Pronunciation of Involve
/ɪnvˈɒlv/, /ɪnvˈɒlv/, /ɪ_n_v_ˈɒ_l_v/

Antonyms for involve:

de liver, ex-pound, gat hook, saving ones neck, strip, floodlit, dis-involve, exclude, un tying, Differenced, separate, gets hook, dis-burdens, re-leased, shedding light on, with drew, gotten hook, floodlight, saved neck, with holding, gat off hook, lighting up, with held, re-solving, getting off hook, lets go, de-livering, ex plained, de-tach, saves one's neck, dis cumbering, Forbore, pall, got out from under, de-fine, dis-encumber, up light, get the hook, bar, gives insight, omit, ex-plaining, lose, dis entangled, saving one's neck, ex-pressing, light up, Differencing, cease, re-solved, extricate, de livering, gets the hook, dis-engage, dis-involved, let go, ban, divide, with drawing, de-livered, wriggles out of, re-strains, dis involves, dis-burdened, re-moving, dis-encumbering, explicate, hitting with light, deny, with-holds, dis-embarrassed, de-fined, dis-cumbered, re solve, un-tied, distinguish, dis-entangled, dis embarrassing, ex pressed, dis burdens, re-strained, with draws, re move, dis-engages, dis entangles, ex-pounding, dis embarrassed, de-taches, refuse, disentangle, get hook, dis involving, dis-cumber, de-livers, got off hook, dis-involving, forbear, dis encumber, gat off the hook, dis-encumbered, dis embarrasses, get off hook, abandon, leave, dis entangle, with-held, keeping from, hitting with a light, sheds light on, re moving, ex pounding, giving insight, dis encumbers, preclude, ex-plain, dis cumbers, misunderstand, disconnect, save ones neck, kept from, re-move, de-fining, explain, getting out from under, limelighting, ex plaining, with holds, dis entangling, up-lighted, re leases, de fine, denude, cancel, Paused, de livers, prohibit, getting hook, ex pounded, gat the hook, lit up, gotten the hook, re strained, saved one neck, dis-burden, dis engaged, re-strain, dis embarrass, ex-press, save one neck, gets off hook, uplighted, floodlights, wriggled out of, discumbered, de fines, bore, letted go, de-fines, ex pressing, ex press, Discumber, saved ones neck, gets out from under, ignore, de cline, got hook, de livered, saving one neck, wriggling out of, dis cumber, misplace, gets off the hook, get out from under, mislay, re solves, going easy, lights up, stop, gotten out from under, re straining, un tied, debar, dis-engaging, letting go, saved one's neck, getting off the hook, un-tying, gotten off hook, de-clines, ex-plained, hit with light, dis-embarrassing, keep from, re-leases, expose, untangle, getting the hook, shed light on, dis-cumbering, de clines, de fining, re-moves, wriggle out of, dis cumbered, give insight, dis involved, dis-entangle, dis engaging, floodlighting, reject, keeps from, hits with a light, prevent, ex plains, with-drawn, free, ex-tracts, highlighted, with-drawing, up-lights, dis encumbering, dis-burdening, limelighted, dis burden, up-lighting, gave insight, remove, weary, with hold, except, re moved, dis-involves, save one's neck, uplight, with-hold, up lights, re lease, jade, dissociate, dis burdening, discumbers, dis-entangling, re-straining, got the hook, went easy, dis-encumbers, dis-embarrass, ex tract, up lighting, rule out, ex plain, dis encumbered, release, de-liver, with drawn, ex-pounds, re strains, dis involve, get off the hook, re strain, ex pound, saving neck, saves ones neck, saves one neck, re-solve, dis burdened, illuminate, saves neck, with draw, de-cline, dis-cumbers, gat out from under, ex-pounded, go easy, ex pounds, de taches, hits with light, de fined, dis-entangles, up lighted, ex-tract, with-draw, dis engages, uplighting, dis engage, got off the hook, up-light, goes easy, untwist, dis-embarrasses, re-solves, ex-plains, save neck, re-lease, bare, with-drew, dis-engaged, floodlighted, gotten off the hook, de tach, Forgone, highlighting, uplights, discumbering.

Usage examples for involve:

Idioms for involve:

  • involve sm with sm or sth;
  • involve sm in sth;

Quotes for involve:

Rhymes for involve:

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