Pronunciation of Inexperienced
/ˌɪnɛkspˈi͡əɹɪənst/, /ˌɪnɛkspˈi‍əɹɪənst/, /ˌɪ_n_ɛ_k_s_p_ˈiə_ɹ_ɪ__ə_n_s_t/

Antonyms for inexperienced

practical, more informed, grown up, long lasting, veteran, all around, past prime, most streetwise, un-romantic, quickwitted, streetwise, de-liberate, most weathered, bluestocking, grownup, more enfeebled, wise, more catechized, most well qualified, urbane, most staying, wellrounded, more long serving, most world-weary, well educated, ageold, sharp as tack, most wizard, qualified, couth, laid back, co ached, percipient, more streetwise, most longtime, most sophic, most with-it, wellbred, been there, cultured, co-ached, wellgrounded, handsome, like a one man band, dis-illusioned, most apprised, more distingue, most tutored, withit, over due, under standing, world-weary, more longserving, most withit, knowing ones stuff, more schooled, more crackerjack, most longserving, in-formed, most jetset, distingue, up town, most unidealistic, more well-qualified, most old-timer, more jet set, tunedin, worldly-wise, most certified, experienced, vetest, having knowhow, more in to, vet, up on, long-serving, longserving, having the goods, longlived, oldtimer, most jet set, adept, more polymath, most bluestocking, more welltaught, more disciplined, more coached, well-qualified, professional, time honored, tutored, dis illusioned, doablest, having something on ball, down with, knowledgeable, most war horse, more sophic, up it, well taught, with-it, more battle-scarred, Familiar, battlescarred, switched on, more virtuoso, of the old school, most grayhaired, most long-time, most inured, worldweary, witting, worldly wise, hotshot, lettered, therest, skillful, war horse, skilled, dexterous, well read, more old timer, oldtime, knowing stuff, more world-weary, more bluestocking, more apprised, most pansophic, knows one's stuff, more long time, over-due, more fireball, most geriatric, in prime, more pansophic, both feet on the ground, most tunedin, most sensing, most posted, sophisticated, well timed, both feet the ground, most old timer, more citified, most well versed, long-time, most well educated, most gray-haired, stagiest, in-tended, up to it, in tended, prepared, in-creased, adult, really in to, up to snuff, more exercised, most drilled, more blue-stocking, not young, more ripened, wellqualified, dis-enchanted, taught, more grounded, most disciplined, most distingue, poly-math, in firmer, civilized, most gray haired, most fossil, in readiness, talented, most abreast, versed, nobodys fool, more formed, most propagated, most tuned-in, most mondaine, more hotshot, co uther, most quizzed, old timer, savvy, stagier, sharp as a tack, knows one stuff, more aesthetic, in-active, more battlescarred, most welleducated, wised up, knowing one stuff, knows ones stuff, most grounded, Experient, most oldtimer, more well taught, more well-taught, more dynamite, like pistol, well-rounded, most ripened, having on the ball, more blue stocking, both feet on ground, having something the ball, wise to, in-firmer, re fined, most schooled, having on ball, most war-horse, more uptown, conversant, broken in, professorial, streetsmart, poly math, most exercised, more long-time, most dynamite, more battle scarred, most battlescarred, un idealistic, mondaine, pre-pared, raised, oldish, nobody fool, most crackerjack, mature, more worldweary, more well educated, having right stuff, more into, gray haired, of old school, whizer, having something ball, Sophic, most comprehending, welltimed, Nurtured, in one prime, both feet ground, most uptown, up speed, expert, more warhorse, the right stuff, of age, more war-horse, more witting, knowing one's stuff, advanced, plugged in, welleducated, doable, more well-versed, most formed, full blown, fully grown, fore sighted, more wellqualified, literate, de liberate, like one-man band, most nurtured, most in to, highclass, ripe, trained, initiated, more jetset, master, most utile, traveled, street-smart, most into, more long-serving, more with it, in full bloom, schooled, old, in-firmest, sportest, full fledged, has what takes, of long standing, most well taught, capable, knowing the score, more tuned-in, more toughened, learned, in firmest, having something on the ball, longlasting, fullgrown, more oldish, most coached, well qualified, under-standing, polymath, most nourished, slick, knowing, more nurtured, like a oneman band, most catechized, proficient, like a pistol, shaped, couther, more unidealistic, Worldlywise, most workaday, well grounded, more well versed, long lived, most percipient, co-uther, un romantic, along years, longtime, most enfeebled, most worldweary, most with it, well-taught, more percipient, world weary, no dummy, more gray-haired, most fireball, broken down, long serving, kept posted, most long time, along in years, more propagated, more abreast, more geriatric, tuned in, there, wellversed, most welltaught, a hand at, Habile, past ones prime, most wellversed, precocious, in firm, more grayhaired, more nourished, hep, wise ways, most reared, laidback, polished, most blue-stocking, well-educated, having the right stuff, on beam, like one man band, quick witted, more war horse, heppest, fullblown, long time, been around, therer, really into, wellread, gray-haired, most witting, un-idealistic, most shaped, know stuff, having know how, like a one-man band, most citified, in operation, stagy, more tuned in, knows stuff, more tutored, well-informed, more professorial, having goods, more inured, tuned-in, disciplined, Hepper, most savant, in ones prime, pre pared, in to, nuts bolts, most wellqualified, more fossil, knowing score, more world weary, geriatric, timehonored, old time, more with-it, finished, most world weary, more savant, uptown, VETER, in know, full grown, in the know, most tuned in, up to speed, on the beam, more phenom, more up, more fullfledged, fullfledged, most long serving, up to date, more nursed, more wellversed, well bred, wellinformed, age old, more withit, war-horse, most polymath, dis enchanted, Bred, ambidextrous, most phenom, unidealistic, having know-how, like oneman band, more old-timer, well-versed, in formed, fireball, philosophic, up-town, educated, jet-set, more reared, from way back, JETSET, in one's prime, having the ball, battle-scarred, wise to ways, whizest, gifted, all-around, past one's prime, blue-stocking, well rounded, matter of fact, warhorse, most toughened, more full fledged, most well-taught, pansophic, more tunedin, more sensing, well versed, welltaught, more comprehending, most well-educated, more jet-set, battle scarred, couthest, more staying, Sporter, high class, well informed, most blue stocking, most up, most knowledgeable, phenom, has what it takes, more wizard, more weathered, most well-versed, more well qualified, most long-serving, in action, more gray haired, hard boiled, most full fledged, more understanding, fore-sighted, seasoned, more oldtimer, hardboiled, workaday, more utile.