Inter acted

Pronunciation of Inter Acted
/ɪntˈɜːɹ ˈaktɪd/, /ɪntˈɜːɹ ˈaktɪd/, /ɪ_n_t_ˈɜː_ɹ ˈa_k_t_ɪ_d/

Synonyms for inter acted

communicate (verb)

acquaint, advertise, advise, announce, betray, break, broadcast, carry, convey, correspond, declare, disclose, discover, disseminate, divulge, enlighten, get through, hint, impart, imply, inform, interact, let on, let out, pass on, phone, proclaim, publicize, publish, raise, report, reveal, ring up, signify, spread, state, suggest, tell, transfer, transmit, unfold, write, make known, be in touch.

contact (verb)

approach, buzz, call, get, reach, talk, telephone, visit, speak to, check with, get in touch with, be in touch with, get ahold of, write to.

correlate (verb)

associate, coordinate, parallel, tie in, be on same wavelength, have good vibes, relate mutually, tune in on.

engage (verb)

activate, apply, attach, dovetail, energize, fasten, get going, interlace, interlock, lock, switch on, intermesh.

interact (verb)

collaborate, combine, connect, contact, cooperate, get across, interface, interplay, join, merge, mesh, network, reach out, relate, touch, touch base, unite, interreact, get the message, keep in touch.

interchange (verb)

alternate, bandy, barter, commute, convert, reciprocate, reverse, substitute, swap, trade, transpose.

rub elbows with (verb)

socialize, mix with, rub shoulders with.

talk (verb)

argue, canvass, chew, collogue, commune, confabulate, confer, confide, consult, deliberate, dialogue, exchange, huddle, interview, negotiate, palaver, parley, reason, thrash out, vent, groupthink, engage in conversation, go into a huddle, be in contact, carry on conversation, have a meet, hold discussion, join in conversation.

traffic (verb)

bargain, bootleg, deal, dicker, fence, handle, market, moonshine, peddle, push, shove, truck, work out, horse trade, deal in, connect with, black-market, have transaction, make a deal, have dealings.