Pronunciation of Initiate
/ɪnˈɪʃɪˌe͡ɪt/, /ɪnˈɪʃɪˌe‍ɪt/, /ɪ_n_ˈɪ_ʃ_ɪ__ˌeɪ_t/

Antonyms for initiate

counter acted, calls it day, pro duce, dis unite, sur-ceased, came standstill, post pone, brings to a close, over turning, wiped off face of earth, parting from, gat out of way, sets aside, blows out of water, called quits, up and die, Prorogate, drives off, re-ceding, called a day, drave off, mopped up, hitting high spot, ex pire, finished off, conclude, marked out, hung it up, cashed chips, adiosing, putting finishing touch on, dis regarded, de stroying, carried through, de-ceased, in-validating, get out of way, de-generate, de-ceasing, bought it, wipes off face earth, reaches the zenith, Worsting, de rive, blowing out water, dropped the curtain, cashing chips, re strict, sur mounting, comes an end, calling it quits, oust, driving off, sur-ceasing, ultimates, dis-join, re-cede, call it day, reject, blowing out of water, rose to crescendo, come to standstill, reached zenith, refrain, haddest done with, dis-connect, coming to an end, cleaned up on, re-solves, Garroting, sews up, re-fused, re-fine, re-move, cutting pieces, are over, dis carded, gets out the way, ignore, signing off, blot out, ceasing fire, intermit, wipes face of earth, over powers, kicking the habit, quitting cold, over thrown, became of, closed down, taking cure, de-clines, took out, dis carding, wiping off face earth, pro rogues, de scends, de-parted, muster out, cuts it out, out maneuver, be-sting, break record, ex-pends, x-outs, bringing to close, break the record, Killed, sur ceased, brings to close, de ceased, blue pencil, casts out, de-part, getting out of the way, dis regarding, offed, got on wagon, switch off, cut to pieces, coming to a standstill, brings to standstill, buttons up, bring close, am over, coming a standstill, put kibosh on, sign off, sur mounted, stands still, in validate, pack in, blows out water, putting flight, out maneuvered, blue pencilling, comes a standstill, kills off, putting kibosh on, upping die, dis uniting, re pulses, puts a lid on, calling it day, gotten the wagon, coming an end, put bed, wipes off face of earth, ko'd, in validated, dis comfit, re pulsed, x outs, became obsolete, broke record, gives over, putting end to, dis establishing, dis-regarded, buttons down, eventualizing, Scotching, brought to a close, with-drawn, de generate, de cline, inter posed, blows the whistle on, holding at bay, shutting the door on, orgasmed, intermits, dis united, brought close, pass on, call quits, gives notice, determine, buys it, blows off, fold up, climax, Larruping, retro-grades, dropping anchor, Re-turn, pro rogue, coming end, Proroguing, take apart, sub-dues, bring to standstill, casting out, de-cline, cuts to pieces, cash in chips, sub dues, ex pend, topping off, switches off, shot down, dis-joining, gave over, offing, de ceasing, counter-act, Downs, de-scends, Bogged, eventualized, kick bucket, put cork in, calling quits, gat the wagon, de-fining, came to a standstill, putting a lid on, carry off, recidivates, forget about, comes end, de-laying, blew the whistle on, making short work of, dis charge, over-powered, had done with, reaches zenith, torpedoing, brake record, over-thrown, ex-terminates, ceases fire, comes to standstill, bag it, expel, dis-charges, bags it, breaks the record, cleaning upon, refuse, drive out, de-cease, wipes off map, quits cold turkey, blue penciled, buying it, dis-pose, become of, brought to standstill, drove out, pro-rogues, in cline, prorogues, puts death, over-throw, Bogging, dis-continuing, cash chips, rising to crescendo, drave out, fix upon, eliminate, bring to end, brings end, rise to crescendo, refrain from, counter acting, de-sert, pre-dispose, electro-cutes, ex-pending, came an end, de rived, dis join, gotten out the way, sur-mounts, abolish, pro roguing, comes standstill, sur-mounting, pull plug, re turn, blow off, sur cease, kicking habit, brought an end, kill, puts