Pronunciation of Lay
/lˈe͡ɪ/, /lˈe‍ɪ/, /l_ˈeɪ/

Antonyms for lay

gat to one feet, gets one's feet, in vulnerable, cropt up, pastoral, allpowerful, sacerdotal, all-knowing, Ecclesial, were erect, wert on feet, was feet, got to ones feet, disorganize, are valid, re-mains, wast situated, move, being located, technical, came light, up-rose, allknowing, break, up-rises, piles out, in-crease, rolled out, be erect, in creasing, in crease, pre vails, up spring, re mains, dis-pose, up-spring, in finite, wast located, more all-seeing, jumped up, most shielded, in violable, being on feet, roll out, waked up, disestablish, wast vertical, sprang out, infinite, in tenser, be situated, getting to one's feet, getting to ones feet, moving up, art situated, getting to one feet, sacred, Lasted, wast feet, aggravate, more all powerful, were located, gotten feet, moved upward, pre-vails, dis posed, ministerial, gotten to feet, art valid, got one feet, all-seeing, all seeing, piled out, be longs, gat one feet, crop up, get ones feet, gat to feet, wake up, more revered, getting ones feet, unprofane, being valid, most unprofane, most all powerful, was on feet, specialized, art located, straighten, rolling out, most all knowing, springs out, coming light, be-longing, more enshrined, disorder, wakes up, de riving, crops up, wert located, gat to ones feet, be ginning, gat to one's feet, were feet, almighty, got to feet, most all-seeing, more all-powerful, are vertical, most revered, gets to ones feet, jumping up, confuse, take, wert vertical, withhold, sacramental, de rives, comes light, in-tensest, wert feet, come to light, waking up, got feet, wast erect, most all-knowing, up rise, intensify, art feet, am erect, de-rive, in-creases, gets to feet, deny, in-violate, is erect, be vertical, coming to light, gotten to one's feet, in creases, more all-knowing, wert situated, set in, most allknowing, be-longs, moved up, in-finite, got to one's feet, get to one feet, be gun, re maining, in vincible, in-vincible, pre vailed, aid, move upward, get feet, getting one's feet, keep, are situated, ecclesiastical, displace, all-powerful, up rose, depart, ordained, neglect, most cherished, ecclesiastic, rough, in-creased, were valid, clerical, is feet, be valid, jumps up, eternal, up-risen, de-riving, provoke, most allseeing, in-violable, de rived, being vertical, rise shine, more allknowing, disarrange, get to feet, un profane, disturb, gotten ones feet, mix up, were on feet, be honest, de-rives, get to ones feet, sprung out, setting in, pile out, more all knowing, energize, moving upward, cropped up, are on feet, pre vailing, wert erect, churchly, was located, up rises, am located, art vertical, in violate, rolls out, was vertical, dis-posing, dis pose, Clerkly, refuse, most sacramental, is situated, being feet, get one's feet, more unprofane, most all seeing, be on feet, up-rise, be-longed, am valid, more inviolate, being situated, re sting, more shielded, up springs, up-springing, most enshrined, lift, gets one feet, gotten one's feet, agitate, move up, gets feet, comes to light, up risen, more all seeing, gets to one's feet, up rising, are erect, jump up, more allseeing, re mained, Soared, be feet, up springing, destroy, sets in, re-sting, pre vail, are located, was situated, in-tenser, am vertical, got ones feet, un-profane, un-touchable, improvise, re-main, is on feet, allseeing, hallowed, be longed, be-long, be located, moves upward, were situated, being erect, was erect, be longing, was valid, were vertical, are feet, upset, most inviolate, remove, exonerate, stand, more pervading, de-rived, un-limited, re main, wast on feet, in-tense, pre-vailed, dis-posed, spring out, most pervading, be-ginning, arise, woke up, priestly, inviolate, come light, in-vulnerable, irritate, be-gun, springing out, dis posing, more sacramental, un touchable, is located, get one feet, piling out, help, be long, de rive, professional, gat feet, extemporize, more cherished, de fended, get to one's feet, came to light, gotten to one feet, am on feet, cropping up, is vertical, in tense, unsettle, am situated, pre-vail, de-fended, be upright, worry, gets ones feet, be active, up-sprang, more allpowerful.