Pronunciation of Joy
/d͡ʒˈɔ͡ɪ/, /d‍ʒˈɔ‍ɪ/, /dʒ_ˈɔɪ/

Antonyms for joy

big troubles, dis-satisfactions, shrift, be moaning, disillusionment, hell-fire, self-punishment, blues, in dignities, in-firmness, conniption fit, spiritlessness, dis-position, big trouble, pro-vocations, dyspepsia, self-disgusts, blue ruin, unlucks, anvil chorus, bad fortune, dis ease, out-rage, bad breaks, milt, unlawful acts, be-wailing, harassment, cross to bear, bleaknesses, anvil choru, dis-pleasure, de-gradation, dim view, abjectnesses, Melancholias, Dyspepsias, grievousnesses, re morses, mood, gall, tragedy, ex plosions, crossness, in-equity, poignance, crashing bore, dismals, painfulnesses, downheartedn, Hydras, sadness, unjustness, despondence, dis consolation, botherments, delictums, fast one, dis-contents, ordeal, hurtings, Abjectness, sackcloth and ashes, un-doings, abomination, joylessness, in equalities, dark sides, penitence, dis tresses, excruciation, traumatization, porn, subjection, mutilation, all overs, dirty names, fell stroke, pre-sentiment, heartbreak, in justices, profaneness, mournfulness, hoo ha, head ache, diabolism, infuriation, downheartedness, regretfulness, self-sacrifice, mis-chances, molestation, holy messes, severity, colorlessnesses, anguish, low spirits, dis-composure, thorn side, dirty deals, un luck, joylessnesses, up-roar, catastrophe, boo-boo, dashed hopes, black blues, in-conveniences, BADS, de gradation, dis-relish, blue ruins, in conveniences, malcontentment, x ratings, slow burns, milts, gehennas, sorrow, gloominess, in difference, dis-approbations, dis comfort, spiritlessnesses, grievance, anxiety, more heat than lights, bemoan, in delicacies, incensements, excruciations, everlasting fire, misery, cold sweats, expiation, un selfishnesses, selfdisgust, dis inclination, selfflagellations, delicts, mutilations, dis relishes, mourning, wretchedness, dis favor, stew, storm, selfsacrifices, edginess, cantankerousness, Disconsolation, in-sipidities, out bursts, hang up, de-formation, dirty dig, mis-deeds, scurrility, sleaze, pang, lubricities, Butterflies, in-commodiousnesses, poor excuses, un suitableness, dis orders, nailbiting, hotheadednesses, un handiness, ill, dis gust, ennui, crying shames, re venge, expectation of worst, touchiness, dis-taste, on the skids, out-bursts, invidiousness, unwieldinesses, virulency, lowspiritednesses, hardship, in-fraction, hatred, troublesomeness, ruthlessness, sackcloth ashes, the blahs, un-easinesses, weepings, in commodities, Broadsides, dis quiet, Forcibleness, atrocity, hard lucks, in differences, de formation, the mope, under-worlds, dis-quietudes, high spirits, blue devils, mourn, impalements, under-standing, bleakness, mis-fortunes, smuttiness, dis-inclination, un healthiness, down trips, ill-humor, allovers, no use fors, self accusations, injustice, remorse, sordidnesses, immorality, self castigation, unease, torment, rampancies, black blue, ranklings, sorrowfulness, sleazes, in-disposition, sinfulness, un fitnesses, de-solation, dis-tempers, acrimoniousnesses, mis-adventure, traumatizations, tizzy, mis carriages, male-factions, in-activity, in commodity, in-decency, illhumors, male-faction, dis cords, black and blues, grieve, soreness, fore-bodings, agonize, tough break, ex plosion, impatience, low spirit, dis gusts, tyrrany, big stink, grievousness, mis giving, trying times, dis-trust, de gradations, dis content, dis contents, TODO, de basements, querulousness, distress, in-decencies, dis position, dis-quiet, in activities, dis may, mis-conduct, the mopes, worriment, grievings, up set, un happiness, dis-favors, un-luckinesses, dis-services, dis comforts, huffiness, in juries, zingers, selfreproach, self-sacrifices, dis-liking, mis-deed, boringnesses, keening, in activity, selfaccusation, dis criminations, fretfulness, dis tempers, hell-fires, selfsacrifice, dis-tress, tort, un eases, pangs conscience, un happinesses, in equity, dis traction, work, slap face, dis-cord, bafflement, malcontents, Downs, grossness, can worms, ants in pants, disaster, allergy to, dis-consolation, provokings, querulousnesses, dis approvals, unwieldiness, crime, in-differences, trepidities, pensiveness, un suitablenesses, slow burn, ex-plosion, mis fortune, in-tolerance, under standing, pessimism, self immolation, mis fortunes, sense injury, calvaries, blahs, in felicity, dis-content, wrongings, de-feats, touchinesses, tetchiness, frame mind, wistfulnesses, blueness, male factions, trying time, under-standings, subjections, desolation, blow ups, dis grace, ill-being, under-world, languishings, to do, mis treatment, up-roars, badgerers, un handinesses, un certainty, un-suitableness, loosenesses, sackcloth