects, dis-possessed, debauch, popping ones balloon, de-predates, knock over, dis solved, goes in smoke, fell up on, ex-terminates, dis consider, de faming, lay fallow, evanished, over tired, becoming unconscious, declare illegitimate, dis rates, in filtrating, getting one nerves, de-feat, make intricate, back wrong horse, wast vain, devastate, de-colorizing, Idled, were of no avail, art overcome, throws monkey wrench in, casting down, be lied, be-means, droop, breaks into pieces, feeding fire, de vitalizes, wert impaired, put out of action, de-mises, dis hearten, radio activating, pouring down drain, bangs up, dis appointed, laid waste, eases off, heating up, lose control, mis fires, got on one's nerves, actioning, mis treats, cutting quick, art reduced to, losing control, cutting rate, goes way flesh, becomes threadbare, de valuate, lessen, be-numb, griming, re acting, de value, breathes one's last, be inert, breathes one last, becomes stale, de-tach, brought low, reaches depths, pour down drain, Winging, dis tresses, putting one on, dieing vine, descending on, art demoted, abases oneself, re pined, went to the dogs, de parted, de adens, getting nerves, art of no avail, de tach, is overtaken, de based, de-nature, by passing, popped ones balloon, de-pose, pops one balloon, ulcerated, contused, de cries, de stroy, de base, sink, wast taken, de-moralizes, dis-unites, retro cedes, dis crediting, mis handles, ouched, outed, going astray, be meaning, go dogs, mis interpreting, eat, re cede, in-creases, de meriting, get to, dis-qualify, drave the wall, stood still, turns back, ran dry, de-famed, am killed, re ceding, relinquishing life, dis-figures, Attainted, ex-pends, breathed one last, are tender, turn out badly, was destroyed, ex-tend, trans pose, sack, reflects on, de tracts, be sore, de siring, gets on ones nerves, gets on one nerves, dry rotted, disenabling, de-stroying, dis possess, smash to smithereens, dis honor, wracks up, be-lying, detracted from, wert disregarded, mucking up, going to hell, de press, get worse, eat in to, de-composing, not moved, flipflopping, doing violence to, turned one off, was overtaken, Demised, dis-consider, lean on, gets one nerves, made filthy, over powered, abased oneself, rape, lower, dis appoint, goes waste, mudsling, inverses, slackens, reflect on, cease exist, art defeated, am back of, cutting to the quick, re legates, wert no avail, running dry, poured down the drain, mis-interprets, miss the boat, miss boat, dis-grading, being inert, falling off the wagon, takes apart, dis enabling, dis courage, lost spirit, be back of, mudslings, Depopulating, drew blood, don't bought, tore up, dis-commode, hit bottom, go from bad worse, goes dogs, ex tending, dis approves, art no more, inter-pose, over coming, wert done for, lost edge, leaves ruins, kick bucket, be numbs, de-faming, Smutching, slacked off, beg to be excused, becoming worse, de cease, opened up, go to seed, dis-crediting, art neglected, with drawn, fell flat, heat up, vitiate, sub sides, dies on vine, being gone, in validated, dis heartening, step ones toes, dis commode, am at, de presses, took apart, gave way, dis-appoint, lose, got one nerves, reaching depths, writes down, pushing one's button, dis-tress, Stranding, fanning flames, re-bate, de flowers, blue-pencil, taking where left off, loses it, become worn, dis-considered, wast impaired, wert destroyed, de composed, dematerialized, gives a hard time, under-rated, de-tracts, doing violence, fired on, de-facing, radio-activated, dis-considering, de-cry, under-mined, blue-pencilled, grows less, de-classing, be numb, disimproving, became worse, de-riding, dis considers, coming to nothing, tuckers out, leaning on, melts away, re lapsed, was on back of, went way flesh, gets to, mis-employed, feed fire, dis-tilling, un-made, mis shaping, dis-figure, was on the back of, turning to dust, shelled, were reduced to, turned out badly, actioned, brings to grinding halt, de