Pronunciation of Learn
/l_ˈɜː_n/, /lˈɜːn/, /lˈɜːn/

Antonyms for learn:

caring for, making conversant with, dis regard, up dates, teach, give faith, pass over, lost sight of, Spiritualizing, in-duct, super intending, in duct, coxswains, super vising, dis-regarding, in-spirits, tip off, give tip, getting lowdown on, re-adies, blot out, release, become aware of, drew a blank, losing sight of, getting lay of land, over seeing, in spiriting, dries run, giving word, conceal, Shepherding, re fined, miss, keeping posted, whip into shape, letting down hair, works over, pull ones coat, causing understand, showed way, dis counts, breaking it to, lost consciousness of, dis regards, gave lessons, cleaned forget, putting hip, hide, loses sight of, tipping off, be-trays, up held, came to know, coming know, get to know, re-fine, gave pointer, drum in to, ex-pounding, dis-close, sent word, consign to oblivion, in spired, grows strong, let in on, train, cloak, gave the lowdown, got a workout, getting workout, Versing, getting lay land, escaped memory, letted slip from memory, pre scribe, edify, gives the word, wise one up, polishing up, gotten workout, be-tray, in quires, pulled coat, broke to, re-commends, dis-regard, whip in to shape, putting on to, in-ducting, showing way, blanket, over-sees, Piloted, getting into shape, shape up, up-lifted, super vised, keeps posted, lays it out for, ex pounded, consigned oblivion, consigned to oblivion, misremember, gat know, disregard, end-owed, dis counted, shows the way, de-fined, gat shape, in vested, gotten a workout, spiritualizes, ex plaining, tipped off, caused to understand, pre pares, pulling one's coat, over sees, pulled one's coat, puts hip, gives a pointer, wises up, consigns oblivion, draws a blank, give pointer, dis remembering, devoting to, ex pounds, wises one up, escaping ones memory, comes to know, in stating, getting with it, in vests, letted know, get shape, lets slip from memory, draw a blank, putting bug in ear, cluing in, laid out for, ex-plains, wised up, breaks down, dis closed, mis recollecting, re commends, dismissed from mind, got lay land, over look, cause understand, re claims, get workout, put heads together, gained friendship, in spirited, re-fines, licked in to shape, in-quire, de fines, super-vised, help forward, ethicizing, update, shows the ropes, dis-counts, over pass, gets a workout, nursled, put on to, spiritualize, lick in to shape, pre-ached, gotten in shape, over-pass, re fine, pass, gotten know, give two cents, curtain, mislay, hast handle on, escape one memory, dis remembers, have a handle on, fore-warns, bringing into use, drawing blank, in state, haddest handle on, improve mind, wonts, ex-pound, gets lay land, pounded in to, intro duces, pre scribing, give the lowdown, clue in, gives character, de fined, ex plained, showed ropes, getting in to shape, veil, devoting oneself to, cares for, cultivate, escapes memory, gat lowdown on, drying run, de fine, whipping in to shape, in spirits, gat lay of land, Spiritualized, broke down, dis closes, provides for, hast a handle on, co ached, be trays, pounds into, pre-pared, pre-scribes, propagandize, come to know, super-intended, crossexamine, dis-remember, get with it, up-dating, pro viding, becomes aware of, pro fesses, get lay of land, growing strong, re-commend, showing ropes, consigning oblivion, slur, clean forget, in spiring, keep posted, over looks, wising one up, over looked, cause to understand, over-saw, lets in on, super intend, opened eyes, make conversant with, got lowdown on, give a pointer, gat lay land, letting in on, up dated, dis regarding, puts through grind, re hearses, gave a tip, whipt into shape, get a workout, up-holding, in-vests, Overpassed, in-quires, told on, educate, pulling coat, walks through, mask, re-fining, providing for, neglect, in-spirited, makes conversant with, Wonting, escaped one's memory, kibitzing, in-ducted, gives tip, gotten lay land, put through the mill, give lessons, dismisses from mind, loses consciousness of, re-sting, gave tip, in-quired, thought no more of, pulling one coat, in quired, in forms, escaping memory, drill, licking into shape, polishes up, have handle on, break to, wised, got lay of land, gets to know, laid it out for, giving tip, gets in to shape, ex pound, gives word, getting a workout, hammer in to, Shepherded, quarterback, give word, over passed, gives two cents, gotten lowdown on, pull one's coat, mis recollected, shapes up, intro-duces, de fining, letting know, tutor, in stilled, in-stating, super-vise, gotten to know, brake down, mis-recollected, licks in to shape, intro-duce, up lifted, breaking to, gat in shape, lays out for, re fines, got shape, walked through, pre-scribed, walk through, be tray, gets shape, in ducted, ex plain, puts bug ear, dis-remembered, pull one coat, pre-pare, pro-viding, dis regarded, Misrecollect, getting shape, pro-fesses, has a handle on, causes to understand, think no more of, in ducts, giving lessons, bring in to use, gat into shape, devote oneself to, put bug ear, wising, super-intend, inform, showing the ropes, Bottoming, makes ready, becoming aware of, putting through the grind, licking in to shape, gotten with it, worked over, kibitzed, in-quiring, helping forward, in spirit, super-intends, get know, pro-motes, escaped one memory, lets down hair, wise up, improving mind, shows way, lose sight of, in-spire, comes know, grew strong, pro-vided, kibitzes, escapes one's memory, thinks no more of, bottomed, up-lifting, pro-mote, dis close, disciplined, lose, helped forward, up-hold, coxswained, in-stilled, letting slip from memory, pro moting, wising up, ethicized, opened up, letting next to, in-forming, brake it to, over-looking, helps