Pronunciation of Interest
/ˈɪntɹəst/, /ˈɪntɹəst/, /ˈɪ_n_t_ɹ_ə_s_t/

Antonyms for interest

Torpescence, Reamed, in sensitivity, callousness, non-interference, torpidity, being tedious, un responsivenesses, in-significances, sending to sleep, dis-respects, narcomata, narcosises, dis unions, dis esteem, brush offs, monotony, un-responsivenesses, be wilderments, in significances, cold-bloodedness, de tail, hatred, staleness, gouged out, in-consequentiality, faineances, dis-gust, un willingness, dis esteems, was tedious, in-sensitivities, jadedness, un consciousnesses, upset, repel, disregard, otiosities, talking one's ear off, apathy, bended ear, inconsequence, mono-tony, insipidness, in consequences, in-consequentialness, be-wilderment, bend ones ear, release, torpor, work, dilatoriness, in-nocuousness, dis-passions, capital funds, in curiosity, cold-bloodednesses, pre-occupation, irritates, bore, languorousness, asphyxia, in-activity, dullness, brushoff, is tedious, profession, stolidness, nauseate, let go, gross out, in-activities, dis-interest, commonplaceness, half heartednesses, suffering, bent one's ear, Carus, Sopor, in actions, worldwearinesses, isolationism, half-heartedness, in-curiousnesses, disgust, unmindfulness, principal, forget, un-interests, in sensitivities, sends sleep, talks one's ear off, coldbloodedness, half heartedness, world-weariness, in-sensiblenesses, monotomies, languorousnesses, dis-joining, vocation, black moods, cold bloodednesses, mono tony, impassiveness, in attention, hypnosis, bent ear, annoy, talked ear off, dreaminess, in-consequentialities, passivity, neglectfulnesses, tiresomenesses, dis solution, puts to sleep, talking ones ear off, faintings, in-attentions, non partisanships, puts sleep, dis passions, dreaminesses, stalenesses, sent sleep, Do-nothingness, hebetude, dis union, dis interestedness, in curiousness, uninterestingnesses, in-differences, unhappiness, neglect, emotionlessness, in-difference, otiosenesses, stay, supinenesses, gouges out, disenchant, bended ones ear, irksomeness, unimportance, in significancy, tire, lack of interest, un concern, send sleep, un mindfulness, bends ones ear, in action, sopors, bends ear, dis-tastes, wert tedious, in activity, in-sensitivity, in nocuousnesses, disjoinings, un mindfulnesses, overlookings, in-susceptibility, de tails, distract, stupidnesses, in advertences, dis interestednesses, narcosis, languor, indifference, noninterferences, woolgathering, dis-taste, brushoffs, dis-comforts, un-interest, talk one's ear off, callousnesses, narc omata, busy, un-importances, world weariness, in sensibility, petrifactions, put to sleep, loss, in significance, bending one ear, non partisanship, repulse, dis-engagements, in susceptibilities, in susceptibility, pre occupation, turn off, insensibility, un importance, are tedious, donothingness, exhaust, un interests, passivities, dis-comforted, commonplacenesses, un interestingness, split ups, capital fund, dissuade, stupidness, in consequentialnesses, Hypnoses, doldrums, in-sipidity, pre occupations, unsoundness, bent ones ear, detachment, am tedious, art tedious, dis-respect, faineance, dis-solution, labor, un-responsiveness, in-action, somnolences, coldbloodednesses, talked one's ear off, dis-comfort, neglectings, noninterference, weary, un interestingnesses, in consequentialities, over-sight, dis passion, dis respects, blahs, emotionlessnesses, in activities, put sleep, wretchedness, Drowsinesses, tiresomeness, Faineancy, bend one's ear, un interest, task, non interference, in-actions, over-sights, impassivenesses, dis-regard, dis-comforting, passivens, pococurantisms, dis joining, dis comforting, hate, slothfulness, whole, un-importance, in-sensibilities, talk ear off, drowsiness, dis engagements, in attentions, in difference, insensitivity, taedium vitae, in sensibleness, bent one ear, black mood, boredom, unmindfulnesses, un willingnesses, in differences, talks ear off, dismals, dis gusts, un-consciousness, un-concerns, in-curiosities, dis comforts, lack interest, in-sipidities, dis interest, sends to sleep, faineancies, sicken, bending one's ear, non-partisanship, in-attention, uninterestingness, turns one off, dis-regards, petrifaction, un-mindfulnesses, sending sleep, in-curiosity, stolidity, peace, dis-solutions, turning one off, in-advertence, slowness, un-mindfulness, dilatorinesses, non interferences, talking one ear off, un-willingness, disinterest, be wilderment, de-tails, talk one ear off, sent to sleep, lackadaisicalnesses, dis respect, over sights, halfheartednesses, dis comforted, otioseness, bending ones ear, key players, unconcern, turn one off, ill-being, donothingnesses, bended one's ear, dis-interestednesses, wast tedious, non-partisanships, talked one ear off, un-interestingness, un concerns, over sight, taedium vitaes, unhealthiness, inanitions, slowwittednesses, monotomy, in-sensibleness, equity, in consequentialness, torpidnesses, be tedious, brush-off, dis-interests, swoonings, stupor, in consequence, in consequentiality, in sensiblenesses, dis regard, disadvantage, world-wearinesses, were tedious, anger, tediousness, jade, dis-passion, sadness, Pococurantism, putting sleep, world wearinesses, supineness, in significancies, insensitivities, in-advertences, dis-gusts, misery, shiftlessness, Asphyxias, leisureliness, dis favors, dis-interestedness, dis engagement, phlegm, halfheartedness, talks one ear off, non-interferences, bend ear, brush-offs, un-interestingnesses, dis-favors, dis-union, un importances, over-looking, in sipidity, dislike, neglectfulness, putting to sleep, talked ones ear off, passiven, jadednesses, lassitude, ignorance, dis-unions, bending ear, send to sleep, irksomenesses, narcoma, un consciousness, dis-favor, dis taste, narcomas, in-curiousness, key player, unresponsiveness, torpescences, bend one ear, de-tail, woolgatherings, split-ups, half-heartednesses, reject, un-concern, dis favor, do nothingnesses, be-wilderments, refuse, do-nothingnesses, impassivity, disquiet, talk ones ear off, lethargy, insouciance, in-significancy, in-consequence, insignificance, turned one off, un-consciousnesses, dis-esteem, dis-engagement, talking ear off, dis regards, bother, bends one ear, un responsiveness, talks ones ear off, CARU, worldweariness, dis comfort, dis solutions, dis gust, cold bloodedness, somnolence, bended one ear, Otiosity, narc-omata, insouciances, splitups, dis-esteems, heedlessness, in sensibilities, in curiousnesses, dis interests, un-willingnesses, in-sensibility, dis tastes, leisurelinesses, bends one's ear, pre-occupations, inanition, disturb, in-significance, irk.