Pronunciation of Indefinite
/ɪndˈɛfɪnət/, /ɪndˈɛfɪnət/, /ɪ_n_d_ˈɛ_f_ɪ_n_ə_t/

Antonyms for indefinite

re-gular, more close grained, conscionable, more paralyzing, regulated, ever present, most riskfree, not stale, most graspable, irrefutably, incorrupt, more knife-edged, devotedly, more ceremonialistic, as a matter of fact, ex act, person-to-person, on button, hellbent, most acuate, taken for granted, Intemerate, more sorted, un-abated, in variable, shooin, cut and dried, single, brierier, not disputed, exactly, brief, more clabbered, over abundant, un-due, most junglelike, surely, beyond shadow a doubt, more iron jawed, all fired, well-marked, more risk free, most well-marked, re-sounding, penetrative, un-diluted, oblate, without equal, most pent, more aromal, un-challenged, unblinking, highspeed, most germ free, more admitted, un divided, more double checked, most crackerjack, most unpermissive, forwardlooking, in-nocuous, obvious, un-alleviated, most constricted, conclusive, most up, Sideling, doubleedged, most assigned, un bendable, un-mistakable, more braced, de signed, un disturbed, more honed, de cent, more effected, dis-agreeable, more purposed, more flatout, more clotted, lead balloon, dis infected, most enumerated, more psyched up, most defined, more irrebuttable, more razor sharp, most nonpoisonous, uncompounded, more tipped, emphatic, more unassociated, more fascistic, most stationed, most stickling, can bet on it, in-grained, un-adulterated, de-tailed, re solving, in-alterable, more succeeded, most honest to goodness, wellestablished, un clad, in-defensibly, firmly established, in-variable, straightout, set concrete, most ceremonialistic, apodictic, most unprofaned, more another, indeed, more faddish, in bag, most sweet-smelling, un-subtlest, most prepped, more unclothed, most perfumy, allout, more neverfailing, de tailed, truehearted, un constrained, deciding, un dubitable, more psychedup, most sorted, most obvious, no kicker, more uncontaminated, vitrified, meth-odically, fixed, hardboiled, crossing ts, un-anxious, more turned, un varying, strict, most glued, most clabbered, more fructiferous, Unguilty, more arthritic, un-disputable, categorically, more resolved, un-soiled, in-disputably, more brick wall, self reliant, immotile, un seasoned, more irrefrangible, un-qualified, hardnosed, in-tenser, in-evitable, more unspotted, hulkest, more unrefuted, with all ones heart, more coordinated, un cluttered, most pasteurized, most ever-present, forthright, astonishingly, no mistake, more individualized, re solute, deep rooted, bushest, gunkiest, shallow, deliberate, crossing t's, crossing t, accurate, in disputable, more aforethought, most double-edged, more laundered, re-served, tried true, done, steeliest, most stiff-necked, beyond shadow of a doubt, quite, most sideling, in bred, acuate, in decent, long l, arthritic, un-questionably, more nonpoisonous, ex acting, de solate, Prepense, in-capable, kiddest, stereo-typical, narrow minded, more steeled, most anchored, keenedged, most planed, foursquare, most forwardlooking, uncontested, more stickler, in disputably, most inelaborate, prepared, most steeled, more hairsplitting, under stood, more unpolluted, voguish, compendiary, smart as a tack, more ever present, un-fluctuating, treble, germ-free, most unbroken, in point fact, more stiff necked, Calcified, un-blinking, sewed up, for real, cut fine, selfassured, un qualified, more compendiary, evident, un flexible, most uninjurious, more wellkept, more evilsmelling, de liberate, bright, most finegrained, entrenched, un-blemished, out open, able bodied, most sure-enough, in-dependent, Irrebuttable, more impliable, more resolving, un-refuted, nobodys fool, re sounding, quick trigger, deepseated, more reassured, in escapable, red letter, choater, more dirtless, dotting i, sheer, more enunciated, methodically, re-fitted, on up up, more rigged, more concluded, on up and up, syrupy, hell bent, more odds on, in order, high speed, pure and simple, more adjusted, de-finitely, more caked, pre-carious, more transpicuous, unassailable, wrong-headed, most nontoxic, in-sipid, un deniable, un-shaken, fullblown, Stickling, limited, most psyched up, blatant, thick, un alterable, down pat, dis qualified, re-cognizable, more graveolent, more cinched, most singled-out, more undecorated, un-declared, laid low, refitted, most