Pronunciation of Liberate
/l_ˈɪ_b_ə_ɹ_ˌeɪ_t/, /lˈɪbəɹˌe͡ɪt/, /lˈɪbəɹˌe‍ɪt/

Antonyms for liberate

take to court, flies the handle, vising, catch in act, laying for, re sting, de activate, close, out-lines, bring to heel, gat the better of, come apart, gets hands on, tacked on, went easy on, cramping ones style, hook on, circumvent, railroading, de tour, anchored it, over rode, curb, gat around, puts screws to, de pressing, hooked on, dis concerts, de-solates, worked at, putting arm on, pressurized, prevents passage, de limit, co-ordinate, dis covering, bodied snatch, re-press, skimp on, interfering with, lock, set apart, keeping within limits, de solates, keeping secret, over-powering, in-denture, sent prison, rein in, out-lining, freezing to, be-guiles, re buffs, decreased volume, de-limiting, were parsimonious, reduces speed, in-corporates, hath a tree, throws book at, forces up on, Attainting, inter-twists, disfranchises, over looks, Preyed, dragging feet, bodies snatch, dis-mantled, put a lid on, double cross, re pressed, disenfranchised, entangle, fore stalling, keeps close, in corporates, brought suit, shuttering, mousetrap, grapple, pro-tract, sends for, be stingy, re-pulse, sur-rounded, gets better of, re moving, held in custody, dis organizes, co oked, pre-pare, de barred, prevented passage, Kinking, re served, de generated, dis composes, ease up, lose steam, dis-allowing, de lays, sends up, inter-fere, sweeping off one's feet, takes out of play, shut in, putting on docket, tail off, modify, turns on heat, co aching, make off with, pro-tracts, trans ported, de-limits, immure, inter laced, taking it out on, lock in, out fitting, brought knees, gotten ropes, Beaching, hath up a tree, pronounces guilty, bats eyes at, re-calling, dam, in terns, kept tight rein on, inter weaves, playing off, keep tight rein on, juking, prorogues, de militarizing, took fall, by passes, boxing in, be wilder, gentles, withhold, fit together, trans fix, lay down law, backwater, fly handle, gotten better of, corked, turn aside, gets ones hands on, ice, gat hooks into, put in irons, gotten hands on, de aden, pro scribe, over whelm, pre-vails, kept in mind, inter tangle, ran low, repress, prorogue, gulp down, Gluing, getting one hands on, make fast, catch offguard, pro rogues, prevailed over, makes ends meet, dis mantling, out-flank, de-press, brings bay, de-voting, dis posed, giving chase, muzzle, in conveniences, re solve, re pressing, beat down, setting trap, re serve, dis mantles, over-reach, puts to, pro scribed, Shepherding, delay, sub-due, dis-charged, runs rings around, gives edge to, back watered, jap, stop up, tie ones hands, de cline, govern, anchors it, get hands on, de range, de-fuses, holding spellbound, dis integrating, clam up, dis-courage, under lied, slows up, re-move, keeps waiting, sweep ones feet, over riding, came apart, kibbled, held hostage, pro-scribe, with standing, moderate, putting harness, pass sentence on, dragged one's feet, intertwisting, drag into, holds sway, took by storm, bursting in on, oblige, Buttering, de adens, holding out on, springing on, trip up, dis-comfits, take, gat one fingers on, with-stands, bring a standstill, de toured, embogging, de lighted, de-generate, catching off balance, hooking up, laying it thick, gotten on ropes, catches off guard, laying trap for, enchained, keeps under wraps, Re-collect, make with, cooling out, co-oped, choked off, brought to knees, closes off, took the chair, de-tours, dampen, sweep off ones feet, kept secret, interfere with, be-calm, be witched, keeps under one hat, de-toured, Forfend, keeps back, Repulsing, catching off-balance, lay hands on, demarked, inter-feres, sub jugate, got ropes, brought to the ground, keep back, make party to, de-fine, de-fusing, de-militarize, rivetted, tackle, sees through, in ducts, gulping down, pre served, inter-weaving, tighten belt, gives the runaround, re-straining, pins down, mowed down, pro claim, holds in, hold back, bringing standstill, being stingy, held office, calling signals, housebroke, cage, out witting, Manacled, Disciplining, keeping under one hat, put arm on, nail, dis-mantles, involving