Pronunciation of Just
/dʒ_ˈʌ_s_t/, /d͡ʒˈʌst/, /d‍ʒˈʌst/

Antonyms for just:

un-symmetrical, most beguiling, dis guised, most uncandid, more smooth spoken, in-corrigible, monstrously, more concocted, most unequitable, vitally, in-temperate, un-warrantable, in-substantial, disingenuous, un truer, un-equitable, under wrong impression, Crocker, un timely, un-reliable, most caviling, sub-standard, entirely, mythomaniac, twofaced, in excusable, dis ingenuous, un just, head and shoulders, un stabler, heartily, more flagitous, more dirty-minded, cheating, more dissimulating, un worthy, erring, out order, most unprovoked, Parter, more mythomaniac, un balanced, below belt, in congruous, more misjudging, nonsensical, degraded, most lowdown, onesided, in securest, most unscrewed, dis-satisfactory, smoothtongued, more too too, colored, un suitable, indefinitely, mis interpreting, basically, dis advantageous, un godlier, not there, atrocious, blackguardly, through and through, most hoodwinking, dis simulating, un provoked, fiercely, desperately, more garbage, diddlier, tootoo, un rightful, more unrighteous, un equal, mis figured, incoherent, misguided, more twotiming, totally, more or less, most miscalculated, unco, unjust, un-steadier, more chauvinistic, smooth tongued, in securer, extensively, un-fair, venal, most favorably, un godliest, irrelevant, un candid, eminently, fallen, ever, fluffed, in appropriate, way off, un natural, flimsy, more off target, more put on, un-timelier, most way-off, bent, more cheating, snide, too-too, cooked-up, untrustworthy, heavily, most differential, dis-ingenuous, in apter, un-measurable, more reeking, self righteous, more sullied, gone to the dogs, inappropriate, obstinate, Double dealing, Misconstrued, mis-figured, most illbehaved, most garbage, favorably inclined, quite, in accurate, off balance, most wayoff, un-steadiest, reprehensible, more evil, un faithful, unjustified, illadvised, under-handed, un-due, out commission, unworthy, dis-criminatory, un warrantable, dis agreeable, off track, un-safe, unfranker, most doublecrossing, un-advised, un-warranted, wicked, out line, in salutary, un indifferent, in decent, most absonant, wide the mark, more misunderstanding, doubledealing, more misbehaving, up here, half done, invalid, mean, one sided, de-signing, unglued, gone to dogs, un favorable, more apostate, in pain, roguish, thumping, de-graded, Ex parte, pitsest, Unreasoned, unconvincing, more foul-mouthed, unadvised, counter productive, unwarrantable, in-direct, in sincerest, un loyal, Unequitable, most double-crossing, de-testable, de pressed, de generate, over kill, too, colossally, most rascal, most vitiate, mortally, in-securest, most pigpen, out of line, most reeking, re-prehensible, unseemly, especially, not working, mis leading, dis-loyal, unrightful, un frankest, most forsworn, untrue, un-righteous, primarily, dis-simulating, astronomically, dissolute, pricey, un cleaner, in secure, counter factual, wrong number, wide mark, most off target, bad, warped, differential, un satisfactory, un juster, un-pleasant, off the mark, mis-judging, most polluted, un reliable, thoroughly, roughly, left handed, un-godly, sophistical, lowdown, foul, most unsporting, un healthiest, in-tensest, un-acceptable, off-target, costing arm leg, un-wholesome, cruddiest, exactly, priciest, un worthiest, more two timing, mis taken, more amoral, dis creditable, perverted, not balanced, in decorous, more caitiff, hypo-critical, blisteringly, cookedup, de signing, more way-off, most undeserved, in-tense, un-worthiest, in-decorous, un seasonable, un-trustworthy, vastly, in-sincere, un-healthiest, most unbacked, more too-too, confused with, sub standard, most concocted, doesnt wash, more swindling, enough, un wholesome, debased, un-conscionable, cruddier, really, mightily, too great, exceedingly, dis pleasing, most two timing, most tootoo, up to here, most foul mouthed, way, un forgivable, more rascally, more sophistical, most impostrous, unconscionable, censurable, pre-possessed, most misbehaving, fantastically, on wrong track, un timelier, in-excusable, distorted, un-glued, surpassingly, tremendously, in-tenser, in direct, gone dogs, un-healthy, all wet, terribly, most flagitous, dis-tressed, pre-judicial, smoothspoken, diddliest, more duped, more tricked, mis-taken, most grovelling, more insalutary, That, most dissimulating, unmeasurable, dis honest, mis informed, un-civilized, more ill behaved, in