Is Unwilling

Pronunciation of Is Unwilling
/ɪz ʌnwˈɪlɪŋ/, /ɪz ʌnwˈɪlɪŋ/, /ɪ_z ʌ_n_w_ˈɪ_l_ɪ_ŋ/

Synonyms for is unwilling:

hesitate (verb)

alternate, balance, balk, dally, debate, defer, delay, demur, dillydally, dither, doubt, equivocate, falter, flounder, fluctuate, fumble, hang, hang back, hedge, hem and haw, hold back, hold off, hover, linger, oscillate, pause, ponder, pull back, pussyfoot, scruple, seesaw, shift, shrink, stammer, stop, straddle, stumble, stutter, swerve, tergiversate, think about, think twice, vacillate, waffle, waver, weigh, shy away, be reluctant, be irresolute, blow hot and cold, be unwilling, sit on fence.

scruple (verb)

boggle, fret, gag, hesitate, question, shy, stick, stickle, worry, be loath, have qualms, think twice about.

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