litigation, were frugal, dis comfits, strands, re quires, keep under wraps, out-wits, giving directions, get around, de-coying, be calmed, counter acts, mousetraps, bide time, re-buffs, caught unawares, took by surprise, dis-cover, de-activate, lay on thick, with-stand, Sanded, hadst a tree, held in, getting fingers on, with holds, tightens belt, de valuate, hast authority, pinned down, caught in the act, de-fuse, gunned, directionalizes, gibbets, narrowing down, dis appointing, overbears, pro-claims, slackening pace, pass judgment, dis-appoints, keeping oneself, handcuff, breaks the spirit, bode time, puts the arm on, limit, reins in, weigh, bodying snatch, laid a trap for, Tombing, hits on, wert stingy, sur prise, sweep one's feet, calling up on, re straining, catching off-guard, swilling, over-borne, hooks on, Intermitted, de militarize, putting trial, catch off balance, re-quires, upsets the apple cart, roll out, enamouring, shuffling off, detoured, bringing to ground, dry up, pressurizing, out flank, setting apart, coming together, balancing account, making a hit with, de valuating, gets around, treed, by passing, puts out of its misery, prevent passage, co oking, keeping within bounds, dis-integrate, clamming up, retard flow, hangs up, capture, dis organize, putting in irons, inter tangling, taking court, keeping waiting, puts damper on, inter-laced, be-numbs, de tain, buffaloing, de-fines, fractured, tie down, turning heat, not let goes, give directions, makes with, lay one hands on, take possession of, took captive, catching act, inter-dict, interned, rail in, put lock on, re members, steer clear of, pestle, ties down, got upper hand, wiled, shutting in, keep down, eyeballing, putting on trial, boxed in, bides time, defending against, hath up tree, keep under ones hat, de-solate, caulk, cuts corners, carrying through, inter twines, holds in custody, set trap, take over, inter-weaved, get the upper hand, captivate, grousing, cramp style, catching in act, hadst tree, caught offguard, out fit, quelched, birddog, de-marks, closeted, bring justice, holds custody, buffaloed, give run-around, box in, candled, pre vails, bear mind, inter weaved, be net, up set, gives chase, lies wait, having a tree, Riveted, be nets, lie in wait, super intends, re-serves, put an end to, keeping account, got in the way, pounce on, downed, shotgunning, triumphed over, bring to bay, seeing court, dried up, dis enfranchised, pro-roguing, de presses, Proroguing, sends up the river, with holding, bind, cramped one's style, cramped style, penny pinch, de-valuated, handing onto, un settling, broke spirit, gat hands on, puts arm on, comes apart, gave an edge to, dis integrate, hawking, came together, reducing speed, grabs hold of, knock down, catches in act, dis-posed, ex-terminate, enchain, ropes in, Treeing, de-vote, Sanding, dragging ones feet, re presses, sub due, inter weave, lays it on thick, drags one feet, carried away, ties one's hands, keeping under wraps, calling on, seize, de marks, buttoned, tripped up, overborne, puts behind bars, roll back, palm, re strict, catching red-handed, Lassoing, looking at, shuffles off, taking lead, involves in litigation, prehend, Astringed, re-calls, Prorogued, lose speed, concussed, dis-charges, bringing the ground, de fined, kept in, Stoppering, slows down, tongue tie, tost jail, laid waste, brings to knees, take captive, Girdled, upsets one apple cart, in-ducts, up-setting, in dentures, Domiciliating, twitch, housebreaks, co oped, embogs, took it out on, give run around, bringing screeching halt, gives slip, de-marking, gave way, lay down the law, laying ones hands on, skimped on, inter-tangles, flew the handle, bring standstill, dis mays, clamped down on, out-maneuver, giving run around, balance account, put lid on, be grudging, gat angry, puts on ice, demilitarize, dis composed, Pestling, triumphing over, hold, de-voted, keep in line, cooled down, holding fast, cool down, brought screeching halt, come together, over bear, Intermitting, in duct, keeps under one's hat, dis courage, laid hands on, got fingers on, mucked up, breaking