Pronunciation of Lesser
/lˈɛsə/, /lˈɛsə/, /l_ˈɛ_s_ə/

Antonyms for lesser

more substrative, head-most, underived, sub stratal, more fivestar, fivestar, most predominate, under-lying, more grass roots, superior, second-to-none, more exceeding, in dispensable, most foundational, significant, most firststring, more substratal, majorleague, Supereminent, paramount, most axiological, firstclass, more five star, first class, more sustaining, large scale, master, most first-string, firstrate, most fivestar, more second to none, more overshadowing, un approachable, most grassroots, life death, more above, un rivaled, sub-stratal, para mount, over shadowing, over ruling, most mainline, higher, over-shadowing, greater, most second-to-none, in comparable, more first-string, firststring, out standing, first-string, fore-most, bottomline, meat-and-potatoes, very good, most supereminent, top-pest, axiological, un-rivaled, pre eminent, out-standing, most bottom line, second to none, exceptional, more grass-roots, more first string, un-equaled, most overruling, top pest, first rate, most exceeding, ex tensive, much, more grassroots, most five star, most headmost, top notch, most bottom-line, more axiological, un-derived, un-approachable, over bearing, mainline, most substratal, super eminent, more second-to-none, most first rate, super-eminent, key, over-sized, pre dominant, more, most second to none, most underived, foundational, big, more overruling, para-mount, more meat-and-potatoes, most meat-and-potatoes, in class by itself, more predominate, wellknown, most grass roots, pre-eminent, major, most above, un-paralleled, Headmost, more five-star, largescale, principal, most grass-roots, first-rate, more supereminent, most five-star, five-star, senior, most first string, more foundational, well known, life and death, bottom-line, more bottom-line, Over-bearing, un derived, pre-dominate, upper most, five star, head most, substrative, un equaled, large, in-comparable, pre dominate, most overshadowing, superordinate, pre vailing, more mainline, in-dispensable, more headmost, star, capital, dominant, pre-dominant, more underived, upper-most, un paralleled, more firststring, fore most, over-ruling.