Pronunciation of Indifferent
/ɪndˈɪfɹənt/, /ɪndˈɪfɹənt/, /ɪ_n_d_ˈɪ_f_ɹ_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for indifferent

fast on draw, hard-nosed, overnice, unglued, more condoling, in know, more yearning, pre possessed, more harddriving, more obsessive, more highpressure, sweet on, temperamental, more lovey dovey, splendid, perky, choicier, most hyped, on the make, most rosewater, more overboard, chirpier, most weighted, most heeding, self-conscious, spread out, wreckest, hard-working, most remarking, more wrappedup, more heart and soul, more admiring, unwearying, most ovenlike, in right mind, out spoken, more eavesdropping, Clocklike, most corybantic, at work, Butterflies, de ranged, more hard-working, highhanded, un relenting, rabid, more hard working, un glued, most storming, dead set on, up-beat, nitpicky, dis covering, more allured, most take charge, more beset, fervent, most peering, most decalescent, most selfstarting, most steamedup, more acknowledging, on hand, in dividual, fond of, quickest, more oversensitive, shaky, most examining, in sane, wise to, more well expressed, romantic, attritional, fonder, most speeding, sensational, most sensile, most impelling, de tailed, pre-pared, more wild-eyed, insufficient, most tormented, fabulous, in play, inadequate, up to here, lovey-dovey, conscious, heated, most redblooded, in-spiring, starry eyed, most overemotional, most consumed, more fanatic, clubbiest, most agitating, heart-and-soul, hellbent, in-credible, tickled to death, able to recognize, choiciest, Exertive, un bidden, in suspense, more red blooded, set in stone, more inconscient, selfassertive, really in to, more fairy-tale, more buddy buddy, more singlehearted, attentive, fascinated, un quiet, de liberate, co operative, more diligent, more snooping, warped, more tormented, walking eggs, most clearsighted, most hyper, eagleeyed, arbitrary, more swarming, true to the end, more intentive, sharpeyed, most quickened, more wild eyed, airheaded, more unnerved, more big eyed, know ins outs, zestful, zappier, most supersensitive, hot tempered, in-dividual, over nice, over-nice, wrecker, fussbudget, most entranced, most bustling, big eyed, up here, sur prising, in flexible, coming strong, de-siring, most calescent, one sided, more storming, more sought-after, hot blooded, prompt, sensile, hyper active, eat sleep and breathe, more buddybuddy, most back-slapping, fierce, in to, be setting, most red-carpet, be-set, nice, most questioning, in quiring, most accepting, have the brain, most bleeding heart, more in to, more lured, de-ranged, more attached, most fussbudget, unacceptable, nose grindstone, starryeyed, in mood, Warm-hearted, over-come, un controlled, more back slapping, more single hearted, more mesmerized, in state, in conceivable, most nit-picky, re-active, smoothspoken, more consenting, enamored, most welldisposed, matchless, unjust, hard nosed, most set-on, most inconscient, most piqued, exceptional, most airheaded, most appetent, more recognizing, know ins and outs, in love with, most besetting, self conscious, more white hot, immoderate, most intentive, more bugged, most gung-ho, out of ordinary, hyper-critical, in tensest, more particularized, behind one, dis-covering, more hard driving, more interested, supreme, sweet for, un nerved, set stone, unreasonable, un-expected, in tenser, most whitehot, under spell, boy crazy, self-starting, most transfixed, steamed up, in a tizzy, more influenceable, supra liminal, more appetent, eloquent, emotional, evangelistic, over joyed, most overdelicate, buddy-buddy, more deepfelt, most beguiled, most unbidden, pre pared, more hypersensitive, in the know, on make, girl crazy, all ears, most ignited, more big-eyed, keyed up, more welldisposed, mono maniacal, un shakable, more transfixed, fast the draw, smoking, fast on the draw, ex press, be-witched, clubbier, un wonted, wideawake, easily harmed, immersed in, more gung-ho, keen, bonhomous, shot pieces, big-eyed, marvelous, wild-eyed, un-aware, re cognizing, more fervent, un-qualified, tip-top, dewyeyed, minding p q, doting, igneous, dis-criminating, un qualified, inquisitive, more ultraist, more tilted, most take-charge, minding p's and q's, most harddriving, blown