spirit, entrammeled, rules over, in close, Enfetter, eyeballs, Stockading, pronounce guilty, dropt on, catches unawares, de creased, dis-posing, gave chase, sweep feet, re pulses, de-valuates, inter twining, call signals, be-netted, got ones hands on, inter-locked, back watering, giving orders, blow whistle on, in vite, house-trains, de-marked, hang up, bringing to screeching halt, directionalized, out lining, de fine, put screws to, leaved in ruins, kicked around, had tree, pegs down, ordinate, back-watered, pressurize, de spoiled, gat on ropes, leaves in ruins, gotten one's hands on, turns one on, have up a tree, giving run-around, lock up, out lines, cramp one's style, pre limited, gotten fingers on, break the spirit, dis franchises, de-militarizes, nab, kept mind, marks out, out maneuver, disenfranchise, Incarcerated, declares guilty, de-coy, makes hit with, caught in act, sends up river, enmesh, dis patches, keep captive, pro-long, un-settling, overdoing it, putting behind bars, drags in to, get hooks into, dis-charge, gat fingers on, be numbed, holds for ransom, keeping out, dis-organizes, super intending, de-creases, pull back, tying ones hands, easing up, puts half nelson on, cramp one style, de lights, triumphs over, keeping captive, keeping under one's hat, harm, ground, be-numbed, upsetting one's apple cart, threw monkey wrench in, Pirating, upsetting apple cart, brought heel, brought the ground, re solves, dragging one's feet, stop oneself, upset ones apple cart, put through, taking wind out of, leads on, flags one, puts in harness, calling upon, fencing in, Hawked, de-lineated, having up tree, put foot down, sees court, decrease the volume, inter-lace, lets down flaps, pre occupy, re-tains, dis-allowed, boxes up, be-wildered, locked up, keep under thumb, exercised power, co-oking, trammel, dis allowing, have up tree, sent up the river, dis-enfranchised, deal with, sandbags, dis-integrating, re-duces, remands, over-rode, called the signals, putting the cuffs on, re move, chokes off, throws monkey wrench in, holding hostage, be-wildering, skimps on, skyjacks, gotten the way, fits together, block, bursting on, bollixes, Gaffed, bottlenecked, put irons, inter dict, re cognized, led on, whacked, retrospecting, de lineate, pre-vent, de-ranged, sur mounts, re-viewed, keeps within bounds, fitted together, trans-fixing, kept custody, house trains, brings ground, flying the handle, throw in dungeon, queering, brings knees, looking see, post-pones, lays one hands on, re-solves, levigates, kept to oneself, sought redress, staunched, anchoring it, keep within bounds, makes productive, over looked, hanging up, got one's fingers on, get better of, co ordinate, gives orders, keeps within limits, choking off, retardates, get on ropes, stoppered, pipe down, de-solating, going easy on, be-aching, over-bear, pin down, bringing heel, involving in litigation, de-stroying, de-tain, rolls back, inter-twisting, got the upper hand, ensnare, sur mounted, getting ones fingers on, in-criminated, swept off feet, sweep away, hinder, takes the chair, out flanked, prelimits, tied one's hands, inter twisting, ex-cites, over-whelmed, putting in harness, cutting corners, be netting, laid down law, Disfranchising, Strangulated, mesh, mowing down, gotten upper hand, gets angry, are parsimonious, pulled back, keep line, de laying, wast frugal, throw the book at, re-moves, quell, imprison, queered, de-cays, de-spoils, dis-covering, pre-vailed, brought standstill, pre disposing, in-criminating, put the freeze on, Umpired, putting damper on, kept out, lied wait, house-train, puts the screws to, keeping mind, makes sure, pennypinches, make sure, gets one fingers on, block off, keeping in line, kept under hat, saddle with, bring suit, losing edge, kept under thumb, dost battle, inter-wove, getting the way, re fuses, making hit with, railed in, flies off the handle, box up, re-tort, am parsimonious, puts irons, de cays, doth battle, re duces, catches act, breaking the spirit, making productive, clams up, keep secret, inter locking, co oping, hanged onto, close off, sweeps off one's feet, super vising, didst battle, be-witch, surprise, bite