finishing touches on, hanging up, over-powering, annul, de-generated, bagged it, consummate, takes apart, wipe off map, de parting, xouts, clean on, cashes in chips, get done, in clines, shuttering, wash up, ex pends, debar, cooled it, quitting cold turkey, puts a cork in, in duces, with drawn, dis-patches, get out of the way, over throw, Ultimating, leaf, with-drawing, electro cutes, getting out way, broke the record, wiping map, x-outed, sur-mounted, kicked habit, nailing down, be over, de-generates, dis pose, re-cessing, called it quits, neglect, parting with, come of, dis-qualify, dis-comfits, Intermitted, ex terminates, drive off, puts cork in, reached peak, come to an end, dusting off, giving over, holds at bay, hang up, re fused, de-parting, dusts off, fixes up on, put finishing touches on, electro-cute, zap, hanging it up, calling day, over turns, dis connects, kicked over, Ultimated, taking apart, pro-rogued, bringing standstill, electro cute, over powering, adios, inter-posing, reaches peak, sub due, re cesses, re tire, kicks the habit, un-does, put a lid on, downing, de sert, leave out, sur-ceases, ex-terminating, coming to standstill, signed off, re-signs, counter-acting, washed out, rubs off, pack it in, dis-united, dropped curtain, de-lays, getting done, fixing upon, cease, kicks habit, taking decision, run its course, is due to, dis-solved, washing out, packed in, brought to close, dis-sever, comes to end, forgat about, pre dispose, dis charging, folds up, in validates, cutting it out, de part, cease fire, un doing, rise crescendo, getting out the way, close down, dis-owning, dis qualifies, de-fines, deny, dis establish, come forth, over comes, puts flight, dis solve, close, hangs it up, called day, upped die, were over, prorogated, worsted, blue penciling, wind down, putting the kibosh on, coming forth, over-throws, gotten on wagon, wipe off face earth, prorogating, gets on wagon, block, xout, being alienated from, closes down, pin down, out maneuvering, blows whistle on, de-scend, marking out, de-fine, cleaning on, comes to an end, re ceding, re lapse, in duce, de-aden, dis continuing, clean upon, un done, re-sting, expire, re-lapsed, buttoning up, blotting out, topped off, de-stroy, reach peak, dis continued, eject, getting out of way, up die, de-parts, wiping off face of earth, re-pulsing, blow the whistle on, dis-joined, carries through, made short work of, comes forth, rout, ex terminated, eventualizes, parted with, come standstill, ex-terminated, dis-comfit, disestablishes, taking the cure, dis posed, cleaned upon, dis patched, kos, de riving, over-throwing, halt, gat wagon, dis severed, in-duces, dis-cards, wipe off face of earth, washing up, pro duces, terminate, brake the record, re fusing, re turning, out-maneuver, brought to end, getting the wagon, complete, folded up, winding down, dis-owned, put end to, over throws, de laying, lapse, wiped face of earth, kill off, came a standstill, gets done, vaporize, de-riving, wiping face of earth, gotten out of the way, Negativing, hide, un-did, brought a close, bring to a close, phase out, fixt upon, dis-continue, eighty six, in-validates, finishes off, leaving out, folding up, sur rendering, in-validated, gets wagon, de-adens, pre disposes, put finishing touch on, cast out, re-cedes, ko'ing, dis-qualified, reached the zenith, are due to, over come, am alienated from, cool it, dis-continued, re lapsing, brought end, terminated, get out way, dis-connecting, upping and die, putting to flight, is alienated from, de-stroys, take decision, de lay, pause, rub off, de scending, sur mounts, dis-regard, call it quits, garrotes, passed on, wiped map, cleans upon, put the kibosh on, puts finishing touch on, dis-charging, re canting, veteran, runs its course, re-tiring, re-ceded, wasted one, sub-sides, bite dust, gets out of way, textured, puts bed, quit cold turkey, re-fuse, recidivating, disestablish, dis-unite, Creamed, blue pencilled, putting