Pronunciation of Lax
/l_ˈa_k_s/, /lˈaks/, /lˈaks/

Antonyms for lax:

intolerant, virtuous, de-liberate, Behaving, unerring, un impeachable, ex-acting, regardful, hard-working, matter of fact, going to great lengths, faithful, observant, highhanded, most defined, more unrefuted, going great lengths, thin, slim, ex act, rigid, mindful, ex-act, un deniable, un-questionable, de-fined, nice nelly, attentive, in-fallible, retentive, un mistakable, ultra-precise, ultra precise, on the money, peremptory, constipated, un refuted, caring, veracious, more ironhanded, respectful, un compromising, un disputed, dis criminative, firm, un-disputed, thinking, bound, implacable, ironhanded, de liberate, restricted, foresighted, de-tailed, self-disciplined, dis criminating, onery, vigilant, restrained, Unrefuted, un-erring, on the button, strict, most unrefuted, high handed, unpermissive, more defined, wedged, moral, in temperate, exact, un-refuted, re gular, regarding, in-flexible, enthusiastic, constrained, in clement, ex acting, in flexible, tied, ultraprecise, de fined, severe, hard, diligent, de finite, forethoughtful, taut, watchful, un-compromising, more unpermissive, self disciplined, selfdisciplined, more concrete, prudent, remembering, in-temperate, on money, un-mistakable, snug, in-controvertible, painstaking, matter-of-fact, in controvertible, difficult, attached, dis-criminating, interested, re-gular, pure, recalling, in tolerant, explicit, stuck, in-clement, in-tolerant, fast, de-finite, zealous, jammed, punctilious, fastened, concerned, thoughtful, most ironhanded, un erring, on button, provident, responsible, tense, un permissive, un-deniable, dis-criminative, resolute, tight, un-permissive, more ultraprecise, cautious, more selfdisciplined, careful, lean, good, most ultraprecise, most selfdisciplined, chaste, most unpermissive, un-impeachable, de tailed, eager, ready, impossible, more careful, accurate, rigorous.

Usage examples for lax:

Rhymes for lax:

  • saxe, flax, jaques, rax, plaques, acts, impacts, dax, knacks, pacs, tax, axe, tracks, bax, cracks, smacks, whacks, pacts, wax, sax, jacks, packs, pretax, maxx, sacs, snacks, sacks, pax, max, ax, backs, trax, dacs, blacks, vax, sachs, tacks, yax, hacks, lacks, relax, facts, racks, knick-knacks, quacks, fax, stacks, macs, slacks;
  • attacks;

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