at, dis-organizing, dropped in on, re-tain, buttonholes, wound down, throws the book at, dis compose, take fall, dries up, engaged in, re-pulses, cool out, out-maneuvers, ex terminates, glued, tightened belt, re-fuse, keep lid on, dis-appointing, bottlenecking, de-ducting, shuffle off, mucking up, sweep off feet, takes by storm, get ones hands on, take it out on, re strain, lays hold of, sub sides, de fines, de-lays, making with, ex terminated, dummies up, cramps style, dis-allows, had a tree, inter cept, take hold of, chops up, run rings around, co ordinates, made a hit with, leaved ruins, dis-enfranchises, closing in, Lawing, place under arrest, Inclosing, re lax, re-presses, inter-twine, keep oneself, hold custody, pronouncing guilty, Bitting, dis patch, brings the ground, staid put, cramp, tongue-tie, re tort, dummying up, de spoils, by pass, coop up, put cuffs on, Harnessing, blew whistle on, keep in mind, penny pinches, am sparing, demilitarizing, trap, dis-patching, be numbs, domiciliate, nip the bud, keep under one's hat, play off, dragged in to, pre-limiting, inter-woven, demarks, de-coyed, de-lay, keep in, tongue-tying, de ducting, Umpiring, pre-occupied, carries through, Dooming, haul in to court, catch, pre dominated, keeps account, mis-leads, re moved, sur rounded, Domiciliated, de-barred, send the river, over-ride, ex-terminated, slacking off, placed under arrest, called up on, getting the better of, doest battle, die down, out witted, hauling into court, is parsimonious, penny-pinch, dis continuing, Reefed, out lined, putting straitjacket on, keep account, haddest a tree, over-bears, pro roguing, de solated, in forming, pre-dominating, catching unawares, having authority, cooped up, jamming up, dying down, puts end to, de-spoiling, backwatered, burst on, drop on, keeps in custody, dragging one feet, playing up to, puts on trial, lashes out, clings to, hitting the brakes, Bottoming, over throw, makes a party to, giving the run around, bollixed, cork up, over-born, detouring, de-ducted, art sparing, being frugal, with-standing, re cognize, pegged down, choke off, dis-charging, keeps to oneself, laying it on thick, scout out, hitting brakes, jumps down throat, up-sets, ex-cite, made fast, loses steam, laying on thick, dieing down, have a tree, convict, throwing down, lays a trap for, spiriting away, bundled off, keeps mind, de-laying, hem in, re-solving, be sparing, gives runaround, dis appointed, seek redress, chopping up, demilitarizes, sur-mounts, Hasping, catching hold of, got one fingers on, makes peace, balanced account, lays for, caught red-handed, Copped, call the signals, dis-maying, easing off, blocks off, saves for rainy day, gat one's fingers on, shuttered, inter feres, doublecross, railroaded, demarking, with stood, pulling back, gotten around, throwing in dungeon, garrotes, presides over, brought to trial, meted out, drawing together, re-serve, flew handle, de-creasing, looks for, exercising power, made productive, pre dominates, de light, de coying, de-stroyed, pre pared, back waters, un settles, flew off the handle, super-intended, retro-spects, intoxicates, buttonholing, gotten one fingers on, corked up, bring to a standstill, penny pinched, upsetting the apple cart, forcing upon, taking the chair, de-bars, pro scribing, losing steam, put a stop to, jumping down throat, de stroying, slowed down, decreasing the volume, walled in, pre-occupies, putting out its misery, bring screeching halt, swept one's feet, making ends meet, over whelmed, run away with, takes possession of, get one's hands on, sur-mounting, be-wilder, balmed, passed sentence on, in tern, de generate, pre vents, de-barring, holds fast, gets in the way, cools out, put on ice, de limited, gat ropes, de votes, de fuse, hamper, keep under one hat, caulking, over-ridden, simmering down, throwing the book at, snare, dis-comfit, sur rounding, gotten angry, blowing whistle on, hadst authority, dis-mays, Prisoning, took chair, throw dungeon, hooks up, got hooks into, get one's fingers on, carrying off, re-solved, spring on, are stingy, over-throw, running away with, getting in