Pronunciation of In-Corporate
/ɪnkˈɔːpəɹət/, /ɪnkˈɔːpəɹət/, /ɪ_n_k_ˈɔː_p_ə_ɹ_ə_t/

Antonyms for in-corporate

disallow, resign, break, dissolve, avoid, untie, dispute, disorder, give, estimate, decrease, detail, fail, explain, cancel, clean, lay off, reject, reveal, give in, shun, separate, cease, open, untangle, purify, ruin, combine, important, disengage, refuse, solid, forfeit, emit, repel, remove, unloose, release, join, dodge, uncover, neglect, abstain, discharge, disjoin, expand, uncomplicate, dismiss, dissociate, except, abandon, collect, erase, overlook, essential, lack, real, leave alone, take out, free, stay away, loosen, gather, relevant, lay out, contract, oust, diminish, misinterpret, not get, disassociate, forget, prevent, distrust, exude, hold, unite, unwrap, leave, ignore, lay bare, liberate, miss, mismatch, guess, disbelieve, unfasten, shrink, decentralize, disorganize, not conform, disembody, dissuade, unlock, disconnect, confuse, expel, distract, obscure, condense, offer, lengthen, bodily, hold back, turn away, eliminate, deny, need, withdraw, unbuckle, hurt, let go, disentangle, pass, raze, give up, demolish, physical, subtract, refrain, enlarge, squander, part, spread, spend, soften, fall short, be immune, scatter, unlearn, fire, misunderstand, fight, destroy, loose, sever, disunite, spew, Unlink, eject, weaken, take away, liquefy, uncouple, mix up, lose, divide, want, melt, waste, maintain, hide, untwist, not adapt, keep, segregate, disregard, end, detach, material, yield, disintegrate, disperse, disarrange, dwindle, dissipate, meaningful, lessen, build, veto, exclude, straighten, substantial, injure, mistake, stop, repudiate, surrender, unmix, discourage, halt, drop, thin, conceal, cover, vomit, divorce.

Synonyms for in-corporate

immaterial (adjective)

aerial, airy, apparitional, bodiless, celestial, disembodied, dreamlike, dreamy, ethereal, ghostly, heavenly, impalpable, imponderable, incorporeal, insensible, intangible, metaphysical, nonmaterial, nonphysical, psychic, shadowy, spectral, spiritual, subjective, supernatural, unearthly, unembodied, unsubstantial, unworldly, wraithlike, Asomatous, Disbodied, Discarnate, Unfleshly, spiritlike.

nonphysical (adjective)

insubstantial, unbodied, uncorporal.

absorb (verb)

comprehend, digest, follow, get, get into, grasp, incorporate, learn, sense, soak up, understand, take in, latch onto.

accumulate (verb)

accrue, acquire, agglomerate, aggregate, assemble, bring together, cache, clean up, collect, collocate, compile, concentrate, cumulate, draw together, expand, gain, gather, grow, heap, hoard, increase, load up, lump, mass, pile, pile up, procure, profit, rack up, roll up, stack up, stockpile, store, swell, round up, scare up, store up, make a killing, heap together, make a bundle.

affiliate (verb)

ally, annex, band together, combine, confederate, connect, hook up, relate, team up, line up, tie up, plug into, come aboard, form connection, go partners, throw in with.

amalgamate (verb)

admix, alloy, come together, compound, hook up with, interface, intermix, meld, mingle, network, join together.

assimilate (verb)

ingest, Osmose, take up.

centralize (verb)

accumulate, compact, concenter, condense, converge, focus, rationalize, streamline, systematize, unify.

classify (verb)

allocate, allot, alphabetize, analyze, arrange, assort, brand, break down, catalogue, class, codify, coordinate, correlate, dispose, distinguish, distribute, divide, docket, file, grade, group, index, label, match, name, number, order, peg, pigeonhole, put away, range, rank, rate, regiment, segregate, size, size up, sort, tab, tabulate, tag, ticket, type, typecast, put down as, put down for, rank out, button down, take one's measure.

co-opt (verb)

accept, admit, adopt, bring in, convert, draw in, elect, enfold, homogenize, homologize, take over, Connaturalize, bring into line, bring into the fold, make one's own.

coalesce (verb)

adhere, bracket, cleave, cling, cohere, commingle, commix, conjoin, stick, wed, tie in with, join up with.

combine (verb)

band, bind, bond, bunch up, cooperate, couple, get together, hook on, league, marry, slap on, synthesize, tack on, tag on, team up with, tie up with, coadjute, glue oneself to, hitch on, stand in with, throw in together.