away, more into, un easier, most woolgathering, most buddy buddy, most daydreaming, more plugging, most deducing, in on, more attritional, more tantalized, most convulsive, more nervous, more convulsive, red-carpet, all heart, swept off feet, more mad-dog, taken up, more whitehot, more weighted, more nit picking, cordial, wild about, most perseverative, in saner, warm, most nit picky, zesty, grand, most reasoning, big hearted, swept off one's feet, turnedon, in-exorable, more howling, amorous, back slapping, most proselytizing, ex-press, nervy, up to the minute, most consenting, soughtafter, most intransigent, swept off one feet, openeyed, more detecting, more inquisitory, de-calescent, stuck on, under-standing, most concentrating, in-quiring, more replying, alert, un asked, more nit-picking, Hacked, most influenceable, most sharp-eyed, be mused, good-hearted, more hard nosed, sweltriest, more brutish, most imbued, ex-cited, more chastened, white-hot, most hard-driving, most smoothspoken, most contemplating, more dreading, most attached, most emotionable, more wellexpressed, opinionated, in a state, most fixated, un-commoner, most hard-working, most well-disposed, friendly, most self starting, nit picking, more high-pressure, seduced, like an oven, most perseverant, down with, more intermeddling, uneasy, well mannered, bowledover, be upon, over-acted, gracious, spirited, up on, more daydreaming, involved, ex act, conscientious, ready, most hot-headed, most overpowered, coming on strong, contrite, thoughtful, choice, most butterflies, super-sensitive, selfstarting, sympathetic, more discovering, speechless, most stickling, more scrutinizing, more sharpeyed, diligent, more percipient, most mad-dog, over wrought, overdelicate, most good hearted, up beat, Hot-headed, social, ex acting, fellest, most heart-to-heart, more redcarpet, more affected, more igneous, in tolerant, most zestful, onesided, gingery, just out, compulsive, devoted, most swarming, more gripped, fairy-tale, heart to heart, lovey dovey, un-stabler, alive to, in flamed, most poking, unconscionable, well-disposed, fab, have on brain, silver tongued, special, palsy walsy, go along with, more red carpet, in demand, hypersensitive, most enticed, flying high, heartfelt, more redblooded, most monomaniacal, in-temperate, most astir, more blownaway, more peering, more self starting, not missing trick, Corybantic, most bigeyed, most reactive, toastiest, most high-pressure, most recognizing, most sympathizing, head-long, un-wonted, more soughtafter, in sanest, dis-tressed, dis tressed, more rosewater, biased, more grounded, more spooked, un remitting, more perseverative, having heart in right place, most challenging, more bustling, more thermogenic, more itching, perseverative, most particularized, most good-hearted, be deviled, more sympathizing, most valuing, in formed, nosy, up here in, in flames, know the answers, wide-awake, Ex parte, more run-over, most singlehearted, more fuming, strong as ox, more enticed, un flagging, most steamed-up, clearsighted, open eyed, more self-starting, more mooning, nose to grindstone, most bedeviled, know all the answers, more bigeyed, hyper-active, more tigerish, most aflame, hung upon, re moved, sifting, more accepting, more wildeyed, bound determined, in-tenser, lively, un-quietest, supersensitive, most nit-picking, indefatigable, in the picture, most hypersensitive, in seventh heaven, ex cited, harassed, vigilant, more rocking, gotta have, un-compromising, most deep felt, most brutish, more turning, convulsive, wound with, most lovey-dovey, most lured, like minded, more apprised, more adoring, most hard working, most ultraist, most grounded, staunch, takecharge, single hearted, more bowledover, more well-expressed, most fireball, hell bent, more piqued, warmhearted, stop nothing, trans fixed, most buddy-buddy, on case, most plagued, more perseverant, most steamroller, more steamroller, most evangelistic, more extremist, in favor, most itching, in-spired, consciencestricken, more heeding, most respondent, looking for, nifty, most captivated, tumultous tumultuous, in corrigible, most bugged, de pendent, in candescent, un thinkable, most wellexpressed, most observative, more surveying, most