Letted Go

Pronunciation of Letted Go
/lˈɛtɪd ɡˈə͡ʊ/, /lˈɛtɪd ɡˈə‍ʊ/, /l_ˈɛ_t_ɪ_d ɡ_ˈəʊ/

Antonyms for letted go:

fix, veto, tighten, keep, permit, assert, serve, win, repress, doom, discourage, take notice, imprison, pull, allow, be sad, begin, be happy, pile up, concern, correct, tie, start, combine, aggravate, disappoint, deny, extend, entangle, capture, respect, prevent, need, retain, uphold, engage, detain, distress, worsen, Cannot, condemn, free, implode, hurt, collect, do well, include, watch, regard, incriminate, excite, pay attention, convict, like, irritate, praise, go, preserve, finish, acknowledge, grow, give, wind, complete, worry, fasten, hold, explain, admire, advance, restrict, straighten, sanction, hook, punish, expand, approve, protect, take in, recognize, dissuade, magnify, place, reveal, guard, favor, find, run into, compliment, stay, forward, offer, increase, link, dam, get, cherish, insert, ascend, work, bore, conquer, assign, accept, add, continue, nurture, promote, raise, enter, appoint, listen, confine, tense, clutter, support, revive, build, censure, agitate, esteem, refuse, gloat, denounce, honor, entwine, involve, oppose, come, direct, prolong, delight, owe, load, face, delegate, catch, damn, flatter, hitch, notice, surpass, mend, counter, employ, join, enlarge, dull, admit, prove, sentence, attach, restrain, DO, disapprove, hate, couple, dismantle, reject, take care of, remember, accuse, incarcerate, HIT, rise, limit, accomplish, secure, attend, remain, achieve, meet, stop, heed, amplify, agree, look at, withhold, button, unite, receive, accusation, gather, persevere, care, welcome, blame, intensify, bind, hire, twist, incite, find guilty, disallow, close, note, develop, succeed, be quiet, tangle, charge, pursue, hide, energize, legalize, adopt, please, be active, enhance, defend, dislike, connect, fight, inject, follow, love, maintain, slow, help, block.

Synonyms for letted go:

never mind (interjection)

nothing, drop it, ignore it, don't bother, don't concern yourself, it doesn't matter, it's all right.

abandon (verb)

abdicate, back out, bail out, bow out, chicken out, cop out, desert, discard, discontinue, ditch, drop, drop out, duck, dump, dust, flake out, leave, leg it, let go, opt out, pull out, quit, stop, surrender, take a powder, vacate, withdraw, yield, fly the coop, kiss goodbye, throw over, walk out on, run out on, ship out, screw, cut loose, give up the ship, storm out, take a walk, wash hands of.

abate (verb)

allay, chill out, coast, cool, cool it, decline, decrease, diminish, dull, dwindle, ebb, mellow out, moderate, quell, recede, reduce, slacken, slow, subdue, subside, take it easy, taper, taper off, unlax, wane, let up, go with the flow, hang easy, hang loose, lay back, let it all hang out.

acquit (verb)

absolve, clear, deliver, discharge, exculpate, excuse, exonerate, free, liberate, release, relieve, vindicate, whitewash, wink at, wipe off, Disculpate, let off, blink at, let off the hook.

bypass (verb)

burke, circumnavigate, circumvent, detour, finesse, get around, ignore, neglect, omit, outflank, pass around, sidestep, skirt, go around, depart from, deviate from, go around the barn, take back road.

can (verb)

ax, boot, bounce, cashier, dismiss, expel, kick out, sack, terminate, give the heave ho.

clear (verb)

acquit, clarify, emancipate, explain, set free, defog, find innocent.

cry (verb)

bawl, bemoan, bewail, blub, blubber, break down, caterwaul, choke up, complain, deplore, fret, grieve, groan, howl, keen, lament, mewl, moan, mourn, regret, sigh, sniff, snivel, sorrow, squall, wail, weep, whimper, whine, yammer, yowl, Boohoo, burst into tears, sob, shed tears, crack up, dissolve in tears, let it all out, put on the weeps, ring the blues, shed bitter tears, turn on waterworks.