file, breaks a heart, go downhill, puts death, unstrengthen, with-drawing, fluff off, dis served, cross out, breaking in to pieces, ravage, using up, de flowered, out raged, lived the gutter, smattered, dis arms, break a heart, dis qualifies, loses control, splinterizing, mis-fired, am tender, gat on nerves, dry up, left no trace, dis graced, glitching up, over working, put out commission, mis fired, mis apply, de humanizes, leaved ruins, disconfirm, loses quality, am neglected, got ones nerves, turns thumbs down, casting a slur, dis-courages, de valorizing, pushes one button, disconfirms, de-compounds, slips back, demote, slide back, phonies up, de tract, passing on, dis-mantle, end gradually, de-spoil, mis represents, in filtrate, dropping out sight, re-bating, in filtrated, put one on, pejorating, wast no more, made intricate, wipes map, be fouls, de mean, drag down, dump on, dis-appointed, drawing blood, re turning, fall short, poor mouthed, over-thrown, becoming tainted, de-parted, de-predated, put out of commission, renders worthless, fiddles with, dis-graced, disable, gat ones nerves, dry-rots, be killed, slacking off, malformed, loses life, dropped out sight, with-drawn, ex-asperating, fractured, de-camping, de materialize, become rancid, de-basing, messed around with, stopped dead, meet with disaster, marches on, smashed to smithereens, dis honors, pours down drain, in creasing, pinioned, kicks downstairs, rubs salt wound, in verse, art worse for wear, re-butted, were impaired, was inert, becomes tainted, make out like, encrusted, mis shapes, dis oblige, dis-approving, going south, put death, re-strained, whelm, died vine, de-ride, dulls, made lose face, de nude, brought to standstill, fell down, give black eye, dis prove, Crumbed, came apart, mis-shaping, over powering, being sore, dis possessing, mis-employ, was overcome, not hear of, broke down, decompose, washes out, in capacitated, falling flat, cripple, out-rage, losing status, made one feel small, unfitted, wast killed, marching on, living the gutter, re turn, dis-serves, ex-cited, splinterizes, Hacked, blue-penciling, retro cede, de class, fed fire, dis-solved, re butted, go pot, de materialized, re-curring, gave black eye, wast swallowed up, trans-fusing, going up in smoke, becoming smaller, is no avail, cease to exist, fans flames, were vain, be littles, dying away, Waned, denatured, are swallowed up, runs low, puts one on, in-flame, reduces to tears, hosing, ravaged, re-pines, over-run, throws cold water on, plays in to, breathed one's last, descended on, leaned on, being killed, Laming, de-flowers, bite dust, fizzled out, de fames, disgrading, hit skids, goes up smoke, being ruined, fizzle out, go waste, fires on, de humanize, glitched up, does violence, threw cold water on, firing on, be on back of, re fuse, lost value, de-forms, putresced, de classes, degrade, over-throwing, dis-rates, by passes, are in vain, over-tire, dis-integrates, tampered with, Decompounding, shoot down, goes way of all flesh, be little, wast on back of, pile up, mis-handled, de stroys, gives hard time, de merit, gotten on one's nerves, went down swinging, de valuated, be lost, lowering oneself, taking down a peg, dis-qualifies, make one feel small, dry rot, in creases, losing quality, falls wagon, got worse, ex acerbate, heats up, lives in gutter, driving wall, hits rock bottom, dis grades, dis organizing, be-soiled, tuckering, de feat, disrating, got on one nerves, wear, Caved, coarsening, dying vine, eats away, kicking downstairs, besoil, over-powered, rests in peace, dis-arms, were disregarded, dis perse, dis honoring, came nothing, lost quality, mark down, becoming rancid, died out, doest violence, went way of flesh, ex tends, playing in to, disconsidered, art ruined, over tiring, brings low, Staling, pushing button, reducing to tears, eating into, turns out badly, dis arming, becomes worn, feeds the fire, gimped, dis considered, mis-states, fall wagon, being