and ash, downheartedns, Cryings, drumfires, ill treatment, high spiritses, gloomy outlook, in decencies, Nail Biting, humblings, woefulnesses, swearword, unrest, dislike, hissy fits, re-venge, bluenesses, cat fit, dis trusts, dis satisfaction, dis relish, moodinesses, un-eases, fatal attraction, ants pants, dis interests, loss of confidence, diabolisms, tribulation, dis advantage, in humanity, hooha, forlornness, be-moaning, lack of interest, delictum, the dismal, dim views, untimeliness, de-basement, mis chances, boringness, sordidness, hangup, dis liking, de feats, dis-mays, un lawfulnesses, bleed, mis-giving, loss confidence, dis tastes, booboos, ill luck, vilenesses, bad feelings, sourness, self-condemnations, immodesty, dis-composures, dolefulness, broken hearts, illhumor, uphill battle, ill humors, un-rest, care, under world, dis tractions, dis approbation, fell strokes, Raunch, out-rages, hadeses, in commodiousnesses, selfdisgusts, dis-may, cat fits, irascibility, in-activities, dis-trusts, ache, bothersomeness, dis-positions, dis-interest, pitifulness, self-accusations, hard time, injury, mis treatments, heavy heartedness, dis-contentments, dis composures, downcastnesses, bemoanings, Irritableness, un-happiness, out burst, re-pining, hydra, crashing bores, trial, drumfire, dis-advantage, high dudgeon, crushings, hissy fit, despondency, doldrums, pesterer, glumness, ill temper, mis-carriages, tough breaks, Lubricity, condolements, no use for, abjection, de solation, antisocial behaviors, indignation, in firmness, hard times, dis service, wistfulness, flacks, dis inclinations, boiling point, ill tempers, un-luck, the worst, cross bear, dis-traction, nail-bitings, ill lucks, in-delicacy, wounded feeling, selfcondemnation, ravishings, un-timeliness, bad fortunes, dis-approvals, damnation, dis order, big stinks, hopelessness, mis trust, low spiritednesses, in equities, dis-appointment, in-dispositions, mis-conducts, quick tempers, zinger, plaintivenesses, un rest, nefariousness, in-difference, un pleasantnesses, Cruciation, fore-boding, low spiritedness, dis-graces, in dispositions, salacity, fatal attractions, pitifulnesses, vexings, Trepidity, un healthinesses, dis quietude, in decency, pins needles, mis chiefs, pain in neck, ribaldry, deformation, meltdown, dissatisfaction, xrating, dis-consolations, Hell, un-luckiness, drag, the dump, mis chance, self disgusts, severe tests, bitterness, worry, dashed hope, dis quietudes, in-fractions, slap in the face, crossnesses, mis-treatments, huff, mis-treatment, dis-gusts, selfcondemnations, immodesties, de-solations, hard luck, place torment, pestering, dis crimination, fretfulnesses, unconsolability, dis-crimination, severe test, outrage, dis-quiets, dis-grace, de-bates, out rages, agony, disheartenment, shortness, plague, dis cord, Hydrae, self immolations, nail-biting, subduings, abjections, in felicities, un-fitnesses, achings, sicklinesses, mis-trust, mis-adventures, suffering, trouble, un justnesses, mis adventures, chagrin, un-lucks, black and blue, Delict, incommodiousness, ill humor, out-cries, ruth, badness, painfulness, virulence, in-equality, forlornnesses, down trip, mis demeanor, bad humor, dejection, disconsolateness, un-certainty, poor excuse, over throwing, putdown, self-immolations, Acrimoniousness, butterfly, dirty digs, dis satisfactions, high dudgeons, dis-ease, re-verse, mopes, trauma, wrath, ill feelings, irkings, allergy tos, shrifts, in-commodities, dis-affections, selfaccusations, chastening, unholy mess, infirmnesses, irritablenesses, pinings, Mads, morbidity, dis-order, illegality, mis-chance, albatross, saturninities, left handed compliment, un-healthiness, pre sentiments, dis graces, self condemnation, wound, up-sets, torture, deformations, lamentation, deplore, terror, snappiness, calvary, disillusionments, de basement, de bates, Unhandiness, in-dignities, meltdowns, unlawful act, dis services, dispiritednesses, enormity, self punishment, misfortune, Desolateness, Abusiveness, calamity, malefactions, up-set, un-doing, ill treatments, forciblenesses, abusivenesses, malignances, cantankerousnesses, unhealthinesses, dis-affection, more heat than light, impalement, dis-inclinations, fourletter word, be wailing, slap in face, crying shame, dis-tresses, be devilment, mis carriage, de bate, infuriations, discouragement, ill fortune, in-delicacies, invidiousnesses, up-shots, lowness, evil, self reproaches, selfimmolations, pensivenesses, wildnesses, sournesses, dis-contentment, anhedonias, dis-approval, throbbings, heartsicknesses, hurt, dis-tractions, un luckinesses, in-sipidity, dis-satisfaction, un justness, cumbersomeness, self flagellations, in