Pronunciation of In-Corporate
/ɪnkˈɔːpəɹət/, /ɪnkˈɔːpəɹət/, /ɪ_n_k_ˈɔː_p_ə_ɹ_ə_t/

Antonyms for in-corporate

disallow, resign, break, dissolve, avoid, untie, dispute, disorder, give, estimate, decrease, detail, fail, explain, cancel, clean, lay off, reject, reveal, give in, shun, separate, cease, open, untangle, purify, ruin, combine, important, disengage, refuse, solid, forfeit, emit, repel, remove, unloose, release, join, dodge, uncover, neglect, abstain, discharge, disjoin, expand, uncomplicate, dismiss, dissociate, except, abandon, collect, erase, overlook, essential, lack, real, leave alone, take out, free, stay away, loosen, gather, relevant, lay out, contract, oust, diminish, misinterpret, not get, disassociate, forget, prevent, distrust, exude, hold, unite, unwrap, leave, ignore, lay bare, liberate, miss, mismatch, guess, disbelieve, unfasten, shrink, decentralize, disorganize, not conform, disembody, dissuade, unlock, disconnect, confuse, expel, distract, obscure, condense, offer, lengthen, bodily, hold back, turn away, eliminate, deny, need, withdraw, unbuckle, hurt, let go, disentangle, pass, raze, give up, demolish, physical, subtract, refrain, enlarge, squander, part, spread, spend, soften, fall short, be immune, scatter, unlearn, fire, misunderstand, fight, destroy, loose, sever, disunite, spew, Unlink, eject, weaken, take away, liquefy, uncouple, mix up, lose, divide, want, melt, waste, maintain, hide, untwist, not adapt, keep, segregate, disregard, end, detach, material, yield, disintegrate, disperse, disarrange, dwindle, dissipate, meaningful, lessen, build, veto, exclude, straighten, substantial, injure, mistake, stop, repudiate, surrender, unmix, discourage, halt, drop, thin, conceal, cover, vomit, divorce.