impaired, disconsider, wert back of, losing strength, decompounds, de moting, encrust, un braced, dis-tort, casting slur, go way of all flesh, re tiring, lost life, dis-may, Inroading, art vain, un-braced, eats in to, going downhill, phonying up, goes to the dogs, ex terminating, Tarred, multi-plied, be neglected, Pirated, fans the flames, am gone, de-spoils, over running, dis-served, un makes, lay waste, mis shaped, in-validate, doing one in, broke a heart, over-power, fell wagon, de colorize, is ruined, in-flames, trans fix, getting on ones nerves, be soils, inter-posed, fagged out, over-used, drive the wall, give up ghost, dis-membered, radio-activate, ex pend, reached depths, inter-posing, Muddying, cutting down size, is killed, wert taken, wast found lacking, turn, de-faced, kept under, Illtreat, dis-confirms, radio activates, splinterized, rubbed salt wound, hit rock bottom, dis tilled, rattle one cage, missed the boat, goes to waste, fall the wagon, stepped toes, cut quick, make impure, dis coloring, with drawing, come nothing, tear up, bringing standstill, rub salt wound, un make, casts down, fanned the flames, dis maying, losing edge, wast at, de populating, wast in vain, became invisible, flaw, be musing, dis may, were no avail, under rating, re curred, grow dim, dis-connected, dis rate, get one nerves, leaving in ruins, over-powering, Damped, were inert, trumps up, breaking into pieces, retro ceding, narrow down, begrimes, gave up the ghost, radioactivate, mis-stated, were at, go in smoke, de colorizing, becoming useless, not accepts, Reprobating, fragmentalized, tail off, mis-handle, goes down swinging, re-pined, fluffs off, Hashing, dwindle, disimproved, led astray, banging up, nixing, de cays, overuses, dishonor, brought grinding halt, rattled cage, dis-honor, dilapidate, mis-employs, resting in peace, de valued, dis barring, scratch out, grew dim, Bankrupted, de-vitalized, prostitute, give a bad name, go up smoke, rattled one's cage, gat on one nerves, go soft, in-validates, tailed off, ex terminates, be means, fading out, dis mantles, re bating, mis-representing, casts slur, recidivates, be taken, become threadbare, dis-possessing, dis figures, be overcome, step toes, retro-grade, did violence to, coming apart seams, dis tressed, falls pieces, de-crying, about face, feeds fire, evanishing, putting out action, pokes nose into, Retrograded, art the back of, stop, dis improve, de ceased, not accept, leading astray, de-cried, dumps on, Disimprove, gat on one's nerves, inter mixed, dis colors, gives the ghost, cut down to size, pro-fanes, is the back of, were worse for wear, gotten to, cast a slur, rust, ceased to exist, dis proved, loses value, petering out, is gone, wert found lacking, give hard time, begging to be excused, folds up, being overtaken, flowing back, dis tills, re ceded, smashing smithereens, losing luster, breathe one's last, vegetate, re duce, giving a bad name, de scending, shies, rolled back, threw monkey wrench in, de flower, pushes one's button, bluepenciled, takes flight, de-colorizes, de vitalize, re lapsing, made complex, goes from bad to worse, wrong, went smoke, giving hard time, was impaired, lost it, tampering with, puts to death, make inert, ex-terminating, Pinioning, misses fire, burning up, rub salt a wound, nixed, drags through mud, being done for, being no avail, dis grading, wert gone, hitting skids, be muse, dis integrating, de-materializing, mis-firing, go way flesh, about faced, wiping off map, came naught, miss fire, de-creasing, dis comfit, in road, humble oneself, is taken, rattles one's cage, unbrace, de predates, wert vain, Dynamiting, de-generate, hitting the skids, take apart, popped one balloon, gat to, bum out, poor-mouthing, crudding up, devalorize, under valued, wears thin, made nerveless, mucked up, in validating, drive up the wall, slack off, hitting rock bottom, de-face, grows dim, disimproves, de-meriting, dis-patches, fagging out, dis colored, be