seriatim, wide-eyed, Acuminous, longlived, most terminable, with one heart, un-tainted, cincher, more determinant, no catch, most turned, most taper, evilsmelling, most sited, most cinched, un-guilty, most speckless, speckless, most high speed, in tended, more silhouetted, most textbook, wellgrounded, nit-picking, un shaken, dis-infected, most rheumatic, quick on uptake, staunchly, un doubted, most well marked, in dependent, most rocklike, come hell high water, most undistorted, unblurred, out rightest, categorical, curdled, palpable, uncontaminated, most never failing, most wizard, with forethought, more apical, unfitted, matte, most ironfisted, choiciest, undecorated, dis crete, onesided, de signing, out harm's way, to a turn, more unpermissive, most indurate, un-prepared, unpolluted, on the numbers, cobwebby, unguiltier, more recognizable, made fast, most precast, in grained, more clinched, wholesale, prodigiously, quick the trigger, most recognizable, straightforward, more close-grained, out of harm way, more evincible, more fine spun, un-folded, re-doubtable, surprisingly, more unanswerable, finegrained, Complanate, most witting, incontrovertibly, more syrupy, most risk free, cant miss it, un debased, clearly defined, un skilled, most innoxious, allinclusive, peremptory, undisputed, most tiffany, locked on, gunkier, most strongminded, un-blended, most neverfailing, most cobwebby, rocklike, well-kept, more setup, most unalloyed, that's fact, uttered, unshared, clean cut, most consolidated, most soprano, most starched, high mighty, un graceful, most intemerate, more germfree, super vised, un fussiest, bull eye, most shoo-in, more groomed, in vincible, more doublechecked, most unmodifiable, can bet it, un subtler, silhouetted, plain as day, a few, piping, flatout, most reasoned, most with-it, more consummated, pre designed, un-embellished, swank, re doubtable, most unassociated, un-abridged, most designed, strong smelling, more sharp cut, un-palatable, outlay, plain, more precise, in-tended, nonporous, more double edged, un-expressed, no ifs ands or buts, admittedly, more gummous, perspicuous, dead set, more unfolded, whitebread, more patterned, hard to please, on a line, un supple, un soiled, all in all, more germ-free, hardshell, more positive, most circumstantiated, re-liablest, most semitropical, more projected, most uncontaminated, most confining, more undoubtful, distinct, in tolerant, most olid, un-demanding, in tent, definite, most collapsed, more penetrative, splay, un-appealable, detailed, more flat out, ho hum, with one's heart, more leveled, re liablest, more sewed up, true hearted, more person to person, set, in contestable, un flinching, cinchest, stark, confirmable, hard boiled, specific, re-solved, hairline, creakiest, well made, more strong-smelling, more strong-minded, un-questionable, in-nocent, quick uptake, Exclusionary, more wellestablished, all-fired, redletter, cliquish, more prearranged, most double checked, Starched, more understandable, most highgrowing, more designed, more clarified, be-numbed, in errant, no ifs ands or buts it, hulker, most shooting, un-flinching, more compacted, babe woods, re-current, dotting is, ceremonialistic, absolute, more alternating, more hard-as-nails, indubitable, most smashing, more unappealable, most shoo in, anti-septic, more suffocating, buckram, seriatim, un-varnished, un shakable, un flappable, un-sullied, in dubitable, most set-up, un restricted, super-vised, in-elaborate, more singled out, ultra-precise, un-fussier, un-pretentious, most rigged, in-arguable, more self-evident, un abating, more stiffnecked, all systems go, Sharp-cut, ultra precise, more honest to goodness, more congealed, most stickler, more apodictic, feculent, most longestablished, particular, dead on, more undeviating, most honest-to-goodness, in culpable, more sharpcut, un-combined, most dirtless, un ethical, pre cast, deadon, all all, more well-set, de-voted, dis coverable, un-mitigated, de-cent, out in the open, most unabating, noticeable, more ill-equipped, doubtless, more witting, in tense, undemanding, un smudged, most secured, more razorsharp, most revealing, more forward looking, more brick-wall, more ritual, most discoverable, in-credibly, most planate, more true-hearted, highprincipled, expense, most curbed, ex-acting, regular, most circumscribed, on the button, in-fallible, precast, dis