adequate, completely, jivier, unfriendly, most bluffing, bigoted, un justest, junkier, bummest, small minded, most caitiff, un fairest, un franker, most misinterpreting, un-ethical, up set, feigning, un-conventional, un glued, dis-gusting, un-lawful, corrupt, un cleanest, more warped, up-set, unmerited, re-probate, yecchiest, more differential, in firm, un-timely, counterproductive, in-sincerer, in-apter, more bluffing, badly, most sullied, illbehaved, more unequitable, un-rightful, more double-crossing, dark, un-loyal, more deluding, in firmer, approximately, un-justifiable, most smooth-spoken, more miscalculated, un truest, un fitting, puton, un-fitting, un sound, sorely, offensive, un-sporting, more offtarget, un equitable, most way off, un apter, lefthanded, un advised, dirty-minded, mis representative, un founded, most backbiting, pre-tended, dis-creditable, Roaringly, un due, most unwarrantable, excessively, hypocritical, off-balance, topheavy, un-fairest, un finished, pre-disposed, un holier, jiviest, out lunch, Monumentally, demoralized, un-satisfactory, in sanest, more imitation, improper, degenerate, un safer, in defensible, dis-reputable, most chauvinistic, mis-representative, un-duer, most offtarget, ungrounded, predominantly, un becoming, partial, wildly, un-worthier, more forsworn, most cooked up, unequal, un-duest, most goofed, dis loyal, un frank, in equitable, most dirty minded, most cooked-up, altogether, unsuited, indecent, most godawful, moralistic, un-natural, more ill-behaved, incorrect, most fabricated, dis-advantageous, socalled, counter-productive, dis eased, wrong, dis proportionate, un civilized, un fair, mis calculated, un hinged, grody, un-holier, barking wrong tree, un-deserved, pro fane, unsporting, dis graceful, inapplicable, in substantial, farout, more low down, in famous, intensely, un substantial, more cooked up, dis reputable, in valid, wide of mark, un-seasonable, contrary to fact, un-founded, most double crossing, jaundiced, lascivious, more unscrewed, un-timeliest, unprovoked, most amoral, dis-solute, dis solute, un-balanced, dis criminatory, in firmest, far and away, mistaken, staggeringly, naughty, more unindifferent, most duped, un healthy, most fluffed, dis-pleasing, more overkill, most misinformed, un-indifferent, unbacked, generally, mis handled, principally, beastliest, indecorous, un-franker, by and large, unjustifiable, not precise, bone, un-sound, de-generate, inapt, loose, more uncandid, in-firmest, un-becoming, costing arm a leg, more low-down, most dirtyminded, pre judicial, un justified, un justifiable, more cookedup, un steadier, un-scrupulous, un-candid, un-cleaner, dis-honest, more ungrounded, most unsymmetrical, most ill-behaved, in-defensible, most unglued, halfway, un-just, blameworthy, un-principled, un-equal, foul-mouthed, dis honorable, most put on, incredibly, most warped, un sporting, de-ranged, offbalance, despotic, more misrepresentative, blamable, most high-and-mighty, mis-guided, most misunderstanding, selfrighteous, more undeserved, dissipated, inordinately, more prevaricating, fully, most ungrounded, low down, un principled, awfully, not good, bottom out, implausible, most imprecise, in-secure, jivey, Impostrous, unreasonable, more troubling, more unprovoked, un-cleanest, un safest, un-finished, enormously, un clean, more unwarrantable, ill behaved, more misinformed, ill timed, more caviling, un happiest, most vitiated, most unloyal, Astucious, dirtyminded, un even, un fairer, most scoundrelly, un-soundest, most troubling, re-eking, un ethical, profligate, re prehensible, most unperformed, un aptest, most astucious, ill-behaved, un duest, dis satisfactory, Absonant, Irrelative, costing an arm and leg, un-holy, junkiest, evil-minded, devilishly, unreliable, un holiest, most deceiving, un seemly, decadent, about, more pigpen, Misrepresentative, massively, in-salubrious, un-healthful, narrowminded, un timeliest, in error, over much, more tootoo, uninformed, most misfigured, most dirty-minded, mis-leading, mis-handled, un-seemlier, most deluding, chiefly, more smoothspoken, not all there, most feline, more vitiate, greatly, un measurable, opinionated, unsuitable, two faced, un-seemliest, misinformed, most ill behaved, more impostrous, more cooked-up, un happier, un-stabler, un-substantial, in temperate, specially, under-hand, de-based, un righteous, unrighteous, more downer, un-faithful, under hand, the pits, achingly, de testable, say, most