humanities, saturninity, dis-likings, huffinesses, ill-treatment, low-spiritedness, de-gradations, dis appointment, black moods, selfflagellation, sufferance, fore boding, dis-approbation, dis-relishes, ill fortunes, fear, dis-solution, dis appointments, regretfulnesses, dis-interests, un-fairnesses, bickerings, over-throwing, pitiablenesses, on skids, naggings, pro vocations, out-cry, lowspiritedness, dis mays, lugubriosity, dis-eases, un easiness, conniption fits, un selfishness, poignances, un-happinesses, slap the face, dis advantages, mis deed, in fractions, tremblings, dis-quietude, in jury, malcontentments, un lucks, re-morse, cumbersomenesses, gloominesses, despair, mis chief, miff, miserablenesses, de-bate, irritation, worriments, nuisance, out cries, colorlessness, irritability, dis-comforts, grief, dis positions, bedevilment, lack interest, place of torment, in-convenience, dis-appointments, broken heart, difficulty, exasperation, out rage, re morse, dislikings, re verse, ruefulness, self punishments, dis favors, moodiness, under worlds, bad break, malignance, herculean tasks, Miserableness, pique, unholy messes, dirty deal, dumps, flack, muggings, adversity, melancholy, dis likings, the worsts, dis-criminations, self disgust, black mood, bad humors, Catatonias, pathos, ill feeling, pre-sentiments, vocation, evil behaviors, kiss death, badgerer, on skid, ill-humors, penance, mis-doings, anhedonia, cold sweat, dis-temper, lower worlds, dis-cords, in-commodity, self-punishments, disheartenments, willies, bother, dis-advantages, the blues, lamentings, thorn in side, tough luck, bewailings, dis affections, broadside, dis-tastes, un certainties, vileness, bafflements, criminality, the blue, plaintiveness, ax grind, deplorings, in-felicities, holy mess, in delicacy, dolefuls, pro vocation, mis-demeanor, lownesses, flare up, Knaveries, unconsolabilities, infernal regions, oppression, roughs, surlinesses, mis-demeanors, knavery, be devilments, ruefulnesses, vexation, dis-pleasures, unhandinesses, keenings, purgatory, dis trust, ho hums, self-reproach, re-morses, dis pleasures, gloom, persecution, self condemnations, be-devilments, mis adventure, dis composure, male faction, fast ones, un doings, mis deeds, de-formations, flareup, un-pleasantness, un-rests, self-castigation, sadden, in equality, depression, woe, mis doings, dis-gust, un-pleasantnesses, un pleasantness, un timeliness, uphill battles, bedevilments, sinfulnesses, dispiritedness, de-basements, dismay, expiations, dis contentment, self sacrifice, rotten lucks, dis-comfort, booboo, bewail, martyrdom, un-lawfulness, teasings, gallings, bad feeling, anger, dis quiets, wildness, in-firmnesses, lugubriosities, un lawfulness, disconsolations, illtreatments, dis approbations, de-feat, infernal region, boo-boos, sackcloth ash, dis-orders, in sipidity, dis taste, disconsolatenesses, selfreproaches, un doing, melancholia, fore bodings, selfpunishment, un-selfishness, under standings, criminalities, un-fairness, dis-solutions, Malefaction, bothersomenesses, bane, out-burst, act god, dis approval, sorrowfulnesses, funk, un luckiness, resentment, spleen, x-ratings, dis eases, desperation, un-certainties, un-healthinesses, pain neck, self reproach, catatonia, hell fire, un-handinesses, Morbidities, mis doing, dis solution, unhappiness, wounded feelings, botherment, rotten luck, dis pleasure, re venges, cheerlessness, up shots, up shot, self-castigations, dis tress, self flagellation, mis trusts, Condolement, in-tolerances, inconvenience, umbrage, looseness, dis interest, in commodiousness, be-devilment, ill-treatments, scatology, un-fitness, woefulness, ruthlessnesses, heartsickness, mis conducts, up sets, on the skid, violence, pity, repinings, un fairnesses, gloomy outlooks, x rating, offense, in-equalities, pain, affliction, un-handiness, hard knock, dirty name, rabidities, dis solutions, Incensement, agonizings, boiling points, selfcastigations, in disposition, self accusation, un-easiness, in-justice, dark side, molestations, expectation worst, de sert, dis-service, suffer, dis affection, four letter word, mis conduct, dis consolations, un fitness, antisocial behavior, troublesomenesses, badnesses, pitiableness, un-justness, malaise, cruciations, Sickliness, Torts, seriousness, tormentor, heartache, un-suitablenesses, ho hum, heaviness heart, regret, moanings, cheerlessnesses, pest, dis temper, un-ease, conquerings, up-shot, the dumps, tyrranies, displeasure, selfpunishments, de feat, surliness, de solations, ire, dolor, grouchinesses, de-sert, grouchiness, Downcastness, in-jury, dis contentments, dis-favor, overthrowings, the dismals, sorrowings, de formations, un-lawfulnesses, self-disgust.