criminative, in-adequate, set in concrete, under hand, more settling, trueblue, most undeviating, pre-destined, more fine grained, unambiguously, most sharp-cut, more incapacious, on the up, fixedly, more wide eyed, most brick wall, head long, ablebodied, un-swayable, pre destined, more circumstantiated, de scribed, un satisfactory, most braced, more incorrupt, in noxious, in elaborate, most doublechecked, dis criminating, in-divisible, more strongminded, clear-cut, most graveolent, Confirmedly, most laundered, un-skilled, in truth, unarguable, most chiseled, more planed, Circumstantiated, un-changing, solid as a rock, diacritic, de-pressed, more designful, sweet smelling, beyond doubt, re-presentative, re-liable, un-ceremonious, more high-growing, more questionless, most uncluttered, no ifs and buts, more poised, un-ambiguous, more substantive, unelaborate, planate, all-firedest, putrescent, undraped, in evidence, more telling, keen-edged, self-explanatory, hotshot, more well kept, Clocklike, most resolving, uni-vocal, out harm way, un-concerned, most irrefragable, un-disguised, more sideling, most strong smelling, clear, be sure, un-blurred, most evilsmelling, most prepense, pre-occupied, more shielded, more compressed, secure, most well established, more forwardlooking, most settling, un-harmed, stiff, more needle pointed, short sweet, steadygoing, frank, in fine feather, self explanatory, re-assured, more positioned, more innoxious, out of harms way, doublechecked, in style, linear, strong, most wellmarked, more pent, prosiest, more nonporous, more differentiating, un-distorted, re fined, dis posed, most razor sharp, of same height, un erring, most wrongheaded, open shut, in born, on money, neat as pin, fathomable, never-failing, more ascertained, well built, more uninfected, most strong minded, more nit picking, no strings attached, more up, pre-pared, un spoken, un-contaminated, stripped down, more high-principled, un wavering, sharp cut, more sewed-up, un guilty, most never-failing, more vinegary, more longl, more wellbuilt, without reservation, twenty four carat, unabating, un-damaged, more double-edged, in-articulate, more heavy-duty, more stiff-necked, more drilling, more unequipped, more high growing, as matter of fact, more disqualified, more seriatim, in point of fact, assertive, un usual, know stuff, straight from the shoulder, most apical, Gummous, more sure enough, most unblunted, mere, more indurate, un-disputed, more pinched, most setup, matter of fact, un-savorier, outgo, Crimeless, twofaced, non-porous, most wedged, un-complicated, most patterned, re-solving, inelaborate, pre sent, un-decorated, more riskless, most strong-smelling, more disunited, more stressed, most hampered, more inerrant, for a face, most needlepointed, having faith in, most seen, re-quired, that's a fact, most undecorated, more seen, de-terminative, pre carious, that a fact, decisive, on the money, double checked, de terminative, more attestable, more singledout, in corrupt, in evitable, un-conditionally, more neutralized, most riskless, pure as driven snow, intelligible, unqualified, more tightened, dis closed, all firedest, all in, in-disputable, tough nut, more immalleable, most silhouetted, more oblate, more ending, un permissive, smart as tack, more clinching, in-goingest, most person to person, most sweet smelling, neater, in dubitably, characteristic, more jellied, un appealable, dis-qualified, Incapacious, more contained, more assigned, pre-meditated, de limited, establishable, in-effectual, absolutely, un ambiguously, hard-as-nails, facter, confined, more confining, more prepped, more chiseled, re curring, Arrestive, most judged, wet behind ears, more tapered, express, what you see is what you get, more altogether, on one plane, most accented, un-contestable, most oblate, re-strained, most numbed, more purified, most crimeless, pre determinate, more unornamented, most diacritic, unalloyed, most unalleviated, most forward looking, in finite, apical, more wide-eyed, most compressed, more constricted, de-finite, un-elaborate, more hitched, uncluttered, most suffocating, un-gracious, more pancake, most aligned, more contracted, purposive, most acuminous, unimpeachably, un equipped, most impliable, more ultraprecise, ingoing, most trimmed, more oddson, different, wordless, risk free, more whitebread, strong-smelling, un doubting, most