Pronunciation of Information
/ˌɪnfəmˈe͡ɪʃən/, /ˌɪnfəmˈe‍ɪʃən/, /ˌɪ_n_f_ə_m_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for information

hairsbreadth, surmise, stab the dark, out look, Obscuration, shavings, nib, hairbreath, risky venture, odds ends, pro-visions, ex cogitations, suggestion, co lorings, hairs breaths, dis-closures, dis positions, re cord, ex cogitation, dis closures, over-tones, stab dark, penumbras, auto-suggestions, nonbelief, tinge, hairs-breath, non belief, obscurations, ignorance, auto suggestions, whisker, re cords, pre mises, penumbra, de liberation, re-cords, trash, hair breaths, Dubiosities, foggiest ideas, divulgence, sighings, ex-cogitation, auto-suggestion, hairsbreath, dis-trust, sur mises, co-loring, shot the dark, foolish talks, pro visions, tipoff, illiteracy, hair-breaths, foolish talk, dis trusts, colorants, de bris, hair's breath, de-liberation, smart money, de-bris, self suggestion, in credulity, non-beliefs, hair's-breath, stab in the dark, hair-breath, few drop, codifications, spec, risky business, re-flections, silence, hairs breath, dis-closure, de gree, pre-mises, hypo thesis, hairs-breaths, de-brises, dis closure, re-views, non senses, supposal, un certainty, mis giving, in certitude, speculative enterprise, dyestuffs, Sweepings, whisper, selfsuggestions, Dubiosity, Formularization, Autosuggestions, secret message, ex-cesses, dis position, theory, low voices, hair's-breaths, hot leads, trace, lack of confidence, right monies, be-lief, bad vibe, bad vibes, out-looks, dis-positions, specs, hair'sbreath, de grees, hairbreaths, mis-trust, lack confidence, sur mise, sur-mises, under standings, gut feeling, re view, re main, apriorisms, mis trust, guesstimates, ex cess, selfsuggestion, dis-position, under-tone, smart monies, pre supposition, few drops, re flection, under standing, footmarks, speculation, vein, strain, over tones, ex-cogitations, secret messages, over-tone, re flections, colorations, pre-supposition, in certitudes, divulgences, symbolization, smart moneys, re fuses, pre-sentiment, out-look, re-cord, non-belief, inkling, de-grees, nonbeliefs, pre suppositions, over tone, hair'sbreaths, re-flection, out looks, pre mise, gut feelings, pre-sentiments, stab in dark, self-suggestion, autosuggestion, Symbology, co-lorings, sneaking suspicion, hairsbreaths, studyings, un-certainty, de liberations, rough guesses, pre sentiments, Apriorism, re mains, under-standings, ex-cess, pre-mise, re views, question, hushed tones, under tones, dyestuff, de brises, shadow, guesstimate, non-sense, risky ventures, intimation, faintest idea, dis-trusts, un-certainties, dis trust, coloration, under tone, re-fuse, under-tones, re-mains, foggiest idea, non sense, dash, co loring, hypo-thesis, rough guess, in credulities, symbolizations, speculative enterprises, un certainties, mis trusts, re fuse, self-suggestions, supposals, vestige, re-main, hair breath, codification, be lief, auto suggestion, suspicion, pro vision, de-gree, faintest ideas, de-liberations, under-standing, non beliefs, sur-mise, pro-vision, symbologies, footmark, low voice, in-certitudes, mis-giving, sneaking suspicions, scourings, nuance, colorant, re-view, umbras, supposition.