Pronunciation of Lee
/l_ˈiː/, /lˈiː/, /lˈiː/

Antonyms for lee

center, inside, middle, interior, back, whole, rear, extremity, torso.

Usage examples for lee

  1. It was at Lincoln that Lee was about to strike, at Lincoln and the Northern people, and an effective blow at the point which people and President deemed vital might arrest the progress of their armies as surely as if the Confederates had been reinforced by a hundred thousand men. – Stonewall Jackson And The American Civil War by G. F. R. Henderson
  2. The ministry was sufficiently attractive also to Dr. George W. Lee, who began his career in North Carolina. – The History of the Negro Church by Carter Godwin Woodson
  3. Moreover, there was no element of the sneak in Lee Ellis's make- up. – The Marrow of Tradition by Charles W. Chesnutt

Rhymes for lee

  • guarantee, prix, mit, escapee, dee, apc, disagree, nic, smee, yi, spree, mc, knee, andree, tea, tenn, loree, draftee, yippee, li, zea, bree, emcee, kea, m3, mt, yangtze, leigh, parolee, ree, re, musee, pri, guarani, shri, pea, banshee, brie, free, the, p, we, tennessee, internee, guaranty, sheree, yee, tse, cd, tree, ji, jie, kyi, trainee, ki, gee, crea, licensee, bibi, t, cree, enrollee, waikiki, fi, jessee, detainee, louie, sightsee, atp, designee, ranee, inductee, oversea, qi, jubilee, hee, oad, henri, sie, enlistee, ne, odp, rupee, shi, cc, ot, wee, three, jee, cod, cie, she, see, ravi, mme, whoopee, quay, eap, repartee, he, ve, bee, syp, franchisee, ib, nominee, rosalee, rosemarie, g, dupree, mee, pawnee, kee, ee, flea, bourgeoisie, gyi, thierry, chee, lp, ged, decree, conferee, vi, thee, key, tv, flee, nestle, vee, sea, bbc, ti, pattee, sze, fop, fee, qui, z, xie, jaycee, ye, marquis, curie, dea, lxi, ski, glee, degree, dundee, ddt, debris, be, sci, tyree, honoree, snee, foresee, capri, quai, mi, mea, nabil, nghi, undersea, ghee, bea, spie, dsv, khe, resignee, klee, valoree, xi, pree, cyb, lsd, bui, ze, vendee, c3, cac, referee, potpourri, lavie, goatee, indri, tee, mcgee, njt, chablis, appointee, si, rb, je, se, cxc, zee, v, ofc, cat-3, rea, thi, sep, gutsy, mcghee, nee, ab, marquee, yie, trustee, marie, deportee, de, bt, devotee, esprit, slee, blea, ip, me, brea, retiree, nie, c, markee, lessee, plea, te, magee, sri, id, chea, d, mpg, lea, fsi, b;
  • achee, abee, alee, albee, ac, agree, adee;
  • amc, adoree, amputee, adoptee, absentee, addressee, abt;
  • irit, geac, hnat, interviewee, knbc, lapd;
  • awb;