way, sub-dues, gat one hands on, took away, forced up on, de-militarizing, de-coys, de stroys, pinions, grabbed hold of, puts lock on, de creasing, super-vise, tongue tied, put trial, pre-side, be guile, lead on, be netted, de-pressing, eases up, de generating, ravage, sandbagged, gives directions, stopped oneself, kept close, locks in, de-fused, puts in irons, inter-twines, re views, taking over, catch hold of, dummy up, gibbet, laid over, calls upon, dis concerting, bastilles, puts snare on, taking out of play, took prisoner, run circles around, has up a tree, inter-weave, benetting, dis enfranchising, held fast, housetrained, narrows down, hold out on, keeps in, wert parsimonious, gets hooks into, look see, play to, out-fit, overbore, re-called, tabbing, beating down, sweep one feet, laying one hands on, holding office, prehended, dis-compose, looks see, reigns over, dis-concerting, held out on, sets apart, keeps under thumb, pre dominating, sets trap, de barring, inter-ring, blows whistle on, wert frugal, re-pulsing, house train, de activated, de ducts, enamours, de-valuate, be wilders, dragged feet, take chair, burst in on, dis appoint, backwatering, re fused, gulps down, beat bushes, de-generating, cramped one style, lay wait, harness, keeps in check, trussed, hath tree, has up tree, dilly dally, fascinate, drop in on, compose, kept within limits, dis mayed, gotten hooks into, be witching, enfetters, tied one hands, staying put, make impracticable, buffalo, staunching, catch off-balance, made ends meet, cracked down on, sweeping away, presided over, dis-enfranchise, gets way, putting end to, putting to, hanging onto, pre-dominates, hold over, tame, put away, running circles around, lay over, giving edge to, gets under control, swept off ones feet, brings heel, get in way, in-sert, subjugate, keeps captive, pre-occupying, catches in the act, benets, keep close, putting on ice, stays put, Walling, pre-scribed, sending the river, jail, blockading, over reach, sub-sides, duking in, pounces on, threw down, giving an edge to, art parsimonious, tossing jail, laying down the law, made off with, snafued, put out its misery, de-spoiled, bottomed, inter-laces, interfered with, out-lined, in form, dis-organize, de-adens, with hold, sandbagging, hunt, boxing up, Gloving, mis leading, took stock, pro tracts, catches off balance, send up river, pro claims, cracks down, takes captive, Prelimit, bastille, de coys, re fusing, un settled, pulls back, got the way, gulped down, puts an end to, duked in, Garroting, tossing in jail, holds back, pre limit, qualify, puts to sleep, de-ranges, left ruins, leave ruins, catches offbalance, held down, not let went, ex-act, intro duces, clamps down on, softened up, gaffs, dry gulch, withholds, dis charges, circumscribe, inter-tangled, be sting, laid thick, wolf down, flew off handle, fetter, snapping up, give orders, bringing to the ground, keeping it down, occupy, Bottling, forayed, Torpedoes, forfending, fore-stalled, turn heat, over whelming, gave run-around, torpedoing, gain control, give way, dukes in, bring to knees, turns heat, dis-composing, threw away the keys, pre serving, put under lock key, de ducted, am stingy, under-lying, got hooks in to, Intertangle, brought to standstill, look for, dis posing, out-line, grabbing hold of, put the screws to, wall in, be ached, calls up on, jam up, draw line, had up a tree, catches redhanded, had up tree, de marked, set back, in-cline, brought to heel, bursts on, load, tied down, make a hit with, catches off-balance, gets upper hand, holding over, contain, doeth battle, art frugal, upsets one's apple cart, catching off guard, hang onto, shotgun, hit the brakes, throws cold water on, ex terminating, haul into court, sweeping ones feet, kibbling, de ranged, over-whelms, taking by surprise, kept waiting, force up on, Over-bearing, draw together, pro-claiming, inter twists, inter-twisted, entrammeling, re viewing, was stingy, ties one hands, threw dungeon, pre vent, wind down, condemn, dis continued, with held, lay waste, be-grudged, gridlocked, hit brakes, got way, be-witches, Entrammel, taking prisoner, put sleep, pre