schemed, more tiffany, ex-tended, most set up, choatest, neat as a pin, most vitrified, socially correct, most risk-free, up pity, most needle-pointed, un-blunted, confirmed, there, spread out, un-alterable, on nail, to t, longstanding, more riskfree, most massed, most shooin, more valid, really, in every respect, razor-sharp, assured, rigid, more ever-present, no ifs ands or buts about it, most close grained, in-compliant, True-hearted, hit nail on head, de finite, can't miss it, most pancake, psyched up, coldblooded, quick on trigger, sur-passingly, more doubleedged, more unmingled, un commonly, more discoverable, re gular, ingoinger, most pondered, more situate, un-suppler, most ascertainable, un-seasoned, most wrong-headed, uni form, clabbered, de fended, pro-nest, more sharp edged, free from doubt, most sharp cut, to turn, un-avoidable, no ifs ands buts it, extra-ordinary, under nose, most affirmed, un challenged, un-associated, nobody fool, that fact, more embodied, re current, veritably, most disinfected, re cognized, one, most sewed up, Evincible, more evil-smelling, more rocklike, with-it, busher, Irrefragable, most delimited, more set-up, more acuminous, more strong smelling, at length, more odds-on, in goinger, strong minded, closegrained, selfsufficient, most establishable, un scrupulous, de-pressing, without doubt, most doubtless, aforethought, pre determined, on line, long standing, more keenedged, more wordless, more irrefragable, un compounded, under one nose, un decorated, more revealing, un blunted, more proven, perfumy, most point by point, velocious, more nailed, inerrant, gloppier, un common, more cemented, solid as rock, unmixed, identical, all over, more anchored, ingoingest, more fine-grained, more unblunted, Fine-spun, over-abundant, splayest, deeprooted, more knifeedged, un-stained, more conscionable, pure simple, more hairline, un equivocally, un damaged, un infected, most jellied, most taintless, more high speed, more forward-looking, knifeedged, most agreed, thats fact, fresh, most wrong headed, not public, un disputable, un-graceful, in all respects, un-modifiable, un avoidable, point by point, more unprofaned, more nontoxic, most undisguised, germ free, fine grained, brickwall, spiky, un-permissive, forward-looking, the point, very, veracious, clear as bell, de fined, un-draped, more affirmed, Uncontestable, over-powering, more unmodifiable, with certainty, special, aromal, pre-cast, in reality, not general, most unspotted, fascistic, GUNKY, babe in woods, most unswayable, stiff-necked, hard as nails, more confirmable, un fitted, out harms way, pasteurized, most leveled, un relenting, selfevident, most nonporous, more undraped, straight out, rocker, more adherent, more intemerate, most fine spun, nononsense, most ensured, most unmingled, most immotile, dotting the i, attestable, un-limited, more dictative, most unrefuted, ex tended, more germ free, most highprincipled, de-finable, discoverable, most well-established, hunkest, singleminded, level, Olid, most clinched, cleancut, high pitched, un failing, out standing, univocal, pre-designed, in-controvertibly, highpitched, most inerrant, most irrebuttable, most tined, most inviolate, in-sufficient, un-duest, un-reserved, selfreliant, indisputably, terminable, most unabated, well established, thought out, un gracious, more arranged, done purpose, more singled-out, un mingled, dis-criminative, more limiting, unornamented, long lived, more brickwall, Infallibly, un fussy, more sharp-cut, more elaborated, in goingest, unquestionable, thats a fact, more delimited, Cinched, graspable, Undubitable, unalleviated, more undistorted, un swerving, de terminate, ex-posed, over powering, un-impaired, more undemanding, most drilling, most enunciated, more well-kept, non porous, most psyched-up, nontoxic, expenditure, most evincible, more uncompounded, un-equivocal, well-set, non-toxic, most questionless, more unsmudged, briery, most horned, straitest, more shoo in, stereo typed, pre scribed, more undubitable, stick to guns, in-decent, unappealable, un ambiguous, more predestined, more person-to-person, most conscionable, most velocious, Designful, most wounding, sharp edged, quick on the trigger, most recurring, most arranged, more tabular, un adorned, dis-united, no strings, pronged, most gaffed, Out of harm's way, un due, most keen edged, more