In validates

Pronunciation of In Validates
/ɪn vˈalɪdˌe͡ɪts/, /ɪn vˈalɪdˌe‍ɪts/, /ɪ_n v_ˈa_l_ɪ_d_ˌeɪ_t_s/

Antonyms for in validates

encourage, surrender, emphasize, bear, open, support, assuage, attest, fine, activate, let go, assist, comply, affirm, enable, credit, compliment, integrate, keep, confirm, heal, give birth, rise, engage, promote, unmix, enact, hurt, qualify, concur, include, concentrate, construct, initiate, meet, implode, clear up, arrange, create, energize, verify, animate, reserve, institute, deprive, praise, permit, yield, increase, worsen, protect, grow, expand, please, fail, injure, corroborate, go ahead, aggravate, make happy, legalize, accept, repair, capacitate, raise, forward, leave, continue, remain, back down, acknowledge, validate, set up, miss, give in, forfeit, allow, incite, inspirit, excite, assemble, develop, give up, DO, pass, free, clarify, imbalance, succeed, combine, penalize, coagulate, benefit, revalidate, resolve, sanction, agree, establish, upgrade, soothe, mend, schedule, cover, sanctify, help, damage, be eligible, refresh, claim, achieve, hire, go along, commence, hold, start, mobilize, take in, unite, fit, employ, obey, preserve, arm, prolong, enlighten, welcome, authorize, rebuild, put together, straighten, solidify, maintain, build, extend, tip, invigorate, build up, endorse, join, add, clean, abet, aid, enforce, release, improve, fix, restore, depart, stay, retain, ratify, explain, enlarge, appear, choose, agitate, admit, uphold, revive, win, hide, lose, attract, concede, marry, strengthen, secrete, conceal, begin, be loyal, destroy, purify, enhance, be absent, break, advance, save, prove, approve, cure, facilitate.