blownaway, more captivated, touchy feely, more choked, un tamed, heart-to-heart, able recognize, heart in right place, more streaming, in accord with, decalescent, most fanatic, most meddling, flashest, most felt, more selfstarting, most seduced, tender, taut, more awakened, dis-composed, blown-away, sentimental, more fairy tale, preeminent, most inspecting, more bleeding-heart, most syrupy, easily affected, Agitable, more good-hearted, whitehot, hardheaded, more advertent, sweltrier, weighted, true the end, hottempered, more overdelicate, most fairy-tale, more stirred, un-controlled, re sounding, highpressure, Valuing, have brain, more syrupy, more hacked, more harassed, most into, in-tensest, most unnerved, more runover, dishonest, more discomposed, white hot, most unwearying, more witting, over-powered, most nit picking, quick, over-thrown, lost in thought, hot for, steadfast, emotionable, more astir, fidgety, brutish, most scrutinizing, paying attention, more fireball, bleedingheart, most wrapped-up, most gung ho, most admiring, pro fuse, most wrapped up, importunate, more supraliminal, soft shell, over whelming, most dominated, warm hearted, of import, most hacked, more speeding, more agitable, zingiest, over bearing, most tampering, more supersensitive, not missing a trick, un-sleeping, more takeover, un common, mad-dog, over powered, more sharp eyed, more enthralled, illtempered, most obsessive, more gingery, more aesthetic, deep felt, empathetic, more hearkening, more inspirited, have a crush on, toasty, wildeyed, more wrapped up, good hands, in-sipid, bowled-over, more enlivened, more agitating, un imaginable, re-cognizing, more clearsighted, Intentive, more nit picky, un-conventional, in a fit, more blown-away, over thrown, most bowled-over, capital, distinguished, most sifting, in fit, doctrinaire, most revealing, most white hot, on move, soulful, more clutched, sweltry, recalescent, more heart-to-heart, most tilted, appreciative, more nitpicky, most euphoric, more ruffled, taken over, ex citable, Single-hearted, most blustering, rosewater, most set on, un-feigned, steamed-up, more attracted, extra-ordinary, more hard-driving, unparalleled, be-mused, most sensatory, over-emotional, poignant, tearjerking, most spooked, kindhearted, up-tight, welldisposed, sensitive to, most intermeddling, devout, de-lighted, most plugging, wrapped in, up tight, more jazzed, back-slapping, Thermogenic, in-tense, most bleeding-heart, more careful, compassionate, more smooth-spoken, hep to, at loss for words, distorted, zappy, be set, de-tailed, athrill, on toes, most buddybuddy, most flipped, re liablest, most fuming, most wildeyed, most stickler, most ravished, most dazzled, more understanding, more dominated, more recalescent, in censed, persistent, more clear-sighted, more monomaniacal, A1, most warm hearted, on lookout, in-formed, cognizant, excited, up to here in, most maddog, assiduous, choicy, fiery, more comprehending, most bowled over, more swamped, more simpering, panic stricken, most red blooded, more warm hearted, most fussbudgety, inquiring, more wrapped-up, curious, sweating bullets, fireball, more set on, witting, wedded to, runover, at a loss for words, super sensitive, most bouncing, in love, bleeding-heart, most gripped, active, zealous, most choked, peerless, deepfelt, more emotionable, going easy on, un-imaginable, singleminded, more sensile, de-voted, dis quieted, heart and soul into, most adoring, most deep-felt, advertent, most heart and soul, be-setting, most extremist, un-wavering, prejudiced, un-thinkable, in spired, un feigned, most harassed, most soughtafter, more fussbudget, most detecting, most well disposed, sur-prising, palsywalsy, un-common, more woolgathering, heart soul in to, swept off ones feet, in picture, on one's toes, ex-acting, in-flexible, on qui vive, feeling, un realistic, most take over, un commonest, thirsty, most shifting, wanting, most dreading, important, true end, superlative, hot heavy, in-conceivable, wide awake, passionate, pre-possessed, heads up, most seton, un stable, Over-bearing, lovesome, more takecharge, enthusiastic, most inspirited, most hot headed, in temperate, most mesmerized, backslapping, most roused, grinder, optimal, more reactive, carried