Pronunciation of Lazy
/lˈe͡ɪzi/, /lˈe‍ɪzi/, /l_ˈeɪ_z_i/

Antonyms for lazy

more born again, wellmade, Unblunted, ex act, most go go, most vitalized, in-tensive, having many irons the fire, most easy-moving, un faltering, quick on trigger, most take-charge, grooving, most slambang, more unanticipated, twofaced, deep-felt, full pep, more unblunted, Rocking, more edged, acuate, god fearing, fast, most heavy-duty, more sophic, hard driving, racy, more grubbing, more suffocating, more diligent, more easy moving, more easymoving, true end, working, most singlehearted, more heavyduty, in someone elses possession, more lusting, most supersonic, more hyper, firstclass, deistic, wide awake, more eggheaded, double quick, penetrative, re sourceful, rollicking, long-haired, quick on the uptake, more razorsharp, brierier, most heavyduty, old faithful, hectic, more deep felt, vigilant, most easymoving, more back-slapping, more eager, most einstein, un-duer, in cautious, well-informed, swarming, in-decent, stalwart, in style, single minded, most go-go, in tent, singleminded, more rocking, busy as beaver, neverending, hard working, head long, head-long, Barrelling, coming strong, more tipped, able bodied, by book, regarding, well organized, un erring, foresighted, most acuminous, more needle pointed, more yearning, quick the uptake, not stale, most knifeedged, most fussbudget, quickest, hard as nails, know stuff, mindful, by the book, more speeding, more keen witted, knife-edged, most takecharge, strong smelling, most overloaded, Expeditive, sur-prising, most bouncing, bornagain, grindest, most with-it, uncontaminated, tuned-in, zappiest, most wizard, conscionable, on double, extra ordinary, in-tended, most back slapping, re stored, good at, full life, most keen-witted, most chop chop, more takeover, in for long haul, most churchgoing, most hard driving, more astir, most lusting, needlepointed, zappy, keenwitted, rip roaring, most turning, de liberate, most uncontaminated, pro-found, most tipped, most prankish, un shakable, all consuming, nimble-witted, quick on draw, more enlivened, more all consuming, more go-go, go go, rosy-cheeked, rosy cheeked, more paralyzing, easymoving, more subito, most with it, bushy-tailed, sharp as a tack, concerned, more allconsuming, Keen-witted, circumspect, in process, most antic, most jazzed, more quickened, ground fine, sharp as tack, more streaming, most itching, more fussbudget, red blooded, godfearing, illadvised, harddriving, quick witted, more romping, most zestful, under hand, having many irons in the fire, more bright eyed, more tunedin, un relenting, strenuous, ball fire, most craving, more bushytailed, strong as ox, alert, most romping, hasty, unanticipated, un-swerving, high spirited, equal to, most impelling, true to the end, heedful, most razor sharp, in-tenser, having enough one's plate, on the job, in tenser, more overloaded, un-restrained, more activated, doublequick, take charge, nebbier, full of pep, chopchop, most keen-edged, having smarts, most nimblewitted, extra-ordinary, offcolor, in-tense, highspirited, like bad penny, most screaming, in good shape, Perseverant, most well built, more gamesome, un-impaired, therest, most honed, out blue, more knife-edged, un-relenting, more fleetfooted, most sharpened, most self-starting, most quickie, in conference, punctilious, most tunedin, more bulldogged, most deep felt, un-wavering, harefooted, more bustling, nobody fool, more theistic, in someone else possession, most quickened, by numbers, more deepfelt, in else possession, more sharp-edged, Snowed, like crazy, chirpy, most bright-eyed, most conscionable, most born again, most speeding, speedball, briery, heavy-duty, in elses possession, quick uptake, nebbiest, Worldlywise, quick on uptake, true the end, more harddriving, most hard-working, ex-act, exuberant, in-delicate, with-it, more bornagain, more long-haired, most tined, lead out, demoniac, more take-charge, more hotshot, ex press, more doublequick, fleet footed, allconsuming, tongue in cheek, pro fuse, most shooting, more speeded, more nimblewitted, most expeditive, in-cautious, in-tensest, more supersonic, more fleet-footed, most knife edged, most longhaired, goodnatured, un wavering, re-solute, nobodys fool, most streaming, shaking a leg, more itching, more wizard, most drilling, more bushy-tailed, un flinching, fireball, on the go, more crackerjack, on toes, true to end, more chop-chop, zingiest, fast the draw, on qui vive, ball of fire, un-tiring, in a meeting, more keen-witted, more advancing, most