In stalled

Pronunciation of In Stalled
/ɪn stˈɔːld/, /ɪn stˈɔːld/, /ɪ_n s_t_ˈɔː_l_d/

Synonyms for in stalled

embedded (adjective)

deep-seated, enclosed, impacted, ingrained, set in, Inserted, nested, encapsulated.

enrolled (adjective)

commissioned, enlisted, joined, listed, pledged, recorded, subscribed, Entered, Inducted, Matriculated, Recruited, on record, signed up.

inaugurated (adjective)

Begun, Introduced, started.

initiated (adjective)

accepted, acknowledged, admitted, approved, confirmed, instructed, received, tutored, Coached, Drafted, Grounded, Instated, Passed, conscripted, called up, made a member of, made part of.

installed (adjective)

connected, equipped, established, initiated, Inaugurated, put up.

on-line (adjective)

accessible, linked, operative, wired, Installed, networked, hooked up, ready for use, plugged in, accessible by computer, electronically connected, on stream, on the internet.

placed (adjective)

allotted, arranged, based, fixed, implanted, located, planted, set, settled, situated, stored, Deposited, Lodged, Occupying, Quartered, Rated, Stationed, Stowed, allocated, positioned.

seated (adjective)

placed, rooted.

appoint (verb)

accredit, allot, assign, choose, command, commission, decree, delegate, designate, determine, direct, elect, enjoin, establish, finger, install, name, nominate, ordain, select, tap.

crown (verb)

adorn, arm, authorize, coronate, dower, enable, endow, endue, ennoble, enthrone, erect, exalt, festoon, heighten, honor, raise, sanction, set up, stabilize, strengthen.

deposit (verb)

accumulate, amass, bank, collect, commit, deliver, ditch, drop, entrust, garner, hoard, keep, lay away, park, plop, plunk, plunk down, precipitate, repose, rest, salt away, save, squirrel away, stash, store, stow, transfer, treasure, sit down, put aside, put by, sock away, stock up, give in trust.

embed (verb)

bury, dig in, enclose, fasten, hammer in, impact, infix, ingrain, inlay, insert, pierce, plunge, press, root, stick in, tuck in, drive in, put into, deposit, ram in, stuff in, thrust in.

emplace (verb)

lay out.

ensconce (verb)

cache, conceal, cover, curl up, locate, nestle, protect, screen, seat, secrete, shelter, shield, situate, snuggle up.

entrench (verb)

anchor, confirm, define, embed, fence, fortify, found, ground, hole up, implant.

establish (verb)

base, build, constitute, create, domiciliate, enact, entrench, form, inculcate, land, live, moor, originate, practice, provide, put, rivet, secure, set down, start, stick, ring in, lay foundation, start ball rolling.

fix (verb)

affix, attach, bind, catch, cement, congeal, connect, consolidate, couple, glue, graft, harden, instill, link, nail down, pin, rigidify, solidify, stay put, steady, stiffen, thicken, tie, freeze to.

induct (verb)

conscript, draft, enlist, initiate, recruit, sign on, sign up, swear in.

initiate (verb)

admit, begin, commence, dream up, enter, intro, kick off, launch, open, pioneer, set in motion, trigger, usher in, make up, take in, take up, come out with, come up with, break the ice, get under way, get ball rolling, get feet wet.

install (verb)

build in, ensconce, fix, fix up, furnish, inaugurate, induct, institute, introduce, invest, lay, line, lodge, place, plant, position, put in, settle, station, Instate.

institute (verb)

appoint, bow, open up, organize, rev, break in, bring into being.

introduce (verb)

bring forward, bring in, innovate, invent, plan, preface, present, unveil.

invest (verb)

adopt, bequeath, charge, consecrate, empower, license, vest.

lodge (verb)

abide, imbed, remain, stay, come to rest.

make (verb)

advance, proffer, tender.

mount (verb)

exhibit, fit, prepare, produce, show, stage, Emplace, put on, put in place.

pin on (verb)

blame, impute.

place (verb)

allocate, distribute, nail, peg, quarter, spot, stand.

plant (verb)

plank, plank down.

put (verb)

bring, concenter, concentrate, fixate, focus.

quarter (verb)

accommodate, billet, board, bunk, canton, domicile, entertain, harbor, house, post.

receive (verb)

accept, greet, host, invite, let in, meet, permit, shake hands, welcome, show in, make welcome, allow entrance, let through, make comfortable, roll out red carpet.

seat (verb)

hold, lounge, perch, roost, sit, squat, take.

set (verb)

aim, apply, arrange, bestow, cast, head, level, lock, mount, point, spread, train, turn, wedge, zero in, make ready, make fast.

set up (verb)

assemble, back, build up, compose, construct, elevate, excite, exhilarate, inspire, prearrange, put together, rear, stimulate, subsidize, make provision for.

sit (verb)

bear on, lie, pose, posture, relax, Hunker, plop down, take a place, be seated, give feet a rest, grab a chair, have a place, have a seat, put it there, seat oneself, take a load off, take a seat.

station (verb)


stick (verb)

plonk, stuff.