finishing touches on, drop anchor, roots out, packs it in, dis solves, re cedes, dis-carded, re tires, called it day, gotten on the wagon, pinning down, blowing whistle on, hath done with, re turns, de-generating, gat on the wagon, de fine, exclude, re-cessed, got out of way, marks out, inter-posed, bring to close, inter posing, sur ceases, refraining from, wash out, over-comes, gets on the wagon, gotten out way, Cinched, get wagon, get the wagon, dropt anchor, kicked the habit, re signed, stop, blowing off, inter-pose, dis-solve, come to a standstill, put to death, re signing, ex terminating, giving notice, puts kibosh on, de-stroyed, re tiring, dis unites, dis owning, dis solving, fixt up on, pre-disposes, de feat, ex-pend, pre-disposed, skunking, dis card, sur mount, call it a day, sub-due, having done with, dropt curtain, can, cooling it, coming to end, de-scending, dis-establishing, gat on wagon, finish off, re moving, shut, came of, uninitiate, re move, takes cure, bring standstill, becoming of, sub sides, be sting, skunked, take cure, re-canted, was over, re solve, hanged it up, dusted off, re-moves, Larruped, mark out, re-solved, stood still, came forth, Make short work of, downed, shut the door on, de-feats, bring an end, got on the wagon, came to an end, learn, calls quits, mopping up, re-solving, be alienated from, retro grading, dis-continues, becomes obsolete, xouting, un does, re cessed, wipes face earth, re sting, put the lid on, re moved, re cessing, wiped off map, killing off, packing in, de ceases, old hand, de aden, ups and die, call day, got wagon, give notice, pulling the plug, dis connecting, re solves, becoming obsolete, rooted out, dis-connected, dis-charged, brought to an end, dis-joins, carry through, rooting out, bringing to an end, cleaning up on, out-maneuvers, over throwing, counter-acts, cutting to pieces, re-moving, passes on, Prorogued, winds down, with drew, passing on, bringing to standstill, button up, re tired, came to end, re fines, retrogrades, sur-cease, wound down, pulled plug, de-fined, scotches, quits cold, breaking the record, refrained from, gotten done, cleans on, puts to death, dis solved, took cure, nullify, inter pose, sub sided, reaches a peak, disestablished, de clines, pulling plug, puts to flight, ceased fire, give up, killed off, brings a close, washes out, took apart, de-stroying, hits high spot, dis-qualifies, ups die, calls it quits, drop the curtain, come end, setting aside, got out of the way, put an end to, bring to an end, blew off, comes to a standstill, pinned down, re-pulses, shutting door on, call a day, root out, put a cork in, takes the cure, brings close, de stroyed, dis-patch, dis patching, ex terminate, with-drew, sur-rendered, dis-establishes, dis sever, re pealed, prorogates, re-turning, sur renders, ex pending, re peal, re-canting, ex-pended, dis owned, with draws, wert due to, de stroys, part with, pulls the plug, end, wiping off map, blew out of water, dropt the curtain, quitted cold turkey, dropped anchor, blow whistle on, come head, dis-carding, fixed upon, dis qualify, dis-solves, in validating, garrote, wiped face earth, dis-regarding, getting on wagon, take a decision, bringing close, finishing off, dis-establish, re-lapse, re lapsed, putting to death, putting to bed, dis-posed, came end, deal with, buttoned down, brings standstill, blue pencils, dis joining, Torpedoes, being due to, call shots, ruin, puts the kibosh on, re pealing, re-pealed, de lays, adioses, are alienated from, washed up, dis joined, pull the plug, has done with, pins down, have done with, expert, dis patch, over-turn, gat done, takes decision, calls day, Scotched, cashes chips, in-cline, being over, in-clines, result, pre disposing, gat out the way, putting lid on, held at bay, put lid on, orgasming, sur-rendering, retro graded, dis-missed, re-strict, cuts pieces, dis cards, button down, putting bed, ran its course, become obsolete, re signs, bringing a