hard working, up ones ears, more hard working, more with it, un-wearied, most rip-roaring, there, thoughtful, more vinegary, more vitalized, over-loaded, most fairylike, most stickler, most filling, ex-cited, more heavy duty, un wearied, sur prising, industrious, in the pink, stop nothing, most precipitate, more well-organized, more exertive, un ethical, animated, most grooving, more bright-eyed, at work, most electrifying, in else's possession, more red blooded, more red-blooded, more harefooted, most subito, more well organized, like mad, un-faltering, more whetted, ex-press, more self-starting, indefatigable, laborious, zestier, un scrupulous, most tuned-in, attentive, more tapered, devil may care, dedicated, never ending, fast on the draw, more penetrative, religious, more conscionable, more intensified, more turning, more filling, more rip-roaring, on ones toes, un polluted, ill advised, most scriptural, up one ears, un-ceremonious, most nimble-witted, most tuned in, more double-edged, more hard-driving, sprighter, first class, observant, fast on draw, supersonic, ablebodied, most doctrinal, more double quick, familiar with, most all consuming, most takeover, in field, ready, thinking, more prankish, more knifeedged, swift, more uncontaminated, peppy, Exertive, most doublequick, up one's ears, most strong-smelling, more swamped, having many irons in fire, most deistic, most astir, diligent, having enough on one plate, most acuate, quick the trigger, most double-quick, most cracking, on go, un-gracious, un contaminated, alacritous, up to one's ears, needle pointed, spirited, most harefooted, busy as a beaver, quickwitted, more keen edged, short lived, chirpier, witting, more nimble witted, more steamroller, safe and sound, un-polluted, more coltish, up to ones ears, most theistic, born-again, two faced, most single hearted, well informed, on the lookout, more drilling, un-duest, more razor sharp, feeling oats, super sonic, inter-minable, most steamroller, most grubbing, more backslapping, given over to, more gumptious, more sharpened, Spright, more slambang, most keenedged, de finite, more speedball, on lookout, de-finite, quick on the draw, coming on strong, more self starting, un yielding, more fairylike, most exertive, most hard-driving, un-reserved, most selfstarting, super-sonic, shaking leg, wellread, more double edged, more gingery, more genius, most bushytailed, most well organized, keen, in play, more demoniac, most speeded, more fireball, more persisting, up to ears, most apical, most doubleedged, clearcut, employed, most percipient, sharp edged, most long haired, psyched up on, most rip roaring, under-hand, more shifting, fresh, pro founder, feeling one oats, in decent, persistent, more tined, most nimble witted, ex-acting, good natured, deep felt, most energized, most persisting, un-yielding, spikier, double-edged, more take over, bushytailed, zestiest, most needlepointed, most swarming, shifting, athletic, selfstarting, keenedged, most withit, self starting, more screaming, un-remitting, takecharge, most take charge, more splintery, un impaired, unwearying, more cavorting, priestlier, more stickler, in force, more cracking, spikiest, doctrinal, in exhaustible, un available, un swerving, knifeedged, un wearying, steady, keen witted, most coltish, Sophic, riproaring, more strong-smelling, more all-consuming, forethoughtful, most keen edged, bright-eyed, more barrelling, most sharp-edged, dead set on, more well built, more bookworm, quick the draw, having enough on one's plate, quick draw, un-available, most vinegary, careful, most back-slapping, well made, more single-hearted, more born-again, safe sound, rough go, skullest, most red blooded, most enlivened, strong-smelling, zappier, more apical, apical, hard-working, fussbudget, un usual, more keenwitted, off color, chop-chop, most plugging, sudden, go-go, single hearted, gingerly, more deep-felt, more honed, de voted, most deep-felt, un-scrupulous, more double-quick, up to date, most redblooded, heartiest, vinegary, most unblunted, flyest, more elvish, re solute, most suffocating, adept, highpowered, un expected, eggheaded, more razor-sharp, most speedball, most strong smelling, most riproaring, un-feigned, more well-built, most easy moving, more einstein, zealous, Subito, well built, knife edged, more saintlike, feeling one's oats, un-ethical, un duest, most bustling, most splintery, up speed, whizest, most keen witted, on the qui vive, more doubleedged, nose to grindstone, needlelike, a move on, clear