weighed, more unarguable, in divisible, un-blighted, chic, most needlelike, bounded, more clocklike, un ostentatious, most attached, unitary, whizest, odds-on, stick guns, un compromising, more olid, most long l, no nonsense, sur passingly, most tipped, explicit, un-doubtful, un defiled, factually, most withit, wellmarked, re served, un arguable, on ice, un-fussy, wide eyed, in capable, unsupplest, In Toto, most stiffnecked, not hidden, in-corrupt, set-up, de finitely, buttoned up, self evident, most iron-jawed, most ironjawed, in-dividual, more well set, quick on the uptake, unequipped, most fine-grained, most earmarked, more exclusory, adept, un harmed, in sipid, more unanxious, factest, more unshared, open and shut, de-signed, more inferable, singled out, most arthritic, un contested, dyed in the wool, un-mingled, un commoner, un-infected, simple, having smarts, righteously, more double-checked, un-smudged, more taper, de-fended, un-adorned, Inferable, unconditional, therest, most long-established, safe, un conditionally, non toxic, un diluted, most unflexible, de-contaminated, implicative, stiff as board, Gaffed, un-attached, un mitigated, un-spotted, un equivocal, unequivocally, odds on, cutting, most high-principled, more well marked, un failingly, most sharp edged, more unabated, patent, un hidden, honest, un-defiled, in-dubitable, un-abating, bet on, most nit-picking, mattest, out-spoken, most attested, more fussbudget, most terminated, de-fined, most rehearsed, in fact, un-restricted, more refitted, allfired, most conglomerated, Habituated, unmitigated, readable, all bases covered, most undebased, most iron fisted, more wrongheaded, semi-tropical, more unbroken, de-signing, more shoo-in, more edged, clear as a bell, most heavy-duty, out ordinary, most clinching, out right, most ritual, more tined, to be seen, most arrestive, most sure enough, more minding, un-cluttered, un-mixed, innoxious, trans-lucent, un troubled, protracted, most ultraprecise, most double-checked, in-tense, no ifs ands buts about it, most ill equipped, most exclusory, neverfailing, welldefined, non-stop, not equal to, most wordless, most adjusted, more everpresent, most reeking, most univocal, most personalized, most unfabled, up on, un-deviating, over bearing, re liabler, steady going, most exclusionary, out spoken, complete, un blurred, tough nut crack, in effectual, more -carat, un-bending, un-shakable, extra-ordinarily, un questioned, un interesting, more numbed, re-levant, chiffon, most stressed, most person-to-person, in compliant, un-subtler, de-terminate, more racked, un rivaled, quitest, iron jawed, in-dubitably, most oddson, un daunted, pro-fuse, trans lucent, brick wall, dis similar, more particularized, Graveolent, more heavy duty, predesigned, honest to goodness, un-erringly, de contaminated, more withit, most germfree, more uncontested, most psychedup, more disinfected, un-mistakably, un-changeable, most adherent, un embellished, up beat, ropy, come what may, pre arranged, more concrete, more long-established, un injurious, un-debased, un-rivaled, most keen-edged, most undemanding, the very thing, re quired, something else, un-arguable, in sight, sure as can be, individual, more needle-pointed, most truehearted, authentically, open, un-troubled, ex posed, un spotted, in-flexible, unchallenged, more defined, dis-coverable, loud enough, pro fuse, dotting the i's, more collapsed, un concerned, un-equivocally, most heavyduty, out righter, more never failing, more massed, un sullied, more keen edged, more designated, most evil smelling, of mind, most unfluctuating, un-doubting, unequivocal, re fitted, most apprehensible, pre sumptuous, heavy-duty, blow by blow, more chiffon, more putrescent, pure, most reassured, un questioning, with devotion, nailed down, in-vincible, in tenser, undeniable, more stickling, allfiredest, most jelled, most chilled, pre-determined, draggiest, most soldered, most unblinking, un-conditional, most expressed, brick-wall, big as life, more evident, tabular, evil-smelling, manifest, more voguish, in nocent, decided, in adequate, most attenuated, in experienced, more ascertainable, most telling, most wide eyed, high-growing, person to person, out the open, un-subtle, most cemented, maidenly, faddish, safe and sound, narrow, more unmixed, in credibly, most consummated, carat, most well built, wrong headed, in-errant, un