away, willing, most clear sighted, supraliminal, living with, wound up with, nonobjective, more bleedingheart, harddriving, really into, redblooded, tigerish, inter meddling, most gungho, more revering, up setting, fantastic, apest, stellar, most aroused, sterling, wrapped up, zingy, un controllable, dis-posed, strung out, inquisitory, in tizzy, most titillated, calescent, locked in, more felt, most witting, more contemplating, wrapped up in, most take-over, squally, on to, nit-picking, most chastened, unsurpassed, un commoner, most well expressed, re-iterative, smooth spoken, more sharp-eyed, un-faltering, most big-eyed, dis trait, wild eyed, overcome, most hardheaded, tilted, ecstatic, chirpiest, over-joyed, mindful, single minded, optimum, silvertongued, hung up on, fastidious, more run over, most enthralled, fussbudgety, observant, pre occupied, more curious, unheardof, singlehearted, gungho, minding p's q's, minding p and q, most warmish, loving, un-tamed, on the move, tickled death, first class, whizer, most runover, most percipient, nit picky, most jazzed, most answering, most alight, goody two shoes, in the mood, un-flagging, un-forced, dis criminating, out ordinary, all shook up, over-delicate, panicstricken, re-sounding, likeminded, more quickened, evangelical, most acknowledging, more bleeding heart, impassioned, pro-found, most high pressure, most bowledover, more athrill, in-flamed, highspirited, fast draw, ball of fire, REDHOT, in sipid, un wearying, more heart to heart, pre sumptuous, swept one feet, dis posed, hard working, tough nut, un conventional, most simpering, on the qui vive, in exorable, more seduced, red hot, sensatory, most snooping, euphoric, most swamped, swell, more red-carpet, over come, given over to, head long, earnest, most eavesdropping, most run-over, tempestuous, percipient, more answering, more valuing, re-plying, more consumed, most nitpicky, most replying, sharp-eyed, most oversensitive, obsessed, most fervid, un faltering, re cent, re marking, good natured, more smooth spoken, re liabler, more well-disposed, have on the brain, most heart to heart, more flaring, deceptive, have crush on, more take-charge, aflame, mad dog, nit-picky, pro founder, de lighted, most caring, more butterflies, zestier, superb, most overboard, pro found, pre-carious, unfriendly, take charge, more decalescent, hyper-sensitive, jaundiced, un easiest, more ignited, trans ported, un-flinching, swept ones feet, more evangelistic, more appreciating, warmish, on the case, more red-blooded, over delicate, number one, forcible, more fussbudgety, most apprised, most wild eyed, un stablest, hearty, most mad dog, in tent, most takecharge, most back slapping, more persisting, prone to, pro-founder, most steamed up, on the job, more concentrating, more questioning, high on, more stickling, dedicated, partial, hard driving, fabber, more disquisitive, most red-blooded, most smoking, interested, un wavering, goody goody, more backslapping, in tense, insistent, unbidden, first-rate, whizest, un-easier, syrupy, un-usual, re plying, more observative, most tigerish, most blown away, more dazzled, more calescent, responsive, goodnatured, de-liberate, redcarpet, most yearning, smooth-spoken, most enraptured, in-sane, hard please, under a spell, most redcarpet, over board, deceitful, turned on to, most disquisitive, most wild-eyed, be witched, well expressed, more overemotional, most single-hearted, unsympathetic, most adherent, un-asked, blow by blow, mushy, most gingery, hardnosed, eat sleep breathe, most heart-and-soul, pro-fuse, tumultous-tumultuous, un-bending, most revering, dis concerted, most advertent, most smooth spoken, set-on, more bowled over, Intermeddling, more white-hot, like oven, most surveying, un-familiar, unable continue, un usual, re iterative, more caring, shot to pieces, pre-disposed, un-restrained, grindest, Disquisitive, in spirited, pre-occupied, sought after, smitten, most attritional, more unglued, excellent, be-deviled, high handed, de-pendent, terrific, top-notch, un-relenting, more stickler, deep in thought, most run over, most persisting, up-setting, un tiring, more alight, out standing, more apperceptive, de voted, un-quiet, pre meditated, old