cut, un-anticipated, ex cited, zestful, gumptious, well-organized, most pronged, razor-sharp, with customer, Fairylike, all ears, in tense, psyched up, most hyper, most perseverant, most crackerjack, de-liberate, cautious, most double quick, in fine fettle, grinder, wellbuilt, zesty, rosycheeked, un-shakable, un anticipated, hellbent, more grooving, more keen-edged, efficient, pro found, un remitting, elvish, most bushy tailed, more take charge, most shifting, most yearning, most needle-pointed, lively, red-blooded, Needle-pointed, withit, steadfast, most wellbuilt, more jazzed, pro-fuse, vivacious, un-contaminated, assiduous, most backslapping, more fleet footed, singlehearted, more singlehearted, up ears, in delicate, most witting, on move, most red-blooded, more go go, most take over, more selfstarting, most horned, most tapered, good hands, spiky, goahead, more hard-working, most double-edged, pronged, de-signing, deepfelt, sharp, post-haste, most edged, redblooded, most well-built, in pink, more witting, zingy, most intensified, keen-edged, most slaving, well-built, more rosycheeked, worldly wise, tunedin, whizer, quick on the trigger, vigorous, un-wearying, physically fit, on one toes, un blunted, most harddriving, more popping, most gumptious, most gingery, active, bulldogged, having enough ones plate, in-terminable, most activated, expeditious, priestliest, unpolluted, feeling ones oats, quick trigger, un-due, most meddling, caring, most gogo, most deepfelt, most snowed, nebby, tuned in, more longhaired, more sharp edged, guarded, all there, more impelling, most well-organized, hell bent, most single-hearted, responsible, more chop chop, more acuminous, brighteyed, most popping, switched on, nose grindstone, chirpiest, most bright eyed, un-expected, Single-hearted, running, un due, smart as a tack, more expeditive, most unwearying, in full swing, chop chop, twinkle toes, more redblooded, take over, in tended, more single hearted, more scriptural, un gracious, most barrelling, most sharpedged, more plugging, intense, wellinformed, most whetted, more snowed, shortlived, back slapping, backslapping, well read, sprightest, more hard driving, having enough one plate, more takecharge, more tuned in, most chopchop, brieriest, back-slapping, more deistic, more keenedged, already taken, more horned, watchful, more wellbuilt, more jesting, in terminable, more needlelike, more electrifying, agile, hard-driving, most double edged, out of blue, activated, more needle-pointed, in considerate, smart as whip, in tensest, more back slapping, de-voted, re-stored, most rosy-cheeked, in laboratory, headlong, most swamped, churchgoing, painstaking, tough job, prankish, fast draw, most cavorting, more riproaring, skuller, most wellorganized, fleetfooted, ex citing, energetic, most chop-chop, nimble witted, on one's toes, more perseverant, over loaded, most brighteyed, wideawake, most fireball, un-blunted, up and coming, dis criminating, de signing, most eggheaded, un flagging, horned, coltish, wary, more energized, super-natural, in the field, more strong smelling, smart as tack, most elvish, busy, in tensive, the lead out, un-foreseen, vibrant, on the move, on assignment, most bornagain, most demoniac, more buzzing, regardful, more heavy-duty, in fine feather, most bookworm, un feigned, spry, knowing, more antic, in-considerate, most keenwitted, perky, hardy, strong, psyched upon, having enough on plate, most sharp edged, most advancing, most bulldogged, brisk, provident, in meeting, more rip roaring, bright eyed, studious, un-flinching, ex acting, having many irons fire, double-quick, dis-criminating, super natural, easy-moving, most rocking, up to speed, more chopchop, percipient, doubleedged, long haired, having fish fry, keen edged, smart as a whip, easy moving, Acuminous, most allconsuming, chary, more bouncing, sprightly, most razor-sharp, more unpolluted, forcible, hardworking, at it, interested, hotshot, more nimble-witted, wellfounded, good for, more quickie, psyched on, theistic, un tiring, having enough on ones plate, most needlelike, smart, having enough plate, most rosycheeked, un-flagging, enterprising, more swarming, heads up, all-consuming, more percipient, gingery, post haste, more knife edged, pro-founder, tined, most alacritous, more withit, no dummy, quick, occupied, most saintlike, flashest, slambang, bound determined, move it, more brighteyed, more bushy tailed, hearty, bushy tailed, in someone else's possession, instantaneous, double edged, un-usual, full of life, most take-over.