Pronunciation of In-Heres
/ɪnhˈi͡əz/, /ɪnhˈi‍əz/, /ɪ_n_h_ˈiə_z/

Synonyms for in-heres:

belong (verb)

accord, agree, appertain, apply, associate, attach to, bear, bear upon, become, befit, chime, concern, correlate, correspond, fit, go, go with, harmonize, inhere, match, permeate, pertain, refer, regard, set, suit, touch, vest, have to do with, be fitting, be connected with, be a component, be a constituent, be a part, be akin, be an adjunct of, be linked with, be related, be relevant, have relationship to, have respect to.

exist (verb)

consist, endure, get by, go on, kick, live, make it, survive, stay alive, eke out a living.

inhere (verb)

abide, be, dwell, exist, lie, repose, reside, rest, subsist, be contained in, be expressed by, be found in.

reside (verb)

bide, continue, crash, dig, inhabit, locate, lodge, nest, occupy, park, people, perch, populate, remain, roost, settle, sojourn, squat, stay, tenant, rest with, take up residence, be intrinsic to, be vested, hang one's hat.

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