comprise (verb)

compass, compose, constitute, contain, embrace, encircle, enclose, encompass, engross, hold, include, involve, span, sum up, add up to, amount to, be composed of, be contained in.

consist of (verb)


consolidate (verb)

amass, build up, cement, centralize, concatenate, develop, federate, fortify, harden, hitch, reinforce, secure, set, solidify, stabilize, strengthen, thicken, densen, render solid.

constitute (verb)

complement, complete, construct, cook up, create, dream up, enact, establish, fill out, fix, flesh out, found, frame, fudge together, make, set up, make up.

contain (verb)

accommodate, have, seat, consist of, have capacity for.

cover (verb)

consider, examine, meet, provide for, reach, suffice, survey, deal with, refer to, be enough, take account of.

digest (verb)

consume, dissolve, eat, macerate, take, Chymify, swallow.

embody (verb)

actualize, concretize, demonstrate, epitomize, evince, exemplify, exhibit, express, exteriorize, externalize, hypostatize, illustrate, incarnate, manifest, mirror, objectify, personalize, personify, realize, reify, show, stand for, substantiate, symbolize, typify, Emblematize.

embrace (verb)

espouse, grab, receive, seize, take on, welcome, go in for, make use of, take advantage of, avail oneself of.

enlist (verb)

appoint, assign, attract, call up, conscript, draft, employ, engage, enroll, enter, hire, induct, initiate, inscribe, interest, levy, list, mobilize, muster, oblige, obtain, place, record, recruit, register, reserve, serve, sign on, volunteer, Conscribe, call to arms, enter into, join up, press into service.

include (verb)

add, allow for, append, bear, build, build in, carry, count, entail, implicate, inject, insert, interject, interpolate, introduce, take into account, work in, number among, teem with, make allowance for, be made up of, cut in on, make room for.

incorporate (verb)

absorb, add to, amalgamate, assimilate, associate, blend, charter, coalesce, consolidate, cover, dub, embody, form, fuse, gang up, imbibe, integrate, join, link, merge, mix, organize, pool, put together, start, subsume, unite, tie in, hook in.

integrate (verb)

articulate, attune, conform, desegregate, harmonize, knit, mesh, orchestrate, proportion, reconcile, symphonize, tune, meld with, reconciliate.

involve (verb)

affect, argue, catch, commit, complicate, compromise, concern, denote, embroil, enmesh, entangle, grip, hook, imply, incriminate, inculpate, mean, mire, necessitate, preoccupy, presuppose, prove, require, rivet, rope in, suggest, tangle, touch, snarl up, mix up, point to, wrap up in.

join (verb)

accompany, affix, agglutinate, attach, clamp, clasp, clip, concrete, conjugate, entwine, fasten, grapple, interlace, juxtapose, leash, lock, mate, melt, pair, splice, stick together, tie, weave, weld, yoke, Coadunate, copulate, lump together.

link (verb)

identify, tag along.

merge (verb)

conglomerate, intermingle, submerge, Immerge, be swallowed up, become lost in, become partners, deal one in, melt into.

mix (verb)

adulterate, braid, cross, hybridize, infiltrate, infuse, instill, interbreed, interweave, jumble, knead, saturate, stir, suffuse, transfuse.

personalize (verb)

body forth, materialize.

preoccupy (verb)

immerse, monopolize.

refer (verb)

answer, appertain, bear upon, belong, pertain, point, regard, have a bearing on, have to do with, be a matter of, be about, be directed to, be relevant, correspond with, have reference, have relation.

seize (verb)

ambush, apprehend, appropriate, arrest, arrogate, bag, bust, capture, carry off, claw, clutch, commandeer, confiscate, conquer, exact, force, hijack, impound, kidnap, lift, nab, nail, occupy, overcome, overpower, overrun, overwhelm, pounce, snag, snare, spirit away, subdue, throttle, trap, usurp, wrench, pick up, take captive, take possession of, take by storm.

subsume (verb)


synthesize (verb)


unite (verb)

affiliate, concur, hang together, intertwine, join forces, pull together, stay together, gather together, keep together, become one, close ranks.

weave (verb)

careen, complect, crochet, cue, fabricate, fold, interlink, knot, loop, lurch, mat, net, plait, ply, reticulate, sew, snake, spin, twine, twist, whip through, wind, wreathe, writhe, zigzag, piece together, Criss-cross, twist and turn, interfold, move in and out.