conditional, for a fact, most unshared, more smashing, formalistic, more razor-sharp, most purified, more systematized, more persisting, in-finite, un-afraid, dogmatic, to point, more gaffed, sure fire, clearcut, most long established, un-broken, un-alloyed, more longestablished, nonpoisonous, no ifs and or buts, Planed, un questionable, true, flat, un-guiltiest, un affected, double edged, un-daunted, pointblank, in nocuous, most sapless, more set up, locked in, fine-grained, un movable, strong-minded, dirtless, well kept, mounted, most hard-as-nails, uni vocal, un changing, more cobwebby, pre occupied, more velocious, pronounced, Impliable, quick the uptake, nit picking, most clocklike, most gummous, un contestable, well set, unmingled, dis agreeable, not complex, un-ambiguously, Over-bearing, more poured, de voted, pro cessed, tiffany, in-eradicable, most groomed, singled-out, quiter, un-conventional, dictative, straiter, re sourceful, Indispensably, more diminished, brieriest, a wrap, un-fabled, more well established, most disunited, fast, selfpossessed, come hell or high water, unanxious, riskfree, more evil smelling, more unabating, un-scrupulous, most fine-spun, more screwed, more monitored, in readiness, most iron jawed, long established, more nit-picking, un-impeachable, ex cathedra, most predestined, more knife edged, more closegrained, most knife edged, most welded, witting, in-ordinate, more heavyduty, creakier, un subtle, more earmarked, no dummy, flyest, most muted, un-compounded, more implicative, over-grown, noticeably, back together, sure-enough, most longl, on dot, Kidder, most attestable, ex pressed, a couple, more personalized, in curable, set on, most unchallenged, most coordinated, most strong-minded, un erringly, most flatout, most altogether, most prearranged, un faltering, more hotshot, valid, re-cognized, more pasteurized, in-bred, single minded, most unblighted, no ifs or buts, un-ornamented, most fussbudget, candid, ascertainable, most evil-smelling, de-solate, most inferable, unfailingly, more unblighted, un mistakable, nof ifs ands or buts, un-faltering, glued, de finable, most disclosed, most purposive, un impeachable, un-commoner, in-experienced, twenty-four carat, trans parent, more shooin, more sweet smelling, psyched-up, most designful, most pinched, right minded, cold blooded, un hesitating, un uttered, pre pared, most incapacious, long-established, gloppiest, sapless, more wizard, out in open, unerring, most fructiferous, sweet, un-questioned, uninfected, Depthless, more wedged, most unappealable, most high-growing, knife-edged, In-going, wellmade, most keenedged, exaggeratedly, in-exorable, more hard as nails, more thickened, un relieved, most hairline, clear cut, most unarguable, most wellset, more stationed, Unflexible, unfluctuating, most stiff necked, set in stone, most hitched, positive, more checked, bulls-eye, pre-disposed, confident, bulls eye, more unchallenged, anti septic, re presentative, done on purpose, head-long, most embodied, un draped, most terminating, most wellbuilt, un-spoken, un-perturbed, to be sure, junglelike, un suppler, self confident, most checked, bushleague, straight, for fact, un concealed, staunch, more agreed, un guiltier, point blank, de-scribed, most incorrupt, more sure-enough, reliable, no ifs buts, most poised, eyecatching, meticulous, most unitary, un profaned, un-fussiest, up-tight, more completing, pre-arranged, whizer, on up, risk-free, most nailed, creaky, more punctured, dis-closed, in-born, unerringly, un answerable, determinant, bull'seye, most maidenly, more decontaminated, bent, well marked, wrongheaded, most succeeded, un-supple, most leaning, Unrefuted, most true-hearted, most resolved, most completing, more attenuated, on and up, hard nosed, in deed, more secured, more well-built, more unquestioned, un distorted, more glued, more never-failing, most sharpcut, ex press, more long established, decisively, uni-form, stiff necked, un-concealed, de-liberate, more flat-out, re-curring, most transpicuous, un-contested, most weighed, most certified, rain shine, more true hearted, un interrupted, unambiguous, un savory, pre-determinate, more terminable, tined, up speed, dis-similar, un ornamented, hit nail head, un-real, undisguised, un conventional, more crimeless, sharp, un-movable, out of ordinary, bulleye, un-clothed, more predesigned, most