Pronunciation of Know
/nˈə͡ʊ/, /nˈə‍ʊ/, /n_ˈəʊ/

Antonyms for know

de liberating, sweat out, calls it, have faith in, looks to, sized up, takes face value, thought of, hoping for, guesstimates, ex cogitating, out-lining, fore feels, plan for, takes stock in, are awestruck, called the turn, art convinced, being dumbstruck, is flabbergasted, took shot, think of, de vised, smell a rat, deem likely, chewing over, be-lieve, calculating on, saw cards, wert afraid, be dumbstruck, see in one mind, dis believe, took the measure of, am dumbstruck, re-view, calculated on, forget, get idea, fore feel, call the turn, are inquisitive, think through, count upon, wert awestruck, hath faith in, setting a figure, dare-says, gets idea, being sure of, bargaining on, see one's mind, de liberate, see the cards, thought to, were afraid, knocks wood, re viewing, takes a stab, inned cards, in venting, figure out, asking oneself, calculate on, mis trusted, sizes up, pipe-dreaming, building castles air, am confounded, be awestruck, fore-saw, gotten the idea, haddest doubt, leant on, promises oneself, saw in one mind, beating ones brains, feeling confident, beats ones brains, beat one's brains, fore knows, has sneaking suspicion, divine, going out a limb, are taken aback, read between lines, wert sure of, wert fascinated, is taken aback, re-views, wert astonished, ventured guess, have a hunch, hazard a guess, misapprehend, took stab, laid money on, goes out limb, de vising, be flabbergasted, calculate roughly, betting bottom dollar on, in quiring, taking as gospel truth, confided in, looked for, am startled, pre-suppose, dare said, fore boding, in-quired, called it, wert convinced, rely upon, figured out, looks up on, de sires, kick around, ex cogitate, confuse, art inclined to think, believe, dope out, dare say, Imaged, expresses opinion, builded castles in air, is inclined think, de vise, was taken aback, were flabbergasted, saw in mind, betting on, pre vised, art inquisitive, looks for, de-clares, planned for, am sure of, fore-boding, be inclined think, dis-believing, rely up on, beat brains, were awestruck, go out limb, fore telling, mis-trust, calling the turn, reckoning on, ex cogitates, in the cards, smelt a rat, calculates on, supposes, looking forward to, are convinced, see in cards, being afraid, be afraid, are startled, imagine, calling it, de-sired, goes out on limb, lays money on, sees in mind, pipe-dreamed, having hunch, hope, hazarding a guess, psych out, be fascinated, places confidence in, looking up on, took face value, kicked around, takes heart, speculate, being fascinated, forefeels, thinking probable, reads between lines, wert flabbergasted, knocking on wood, hangs in, ex-cogitates, de-liberate, fore-seen, fore-see, fore known, count up on, de-duces, ask oneself, psychs out, see in mind, call turn, is afraid, dis-believed, are curious, bet on, hath sneaking suspicion, being convinced, leaned on, is startled, de-siring, pre dict, fore-known, having faith in, seeing ones mind, de-liberated, wast startled, fore tells, calls the turn, feel confident, art inclined think, takes for granted, inning the cards, am taken aback, chewed over, mis trust, hast doubt, looking ahead to, wast confounded, ex cogitated, going out limb, has a hunch, fore-casting, look at sunny side, fore seeing, calculates roughly, deemed likely, misunderstand, re view, hope for, hazarded guess, was awestruck, out lining, thought probable, waiting for, builded on, fore seen, fore-feeling, fore-cast, sees mind, were startled, am fascinated, Accounted, relies up on, de duces, take heart, were inquisitive, dare-said, fore-casts, has faith, looks upon, bargains on, taking measure of, beats one's brains, de-vising, goes out a limb, dare-say, asked oneself, hath hunch, dis believes, calculated roughly, have doubt, watch for, estimate, hadst sneaking suspicion, wast inclined think, formed opinion, neglect, fore-telling, doping out, take face