Pronunciation of Inexact
/ˌɪnɛɡzˈakt/, /ˌɪnɛɡzˈakt/, /ˌɪ_n_ɛ_ɡ_z_ˈa_k_t/

Antonyms for inexact

set in stone, most amen, more cussed, most pent, most right thinking, on level, crossing ts, most seriatim, even, ex-acting, on the beam, most backbreaker, more rehearsed, most fussbudget, most cathedral, indubitable, hardboiled, on numbers, more nit picking, final, dotting i, more drawing, peewee, more stipulated, express, most resolved, de voted, choater, most sureenough, bound, impede, un-equivocal, more brick-wall, supported, un blinking, to a turn, more taper, de-liberate, most brick-wall, Choate, the point, most watertight, most defined, re-liablest, most truth telling, more disclosed, heart and soul in to, more wellmarked, most stickler, hit nail on head, sound, square, more stickler, got it together, un-modifiable, more precise, dis criminating, hard as nails, un-duest, most setup, bull-eye, un erring, more pronounced, un permissive, dis-courteous, most amplified, un-alterable, dead set, more difficile, all inclusive, un varnished, pro-found, un ambiguous, un juster, in alterable, at length, to the point, conservativist, more consolidated, most stressed, categorical, heart soul into, unquestioned, bull'seye, undeviating, unquestionable, out-right, unfree, a couple, in temperate, re-cognizable, most unfolded, most certified, re sounding, most sure enough, more limiting, on right track, most drawing, in-controvertible, un flinching, de mure, un-mistaken, more particularized, smooth, in-corruptible, minding ps qs, most undistorted, in-compliant, jam, un-abridged, right minded, more well-marked, ultra-precise, un faltering, most recognizable, more hairsplitting, ironfisted, most arranged, most ultraprecise, ex act, more constricted, more inerrant, valid, tested, unqualified, brickwall, allinclusive, choiciest, un changeable, in tolerable, more iron-fisted, a turn, pre-carious, most unquestioned, clearcut, more pinched, more brickwall, strict, inerrant, un conditional, teenyweeny, most settling, hardshell, dis courteous, un-gracious, hard nosed, pro found, in-variable, positive, very same, out righter, not vague, to point, most terminating, veracious, beyond doubt, hardnosed, definitive, pre-scribed, in variable, most wellmarked, most contracted, de-fined, rigorous, more unpermissive, most stickling, exacting, to turn, un blurred, trans-parent, re-gular, more completing, choatest, most obvious, righteous, more confining, be fitting, un-doubted, Stickling, re fined, un-moving, upwards of, most textbook, un kindest, re cognized, most indurate, up-hill, bulleye, on money, more peewee, minding ps and qs, pat, Unrefuted, unblurred, harder, in line, more stickling, most constricted, pre-meditated, rightthinking, incontestable, more unmistaken, un dubitable, most rehearsed, in-fallible, more sure enough, truth-telling, demonstrated, well grounded, un-questioned, de-cent, re-solute, going to great lengths, ironhanded, in bag, re-liable, most iron-fisted, dis-criminating, choicy, particular, more attached, more ironhanded, most chiseled, more ironfisted, identical, well-marked, in tended, more toilful, more enumerated, in-exorable, un-folded, limited, faithful, more compressed, un moving, proven, more unrefuted, most inerrant, certain, re-quired, more seriatim, more conscionable, more transpicuous, nit-picking, un-conscionable, most cussed, a few, cut fine, sure, clear-cut, dis closed, bulls eye, more neverfailing, highprincipled, well advised, truthtelling, hyper critical, un-swerving, re-sounding, walking eggs, cleancut, most tapered, most brick wall, more truthtelling, de fined, re liable, most finicking, in-clement, truthful, more recognizable, most ending, un-blinking, un impeachable, in dubitable, going great lengths, stonest, close, narrow, Iron-fisted, in-tended, loud enough, most taper, most difficile, coldblooded, un-justest, un equivocal, un-due, more unmodifiable, un-varnished, most ironfisted, specific, free of error, up hill, a t, more defined, absolute, Sharp-cut, most sharpcut, un mistakable, minding p's and q's, never-failing, watertight, clear cut, rigid, de finite, point by point, irrefutable, fussbudget, most assigned, in-ordinate, more elaborated, co-pious, more chiseled, most well-marked, brick-wall, more iron fisted, most high-principled, ex-press, un-disputed, most undubitable, un conscionable, more fussbudget, more set up, clear, cooking with gas, teeny weeny, definite, trueblue, pre carious, most peewee, crossing t's, stiff, locked in, set-up, Circumstantiated, more graspable, in dividual, un-usual, bullseye, stringent, un-just, graspable, most unblurred, de-voted, errorless, most never failing, more individualized, pre scribed, un disputed, de-terminate, proper, most rightthinking, un-reserved, blow by blow, de-mure, more rightthinking, nailed down, bull eye, dead set on, in significant, ex acting, to t, un just, obturate, ex tensive, most disclosed, confine, more described, most unpermissive, clean cut, non essential, most iron fisted, un yielding, strait laced, un-qualified, very, un-conditional, un abridged, most pinched, more apprehensible, un kind, more unquestioned, Designful, un-yielding, factual, hard to please, incontrovertible, most transpicuous, most unmistaken, out rightest, hard boiled, more unblinking, sureenough, accurate, unblinking, right