cut loose (verb)

run amok, run riot, run wild, go berserk.

deliver (verb)

abandon, cede, commit, give up, grant, hand over, resign, transfer, turn over.

detonate (verb)

bang, blast, blow up, burst, explode, fulminate, mushroom, touch off, shoot off, kablooey, push the button, va-voom.

discharge (verb)

boot out, bump, bust, can, disburden, disencumber, dispense, displace, eject, exempt, fire, lay off, let out, lock out, nix, oust, remove, replace, spare, supersede, supplant, unload, show the door, freeze out, give one notice, let one go, privilege from, run out of town, ride out on rail.

disentangle (verb)

clear up, detach, disembroil, disengage, disinvolve, expand, extricate, loose, open, part, resolve, separate, sever, simplify, sort out, sunder, unbraid, undo, unfold, unravel, unscramble, unsnarl, untangle, untie, untwine, untwist, work out, Discumber, bail one out.

dismiss (verb)

abolish, banish, bundle, cast out, chase, chuck, defrock, depone, deport, depose, disband, dispatch, dispense with, disperse, dispose of, disqualify, dissolve, divorce, drive out, force out, furlough, impeach, outlaw, pension, push aside, push back, put away, recall, reject, relegate, relinquish, repel, repudiate, retire, rid, send packing, shed, shelve, shut out, suspend, sweep away, turn away, unfrock, unseat, wash out, Disemploy, Disfrock, turn out, give the gate, brush off, send off, cast off, deselect, do without, show out, slough off, have done with, give notice to, give the ax, give the heave-ho, give walking papers, give warning, pink-slip.

disregard (verb)

brush aside, contemn, despise, discount, disdain, disobey, disparage, fail, forget, laugh off, live with, miss, overlook, overpass, pass over, pooh-pooh, scorn, slight, snub, turn a blind eye, Vilipend, brush away, tune out, pay no attention to, have no use for, look the other way, cold-shoulder, leave out of account, let off easy, let pass, pay no heed to, pay no mind, shut eyes to, take no notice of, turn a deaf ear.

excuse (verb)

alibi, appease, condone, cover, defend, extenuate, forgive, indulge, mitigate, pardon, pretext, purge, rationalize, remit, reprieve, shrive, shrug off, tolerate, bear with, apologize for, make allowances for, dispense from, give absolution, grant amnesty, plead ignorance, exempt from, take rap for.

explode (verb)

backfire, blaze, break out, collapse, convulse, detonate, erupt, flame up, fracture, jet, rupture, shatter, shiver, split, thunder, set off, flare up, blow to kingdom come.

extricate (verb)

difference, differentiate, disembarrass, disentangle, extract, loosen, rescue, get off the hook, get out from under, save one's neck, wriggle out of.

fire (verb)

pink slip, give the sack, give bum's rush, give marching orders, give pink slip, hand walking papers.

forgive (verb)

allow for, amnesty, commute, efface, let it go, palliate, pocket, relent, respite, spring, think no more of, let bygones be bygones, accept apology, bear no malice, dismiss from mind, kiss and make up, let up on, make allowance, turn other cheek, wipe slate clean, bury the hatchet.

frolic (verb)

caper, carouse, cavort, fool around, frisk, gambol, lark, let loose, play, prance, raise hell, revel, riot, rollick, romp, sport, spree, whoop it up, cut capers, go on a tear, kick up one's heels.

ignore (verb)

avoid, blink, evade, wink, be oblivious to, bury one's head in sand, take no notice, turn back on, turn blind eye, turn deaf ear.

lay off (verb)

pay off, retire early.

leave (verb)

allow, have, lay down, leave behind, let, mislay, permit, suffer, let be, let continue, let stay.