value, posit, saw in one's mind, saw in the cards, in-quiring, de-sire, relies upon, pre-supposing, in-venting, looked at sunny side, fore-tells, were sure of, beating one brains, fore casts, builds castles in air, smelling rat, thinking up, was inclined to think, is inquisitive, look upon, leans on, sweat it out, gat the idea, fore boded, laying money on, de sire, hadst a hunch, mis trusts, fore-bodes, build castles air, look sunny side, looks sunny side, hath a hunch, beats brains, de-sires, took at face value, taking shot, runs over, dis-cern, feels confident, has doubt, think likely, heading trip, beating brains, ventures a guess, pipe dreamed, dare saying, sweated it out, art confounded, think, look aghast, reading between lines, take stab, looked forward to, having sneaking suspicion, sweating it, are inclined think, look up on, building on, were curious, be inquisitive, taking stock in, getting idea, sees in the cards, had sneaking suspicion, form opinion, ex-cogitate, wast sure of, forms opinion, hazards guess, sees one mind, taking stab, fore-tell, looking at sunny side, art sure of, having faith, wert taken aback, pre-tends, saw one's mind, sees in ones mind, seeing one mind, runs it flagpole, sur-mises, running up flagpole, went out limb, hazarded a guess, re lying, wast inquisitive, daresaying, gambles on, takes shot, inning cards, looking aghast, running it flagpole, knock on wood, looks aghast, confides in, plans for, smelt rat, dare says, pre supposing, psyching out, went out on limb, art flabbergasted, taking a shot, fantasying, venture guess, being confounded, was startled, fore-know, in-quires, conjecture, guesstimating, sweating it out, watching for, look to, hoped for, sees in one mind, see cards, de picts, chews over, hang in, being flabbergasted, bargain on, having doubt, looked upon, placing confidence in, relying up on, saw in cards, built on, daresays, venture a guess, looking upon, take measure of, relying upon, look for, depend on, look forward to, being startled, gambling on, placing trust in, out-lined, takes as gospel truth, risked assuming, am astonished, hast hunch, getting the idea, run it up flagpole, surmise, is dumbstruck, hadst doubt, went out on a limb, smelled a rat, heads trip, take a shot, fore-sees, expect, seeing coming, were fascinated, hath doubt, re-lied, take shot, assume, mis trusting, is inclined to think, re-viewed, dopes out, have sneaking suspicion, pre supposed, thinks likely, fore told, was fascinated, be inclined to think, having a hunch, setting figure, called turn, misconstrue, trust, thought through, pre-dict, art awestruck, seeing in cards, pipe-dreamt, taking face value, had hunch, pre suppose, waits for, ins the cards, running it up flagpole, placed confidence in, reckoned on, take at face value, took as gospel truth, daresay, smells rat, Fantasied, de liberated, beat ones brains, thought likely, fore-felt, smelled rat, haddest a hunch, are dumbstruck, Forefeel, wert dumbstruck, guesstimate, dis believing, pipedreamed, watches for, call it, Misknow, relied upon, promised oneself, thinks through, Foreknew, run it flagpole, thinking through, bets on, ran it flagpole, in-quire, takes stab, have faith, bets bottom dollar on, sweats it out, miss, inned the cards, runs flagpole, de-vise, are fascinated, were inclined to think, were confounded, fore casting, saw ones mind, being inquisitive, overlook, suspect, fore feeling, see mind, mis-trusted, take as gospel truth, wast taken aback, sees in cards, am curious, sweating out, hast sneaking suspicion, am convinced, ran flagpole, fore know, go out a limb, pre-tending, abstain, goes out on a limb, pipedreaming, pre-supposed, knocking wood, thinking to, thinking likely, relied up on, reckons on, in-vented, haddest sneaking suspicion, am afraid, confiding in, expressed an opinion, beats one brains, ignore, de-duce, betted on, taking for granted, Summing, wast convinced, seeing in one's mind, harbor