Pronunciation of Inspire
/ɪnspˈa͡ɪ͡ə/, /ɪnspˈa‍ɪ‍ə/, /ɪ_n_s_p_ˈaɪə/

Antonyms for inspire

overpass, dis countenanced, in-disposing, pre-venting, halt, in dispose, de-moralize, dis inclining, disincline, de moralizing, puts to sleep, dis-advising, mesmerize, dulled will, bore, turns aside, over awing, pre-vent, un nerved, dis tresses, Overawing, brake one's heart, dis courages, disregard, overawe, throws cold water on, de-pressing, quiet, turned aside, anesthetized, un nerve, dis courage, break ones heart, lulling sleep, dis-tressed, dis favors, with holds, in-disposed, Disadvise, dis-advises, deaden, break heart, co wing, make sleepy, dishearten, dis-countenanced, put off, co-wed, dis-inclined, over awed, over awes, un-nerving, broke ones heart, de-moralized, overawes, subjected tosuggestion, obscure, PSYCH, neglect, make drowsy, puts sleep, putting to sleep, in disposes, lull sleep, with holding, de-pressed, dis inclines, dis countenances, dis-mays, dis inclined, talks out of, breaks heart, dis-favored, makes drowsy, keep back, dis mayed, in-duces, bringing under control, overawed, becloud, breaking ones heart, dis-incline, making drowsy, dis may, in-disposes, subject tosuggestion, inter-feres, de moralize, turning aside, pass over, please, pre-vented, dis-inclines, lulled sleep, dis countenance, casting down, un nerves, cast down, made sleepy, dis-favoring, holds off, keeps back, in-duce, overlook, beats down, de press, dis maying, dis advising, lulls to sleep, breaking one heart, inter-fere, dis tressed, throw cold water on, miss, dulling the will, brings under control, dis-countenancing, pre vents, in disposing, re-presses, in duces, hold under spell, dulls will, beating down, brought under control, cloud, breaking heart, throwing cold water on, holding under spell, with-holds, dis favored, brake one heart, held under a spell, breaks ones heart, de moralizes, de-moralizes, beat down, dis-inclining, enervate, debilitate, over-awing, brake heart, Disfavored, made drowsy, dis-advise, de moralized, break one's heart, puzzle, de pressing, dis-favors, threw cold water on, bring under control, undermine, re presses, turn aside, dis-mayed, forget, with hold, lull to sleep, dis-tress, Disinclining, ignore, darken, disadvising, dis favoring, broke one heart, over awe, subjects tosuggestion, dis-favor, hamstring, enfeeble, breaks one's heart, inter fere, Indisposing, casts down, keeping back, dis mays, dull will, re pressed, subjecting tosuggestion, Disfavoring, dulling will, with-held, lulling to sleep, broke heart, held under spell, dis countenancing, indispose, dissuade, disadvises, co-wing, dis-courage, un-nerves, re press, dis advises, dull the will, breaks one heart, dis-maying, dulls the will, holding under a spell, anesthetizes, making sleepy, dis favor, dis incline, un nerving, depress, in disposed, broke one's heart, de-presses, re pressing, putting sleep, brake ones heart, pre venting, dis-countenances, disinclines, dis advised, hypnotize, over-awes, breaking one's heart, in-dispose, dis-countenance, stop, dis tress, de-press, calm, hold under a spell, put to sleep, dis advise, un-nerve, kept back, over-awed, indisposes, talk out of, lose, intimidate, lulls sleep, break one heart, dis-advised, dull, de pressed, re-pressing, talked out of, makes sleepy, leave alone, inter feres, pre-vents, dis-may, co wed, drugged, pre vent, with held, with-hold, holds under a spell, anesthetizing, lulled to sleep, lull, dulled the will, disadvised, dis-tresses, holds under spell, de presses, talking out of, weaken, discourage, confuse, over-awe, perplex, hold off, put sleep, de-moralizing, dis-courages, anesthetize, in duce.