Inter laces

Pronunciation of Inter Laces
/ɪntˈɜː lˈe͡ɪsɪz/, /ɪntˈɜː lˈe‍ɪsɪz/, /ɪ_n_t_ˈɜː l_ˈeɪ_s_ɪ_z/

Synonyms for inter laces

filigree (noun)

fretwork, lacework, lattice, ornamentation, tracery.

braid (verb)

complect, cue, interlace, intertwine, lace, mesh, pigtail, plait, ravel, twist, Interknit.

engage (verb)

activate, apply, attach, dovetail, energize, fasten, get going, interact, interlock, interplay, join, lock, switch on, intermesh.

entwine (verb)

coil, corkscrew, curl, embrace, encircle, enmesh, entangle, spiral, surround, wind, wreathe, interplait.

interlace (verb)

alternate, braid, entwine, interweave, knit, mix, twine, weave.

interlock (verb)

engage, Interdigitate.

intermingle (verb)

amalgamate, associate, combine, come together, commingle, commix, fuse, immingle, intermix, merge, network, pool, throw together, wed, Interfuse, interblend, throw in with.

intertwine/interweave (verb)

connect, convolute, crisscross, cross, link, relate, reticulate, tangle, tat, Intertwist, Intervolve, Interwreathe, interwind.

join (verb)

accompany, add, adhere, affix, agglutinate, annex, append, assemble, blend, bracket, cement, clamp, clasp, clip, coalesce, compound, concrete, conjoin, conjugate, couple, grapple, incorporate, juxtapose, leash, marry, mate, melt, pair, put together, slap on, span, splice, stick together, tack on, tag on, tie, touch, weld, yoke, Coadunate, tie up, copulate, hitch on, lump together.

knit (verb)

affiliate, ally, bind, cable, contract, crochet, heal, intermingle, loop, mend, net, purl, repair, secure, sew, spin, unite, web.

lace (verb)

close, do up, fortify, plat, spike, strap, thread.

splice (verb)

graft, hitch.

tangle (verb)

catch, confuse, derange, discompose, disorganize, embroil, ensnare, entrap, hamper, implicate, involve, jam, kink, mat, muck up, obstruct, perplex, snarl, trap, unbalance, upset, mess up, mix up, foul up, drag into, make a party to.

twine (verb)

bend, meander, undulate, wrap.

weave (verb)

build, careen, complicate, compose, construct, create, fabricate, fold, interlink, introduce, knot, lurch, make, manufacture, ply, snake, whip through, writhe, zigzag, make up, piece together, Criss-cross, twist and turn, interfold, move in and out.