In Teguments

Pronunciation of In Teguments
/ɪn tˈɛɡjuːmənts/, /ɪn tˈɛɡjuːmənts/, /ɪ_n t_ˈɛ_ɡ_j_uː_m_ə_n_t_s/

Antonyms for in teguments:

core, body, center, middle, indoors, personality, inside, pulp, character, interior, reality.

Synonyms for in teguments:

case (noun)

bag, baggage, basket, bin, box, cabinet, caddy, caisson, canister, capsule, carton, cartridge, casing, casket, chamber, chassis, chest, coffer, compact, cover, covering, crate, crib, drawer, folder, grip, holder, integument, jacket, receptacle, safe, scabbard, sheath, shell, suitcase, tray, trunk, wallet, wrapper, wrapping, Crating.

coat (noun)

crust, ectoderm, epidermis, felt, fleece, fur, husk, leather, membrane, pelage, pellicle, protective covering, rind, scale, wool, Peltry, Scarfskin.

cover (noun)

awning, bark, binding, camouflage, canopy, canvas, cap, caparison, case, ceiling, cloak, clothing, coating, disguise, dress, drop, facade, fig leaf, front, guise, hood, lid, marquee, mask, masquerade, overlay, paint, parasol, polish, pretense, roof, screen, seal, semblance, sheet, shroud, smoke screen, spread, stopper, tarp, tarpaulin, tegument, tent, top, umbrella, varnish, veil, veneer, coverlet, wraps, dome, false front, put-on, window-dressing.

covering (noun)

housing, shelter.

crust (noun)

band, bloom, border, concretion, edge, encrustation, film, hull, incrustation, layer, outside, scab, surface, verge, Caking.

film (noun)

blur, cloud, fabric, foil, fold, gauze, haze, haziness, leaf, mistiness, nebula, opacity, partition, scum, transparency, web, Brume, Dusting, Obscuration.

integument (noun)

aril, coat, envelope, hide, pelt, skin.

outside (noun)

appearance, face, open, outdoors, seeming, topside, Without, open air.

rind (noun)

cortex, epicarp.

shell (noun)

carapace, frame, framework, nut, pericarp, pod, shard, shuck, skeleton, Plastron.

skin (noun)

cutis, derma, dermis, fell, parchment, peel, sheathing, slough, vellum.

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