siding, places under arrest, Buttoning, in-close, leaves ruins, got angry, caught off-guard, sub side, over-comes, keeps oneself, pre-scribes, trans fixes, inter-lock, ex-acting, re fuse, comes together, putting freeze on, narrow down, cut corners, prevails over, dis allows, up sets, Pirated, lost edge, comminute, scratch around, over bearing, de press, demilitarized, holding in custody, hangs onto, overdo it, put ice, puts the freeze on, are sparing, be-grudges, laid down the law, mis lead, de-fined, pre vailed, bringing a standstill, be numb, sends prison, de-limit, pinning down, ruled over, hooking on, took wind out of, taking to court, de-feat, saddled with, hast a tree, has a tree, by passed, seeks redress, dusted off, put harness, Subjected, dis-composes, keeping custody, tost in jail, get hooks in to, gat ones hands on, pro long, slacked off, closes in, work at, dis patched, re-strain, retro spects, looking over, take away, got one's hands on, giving slip, puts under lock key, encasing, dis charge, over bears, get upper hand, intertangling, catch offbalance, passes sentence on, dis courages, re-duce, filibustered, Chaired, dis-franchised, bringing to standstill, Jollies, kept it down, pre scribe, piping down, be-calming, holding down, command, blocking off, wiling, Garroted, were sparing, prevail over, gave edge to, reeling back in, puts the lid on, Mures, decreasing volume, put behind bars, dis integrated, close in, pro-bed, take prisoner, inter-tangle, gotten one hands on, reining in, shackle, pro-scribed, gives run-around, flying off the handle, dies down, softening up, mute, pre scribing, reel in, not let go, puts the snare on, de valuates, cooping up, keeps check, throws away keys, slacken pace, hold in custody, got in way, re-lax, cramping one style, intermit, ex acting, prevent, constrict, forfended, Creamed, keeps tight rein on, fenced off, loses edge, dis integrates, sending for, is stingy, brought bay, gat one's hands on, enchaining, are frugal, hold office, looked see, brought to ground, dis-continues, re pulsed, passes judgment, ex cites, putting foot down, re serving, taking by storm, ex acts, kept in custody, de militarized, ordinates, retarding flow, puts docket, Snowing, dragged ones feet, put in harness, bollix, bundle off, co axed, gun for, be witch, in forms, kept account, inter twist, tightening belt, pre-limited, lure, in-dict, in corporate, mucks up, brought to screeching halt, out-wit, keeping possession, drag one feet, Subjecting, caught off balance, peg down, over powering, de-ducts, sur prising, sandbag, under-lain, in ducted, de solating, ease off, lies in wait, gets on ropes, confine, looked at, dis-concert, knocks down, caught the act, de voting, drew together, brings screeching halt, strangulating, re member, be-witched, keeping under thumb, calls the signals, gat upper hand, Inclosed, de lineated, bringing suit, be-wilders, inter lock, trans-fixt, Paused, be-nets, giving the run-around, obstruct, disciplined, Bitted, enthrall, carrying away, pre dominate, turns on the heat, dropping in on, make peace, biding time, re-members, gloms, work over, re-strict, hog tie, wert sparing, tossed in jail, dis-concerted, with stand, infatuates, dis concerted, mark out, put the snare on, played off, de-lights, rolling out, rivetting, enslaved, puts harness, un-settle, meting out, be aching, pounced on, lays down law, re-quired, un-settled, was sparing, cramps one style, hauls into court, hands onto, keeping to oneself, be-calmed, de limits, inter fere, takes hold of, catch the act, intertwisted, Saddling, flies off handle, reigned over, un-balanced, sweeps one's feet, break spirit, make hit with, de creases, leaving in ruins, gains control, threw the book at, hauls in to court, dis-patched, turned heat, keeps down, re collected, in-clines, decrease volume, re strained, gets one's hands on, coming apart, hast up a tree, over-riding, locked in, calling the signals, plays to, defeat, get the better of, dis-continuing, renders useful, sur-prises, over throws, simmered down, sweeps feet, dis covers, sur-prising, whacking, gotten the better of, pro-rogues, re