loose/loosen (verb)

alleviate, disconnect, disjoin, ease, ease off, manumit, relax, unbar, unbolt, unbuckle, unbutton, unchain, unclasp, unfasten, unhitch, unhook, unlace, unlash, unleash, unlock, unloose, unpin, unscrew, unstrap, Disenthrall, Unfix, Unlatch, Unstick, Untighten, break up, become unfastened, unsnap, work free, work loose.

loosen (verb)


miss (verb)

blow, blunder, botch, disregard, err, fall short, flub, fumble, juggle, lose, miscarry, misfire, misplace, overshoot, pass up, skip, slip, trip, undershoot, muff, drop the ball, let slip, be late for, fall flat on face, trip up.

neglect (verb)

affront, condemn, depreciate, detest, keep one's distance, pass by, pretermit, rebuff, scant, slur, spurn, underestimate, have nothing to do with, make light of, not care for, keep at arm's length.

omit (verb)

bar, bypass, cancel, cast aside, count out, cut, delete, edit, eliminate, except, leave out, preclude, prohibit, snip, trim, void, withhold, cut out, knock off, miss out, leave undone, let slide, x-out.

oust (verb)

bereave, bundle off, deprive, dethrone, disinherit, dislodge, dispossess, divest, evict, ostracize, rob, throw out, topple, transport, Expulse, pack off, give the 1-2-3.

overlook (verb)

handle, pass, stand for, stomach, take, slip up, put up with, go along with, grin and bear it, fail to notice, let fall between the cracks, pay no attention, play past, roll with punches, swim with the tide, turn blind eye to.

pink-slip (verb)

give someone his or her walking papers, give someone the ax, give someone the gate, give someone the pink slip, show someone the door.

play (verb)

carry on, clown, dally, dance, disport, divert, frolic, horse around, joke, jump, kibitz, make merry, mess around, rejoice, toy, trifle, show off, idle away, amuse oneself, be life of party, cut up, entertain oneself, go on a spree, kick up heels, let one's hair down.

relax (verb)

calm, calm down, cool off, laze, lie down, loosen up, recline, repose, rest, simmer down, sit back, soften, take a breather, take ten, tranquilize, unbend, unwind, compose oneself, sit around, stop work, breathe easy, collect oneself, feel at home, let oneself go, make oneself at home, settle back, take a break, take one's time, take time out, put one's feet up.

relent (verb)

acquiesce, capitulate, cave in, come around, comply, die away, fall, fold, forbear, give in, give way, lighten up, melt, weaken, show mercy, be merciful, change one's mind, ease up on, give quarter, give some slack, go easy on, have mercy, have pity, let it happen, say uncle, cry uncle.

reprieve (verb)

abate, postpone, grant a stay, let off this time.

revel (verb)

bask, crow, delight, enjoy, gloat, lap up, live it up, luxuriate, relish, roister, roll, savor, step out, thrive, wallow, run around, kid around, blow off steam, paint the town.

roister (verb)

kick over the traces, make whoopee, paint the town red.

spare (verb)

pity, refrain from, be lenient, get out of hock, give a break, give quarter to, pull out of the fire, save bacon, save from, save neck, relieve from.

surrender (verb)

buckle under, concede, consign, entrust, forego, go down, go under, knuckle, knuckle under, part with, renounce, roll over, submit, succumb, throw in the towel, waive, eat humble pie, deliver up, pack it in, eat crow, play dead, put up white flag, toss it in.

throw (verb)

bandy, barrage, bombard, buck, bunt, butt, cant, cast, catapult, dash, drive, fell, flick, fling, fling off, flip, floor, force, heave, hurl, impel, lapidate, launch, let fly, lift, lob, overturn, overwhelm, peg, pellet, pelt, pepper, pitch, precipitate, project, push, put, scatter, send, shove, shower, shy, sling, splatter, spray, sprinkle, start, stone, strew, thrust, toss, tumble, unhorse, upset, volley, waft.

weep (verb)

drip, ululate, let it out.

yield (verb)

back down, bend, bow, break, buy, crumple, defer, fold up, go, sag, call it quits, come to terms, admit defeat, give oneself over, lay down arms, suffer defeat.

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