Pronunciation of Inapt
/ɪnˈapt/, /ɪnˈapt/, /ɪ_n_ˈa_p_t/

Antonyms for inapt

subject, skillful, skilled, in favor of, more conjecturable, competent, more assuring, Inferable, in the cards, more odds on, permitted, most odds on, nobody fool, quick the uptake, protean, accomplished, sanctioned, quick on trigger, fine, adequate, verisimilar, endorsed, quick uptake, seasonable, licensed, most substract, able, most conjecturable, ace, consummate, overqualified, decent, blameless, opportune, most under, encouraged, more believeable, ready, sub ordinate, satisfactory, versatile, prepared, Conjecturable, de pendent, pre-disposed, sub altern, experienced, adept, most odds-on, genteel, of mind, pre disposed, companionate, seasoned, approved, congenial, acceptable, at feet, more subaltern, re-levant, quick on the trigger, of a mind, most oddson, sub-altern, be fitting, odds-on, in the habit of, in danger of, more inferable, expert, respectable, most subaltern, quick on uptake, quick on the uptake, exemplary, pro visional, most enslaved, more satellite, ex-posed, creditable, be-fitting, dis posed, more oddson, most believeable, dis-posed, no dummy, more enslaved, re levant, on verge of, seemly, passable, quick trigger, most subjugated, nobodys fool, in habit of, supposable, commendable, capable, sub-best, sub-ordinate, subbest, apt, authorized, imaginable, pro-nest, tolerable, more supposable, more verisimilar, kosher, likely, more subjugated, most inferable, supported, timely, up and coming, most supposable, suited, pat, correct, sub best, more substract, fortunate, pro nest, at one's feet, qualified, most assuring, on the verge of, oddson, most verisimilar, at one feet, more odds-on, bound by, happy, decorous, odds on, virtuoso, at ones feet, veteran, quick the trigger, Substract, irreproachable, practiced, suitable, believeable, trained, all-around, de-pendent, balanced, sub missive, ex posed.