In Fashion

Pronunciation of In Fashion
/ɪn fˈaʃən/, /ɪn fˈaʃən/, /ɪ_n f_ˈa_ʃ_ə_n/

Synonyms for in fashion:

contemporary (adjective)

abreast, au courant, current, existent, extant, in vogue, instant, latest, mod, new, newfangled, now, present, present-day, recent, today, topical, ultramodern, up, up-to-date, up-to-the-minute, voguish, contempo, hot off press, just out, leading-edge, red-hot, state-of-the-art, à la mode, with it.

in vogue (adjective)

craze, fad, hip, in style, trendsetting, New Look, dernier cri, chi-chi, in the latest style, in thing, in with it, latest fad, latest fashion, latest wrinkle, on the cutting edge.

smart (adjective)

chic, dapper, dashing, dressed to kill, elegant, exclusive, fine, fly, last word, modish, natty, neat, snappy, spruce, swank, trendy, trim, well turned-out, latest thing.

spiffy (adjective)

beautiful, chichi, classy, dandy, fashionable, high-class, jazzy, ritzy, sharp, showy, sleek, slick, smart, snazzy, stunning, upscale, uptown.

stylish (adjective)

dressy, groovy, in, modernistic, nifty, ostentatious, polished, pretentious, rakish, sassy, swell, urbane, Dap, Tony, dressed to the teeth, in the mainstream.

synchronic (adjective)

coetaneous, coeval, coexistent, concurrent, contemporaneous, synchronous.

up-to-date (adjective)

advanced, avant-garde, brand-new, contemporary, expedient, faddish, fitting, happening, hot, modern, newest, opportune, popular, stylish, suitable, timely, Neoteric, state of the art, with-it, all the rage, in-thing, cutting edge.

with it (adjective)

alive, apprehensive, awake, aware, conscious, cool, hip to, in on, informed, knowing, knowledgeable, observant, perceptive, savvy, turned on, up on, versed, wise to, Familiar, in the know, on to, hep to, plugged in, switched on, tuned in.

thus (adverb)

as follows, hence, in kind, so, thusly, along these lines, in such a way, just like that, in this fashion, in this way, like so, like this, thus and so, thus and thus, to such a degree.



in vogue




Rhymes for in fashion:

  • dunn, none, winn, bin, quinn, gwynne, un, chun, sun, rihn, min, lunn, rinn, kin, hon, knin, yun, spun, gun, won, bun, glyn, hun, linne, brun, guin, yin, din, gunn, ginn, bunn, glynn, dunne, guinn, minh, thin, quin, nun, lin, gwinn, lynn, brunn, twin, jun, pin, shun, pun, linn, lyn, one, brinn, when, lwin, fin, stun, lun, linh, spin, wynn, grin, been, gin, fun, gyn, sin, hyun, tin, trinh, donne, flynn, gwyn, finn, shin, tonne, mun, skin, brin, flinn, in, chin, qin, vin, ton, winne, dinh, grun, inn, runt, wynne, bryn, pinn, son, dun, kinn, gwin, done, rhin, lynne, gwynn, jin, win, kun, run;
  • ashen, kaylynn, chagrin, fashion, emlyn, wherein, begun, ration, homerun, alpin, rerun, c1, eldwin, allin, has-been, redone, outdone, m1, passion, within, therein, aswin, undone, herein, adin, outrun, akin, berlin, begin;
  • impassion, violin, overdone, compassion, menuhin;

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