suspicion, promise oneself, being inclined to think, wert confounded, ran over, sees in one's mind, sweated it, de-vised, was confounded, deeming likely, art taken aback, confide in, opine, calls turn, go out on a limb, previses, being astonished, Visioned, doped out, size up, misread, sets figure, smells a rat, was convinced, misinterpret, builds on, pre mise, gather, are flabbergasted, hadst faith in, wast curious, depends on, kicks around, harbors suspicion, has faith in, take for granted, risks assuming, kept fingers crossed, sur mises, fore-feels, was curious, looked to, are sure of, sweated out, de-liberating, was dumbstruck, in vent, taking the measure of, re viewed, being curious, had faith in, were taken aback, was inquisitive, de duce, in-vents, fore bode, built castles in air, pre tending, de pict, fore sees, was sure of, fore-boded, expressing opinion, fore-knew, de-liberates, running over, be curious, hadst hunch, think up, hadst faith, sweats it, see coming, pipedreamt, headed trip, thinks of, placed trust in, hopes for, de siring, in quire, going out on limb, saw mind, hath faith, not get, bet bottom dollar on, previse, looking for, re-lying, out-lines, looked up on, be convinced, pre vising, pipe-dreams, think probable, hung in, art startled, hanged in, fore tell, fore-knows, fore cast, were dumbstruck, wast dumbstruck, fore-bode, place trust in, seeing mind, de-clare, fore saw, was inclined think, think to, dis cern, out lined, take the measure of, lay money on, daresaid, pre vise, is astonished, beat one brains, is curious, figures out, took heart, pre mises, are inclined to think, pre-supposes, de clare, calling turn, builds castles air, was astonished, be sure of, misperceive, wert curious, in vents, forming opinion, pre-tended, kicking around, calculating roughly, takes measure of, re views, sees the cards, were inclined think, hazards a guess, wert inquisitive, be taken aback, out-line, took a shot, in-vent, leaning on, fore-feel, build castles in air, wast inclined to think, see one mind, set a figure, sees cards, de-pict, seeing in ones mind, haddest faith, is fascinated, being awestruck, had doubt, wast flabbergasted, run over, took for granted, promising oneself, Visioning, Summed, be startled, pre supposes, sees coming, prevising, be confounded, are astonished, got the idea, fore felt, going out on a limb, saw one mind, get the idea, fore-told, pre tend, haddest hunch, be ignorant, ran it up flagpole, ex-cogitating, chew over, art afraid, being inclined think, pre-vised, thinks up, ex-cogitated, set figure, asks oneself, are afraid, pre tends, taking a stab, out lines, ventures guess, bargained on, dare-saying, pre-mises, places trust in, re-gard, takes a shot, re gards, out line, runs it up flagpole, art curious, in vented, wert inclined think, suppose, repute, pre-vising, built castles air, hazarding guess, took stock in, took measure of, fore knew, gamble on, looked ahead to, guesstimated, take a stab, seeing cards, sees one's mind, sur mise, pre-mise, deems likely, fore-knowing, depended on, see in one's mind, ins cards, in quires, de sired, builded castles air, saw coming, expressed opinion, seeing one's mind, in quired, psyched out, sur-mise, dis believed, wast awestruck, foreknow, is convinced, running flagpole, de clares, be astonished, sees ones mind, sets a figure, mix up, art astonished, run up flagpole, hast faith, building castles in air, place confidence in, harbored suspicion, went out a limb, see in the cards, lean on, thinks probable, betted bottom dollar on, felt confident, de liberates, hazard guess, am awestruck, being taken aback, has hunch, had a hunch, mis-trusting, smelling a rat, thinking of, dis-believes, dis-believe, de-picts, taking heart, build on, beating one's brains, take stock in, were astonished, pre-vise, wonder, was flabbergasted, harboring suspicion, pipe-dream, smell rat, watched for, be lieve, planning for, are confounded, fore bodes, Valuing.