Pronunciation of In-Dispensable
/ɪndɪspˈɛnsəbə͡l/, /ɪndɪspˈɛnsəbə‍l/, /ɪ_n_d_ɪ_s_p_ˈɛ_n_s_ə_b_əl/

Synonyms for in-dispensable

basic (adjective)

capital, central, chief, elemental, indispensable, inherent, intrinsic, main, necessary, primitive, principal, radical, underlying, substratal.

cardinal (adjective)

constitutive, first, foremost, greatest, highest, leading, overriding, paramount, pivotal, preeminent, prime, ruling, Overruling.

essential (adjective)

wanted, right-hand.

fundamental (adjective)

axiological, axiomatic, bottom, constitutional, elementary, integral, major, organic, original, primordial, rudimentary, significant, structural, supporting, theoretical, underived, Sustaining, foundational, bottom-line, meat-and-potatoes, substrative, grass-roots.

imperative (adjective)

acute, burning, clamant, clamorous, compulsory, critical, crying, exigent, immediate, important, importunate, inescapable, insistent, instant, obligatory, pressing, urgent, no turning back.

indispensable (adjective)

basal, basic, cardinal, crucial, essential, fundamental, imperative, key, necessitous, needed, needful, prerequisite, primary, required, requisite, vital.

inherent (adjective)

built-in, characteristic, congenital, connate, deep-rooted, deep-seated, distinctive, fixed, genetic, immanent, implicit, inborn, inbred, inbuilt, indigenous, individual, indwelling, ingrained, inherited, innate, inner, instinctive, integrated, internal, intimate, inward, latent, native, natural, resident, subjective, unalienable, part and parcel, running in the family, in the grain.

integral (adjective)

component, constituent.

key (adjective)

decisive, material.

life-and-death (adjective)

all-important, consequential, determining, meaningful, serious, earth-shattering, earth-shaking, life or death, of vital importance, vitally important.

mandatory (adjective)

binding, commanding, compelling, de rigueur, forced, imperious, involuntary, Irremissible, Compulsatory.

material (adjective)

applicable, applicative, apposite, apropos, big, considerable, germane, grave, momentous, pertinent, substantial, weighty, ad rem, pointful.

necessary (adjective)

expedient, incumbent on, mandatory, quintessential, specified, unavoidable, name of game.

prerequisite (adjective)

called for, of the essence.

required/requisite (adjective)

appropriate, condign, deserved, due, enforced, just, prescribed, recommended, right, rightful, set, suitable, Demanded.

underlying (adjective)

concealed, hidden, lurking, nitty-gritty, nub, root, veiled.

urgent (adjective)

demanding, driving, heavy, impelling, persuasive, salient, touchy, hurry-up, called-for, life and death, top-priority, touch and go.

vital (adjective)

life-or-death, name, underlined, coal-and-ice, name-of-the-game.