Inter Weaved

Pronunciation of Inter Weaved
/ɪntˈɜː wˈiːvd/, /ɪntˈɜː wˈiːvd/, /ɪ_n_t_ˈɜː w_ˈiː_v_d/

Synonyms for inter weaved:

complicate (verb)

bedevil, clog, combine, confound, derange, disarrange, disorder, elaborate, embroil, entangle, fold, handicap, impede, interrelate, interweave, involve, jumble, muck up, muddle, multiply, obscure, perplex, ravel, screw up, snafu, snag, upset, Infold, Interfuse, snarl up, mix up, foul up, make intricate, render unintelligible, make waves, open can of worms, add fuel to fire.

entangle (verb)

bewilder, burden, catch, complicate, compromise, confuse, corner, dishevel, embarrass, embrangle, enchain, enmesh, ensnare, entrap, fetter, hamper, hook, implicate, knot, lead on, mat, puzzle, rope in, set up, snare, snarl, swindle, trammel, trap, unsettle, Intertangle, come on, duke in.

entwine (verb)

coil, corkscrew, curl, embrace, encircle, lace, spiral, surround, twine, wind, wreathe, interplait.

interlace (verb)


intermingle (verb)

amalgamate, come together, commingle, commix, immingle, intermix, join, merge, pool, throw together, wed, interblend, throw in with.

intertwine/interweave (verb)

associate, braid, connect, convolute, crisscross, cross, entwine, interlace, link, mesh, network, relate, reticulate, tangle, tat, weave, Interknit, Intertwist, Intervolve, Interwreathe, interwind.

interweave (verb)

blend, darn, enlace, fuse, intertwine, knit, mingle, mix, plait, pleach, twist.

lace (verb)

add, attach, bind, close, do up, fortify, plat, spike, strap, thread, tie.

mat (verb)


mingle (verb)

admix, alloy, coalesce, compound, intermingle, marry, meld, unite, make up.

mix (verb)

adulterate, conjoin, embody, hybridize, incorporate, infiltrate, infuse, instill, interbreed, knead, lump, put together, saturate, stir, suffuse, synthesize, transfuse, work in.

plait (verb)

crease, flute, pigtail, pleat, tress, tuck.

tangle (verb)

discompose, disorganize, interlock, jam, kink, obstruct, unbalance, mess up, tie up, drag into, make a party to.

twine (verb)

bend, loop, meander, splice, undulate, wrap.

wed (verb)

ally, couple, dedicate, unify, yoke, Cojoin.

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