Inter faced

Pronunciation of Inter Faced
/ɪntˈɜː fˈe͡ɪsd/, /ɪntˈɜː fˈe‍ɪsd/, /ɪ_n_t_ˈɜː f_ˈeɪ_s_d/

Synonyms for inter faced

amalgamate (verb)

admix, alloy, ally, coalesce, combine, come together, compound, consolidate, fuse, hook up with, incorporate, integrate, interface, intermix, meld, merge, mingle, network, pool, team up, unite, tie in, tie up, join together.

collaborate (verb)

coact, collude, concert, concur, conspire, cooperate, get together, hook on, hook up, join forces, participate, be in cahoots, cofunction, coproduce, do business with, glue oneself to, go partners, join up with, throw in together, throw in with, work with.

combine (verb)

amalgamate, associate, band, bind, blend, bond, bracket, bunch up, commingle, conjoin, couple, dub, join, league, link, marry, mix, put together, relate, slap on, synthesize, tack on, tag on, unify, wed, team up with, plug into, tie up with, coadjute, hitch on, stand in with.

communicate (verb)

acquaint, advertise, advise, announce, betray, break, broadcast, carry, connect, contact, convey, correspond, declare, disclose, discover, disseminate, divulge, enlighten, get across, get through, hint, impart, imply, inform, interact, let on, let out, pass on, phone, proclaim, publicize, publish, raise, reach out, report, reveal, ring up, signify, spread, state, suggest, tell, touch base, transfer, transmit, unfold, write, make known, be in touch, keep in touch.

connect (verb)

affix, attach, bridge, cohere, consociate, correlate, equate, fasten, get into, span, tag, yoke, tie in with, come aboard, meld with, network with.

contact (verb)

approach, buzz, call, get, reach, talk, telephone, visit, speak to, check with, get in touch with, be in touch with, get ahold of, write to.

integrate (verb)

accommodate, arrange, articulate, assimilate, attune, compact, concatenate, concentrate, conform, coordinate, desegregate, embody, harmonize, knit, mesh, orchestrate, organize, proportion, reconcile, symphonize, systematize, tune, reconciliate.

interact (verb)

collaborate, interplay, touch, interreact, get the message.

interchange (verb)

alternate, bandy, barter, commute, convert, reciprocate, reverse, substitute, swap, trade, transpose.

link (verb)

conjugate, group, identify, tag along, tie.

meld (verb)

dissolve, intermingle, Interfuse, feather in, interblend.

merge (verb)

absorb, cement, centralize, conglomerate, converge, meet, submerge, Immerge, line up, join up, be swallowed up, become lost in, become partners, deal one in, melt into.

talk (verb)

argue, canvass, chew, collogue, commune, confabulate, confer, confide, consult, deliberate, dialogue, exchange, huddle, interview, negotiate, palaver, parley, reason, thrash out, vent, groupthink, engage in conversation, go into a huddle, be in contact, carry on conversation, have a meet, hold discussion, join in conversation.

traffic (verb)

bargain, bootleg, deal, dicker, fence, handle, market, moonshine, peddle, push, shove, truck, work out, horse trade, deal in, connect with, black-market, have transaction, make a deal, have dealings.