strains, glommed, Vellicating, pro bed, Gibbeted, over-looks, cramps ones style, thwart, putting the snare on, over-thrown, turning on heat, put to, choked back, gloved, catches red handed, bringing to a standstill, send river, upset apple cart, out wit, throw away the keys, be-grudge, sur mounting, dis-enfranchising, be calm, gotten hooks in to, keep within limits, de-militarized, demark, mis-lead, draw in, kicks around, making impracticable, eases off, dis-organized, in-criminates, re-solve, out fits, keeps possession, housetrain, retrospected, fore-stalls, snaps up, inter ring, de touring, hauling in to court, dis-appoint, getting the upper hand, sends the river, slowing down, ex citing, pestles, taking chair, prehending, turn the heat, keeps in line, get under control, de-crease, lashed out, japped, ruling over, inter tangled, get one hands on, inter weaving, takes away, re-collected, de-aden, Roped, snafuing, throwing away keys, laying thick, counter acting, keeps in mind, took lead, pre serve, sent the river, involved in litigation, make ends meet, intro-duce, works over, over reached, hook, guns for, fences in, Stockaded, sweep off one's feet, penny-pinched, giving the slip, counter-acts, lying wait, house-trained, re tains, rolls out, flying handle, turning one on, pre disposes, tacking on, prelimiting, un-balancing, Gaffing, declare guilty, looks at, got on ropes, be grudged, de-fining, holds out on, take the chair, sending up river, be frugal, laid one's hands on, gunning for, dis franchising, mows down, gained control, restrain, narrowed down, de-pressed, keeping in custody, trans fixt, charge, tonguetying, unbalancing, strangulate, choking back, pennypinching, slackens pace, dis-patches, japping, pronounced guilty, dis covered, finishes off, un-balances, puts freeze on, drying up, sit on, puts a lid on, enslave, drops in on, broke the spirit, sweeps away, Buttered, counter acted, dis-may, takes out play, de limiting, over thrown, pennypinch, gat under control, getting angry, de-solated, de-stroy, put the lid on, disfranchised, cooled off, re pulse, sub dues, de ranges, call on, bundles off, sur-mounted, throwing book at, tossed jail, check, give slip, over runs, super vise, mew, play for time, housebreak, gotten under control, de-lighted, pre serves, jump down throat, re-collecting, passing sentence on, puts trial, swept ones feet, bring to the ground, be parsimonious, eyeball, fore stalls, out fitted, dis continue, turns the heat, under lay, made impracticable, clammed up, drag feet, Pestled, inter-twist, Juke, remand, brake, Comminuted, pre-pared, bundling off, de-stroys, dis organizing, sends to prison, go easy on, bringing bay, putting the arm on, un settle, render useful, lay it thick, Cinching, be calming, re-cognizing, slow down, lash out, haddest up tree, re buffed, spirit away, re buff, puts cuffs on, dis-appointed, catch red handed, duke in, collar, co-oping, prelimited, saddles with, lay trap for, inter twine, scouted out, keeps the lid on, super-intend, co-axed, took over, inhibits, gunned for, choke, grab, sends river, puts the cuffs on, gets ropes, getting under control, Palmed, fences off, Soaping, getting in the way, pre vail, bringing knees, over-rides, in-forms, throws in dungeon, stopping up, puts ice, ex-terminates, looking for, pro tract, loses speed, call up on, vellicate, Astringing, kept in line, accuse, put on trial, putting irons, making party to, domiciliates, entrammels, queers, tonguetie, keeping under hat, de spoil, over powered, rails in, did battle, carries away, skyjacking, finished off, holding captive, stint, Gunning, slow up, gives the run-around, turned on heat, getting one's fingers on, passed judgment, re-call, re-member, penny-pinches, takes charge, pro-longed, puts a stop to, kept under ones hat, be witches, dis-allow, putting stop to, pre vailing, dis charged, dis-franchises, clamping down on, putting to sleep, incloses, letting down flaps, laid it thick, lays ones hands on, Husbanding, de feat, crack down, dis-franchising, de stroy, balances account, interferes with, bate, brings trial, throws dungeon, winding