unfolded, un-ethical, more long l, ground fine, most revealed, more disclosed, more unelaborate, solid, more schemed, with heart, more long-l, Predeterminate, most systematized, more concentrating, more sureenough, straight from shoulder, most whetted, vinegary, more complanate, tough nut to crack, un-erring, Conglomerated, Undoubtful, with all one heart, strait laced, more attached, drawn fine, most minding, persistent, pro-longed, most undraped, un-shared, undeviating, surpassingly, most well-kept, comprehensible, un blended, rigorously, boiled down, out-rightest, un deviating, more undisguised, all inclusive, more horned, definitive, illequipped, un clouded, ex-act, un anxious, most punctured, superlatively, final, official, sweet-smelling, more breviloquent, more unfabled, more curdled, upwards of, more chilled, more unswayable, wellset, needlelike, more univocal, close grained, withit, most pronged, lingering, most substantive, undoubtedly, most well set, most vinegary, un fluctuating, very thing, dis gusting, more enumerated, most racked, not up to, most undubitable, respective, un disguised, de pressing, most amateur, un-ostentatious, strongminded, un swayable, total, crossing the t, in-noxious, pre-scribed, most high-speed, beyond question, bull's eye, on the nail, most outstretched, most hard as nails, un-varying, re-solute, un-conscionable, undistorted, needle pointed, most singledout, more doubtless, most splintery, out-stretched, stereo typical, eye catching, most knifeedged, choicier, dis-posed, more authenticated, un doubtful, more circumscribed, dotting i's, Indefensibly, dappest, more wideeyed, unquestionably, most voguish, un feigned, splayer, staying put, most congealed, un-restrained, wellbuilt, most another, in view, LONGL, out and out, most unblurred, singledout, most with it, un guiltiest, most ending, most unsmudged, un proved, out-right, more wellmarked, more diacritic, outspoken, dis-criminating, un perturbed, more welded, more psyched-up, most unquestioned, long-l, unfussiest, more undebased, more predeterminate, more finegrained, in-extricable, un-yielding, unfussy, more apprehensible, intent, un abated, in-controvertible, un polluted, pre meditated, pre-sent, un combined, superficial, psychedup, most decontaminated, un-guiltier, more sweetsmelling, un varnished, up-pity, bull-eye, most cathedral, un-clad, un yielding, exact, Inferred, un-equipped, un-divided, keen edged, inviolate, most uncompounded, more ironfisted, un contaminated, under-hand, more keen-edged, un-doubted, most elaborated, Needle-pointed, more speckless, up tight, un savorier, un associated, horned, set stone, dead set on, in actuality, most hairsplitting, un-savoriest, more ironjawed, un demanding, without a doubt, direct, most everpresent, rockest, more sharpened, on numbers, most sharp-edged, deep seated, finite, high growing, no ifs ands buts, most predeterminate, most faddish, stiffnecked, established, well grounded, most confirmable, more wellset, un stained, unquestioned, lily white, over grown, un blinking, co-pious, un changeable, real, firstclass, unanswerable, to the point, un-wavering, extra ordinarily, in alterable, surefire, un-hesitating, un-fitted, draggy, more unfitted, beyond shadow of doubt, most wellestablished, spikier, most germ-free, un modifiable, Consummately, ironjawed, most odds-on, crossing the t's, most unanswerable, under-stood, re eking, more highspeed, precise, sure as hell, more pronounced, most clotted, un folded, prepped, in extricable, un-corrupted, understandable, have a lock on, most true hearted, un alleviated, most sharpedged, more unalloyed, most unequipped, in defensibly, more high principled, un alloyed, spic span, more unblinking, under one's nose, dis united, un questionably, at ease, highgrowing, most aromal, most ill-equipped, most long-l, most double edged, dis-crete, most uncontestable, more accented, un fussier, in fallibly, most -carat, un-compromising, shoo in, un commonest, un-proved, in-tensest, faultlessly, well-defined, un-tarnished, more cleansed, most authenticated, most uncombined, most positioned, more judged, more linear, Exclusory, as matter fact, another story, un broken, semitropical, most chiffon, un-fit, most amplified, formal, un-swerving, double-edged, first class, un expressed, wellfounded, for certain, more carat, most linear, un impaired, stiff as a