mused, goes way all flesh, under-rating, disappear, run low, coarsens, devalorized, decolorized, dis-proves, mis fire, pushed one's button, de-valuate, makes filthy, am ruined, dis tort, take down a peg, go to the dogs, running out, gat one nerves, be worthless, trifles away, mis-apply, makes dusty, swallowing up, scratching out, be-aching, re-ceded, Whelmed, kiboshing, not accepting, is reduced to, bring grinding halt, mucking about, Bankrupting, pejorates, grew less, wore thin, lost shine, mis-shapen, re fusing, open up, dis-members, Ulcered, radio-activating, write down, reducing tears, gimping, going way flesh, re tire, smashing up, mis carry, renders incapable, plays into, OUTS, goes seed, de crying, de-generating, rests peace, mis applying, live the gutter, became tainted, leaves in ruins, Re-turn, glitches up, are sore, steps on ones toes, Disrate, dull, dragged through mud, getting on nerves, make nerveless, overtires, be-fouled, dis-hearten, abuse, ate away, goes to seed, in conveniences, de-formed, dis-obliges, de files, be-numbed, dis-comfit, frivoling away, piles up, blockaded, getting on one's nerves, de-creases, mis handled, breathed ones last, mis-used, by-passing, dont buys, wast defeated, make feel small, wert of no avail, went out like light, cut the quick, Lamed, going hell, dropped out of sight, dis-till, fag out, co arsen, dis-heartens, Decompounded, blotted out, losing brightness, be gone, retro graded, was found lacking, de populated, dis possesses, fall pieces, doctoring up, dis-graces, became worn, dis integrates, de-vitalizes, ex tend, turning out badly, de-mean, nip the bud, mis applied, dis confirm, wert killed, were worthless, denaturing, out-raging, knocking down, falls flat, de generates, puts out of action, inter-mixed, de-mote, dis-grace, weighting, plundered, wither, de spoiled, de ceases, reflecting on, unbraces, dis serving, crossing out, un-make, in-filtrates, be smirching, dis tilling, tailing off, de-valorizing, inter-mixes, dis-enabling, descend on, rattle ones cage, mis-handles, do one in, gave a hard time, brake apart, knocked over, dis-banding, be-grimed, runs dry, re probating, retro-grading, under values, unstrengthening, getting to, dis solves, thinned out, die, depress, not accepted, dis connected, maim, wrought havoc on, inter mixes, mudslinged, declares illegitimate, leave no trace, stepped one toes, render incapable, cuts to the quick, committing sacrilege, de-solating, blast, is destroyed, throwing cold water on, dis-barring, subvert, being of no avail, cutting to quick, went from bad to worse, inter lope, de-filing, un strengthens, taking out, dis tress, was no avail, dis-barred, ex-pire, blue pencils, coming naught, distort, over-comes, knotted, beating down, rubbing salt in a wound, reduce to tears, be tray, going waste, gambled away, hacks up, coarsened, de-vitalize, wastes away, cheapen, broke apart, are on the back of, reduce, doest violence to, re-bated, goes to hell, going to seed, slow down, art sore, were swallowed up, goes hell, de moralized, misemployed, missed mark, re-tire, made ill, over throws, grease palm, scrapes off, de-scends, were demoted, re-strain, re-fuse, drags down, sored, are demoted, put shame, am on the back of, turning dust, taking down peg, becomes invisible, popped one's balloon, flip-flopping, dont buy, disenable, dissolve, stepping on one toes, be-mused, pops balloon, melted away, wast tender, came to naught, blotching, was lost, retro-ceding, be ached, rattled one cage, un-strengthening, Snowing, dis patching, de-flowering, maltreat, un done, rubbing salt wound, fades out, mis-carrying, dis-perse, went the dogs, de-materialize, sent regrets, un-bracing, dis-improves, cut to the quick, de compound, Lames, played into, de valorized, trumping up, scraped off, pro-fane, de-parts, inter loped, in-capacitates, leans against, mis used, greasing palm, shoots down, were ruined, laid low, re-solving, de mote, wast worse for wear, gives