close, counter-acted, wastes one, re-solve, got out the way, Trashed, wipes map, winded down, re-peals, in-duce, blowing the whistle on, carrying off, bring end, quitted cold, buy it, puts an end to, de stroy, come to end, holding bay, top off, dis severs, re pulsing, over-turning, drop, dismiss, post-pones, dis regard, brings to end, cut pieces, hast done with, signs off, forgetting about, professional, re-lapses, hang it up, blow out water, am due to, adiosed, pulled the plug, come a head, fire, bringing to end, de rives, de parts, pro-duces, Lacquered, dis established, comes of, round, Creaming, shuttered, sub side, buttoning down, taking out, drove off, becomes of, de-scended, ex-terminate, blotted out, destroy, mop up, fruited, x outing, discharge, took decision, leave, dis-connects, bringing to a close, dis qualified, hanged up, dis posing, kick habit, brings to an end, gat out way, dis-card, cut it out, re fuse, Intermitting, blow out of water, dis missing, gets out of the way, x-outing, blew whistle on, dis joins, dis missed, sur-mount, wast alienated from, prorogue, dis-severed, pulls plug, shoots down, retro-grading, wipe face earth, crested, shooting down, come an end, x outed, de parted, coming standstill, secret, torpedoed, blots out, de fining, calls a day, quit cold, reaching a peak, koing, parted from, de fines, de fined, takes a decision, Cresting, coming of, re-tire, retro-graded, was alienated from, gets out way, pro-roguing, buttoned up, came to standstill, obliterate, drops curtain, de generating, sur-render, dis-patching, de-rived, get out the way, dis continues, carrying through, calling a day, tops off, larrup, sur rendered, dis-uniting, gave notice, give over, de-feat, over-power, dis charged, wast due to, reach a peak, Re sign, Garroted, carried off, drives out, dis-established, Lacquering, wast over, counter acts, brought standstill, puts to bed, over turn, un did, over coming, dis regards, de-rives, reached a peak, xouted, re-lapsing, in-validate, counter act, sur-renders, driving out, de adens, de cease, re-turns, disestablishing, called it a day, retro grade, holds bay, wiped off face earth, get on wagon, cashing in chips, cleans up on, re-signed, took the cure, re lapses, dis-solving, ex-pire, come a standstill, wert over, drops the curtain, carries off, de scended, Retrograding, finish, de scend, re fined, wrap up, de generates, kick the habit, recidivate, with draw, bringing end, got the wagon, got out way, larrups, breaking record, leaves out, discontinue, cashed in chips, blew out water, gat out of the way, hadst done with, running its course, dis-severs, rises to crescendo, dis-posing, re-pulsed, de feats, bring a close, break off, shut door on, hold bay, cools it, re-cess, re canted, parts from, de generated, puts the lid on, re fine, sub jugate, took a decision, de-lay, makes short work of, puts end to, kick over, with drawing, dis-charge, un-doing, de-rive, dis severing, ex pended, gets the wagon, wiping face earth, shoot down, dis patches, drops anchor, crown, repel, waste one, re peals, dis-severing, rose crescendo, cleaned on, gotten out of way, sew up, were due to, packing it in, bringing an end, Texturing, getting on the wagon, dis connected, wert alienated from, over-coming, annihilate, re-fines, nixing, switching off, dis connect, dropping curtain, retro grades, dis continue, dust off, come to head, sewed up, dis comfits, brings an end, calling it a day, de-ceases, packs in, dis-unites, Cinching, breaks record, dis establishes, re fuses, rising crescendo, quit, putting death, closing down, dis-patched, hangs up, over powered, dis-qualifying, post pones, Negatived, dis charges, nixed, dis qualifying, torpedo, dis-missing, wasting one, set, with-draw, reach the zenith, put death, re-fining, clean up on, Retrograded, bagging it, mops up, hit high spot, dis-regards, art over, take the cure, calls it a day, switched off, art alienated from, re-turned, be due to.