board, most ascertained, un afraid, most stipulated, most highspeed, un-relieved, un-feigned, having down pat, selfexplanatory, un prepared, extra ordinary, un duest, most flat out, well-built, ex-press, hard, more inured, most sharpened, most fine grained, needlepointed, poles apart, more vitrified, non poisonous, in violate, more uncombined, knife edged, most singled out, sweetsmelling, spic and span, most doubleedged, un-flexible, undeniably, more recurring, more wrong headed, more uncontestable, most undoubtful, more exclusionary, re cognizable, un-usually, selfconfident, Irrefrangible, un abridged, most razor-sharp, in-escapable, not vague, most complanate, de-limited, sharpcut, most inured, Riveted, sure enough, more whetted, most high growing, Iron-fisted, more risk-free, trans-parent, apprehensible, most wellkept, prearranged, self assured, most flat-out, un fabled, in dividual, more individualizing, most sewed-up, in controvertible, more muted, most limiting, most honed, more described, irrefutable, two faced, more iron-jawed, unspotted, most feculent, evil smelling, bullseye, un-deniable, unmistakable, guaranteed, re levant, more strong minded, in flexible, un-hidden, sureenough, out-standing, most unmixed, un-savory, re strained, most iron-fisted, more solidified, in articulate, in-violate, Choate, stable, de pressed, more honest-to-goodness, un usually, most cleansed, for face, more inelaborate, un-common, a t, more starched, re-eking, unassociated, most uncontested, un-failing, most screwed, close-grained, more well-marked, most cliquish, more stabile, hard fast, have lock on, unsuppler, utter, most calcified, un-injurious, beyond shadow doubt, un conscionable, most wide-eyed, apparent, openhearted, Caked, most unanxious, un-polluted, un tarnished, most tightened, more with it, ever-present, spikiest, fructiferous, on par, out-righter, un-satisfactory, self-evident, up-beat, most well-set, most shielded, riskless, on the dot, with all heart, in going, in eradicable, up to speed, most sureenough, more well built, rightminded, never failing, plainspoken, more uncluttered, most differentiating, certain, genuine, sure, most immalleable, high-principled, most point-by-point, be seen, most tapered, most irrefrangible, un-usual, all out, in line, most ever present, sewed-up, self sufficient, most situate, un complicated, truly, more leaning, unfabled, with ones heart, more unflexible, un-answerable, most breviloquent, situated, fussbudget, unabated, in significant, under ones nose, no fine print, firm, Unblighted, unguarded, ironfisted, gloppy, un-failingly, rheumatic, fine spun, as a matter fact, un-supplest, un clothed, most edged, un refuted, pro-cessed, on plane, everpresent, un-assailable, steely, sharp as tack, visible, most wideeyed, un-dubitable, more curbed, more illequipped, most neutralized, used up, more highgrowing, more demarcated, most illequipped, most poured, lucid, re solved, most apodictic, more expressed, be numbed, most concluded, more splintery, un-moving, make no bones, with all one's heart, pre vailing, dotting the is, most unhidden, dis-gusting, re-liabler, more sharp-edged, more inviolate, indisputable, a turn, un mixed, most well-built, ropier, unshakably, most described, more needlelike, most determinant, Unblunted, more stipulated, of a mind, hard line, more fine-spun, most performed, most contracted, more consolidated, ill-equipped, buttoned down, on the and up, crossing the ts, more outstretched, un tainted, determined, safe sound, Veraciously, choicy, on target, most particularized, most unornamented, most designated, jellied, more iron-fisted, recognizable, sharp as a tack, one sided, draggier, un disputed, Uninjurious, more hampered, un covered, re assured, un supplest, more jelled, most sweetsmelling, hard shell, double-checked, clean, meth odically, more aligned, semi tropical, longestablished, most syrupy, germfree, no joke, in-culpable, more graspable, no lie, unmodifiable, measurable, more reeking, peculiar, un bending, outright, unmistakably, demonstrable, legitimately, un moving, breviloquent, strong willed, most demarcated, more attested, un-duer, on the up up, most close-grained, un adulterated, concrete, more amateur, fine, all set, more wounding, Transpicuous, co pious, more semitropical, forcible, most monitored, most caked, more crackerjack, in-curable, more perfumy, rank.