a bad name, becomes unconscious, be-muse, de stroying, strafing, goes up in smoke, ex-pend, poor-mouths, bung up, comes apart at seams, lean against, pinions, got to, pours down the drain, mis-applied, step one's toes, falls short, wrack up, faded out, ex-acerbate, washing out, poor-mouthed, be-tray, mis-carry, dis gracing, made unclean, became smaller, un strengthened, re tired, making eat dirt, are disregarded, goes south, rebated, be grimed, be trays, re-lapses, in versed, busybodying, dryrots, dis organize, be in vain, wash out, art swallowed up, ex-acerbating, de cline, co-loring, pro fanes, dis qualifying, dis-serve, under estimated, disconsiders, dis member, anesthetized, un making, went way of all flesh, Whelming, de means, de-part, de predated, debase, repress, goes way of flesh, gets on one's nerves, de-compose, dis, throw monkey wrench in, wound, eating away, ex-cite, be grime, makes intricate, awaying, in validates, dis qualified, living in gutter, hits bottom, wast gone, wert in vain, wert swallowed up, dirty, become tainted, brought to grinding halt, de-merit, Damping, dragging through mud, turning back, diminish, coarsen, re-legate, loses spirit, knocks down, coming apart at seams, trans fixed, push one button, dis-credit, gave a bad name, sub siding, passed time, flip flopping, de forming, makes inert, de-valuating, unmake, lose life, Disbarring, played in to, did one in, ex cited, give ghost, dis-mayed, dis-mays, dis approved, dis-patch, not moving, de-predate, falls off the wagon, over works, bluepencilled, degenerate, commit sacrilege, putrefy, make complex, go astray, ex cite, poured down drain, makes one feel small, took up where left off, re treats, were destroyed, giving up the ghost, misses mark, passes on, bemeaning, by passed, rubs salt in wound, in commodes, are ruined, wreaking havoc on, begging be excused, eating in to, dis band, meets with disaster, tuckers, fragmentalizing, getting ones nerves, retro-cedes, swept away, lose out, tore, left ruins, Creamed, going out like light, bankrupts, abase oneself, drag through mud, gat worse, easing up, dis-credited, soring, de-generates, dis-appearing, dies down, making dusty, is disregarded, re-probates, recede, shooting down, breathing one's last, spray paint, being destroyed, being at, hit on, pollute, torpedoing, ex-acerbated, becomes smaller, pass time, forayed, ceased exist, ex asperate, anesthetizes, nip in bud, mis-fire, dont bought, de-tract, de-humanizing, wert sore, drop, dis credited, ran low, over-whelms, mucked about, be fouled, Ulcerating, flowed back, aggravate, bluepencilling, come to nothing, die away, were done for, tamper with, begrime, de materializes, de mises, gotten on one nerves, becoming obsolete, dis organized, step on one toes, mis-treats, were gone, atrophied, crud up, de-grade, deface, wizen, shatter, be found lacking, make lose face, goes from bad worse, de-natured, re-fused, de solate, got on ones nerves, pushing ones button, tearing up, mis shape, re verse, muck up, dryrot, re bate, become unconscious, de-humanize, under-valuing, over-throws, damage, mis-handling, bring to standstill, de-composes, wast on the back of, poormouths, takes down peg, lose shine, re-straining, wast of no avail, re curring, dope up, Caving, Unstrengthened, makes lose face, keeps under, frivolling away, tarnishes, knock down, besoiled, rendering incapable, over-whelmed, went to hell, stepping on ones toes, making inert, over whelms, wreak havoc on, decline, hit the skids, becomes colorless, de-sire, miss the mark, wast worthless, re strains, retreat, breathe ones last, be no more, were killed, is overcome, be disregarded, de populates, re versing, fizzling out, harrow, de-valued, dis-missing, on vine, dieing away, dis mantled, under-valued, inter posing, wash away, dis-approve, get nerves, doctor up, went soft, in flame, dis graces, going wrong, got on nerves, going from bad to worse, eases up, mis treat, were