Pronunciation of Legitimate
/ləd͡ʒˈɪtɪmət/, /ləd‍ʒˈɪtɪmət/, /l_ə_dʒ_ˈɪ_t_ɪ_m_ə_t/

Antonyms for legitimate

untrustworthy, fake, more subrosa, extra legal, most unwarrantable, un approved, out line, criminalize, abrogate, unconstitutional, contrary law, Pirated, unpeaceful, in-subordinate, un seen, non conformist, backdoor, dis-orderly, un-righteous, more unapproved, illegalise, uncommon, unreal, dis-honest, in side, in violation law, cancel, more under the table, most dissimulated, under-the-table, more anarchical, immoral, disputed, in fringing, invalidate, avoid, outside the law, un fairest, lawless, improper, in-fringing, unfitting, most proscribed, negate, unwarranted, secret, un fair, more no no, re tired, baseless, out lawed, dis ordered, sham, misbegot, strike down, unsuitable, apocryphal, un-sanctioned, rescind, impure, un fairer, mis born, most indictable, non compliant, most pirated, off limits, more black-market, fakest, dis-ordered, un-just, dis-reputable, more backstairs, criminal, criminalise, most unpeaceful, contrary to law, sneakest, more recusant, mis-begotten, more ungenuine, most backdoor, more infringing, most barred, most sub-rosa, most conspiratorial, un sanctioned, un-warrantable, more unsanctioned, more nono, more barred, most racket, unsanctioned, dis reputable, enigmatical, unrighteous, un licensed, insurgent, blackmarket, more dissembled, most smuggled, dis honest, more unwarrantable, closed down, dis-simulated, more interdicted, most sub rosa, more backdoor, unreasonable, subrosa, more unpeaceful, dis-honorable, more anarchic, in ambush, more mongrel, un peaceful, false, most misborn, no-no, anarchic, un-authorized, most backstairs, unlicensed, dis-obedient, un-known, un-cultivated, most under the table, most black market, piratical, most under the counter, in valid, under-the-counter, mis begotten, un-juster, most unrespectable, under ground, most mongrel, more wildcat, unacknowledged, un-fair, un acknowledged, hush hush, out-lawed, most no no, un genuine, most unsanctioned, re-fused, un-warranted, anarchical, most no-no, most infringing, un disclosed, over the line, dishonest, reprobate, most nono, unjust, more sub-rosa, un-respectable, unauthorized, most recusant, most anarchical, un cultivated, un justest, more under the counter, unestablished, illegitimate, extralegal, corrupt, more blackmarket, more extralegal, un-acknowledged, mis-born, black-market, nono, un-fairest, most inferior, un-licensed, irregular, hushhush, unreliable, most unapproved, re fused, wrongful, illegal, under false pretense, counterintuitive, more unrespectable, re prehensible, un-official, un enlightened, affected, outside law, most anarchic, illicit, unlawful, roll back, bastard, un-peaceful, un-enlightened, most extralegal, dis simulated, unrespectable, un-genuine, more anarchistic, counterfeit, un-ethical, anarchistic, not legal, more unlicensed, annul, more racket, un frequented, un constitutional, re-prehensible, un-lawful, abnormal, un juster, un civilized, more sub rosa, non-conformist, most terrorizing, guilty, un-disclosed, dis honorable, Disannul, more smuggled, under the table, un-approved, out of line, more pirated, misbegotten, most violating, un-frequented, most subrosa, most unrighteous, unconventional, in-valid, more conspiratorial, dis obedient, most under-the-table, exploded, more unacknowledged, un authorized, most ungenuine, un-justest, un respectable, un-civilized, un justified, unwarrantable, un warranted, vacate, more piratical, more under-the-table, un ethical, abate, dis orderly, incorrect, fictitious, on qt, abolish, most black-market, more violating, most unlicensed, dis guised, invalid, pro-scribed, un-constitutional, non-compliant, more indictable, recusant, un-published, in subordinate, more dissimulated, under handed, more unrighteous, un tamed, deceptive, dis-guised, most wildcat, fabulous, nullify, un-tamed, in violation of law, not approved, more no-no, un official, more proscribed, dissolve, not allowed, evil, un warrantable, pro scribed, more terrorizing, under table, most dissembled, extra-legal, sub-rosa, un-justified, un published, most unacknowledged, most blackmarket, more misborn, indictable, more black market, un known, most under-the-counter, un-restrained, irrational, most interdicted, prohibited, more under-the-counter, un-fairer, cloak and dagger, un just, Shrouded, conspiratorial, backstairs, un lawful, most anarchistic, Misborn, ungenuine, most piratical, Unapproved, un-intelligible, under-cover, under-handed.