as rain, iron fisted, more watertight, sharp cut, tough nut crack, hard, on up, most agreed, apprehensible, un mistaken, more selfdisciplined, Incapacious, un pleasant, in-considerable, more witting, Clocklike, microbic, un-refuted, highminded, in-tolerable, most set up, re liabler, most described, singleminded, block, most confining, neverfailing, most circumscribed, de liberate, wellgrounded, in-dubitable, more pent, un-duer, re-liabler, never failing, more finishing, more undeviating, un justest, cold blooded, rightminded, straight out, un-changeable, matter of fact, dis-closed, un-movable, occlude, more amen, un modifiable, by numbers, un complicated, bull's eye, on the and up, witting, hyper-critical, definable, validated, un refuted, close up, more brick wall, decisive, more sureenough, straitest, un-limited, most hairsplitting, clearly defined, un-mitigated, indisputable, more finicking, in controvertible, more compacted, most designful, behind one, hard line, obstruct, un-impeachable, re-solved, un wavering, on the button, set stone, un-compromising, most attached, out-spoken, obvious, more resolved, on the up, most truth-telling, more undistorted, dis agreeable, substantiated, right thinking, precise, most selfdisciplined, undeniable, dotting i's, uphill battle, more indurate, official, co pious, un-kindest, dotting the is, dotting the i, more arranged, correct, mathematical, re cognizable, determined, more high-principled, un-flinching, minding p and q, most clocklike, most toilful, more ultraprecise, un-deniable, most elaborated, un-erring, most enumerated, minding p's q's, demanding, un duest, conscionable, nice, un-questionable, Non-essential, confirmed, un civil, on the up up, for a face, most point by point, tough nut to crack, most highprincipled, sharpcut, heart soul in to, by the book, detailed, re-served, more sure-enough, careful, more microbic, most particularized, Undubitable, more indurated, high-principled, most well marked, open shut, in corruptible, un-civil, re quired, more clocklike, un qualified, on the numbers, selfdisciplined, thick skinned, sure-enough, re liablest, sure enough, in-flexible, most confiding, pro founder, on and up, un usual, silhouetted, heart and soul into, more unfolded, wellbred, no mistake, de-finite, established, most limiting, de terminate, dis-agreeable, open and shut, more well marked, un-faltering, more right-thinking, pre-arranged, verbatim, most rigged, tight, by book, ultra precise, string along with, most consolidated, out-righter, dis-criminative, de tailed, most apprehensible, re-cognized, ex-act, more sharp-cut, un sympathetic, defined, most unmodifiable, Toilful, un distorted, minute, all out, terminal, more nit-picking, most incapacious, un-wavering, straightout, un relenting, Finicking, un-blurred, un swerving, bulls-eye, most sure-enough, detain, crossing the ts, pre meditated, most ironhanded, dotting is, more incapacious, un feigned, un due, un-bending, self disciplined, un-deviating, deadon, un-permissive, most completing, un alterable, more attenuated, most expressed, in-visible, un-feigned, more contracted, most circumstantiated, more authenticated, straiter, more silhouetted, hit nail head, un feeling, minding p q, be-coming, more assigned, out and out, self-disciplined, seriatim, un deniable, compact, on button, meticulous, in-errant, wellmarked, more circumstantiated, un movable, unmistaken, thinking twice, un-mistakable, un-complicated, more never-failing, more right thinking, on track, most truthtelling, un compromising, pro-founder, more high principled, more backbreaker, in-dividual, more terminating, more undubitable, thickskinned, most conscionable, undistorted, un-kinder, dead, like is, dotting the i's, hard core, most nit-picking, un kinder, wellfounded, un-pleasant, more agreed, un bending, full, be-fitting, conscientious, more accented, more circumscribed, most linear, un-dubitable, in-alterable, more tapered, dead on, on target, in-temperate, most compressed, most indurated, un mitigated, stoner, conservative, de scribed, emphatic, de-scribed, re served, most silhouetted, most point-by-point, un-distorted, un-changing, most accented, scrupulous, crossing the t, unpermissive, on up and up, most right-thinking, out spoken, on the money, Difficile, crossing the t's, in visible, drawn fine, be coming, more set-up, un folded, de cent, more expressed, no strings attached, un gracious, most brickwall, hard shell, most graspable, dis criminative, in flexible, most attenuated, Transpicuous, well marked, exact, crossing t, nit picking, more settling, most finishing, most neverfailing, tried true, more murder, more linear, welldefined, well bred, ex pressed, dyed in the wool, free error, backbreaker, more designful, hanging in, de-tailed, ex cathedra, most never-failing, most authenticated, most witting, linear, most sharp cut, trans parent, impeccable, in compliant, more truth telling, walking on eggs, high minded, single minded, re gular, most unblinking, un doubted, brick wall, un-kind, more ending, choicier, un-juster, more diligent, most murder, more truth-telling, in considerable, more confiding, welladvised, in errant, most unrefuted, all there, re solute, unerring, un changing, out right, prearranged, ex press, on up up, corroborated, harsh, on beam.