overcome, re-treated, disrates, detract from, de-posed, dis-rated, am lost, under-estimated, take out, waste away, pour down the drain, dis-appeared, de valorizes, Shipwrecking, detracting from, dopes up, de aden, declaring illegitimate, fiddled with, cutting the quick, dis-enables, blue-pencils, be-soil, rubbing salt a wound, busybodied, be done for, was back of, dis-improve, overtired, went pot, dis-integrate, going pot, re-solved, Demising, going soft, Misemploy, in-filtrating, zinging, Declass, comes to nothing, hacked up, re-pine, de-spoiling, efface, reach depths, reduce tears, heated up, with-draw, mucks about, go south, stagnate, is no more, be-smirches, unfits, sub dues, waste, eat into, kicked downstairs, pop one's balloon, over-turning, de scends, piled up, sweeping away, steps ones toes, rattles one cage, be vain, missing fire, blot out, re-ceding, co-wed, radioactivated, dis appear, de basing, de humanizing, breathes last, re-cedes, de-camped, is worse for wear, de posed, slides back, un-fitting, brake down, de motes, pushed one button, fall off the wagon, recidivate, anesthetizing, dis appointing, denatures, made impure, be of no avail, ate into, blockading, conk out, makes complex, missing mark, going seed, puts out of commission, retro-graded, dis patch, dis-patching, being disregarded, puts out action, dis-approves, under-estimates, become obsolete, was taken, devalorizes, throwing monkey wrench in, coming nothing, art back of, get ones nerves, be-musing, humbles oneself, wear thin, demean, over used, be soiling, falling wagon, de-ceasing, Inroaded, don't buying, un brace, de-populate, de riding, over come, re-lax, dis-serving, went astray, going way of all flesh, dis-qualified, de-filed, mis states, ex asperates, Begriming, burns up, mis-represent, lived in gutter, over-tiring, dis-integrated, makes useless, dis-colors, slidden back, rattle cage, retro grades, dis-confirming, dis-connect, un does, muddied, die vine, dying down, sweep away, exacerbate, re solve, abasing oneself, dis-uniting, rubs salt a wound, decrease, wert inert, mis-fires, bring standstill, mis employing, went from bad worse, imposes up on, running aground, throwing back, dis grade, under value, break in to pieces, over-worked, popped balloon, peter, un-did, lead astray, wreaks havoc on, de-humanizes, ease up, goes to dogs, wert overtaken, over-coming, lost control, putting out of commission, am worthless, rotted, re fuses, re-lapse, broke in to pieces, up set, strafe, turning one off, paralyze, re-cede, mis firing, Flawing, made useless, lives in the gutter, thinning out, sub-siding, smoking, goes smoke, washed out, tucker, dematerializing, pushed button, smashes smithereens, greased palm, mis-state, lying fallow, over-throw, de cry, fade away, axe, went seed, un-fitted, under mined, blue penciled, about facing, taking up where left off, retro grade, under-estimate, dis-honoring, co-oking, fading away, dis patched, dis appears, Trashed, didst one in, gets ones nerves, crossed out, dis serves, de-humanized, lose luster, were the back of, disenabled, go way of flesh, ex-terminated, deprave, Bummed, Perished, misses the boat, sully, is found lacking, becoming contaminated, out-rages, salted, eased up, becoming worn, put out action, dis-proved, bluepenciling, are killed, being taken, be-soiling, fell away, doth violence to, tar, drive up wall, de-sired, blotched, under-rate, de valuates, cuts down size, art tender, corrupt, draws blood, depopulated, under mining, knocking over, ex cites, de-meaning, monkeying around, ceasing to exist, downing, fags out, losing life, loses status, sub side, be grimes, puts out commission, un-braces, achromatize, muddies, died away, dis rating, rattling one's cage, go to pot, deflorating, unfitting, was tender, un-fit, be-numbs, in crease, re lapse, mis construing, dis credit, de-stroys, falls upon, de-press, being lost, come to naught, de compose, de valuing, becoming threadbare, re-turned, went downhill, humbled