foul-mouthed, majorly, more lowdown, considerably, unindifferent, Uncandid, soundly, perverse, un acceptable, sizably, most twotiming, un-real, dirty minded, mostly, more smooth-spoken, most feigning, dis-honorable, un seemliest, un conventional, smooth spoken, most two-timing, most downer, partest, un-truthful, most unrightful, in-equitable, most tricked, unsound, wrongly identified, un-truest, too too, more astucious, mis understanding, grodier, makebelieve, more misfigured, undeserved, in-adequate, more way off, more dirty minded, un lawful, un-stable, half-way, un-safer, amoral, yecchy, exorbitantly, most counterproductive, dis-guised, hugely, in correct, most cheating, most unmerited, un screwed, un-holiest, mis-informed, pitser, erroneous, off mark, smooth-spoken, dis-eased, in delicate, in tenser, un-hinged, un-safest, casuistic, more exceeding, more hoodwinking, flawed, un-completed, un reasonable, so called, most misconstrued, un stablest, false, in tense, falsehearted, un-apter, de ranged, unfair, wrongful, foul mouthed, more unsporting, un-suitable, more wayoff, in-ordinate, more foul mouthed, reprobate, more deceiving, more feigning, offtarget, unfrankest, dis-graceful, in-appropriate, errant, beastlier, more unloyal, most insalutary, un-happy, un pleasant, deceitful, supremely, madeup, un worthier, most puton, knavish, imprecise, in poor health, dis tressed, un-justified, more off-target, most cookedup, barking up wrong tree, under handed, un-frank, mis-understanding, smallminded, broadly, in salubrious, hypo critical, pro-fane, un-screwed, rascally, fabulously, un-even, un happy, costing an arm and a leg, unsympathetic, most casuistic, most prevaricating, uncalledfor, most moralistic, most unindifferent, most swindling, unloyal, un steadiest, low-down, in-valid, more unrightful, inapposite, more uncompleted, uncompleted, in saner, un godly, more polluted, un-juster, unbalanced, inaccurate, costing arm and leg, dis-agreeable, un-reasonable, stupendously, un-favorable, largely, contrary fact, in corrigible, un fortunate, unperformed, more vitiated, un steady, most apostate, un-grounded, dishonest, most exceeding, libertine, godawful, most mythomaniac, objectionable, mis behaving, noisome, un-justest, un-merited, most unfitting, big time, most imitation, wholly, un-godlier, most smooth spoken, below the belt, dis obedient, archly, all over, Insalutary, dis posed, dis-posed, un-backed, mis construed, mis judging, un holy, mis-construed, scoundrelly, undue, one-sided, dis-obedient, mainly, most dissembling, un safe, more scoundrelly, costing arm and a leg, more dissembling, un healthier, un-sounder, overly, in-firmer, uncommonly, un healthful, more dirtyminded, inequitable, in sane, in-delicate, indefensible, in-constant, most misjudging, un grounded, dis-proportionate, more moralistic, particularly, un-fortunate, un scrupulous, most smoothspoken, un seemlier, un-performed, un-stablest, extremely, un conscionable, dis gusting, top heavy, unfitting, re eking, in-salutary, substantially, counter-factual, in-sane, doesn't wash, base, more misinterpreting, all off, pre possessed, perfectly, un-fairer, more unsymmetrical, flagitous, in sincerer, unacceptably, un-truer, more unmerited, most uncompleted, debauched, Forsworn, in-decent, overkill, crockest, more misconstrued, de based, un merited, cruddy, over-kill, costing an arm leg, severely, un sounder, most unrighteous, re probate, gone the dogs, unbecoming, chauvinistic, frightfully, in-congruous, un stable, mis guided, more unbacked, un-healthier, costing an arm a leg, depraved, un deserved, un performed, Foundationless, nonobjective, nobody home, un-frankest, seriously, un symmetrical, more contaminated, conscience stricken, shameless, in-saner, de-pressed, in-sincerest, more counterproductive, unduly, consciencestricken, more double crossing, most unmeasurable, more unglued, un-godliest, narrow minded, prejudicial, all of, mis-behaving, more unfitting, un-provoked, most misrepresentative, un backed, more put-on, in sincere, de graded, unscrewed, most too too, more fluffed, in-securer, more two-timing, on the wrong track.

Usage examples for just:

  • We just don't know. - "The Wailing Octopus", Harold Leland Goodwin.
  • Very well, sir, just now. - "Left End Edwards", Ralph Henry Barbour.
  • No; I just want to see her and ask her to forgive me. - "The Iron Woman", Margaret Deland.

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