Pronunciation of Knowing
/n_ˈəʊ_ɪ_ŋ/, /nˈə͡ʊɪŋ/, /nˈə‍ʊɪŋ/

Antonyms for knowing:

unsmart, naive, un deliberate, incognizant, be numbed, stolid, inadvertent, unconscious, un-common, chance, sub liminal, Chuckleheaded, unfamiliar, most inconversant, more unrealized, uncognizant, most unsuspicious, more undeliberate, out of it, unprejudiced, unskilled, poor, un initiated, in experienced, insensible, un-mindful, guileless, un explored, unbiased, un accustomed, aw-shucks, taken in, not associated, more trustful, slow-witted, un realized, birdbrained, dopey, most uncalculated, dewy, most subliminal, bonehead, re-flex, blind, vacuous, transparent, unformed, un informed, more swooning, most repressed, unaware, naif, shallow, most confiding, on canvas, dense, un familiar, Inconversant, primitive, unplanned, not cognizant, more entranced, airheaded, out it, unrealized, re flexest, puerile, unripened, unstylish, extra ordinary, more repressed, un conversant, artless, un-suspicious, un-skilled, in-experienced, unheeding, unsuspecting, in-conversant, in voluntary, not versed in, in cognizant, sub-liminal, more swallowing, un heeding, un-knowing, uninvestigated, most knocked, dunderheaded, ignorant, dead to the world, unintentional, most tranced, in advertent, thick, dead to world, un-known, Weak-minded, incidental, ingenuous, un-investigated, oafish, ivory tower, unworldly, out contact, un-conversant, un expected, fluky, most uninvestigated, in-attentive, mindless, most mooning, fatuous, unwilling, un intentional, re-pressed, dim, more unconversant, unknowing, babyish, more tranced, un-deliberate, lamebrain, stupid, un-usual, doltish, jejune, not there, more confiding, un commoner, kiddish, most entranced, in daze, in-voluntary, unmindful, unreserved, adolescent, unripe, un-instructed, extra-ordinary, lazy, dumb, obtuse, simple, callow, un-calculated, un-warier, slow, clueless, out like a light, will-less, straightforward, unfledged, academic, in a daze, in a trance, juvenile, more uncalculated, most swallowing, un wary, sincere, un intended, thickheaded, soft, inexperienced, fortuitous, aboveboard, off guard, un witting, un doubting, un acquainted, un-doubting, boneheaded, most trustful, witless, innocent, unwarned, un-initiated, un-enlightened, forced, re flexer, trustful, out lunch, un skilled, more subliminal, in animate, uneducated, simpleminded, more daydreaming, impartial, un-aware, most unrealized, sub conscious, more unwarned, un-acquainted, undiscerning, in-cognizant, most unconversant, un suspicious, un aware, brainless, imbecile, unintelligent, unwitting, in-sensate, un-wariest, brain dead, caught napping, dewy-eyed, unintended, more knocked, un-warned, un-conscious, un concerned, lunkheaded, un known, childish, unsophisticated, out like light, in trance, un-informed, more inconversant, un practiced, un-concerned, sub-conscious, in-sensible, ivory-towerish, un commonest, bubbleheaded, in sensate, unacquainted, un warned, un-accustomed, un usual, re pressed, Undeliberate, uncalculated, re-flexer, green, un suspecting, un-premeditated, feeling no pain, most daydreaming, involuntary, subliminal, dead world, re flex, un-suspecting, unsuspicious, un knowing, un instructed, un-intentional, un-familiar, opaque, infantile, out of contact, not all there, in-advertent, on the canvas, in sensible, un calculated, accidental, un-wary, un wariest, uncritical, kind, idiotic, un common, gormless, most swooning, in nocent, more unsuspicious, un-commoner, raw, unpremeditated, more suppressed, un-intended, more mooning, unwary, be-numbed, honest, un-heeding, softheaded, un warier, un conscious, dead the world, un-expected, most suppressed, re-flexest, empty-headed, un enlightened, deaf to, most undeliberate, casual, ivory-towered, dull, nescient, oblivious, candid, truthful, re-mote, most unwarned, in conversant, un-realized, out cold, un-witting, thick-witted, in-nocent, in-animate, Unconversant, little known.

Usage examples for knowing:

Idioms for knowing:

  • there's no knowing/ telling/ saying;
  • there's no knowing

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