Pronunciation of Insist
/ɪnsˈɪst/, /ɪnsˈɪst/, /ɪ_n_s_ˈɪ_s_t/

Antonyms for insist

retract, puts through the wringer, filed for, gives the third degree, cede, repudiate, ask, nullify, files for, negative, demand, picked ones brains, picks one brains, pro posed, pro pose, pick one brains, hunt for, call upon, pried in to, question, needling, called up on, abandon, give up, pick brains, desert, picks one's brains, filing for, pro-motes, quiz, in quire, hunts for, picking brains, Bummed, disprove, be sought, crossexamine, file for, confute, hunted for, surrender, pry into, pro-posing, putting screws to, re-quest, giving third degree, picked one brains, call up on, pro posing, picking one's brains, gave third degree, stop, re quested, gives third degree, Bumming, put through wringer, be-sought, hunting for, negate, calls upon, putting through wringer, endure, Instituting, pries into, reject, putting through the wringer, cease, picked one's brains, calls up on, picked brains, challenge, in-quiring, dispute, forget, re-questing, cross examine, put screws to, pro-pose, in-quire, promotes, picks brains, pry in to, re questing, deny, gainsay, giving the third degree, reply, picking one brains, put the screws to, re quests, in quired, discard, called upon, contends for, in-quired, requisitioned, petition, pro moting, picking ones brains, let go, pried into, put through the wringer, prying in to, rebut, pick one's brains, putting the screws to, implores, gave the third degree, refute, contending for, Levied, pro motes, give third degree, contradict, disown, disavow, re quest, puts the screws to, contend for, tolerate, in quires, contended for, calling up on, re-quests, prying into, quit, condemn, request, pries in to, pick ones brains, disclaim, pro-moting, calling upon, leave, puts screws to, counter, in-quires, veto, give in, pop question, puts through wringer, give the third degree, pro-mote, picks ones brains, in quiring, pro mote.