Pronunciation of L
/ˈɛl/, /ˈɛl/, /ˈɛ_l/

Synonyms for L:

gutsy (adjective)

adventurous, audacious, bold, chivalrous, confident, courageous, daring, dashing, dauntless, defiant, doughty, fearless, firm, foolhardy, forward, gallant, game, gritty, hardy, heroic, imprudent, indomitable, intrepid, Fortitudinous, chin-up, herolike.

heavy-laden (adjective)

abundant, ample, awkward, beefy, big, built, bulky, burdensome, chunky, considerable, copious, corpulent, cumbersome, cumbrous, elephantine, enceinte, excessive, expectant, fat, fleshy, gravid, gross, hefty, huge, laden, large, loaded, lead-footed.

hot spot (noun)

asperity, bind, box, circumstance, clutch, condition, corner, crisis, deadlock, difficulty, dilemma, drag, dutch, emergency, exigency, fix, hardship, hot water, imbroglio, impasse, jam, juncture, deep water, catch-22, bad news, hole, hang-up.



Sense 1

driver's license, Driving Licence, driving school, latinate, learner's permit, loch, millpond, Old English, Proto-indo European, roman numeral, sanskrit, xl, waterhole, driving test, provisional licence, the DMV.

Sense 2

lake, learner, mere, norse, os, pond, road test, watering hole.

Sense 3

lagoon, large, reservoir.

Sense 4

anglo-saxon, greek, latin, manx, persian, X.

Sense 5

D, S, V.

Sense 7


Sense 9

medium, water.

Sense 10

C, M.

Sense 15


cubic decimetre

Cubic Decimetre.

Usage examples for L:

  • L. 12" A civilian gun, made for sale. - "A Catalogue of Early Pennsylvania and Other Firearms and Edged Weapons at "Restless Oaks"", Henry W. Shoemaker.
  • " And l- l- listen to him, w- w- would you," remarked Toby, " he s- s- says he was d- d- dreaming, fellers!" - "The Strange Cabin on Catamount Island", Lawrence J. Leslie.
  • Sulla left L. Lucullus behind him to collect the money. - "Plutarch's Lives, Volume II", Aubrey Stewart & George Long.
  • 187 Stella, L. Arruntius ... - "Latin Literature", J. W. Mackail.
  • I myself am a poor judge of elephants, l can never guess which will win. - "The Moghul", Thomas Hoover.

Idioms for L:

Quotes for L:

Rhymes for L:

  • helle, bell, stell, ehle, kjell, mel, del, pell, schell, dwell, el, spell, fell, swell, gel, knell, cel, cell, kal, delle, stelle, snell, nell, mell, smell, ell, gehl, jell, quell, tel, shell, dell, frel, bel, yell, nelle, zel, belle, chell, nel, elle, fel, well, kell, sell, tell;
  • hotel, corel, niguel, adel, mabelle, waddell, arnelle, burrell, angelle, bechtel, morrell, ansel, noelle, ravel, twaddell, excel, cavell, ul, udelle, novell, carvel, grinnell, dispel, rozelle, chapell, mantell, ruelle, romelle, intel, akel, noel, rudelle, brunelle, mattel, gazelle, maybelle, marcel, giselle, mirell, joelle, adele, darnell, arel, ancel, ardelle, propel, cornell, sibelle, lapel, janelle, pastel, adelle, leonelle, varvel, marvell, ferrel, hormel, rochelle, lyell, madelle, capelle, rachelle, misspell, cabell, retell, mirelle, morel, adell, shirell, purcell, danelle, shirelle, moselle, tyrrell, resell, unsell, montel, estelle, odell, marcelle, anwell, impel, befell, sharell, mozelle, hillel, compel, bedel, rangel, dantrell, expel, atwell, michelle, cornelle, daniele, outsell, cordell, nobel, randell, michel, elwell, manuel, cattell, farewell, motel, repel, fidel, gabel, chanel, carmel, patel, foretell, accel, martelle, apel, nouvelle, mendell, sydell, markel, rebel, marvelle, raquel, michele, miguel, carel, darrelle, samelle, cartel, lavelle;
  • gabriele, mirabel, isabell, danielle, aol, raphael, personnel, avenel, rafael, clientele, orabel;
  • mademoiselle, aix-la-chapelle, materiel, nepl;

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