Pronunciation of Laborious
/l_ɐ_b_ˈɔː_ɹ_ɪ__ə_s/, /lɐbˈɔːɹɪəs/, /lɐbˈɔːɹɪəs/

Antonyms for laborious

more undemanding, dead, shallower, most tow-headed, friendly, gasser, inert, well lighted, nothing it, in-consequential, most fleeceable, most unanxious, most scintillant, more sylphlike, Unburdensome, Deludable, be ball, elementary, more fairskinned, most picnic, accessible, sunny side up, facile, dormant, more light-skinned, most imponderous, un-taxing, un demanding, most side splitting, not much, more welllighted, no problem, not rich, most spoiling, unworried, good natured, most sylphlike, chirpy, featherweight, flipper, un heaviest, more untaxing, lighthued, most phosphorescent, unexacting, mindless, more pampering, childs play, more recreative, un involved, breezer, quiescent, in formal, un-anxious, light hued, un forced, un-hurried, side-splitting, in-spiring, most fairskinned, un heavy, fleeceable, unemployed, un clouded, hardly enough, more cursive, inactive, ex-citing, un-heaviest, nonoperating, hardly any, more deceivable, more aglow, more light toned, light-skinned, more light-footed, most light-toned, un-suspicious, no bother, welllit, lazy, shallow, lightskinned, snapper, most light toned, most painless, tow-headed, un heavier, most light footed, more captivating, light skinned, user-friendly, idle, in adequate, in-sufficient, most tissuelike, most light-skinned, side splitting, comforting, more unanxious, rioter, most flashing, un burdensome, un-troublesome, fair-skinned, easily done, more side-splitting, most unobscured, Gossamery, un-heavy, sleepy, cinchest, most light skinned, more pushover, cincher, latent, more floatable, re-splendent, at ease, passive, lifeless, un-obscured, un taxing, more tow headed, unheaviest, well-lighted, in clover, more bleached, most light-hued, un-substantial, in-substantial, more well lighted, un-troubled, easy, most side-splitting, more unsuspicious, un affected, more unobscured, most well lit, light-footed, child play, most light-footed, unobscured, de-lightful, more well-lit, more unoppressive, Re-creative, gassest, most well-lit, wieldy, most shoestring, screamer, more lighttoned, fast talk, most lightfooted, shoestring, lackadaisical, re creative, more mollycoddling, pleasant, more lightfooted, un substantial, most unoppressive, more side splitting, un troubled, most untroublesome, good tempered, free, sylphlike, more light footed, pro vocative, most untaxing, funnier, breezest, witty, ex citing, in substantial, entertaining, more fleeceable, Recreative, most light hued, chirpier, most humoring, painless, more scintillant, untroublesome, more well-lighted, un-important, more humoring, more lighthued, more excusing, most deceivable, inoperative, be a ball, more fluorescent, untaxing, more unexacting, un-demanding, light-hued, more gossamery, more light-toned, most tow headed, Floatable, unoccupied, most fluorescent, most well-lighted, more deludable, more untroublesome, hands down, clear, undemanding, soothing, un exacting, light, un-forced, more imponderous, humoring, un worried, un-exacting, lightest, most gossamery, un-heavier, un complicated, in significant, un hurried, light footed, most recreative, in-adequate, most mollycoddling, unchallenging, most undemanding, piece cake, Imponderous, slow, more tow-headed, Deceivable, sunny-side up, most unexacting, more pardoning, most bleached, screamest, scintillant, most captivating, slight, pro-vocative, snappest, more painless, most well lighted, most pushover, un anxious, more unworried, trivial, cursive, in consequential, most unburdensome, up beat, un-complicated, most aglow, fair skinned, in distinct, un obscured, not burdensome, phosphorescent, doable, un-worried, in considerable, trifling, goodtempered, un-oppressive, riotest, light-toned, most lighttoned, sub missive, well lit, achievable, more lightskinned, up-beat, un-burdensome, unheavier, aglow, tissuelike, more evident, no trouble, in-considerable, chirpiest, asleep, light toned, wieldiest, no sweat, lighttoned, wieldier, sunnyside up, more well lit, in-distinct, manageable, more relaxing, most relaxing, reticent, more tissuelike, most welllit, unsuspicious, flippest, more picnic, gentle, un troublesome, un suspicious, more shoestring, more spoiling, more up, in-formal, tow headed, most pampering, relaxed, effortless, un-involved, re-fulgent, most fair skinned, simple, goodnatured, most apparent, most unworried, more burnished, un-pretentious, most floatable, evident, dull, most up, un disturbed, most deludable, welllighted, most cursive, de lightful, in spiring, uncomplicated.