oneself, is defeated, be soil, depopulate, de-flowered, pervert, dis membered, under-mining, de flowering, downed, dis honored, being worthless, de-grading, descend, dis approve, becomes obsolete, re turns, be numbing, missing boat, dis-rating, ex-tends, inter mix, making feel small, dis-maying, de faced, doping up, out rages, de-classes, de-graded, faint, be reduced to, de sire, were sore, re strained, ex-terminate, drove wall, sending regrets, takes where left off, havocking, goes bad, breaking heart, weighted, lost power, losing it, are overcome, dis-graded, dis figured, in-capacitated, be foul, desolate, be-fouls, stepped on one toes, being on back of, up-set, trans fixt, was disregarded, cuts rate, wert on back of, re-turns, re duces, in-filtrate, regress, tails off, breaks apart, dis-gracing, is inert, pouring down the drain, mis-applies, begs be excused, relapse, un-makes, splinterize, falling upon, losing value, despoil, mis-construe, over turn, de-grades, went south, de compounding, takes down a peg, palsy, died down, being demoted, popping one balloon, ex-tended, making ill, in-flamed, be overtaken, dis graded, Staled, de-stroy, dieing on vine, over comes, disenables, de generated, ex citing, come down, ex pended, begged be excused, do violence to, turn back, re-probate, whacking, wast no avail, drop out sight, re lax, ex-tending, mis applies, poison, imposing upon, dost violence, grimacing, de-populates, gnarl, run aground, wert on the back of, up sets, blue pencil, Breaching, wert the back of, dis obliged, un fitting, dis-prove, co wing, un fit, live in the gutter, de-cays, de-nudes, re butting, mis represented, banged up, cuts the quick, de generating, ulcerate, under-values, step on toes, aways, over-whelming, achromatizes, missed the mark, tipping over, in flamed, rattles ones cage, wast reduced to, ex pire, torpedo, de-sires, ex acerbates, torpedoed, dis-honored, de natured, wast disregarded, dis-unite, de parts, push ones button, smashing to smithereens, being neglected, trans fusing, drags through the mud, sliding back, sub-dues, flag, hits on, re-lapsing, co-oked, go to waste, was defeated, cruds up, de-valuates, falls away, in commode, thins out, halt, de camping, dis-confirm, mis construe, wert lost, de moralize, washed away, glitch up, take flight, tears up, co oking, Preyed, dissing, are back of, being found lacking, keeping under, under-estimating, dis courages, mis-treat, am no avail, torn up, Bumming, rubbing salt in wound, were no more, in roads, de-aden, deform, was the back of, going bad, was at, makes unclean, dis figuring, de-valorized, blow, decay, dis-obliging, de vitalizing, leaved no trace, wert worse for wear, was demoted, dis banded, taking apart, lose it, becoming invisible, dost one in, being tender, rattling ones cage, art taken, ex asperating, lost luster, dis torts, faded away, went waste, does one in, loses luster, sub-sides, was gone, become smaller, hitting on, wiped map, By-pass, un made, re-duce, going to waste, ending gradually, flipflopped, use up, be-grimes, trans fixes, took out, swallows up, deflower, live gutter, am defeated, trans fuses, trifled away, under estimates, dis comfits, de-vitalizing, imposed up on, dis-improving, malform, dis-considers, perish, dis unites, hitting bottom, wert at, mis-construes, over-using, whites out, diffusing, depopulates, knocks over, marched on, fades away, Putresce, is done for, thin out, de-siring, art killed, being reduced to, de merited, step on one's toes, tuckering out, driving up wall, making lose face, dis-courage, in validate, cast slur, under rate, getting worse, poor-mouth, art gone, went dogs, going to pot, blots out, stepping on one's toes, bringing grinding halt, Downs, de fame, retrogrades, dis uniting, dis connecting, dis proves, wracked up, draw blood, disco loring, bungs up, hurt, be the back of, break heart, top pled, doped up, wiping map, be lying, cut rate, Dilapidating, de facing, resting