forward, pre aching, co-unselling, pre pare, dried run, put bug in ear, give the facts, forgotten, having a handle on, care for, nursles, grow strong, making used to, causes understand, mis recollects, co aching, escaping one memory, giving a tip, having handle on, opens up, in stilling, puts through the grind, work over, puts through the mill, pounding in to, let next to, losing consciousness of, ignore, came know, pre-scribing, up dating, Beaconed, gotten in to shape, fail to remember, get into shape, licks into shape, opening eyes, puts bug in ear, escapes one memory, got in shape, gain friendship, hadst a handle on, giving the word, gave word, puts on to, in-spirit, ex pounding, warm up, in spires, over passes, re sting, pre pared, escaping one's memory, coxswain, wrought over, trailblazed, co-aching, fore warns, makes used to, drawing a blank, Beaconing, got into shape, gives a tip, has handle on, brought into use, gotten shape, tell on, made used to, gains friendship, intro duce, over saw, co unselling, slight, dis-regards, putting through grind, spend, tips off, overpast, shroud, pro vided, fails to remember, pulls ones coat, get in to shape, cross examine, pro vides, putting bug ear, enshroud, readies, telling on, mis-recollecting, devotes to, put through the grind, end owing, nurture, occult, failed to remember, fail remember, pounds in to, improved mind, cleans forget, pro-vide, overpass, dis closing, licked into shape, pro fess, gave the facts, super intended, clued in, gives pointer, making ready, forget, inculcate, escape ones memory, put hip, up holds, pro-moting, pulled one coat, fails remember, getting in shape, show the ropes, re-veal, up lift, in-vesting, lets know, dis remembered, tells on, gave faith, in-spires, get lay land, shows ropes, ex plains, whipped in to shape, mis-recollects, lets next to, pulls one coat, made ready, bring up, enlighten, in-vest, give a tip, de-fine, putting heads together, pulling ones coat, showed the way, piloting, school, shaping up, dis counting, pre-paring, in-forms, giving facts, devotes oneself to, whipped into shape, causing to understand, coming to know, over seen, provide for, ex-pounds, overlook, gives lessons, mis recollect, dis remember, cover, pulls coat, up-held, ethicize, Disremember, gave instruction, in-stated, brake to, pulls one's coat, indoctrinate, getting know, gat workout, escape one's memory, sending word, bringing in to use, guide, screen, devoted oneself to, up-holds, opening up, dismiss from mind, gotten lay of land, up holding, in-stilling, gives facts, puts heads together, Educating, fore warned, lose consciousness of, pull coat, in vest, warmed up, re commending, re claiming, pre-aching, over-look, pro vide, re claimed, let know, civilize, re-claimed, gets with it, broke it to, in stated, break it to, haddest a handle on, trailblaze, Misset, hath handle on, ground, making conversant, gat with it, in-spired, become adept in, re adies, re commended, provided for, dis-remembering, escapes ones memory, drew blank, re-commended, failed remember, quarterbacking, let down hair, up lifting, giving the facts, letted in on, get lowdown on, gives the facts, gets lowdown on, breaks to, form, pro-vides, consign oblivion, showing the way, re commend, misrecollects, show the way, in form, warms up, consigns to oblivion, break ice, in quiring, hammer into, pounded into, re-commending, up date, cleaning forget, co-ached, fore warn, re claim, brings into use, end owed, in-ducts, put to, became adept in, cared for, Disciplining, misrecollected, re-lated, ex-plaining, dis-counting, clues in, wised one up, de-fining, re veals, break down, hadst handle on, brought in to use, giving the lowdown, escape memory, fore-warn, give instruction, super vise, devote to, super-intending, unlearn, over see, gave facts, misrecollecting, dismissing from mind, over-passed, misplace, re-hearse, in spire, devoted to, gave two cents, in-vested, pro-fess, instruct, gets in shape, pre-scribe, send word, becomes adept in, dis-closed, Overpassing, put through mill, becoming adept in, giving two cents, over-passes, up-dates, gaining friendship, show way, bring into use, polished up, initiate, catechize, fore-warning, walking through, showed the ropes, became aware of, failing to remember, breed, hath a handle on, had handle on, made conversant, open eyes, failing remember, over-looks, giving instruction, show ropes, in-spiring, got know, coach, pulled ones coat, puts to, up hold, over-passing, Familiarize, in forming, ex-plained, draws blank, dis-closes, puts through mill, escaped ones memory, re-veals, in-states, pounding into, over passing, make used to, giving a pointer, re late, in-state, trailblazes, make ready, got in to shape, pre paring, laying it out for, brings in to use, lay it out for, makes conversant, consigning to oblivion, gave a pointer, putting through the mill, breaks it to, coxswaining, wises, opens eyes, dis-regarded, counsel, putting through mill, over-seen, putting to, made conversant with, mis-recollect, caused understand, gives instruction, open up, give the word, improves mind, breaking down, kibitz, end-owing, up-date, quarterbacks, gets into shape, polish up, dis-counted, lay out for, draw blank, pound in to, laying out for, gave character, pre ached, lick into shape, ex-plain, up-lift, letted next to, gat to know, kept posted, give facts, re-hearses, make conversant, dis-remembers, dis-closing, gave the word, misunderstand, super intends, whipping into shape, in quire, up lifts, ex-pounded, get in shape, in-spiriting, de-fines, pound into, gets know, up-lifts, thinking no more of, Nurtured, let slip from memory, come know, got workout.

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