faithful, loveydovey, un aware, most red carpet, more gungho, kind, bound up, swept one's feet, hot headed, more maddog, re-solute, re-liabler, more set-on, old softie, anxious, most igneous, walking on eggs, lacking, zipped up, overemotional, narrow minded, more sifting, reactive, most peeping, mono-maniacal, more nit-picky, more ravished, on ones toes, more unbidden, more besetting, more airheaded, most tantalized, on alert, most blown-away, more challenging, most big eyed, more respondent, Tempted, un-tiring, searching, over-whelming, pre carious, pre-meditated, more peeping, hard line, fine, more good hearted, pro-nest, de calescent, more fixated, un easy, over acted, more inspecting, most overnice, sensitive, clubby, more blown away, more impelling, on the lookout, un stabler, buddy buddy, more aroused, in exhaustible, top, more hot headed, hard to please, being big, blownaway, more feverous, most loveydovey, seton, fanatical, most apperceptive, take over, more take over, more warm-hearted, listening, over emotional, in process, in spiring, more sensatory, with eyes peeled, hot, more overpowered, quicktempered, highpowered, good hearted, classic, more deep felt, ball fire, more gung ho, high-pressure, eagle eyed, more beguiled, more steamed up, un-stablest, Observative, concerned, gung-ho, most parching, preoccupied, steamedup, un-reserved, unmatched, ardent, woolgathering, un compromising, un-easiest, deficient, on one toes, more lovey-dovey, most seething, fabbest, off beaten path, be on, be up on, un familiar, dis-concerted, more blustering, more take charge, over-wrought, more bouncing, worried sick, tumultoustumultuous, dis-trait, more revealing, more smoking, most clutched, tuned in, un-yielding, more entranced, more hyper, un-remitting, heart and soul, more buddy-buddy, re solute, more hyped, un-bidden, most worshiping, clear-sighted, most awakened, un-stable, un yielding, more deducing, most lovey dovey, red blooded, most self-starting, most unglued, in force, dewy eyed, most wrappedup, heartiest, more corybantic, in satiable, head-strong, dogged, ex citing, most recalescent, most hearkening, meddlesome, more steamed-up, most allured, hard-driving, most thermogenic, more heart-and-soul, hyper critical, more high pressure, toastier, inter-meddling, wrapped-up, most appreciating, psyched up, more liking, most clear-sighted, prime, re-marking, most streaming, un-easy, gone on, dying to, most hard driving, most enlivened, most attracted, most discovering, unheard of, conscience stricken, un-controllable, sold on, feverous, well-expressed, more remarking, Ultraist, more examining, inequitable, Stickling, most rocking, most inquisitory, fairytale, de siring, know all answers, maximum, outstanding, in-corrigible, more adherent, overboard, un bridled, hotblooded, full life, in-saner, zestiest, vigorous, more conquered, most disquieted, more single-hearted, supra-liminal, re-liablest, ex-act, out-standing, switched on, most deepfelt, minding ps and qs, un wearied, unable to continue, hot bothered, in credible, colored, more euphoric, more overnice, out-spoken, more titillated, in-satiable, par excellence, most white-hot, most sharp eyed, un forced, self starting, easily disgusted, under standing, un-bridled, hopped up, more disquieted, most comprehending, turned to, Enticed, more informed, run-over, well disposed, in-spirited, most athrill, most stirred, ex-citable, ovenlike, chirpy, most interested, vehement, most howling, more commiserating, more eager, lost thought, in-tent, bigeyed, un-wearying, un-glued, aper, more deep-felt, troubled, most flaring, co-operative, extra ordinary, more well disposed, more plagued, more roused, more hot-headed, deep-felt, clear sighted, most supraliminal, aware, in-censed, more loveydovey, more feeling, absorbed, unsatisfactory, minding ps qs, un-shakable, more lovesome, set on, dis composed, most takeover, more venerating, more poking, yearning, selfconscious, more bonhomous, un sleeping, tearful, un flinching, trueblue, un bending, more bowled-over, more tampering, most ruffled, extraordinary, run over, more enraptured, particular, Perseverant, un-wearied, high spirited, re-liable, dis-quieted, more reasoning, caring, more seton, buddybuddy, un expected.