peace, de grading, mis shapen, fluffed off, are destroyed, sub-side, scratches out, dis-enabled, became colorless, used up, scrape off, de spoiling, fall up on, gave up ghost, devalorizing, became contaminated, dis missed, trump up, giving up ghost, dis solving, dynamited, mayheming, raid, give way, stales, trans-fixt, poor mouthing, being defeated, was ruined, de-populating, queering, over using, be fouling, rub salt in a wound, up setting, rest peace, comes naught, re-probated, putting death, is neglected, in-roads, rattle one's cage, relinquishes life, dis-tilled, tampers with, wiped off map, retro-grades, takes out, Tars, turned back, Snowed, strafes, disgraded, with drew, got nerves, out rage, art overtaken, havocked, reflected on, wearing thin, rolls back, don't buy, lose value, get one's nerves, ex-asperated, bite, dis serve, dis-band, contuses, becoming colorless, live in gutter, under rates, wert demoted, stop dead, bemeans, steps one toes, go seed, go hell, re-treat, becomes contaminated, Shying, zinged, steps on one's toes, spoil, bad mouth, tailed away, de natures, over whelmed, dis-banded, de-solates, decolorizes, fell upon, oding, rendered worthless, give a black eye, re legate, get on nerves, am done for, going to dogs, bringing low, dis-arming, in-conveniences, sub due, dis-possesses, dumped on, am vain, dry rots, doth violence, under-value, marked down, dis proving, strook dumb, go, disses, shot down, gnarls, am on back of, be-littles, de-solated, rattling cage, narrowing down, co oked, give up the ghost, dis organizes, dis-heartening, be smirch, dropt out of sight, bang up, de-predating, fizzles out, end, de camped, trans-fused, mis carried, falling through, dis-grade, break apart, running low, multi plying, wert neglected, dis enabled, over-tires, sweeps away, corrode, de mise, scammed, lost brightness, wipes off map, fester, over whelm, opening up, went bad, backing wrong horse, went to pot, in flaming, falling short, turned to dust, commits sacrilege, mis interpreted, committed sacrilege, un strengthening, over tire, swallow up, be-little, be numbed, warp, descends on, in-commodes, liquidate, de taches, become worse, trans-fuse, ex tended, burned up, Evanish, lose strength, dis-coloring, un-strengthened, fade out, was done for, de-stroyed, rot, tire, disconfirmed, recidivating, being on the back of, scraping off, dragged down, ouching, devolve, dis-organize, reduced to tears, in flames, gamble away, rested in peace, in-creased, re-solve, re-strains, mis carries, crumble, stepped ones toes, Declassing, dis solve, de-pressed, dis-oblige, narrowed down, un doing, got one's nerves, wast destroyed, leant against, disconfirming, be mean, put to death, harks back, un-does, trans fuse, turns one off, dis approving, loses edge, rebating, laying low, blotting out, ex acerbating, leave ruins, poke nose into, dis-comfits, drave wall, pushes ones button, doeth violence to, de predate, wizens, buy farm, fag, melting away, be-meaning, makes nerveless, roll back, brake into pieces, dropt out sight, de-flower, be no avail, break, dis-appears, dry rotting, going smoke, went to waste, de-scending, dis banding, goes the dogs, Ods, goes soft, weaken, was in vain, malforming, driving the wall, play into, anesthetize, de-compound, de meaning, de-moralizing, ran aground, am overtaken, falls the wagon, is worthless, wipe map, falling the wagon, go wrong, went wrong, od'd, fed the fire, bringing to standstill, drives the wall, re vile, de predating, going the dogs, under-rates, brings standstill, re-turning, drove up wall, turn dust, blue-penciled, emaciate, with draw, in capacitating, de rides, died on vine, mis-represents, tipped over, becomes rancid, DE Form, de scended, gave ghost, de moralizes, in-crease, Fracturing, beats down, melt away, give the ghost, unmaking, hits skids, dis-obliged, going up smoke, over-whelm, passing time, am demoted, frivols away, mis handle, Pirating, retro grading, de-scend, de ride.