Pronunciation of In-Fringed
/ɪnfɹˈɪnd͡ʒd/, /ɪnfɹˈɪnd‍ʒd/, /ɪ_n_f_ɹ_ˈɪ_n_dʒ_d/

Synonyms for in-fringed:

broken (adjective)

abandoned, dishonored, disregarded, ignored, isolated, retracted, violated, Disobeyed, Infringed, Traduced, Transgressed.

barge in/barge into (verb)

collide, infringe, interrupt, push, shove, stumble, break in, burst in, muscle in.

break (verb)

disregard, renege on, violate.

contravene (verb)

abjure, combat, counteract, cross, defy, exclude, fight, gainsay, hinder, impugn, interfere, interpose, negate, oppose, overstep, refute, reject, repudiate, resist, spurn, thwart, traverse, Disaffirm, conflict with.

disobey (verb)

balk, dare, decline, desert, differ, disagree, evade, flout, ignore, misbehave, mutiny, neglect, object, rebel, recalcitrate, revolt, revolution, revolutionize, riot, shirk, strike, withstand, insurrect, be remiss, break rules, go counter to, not heed, not mind, pay no attention to, run riot, set aside, fly in face of, not listen, rise in arms, take law into own hands.

encroach (verb)

appropriate, arrogate, barge in, butt in, horn in, impinge, intervene, trench, usurp, work in, squeeze in, elbow in, make inroads, put two cents in, stick nose into, worm in.

entrench (verb)

interlope, break in on.

impinge (verb)

affect, bear upon, disturb, influence, pry, touch.

impose (verb)

appoint, burden, charge, command, compel, constrain, decree, demand, enforce, enjoin, establish, exact, fix, foist, force, inflict, institute, introduce, lade, lay, lay down, levy, move in on, oblige, ordain, order, place, prescribe, promulgate, put, require, saddle, take advantage, visit, wish, wreak, wreck, lay down the law, force upon, put foot down, read riot act.

infringe (verb)

borrow, breach, break, contravene, crash, disobey, encroach, entrench, impose, infract, intrude, invade, lift, meddle, obtrude, offend, pirate, presume, steal, transgress, trespass.

interrupt (verb)

arrest, break off, check, chime in, cut, cut short, defer, delay, disconnect, discontinue, disjoin, disunite, divide, edge in, halt, heckle, hold up, impede, in, inject, insinuate, lay aside, obstruct, prevent, punctuate, put in, separate, sever, shortstop, stay, stop, suspend, cut off, come between, break train of thought, bust in, crowd in, cut in on, get in the way.

intrude (verb)

bother, chisel in, intercalate, interject, interpolate, pester, thrust, Intermeddle, cut in, go beyond, push in.

invade (verb)

access, assail, assault, burglarize, foray, go in, infect, infest, inroad, loot, maraud, occupy, overrun, overspread, penetrate, permeate, pervade, pillage, plunder, raid, ravage, storm, fall on, descend upon, overswarm, swarm over.

meddle (verb)

advance, busybody, encumber, inquire, kibitz, mess around, mix in, snoop, tamper, fool with, molest, abuse rights, come uninvited, crash the gates, dabble in, sidewalk-superintend, stick nose in.

presume (verb)

make bold, undertake, venture, go so far, have the audacity.

trample (verb)

bruise, crush, flatten, grind, hurt, injure, override, overwhelm, pound, run over, squash, stamp, step on, stomp, tread, Tromp, tramp, ride roughshod over.

transgress (verb)

exceed, do wrong.

violate (verb)

contaminate, disrupt, err, outrage, profane, sacrilege, sin, tamper with, trample on.

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