down, restrict, dis-franchise, brought to bay, catch in the act, tailed off, sitting on, pre-venting, Prisoned, dis-integrates, working at, run in, enfettered, subdue, co axing, stay put, Shepherded, re-serving, kept within bounds, keeping under ones hat, de spoiling, ward off, re-quire, inter-locks, made party to, lays it thick, ex terminate, de voted, Cinched, takes to court, chop up, catching offguard, de mark, calls signals, send to prison, puts sleep, playing for time, lay a trap for, takes fall, pre pare, look over, out-flanking, keep, rendered useful, decreases volume, gains time, housebroken, constrain, making off with, hold down, eased off, bring heel, de valuated, get the way, sur mount, body snatch, de-generates, pre-served, reeled back in, put docket, gat ones fingers on, over-whelming, involved litigation, over-power, stopped up, quelches, sentences, encase, keeping in, walling in, taking out play, sent up, turned on the heat, dis enfranchise, pinioned, bringing ground, wrought over, tied hands, hitched on, re tain, takes by surprise, re-buff, laying waste, running rings around, dis-pose, Downs, snap up, Chairing, cramping one's style, kept in check, in-conveniences, rolled out, preventing passage, kept down, overdoes it, sweeping one's feet, over reaches, de-mark, in-ducting, brake spirit, see through, co-axing, over coming, bastilled, lost steam, put straitjacket on, re pulsing, intertwists, taking captive, caught redhanded, having tree, un balancing, were stingy, be-numb, in cline, hold in, be grudges, de-cline, decrease, playing to, chopped up, dis pose, pre-scribe, staunches, putting cuffs on, concussing, kept under wraps, re cognizes, blockaded, prehends, took to court, lay it on thick, calls on, put out of its misery, de feats, steering clear of, de-duct, reel back in, make a party to, Co-ordinates, bringing to bay, re collecting, Shotguns, lays thick, dragging in to, kept captive, rolled back, vised, gave the slip, tabbed, delimitate, breaks spirit, forcing up on, hold sway, laid trap for, delimitating, de-bar, pro claimed, benet, Gritting, pre venting, hauled into court, de-lineate, sending river, de-feats, dis-integrated, in-ducted, putting under lock key, pre paring, boxes in, laid it on thick, underlay, re-torts, corking, had authority, Remanding, cools down, puts a lock on, ex cited, art stingy, de-activates, fore stall, in-forming, pro longs, Hasped, look at, iced, nip in bud, be numbing, retardated, inveigle, put end to, take stock, cramped ones style, keeps out, bring the ground, tuning down, slacks off, knocked down, re calling, dis composing, shuffled off, looks over, saving for rainy day, super intend, catches red-handed, send for, de-generated, was parsimonious, quelch, jumped down throat, reigning over, over ridden, takes over, de tours, gets hooks in to, dis appoints, cools off, call upon, bring to screeching halt, Scotched, shanghai, housetraining, enclose, dis enfranchises, de coyed, keeping in check, holds office, cramping style, caught red handed, taking out on, dis-covers, over-throwing, in-closes, re-pulsed, puts straitjacket on, gat better of, de activates, Attainted, de marking, overbear, be-guile, cooling down, re-pressing, brings to the ground, taking hold of, preside over, brake the spirit, sent for, keeping back, tripping up, force upon, rope in, out line, super intended, send up, keep custody, snap, catches offguard, keeping close, dis may, engage in, throwing away the keys, obligate, buttonhole, housebreaking, fore-stall, mousetrapping, pipes down, inter-twining, corks up, cracking down on, leaving ruins, incarcerate, with-held, lawed, saw in court, up setting, called upon, re-served, pre occupies, fenced in, keeps line, housetrains, throw away keys, buttonholed, crack down on, de bars, co ached, out-witting, carried through, sending prison, puts out its misery, keep to oneself, Stranding, de pressed, haddest authority, reels back in, lays waste, springs on, Lassoed, brought a standstill, see in court, passing judgment, mire, re-sting, tack on, kept back, bringing to knees, Palming, took court, hit on, put freeze on, tosses jail, brings a standstill, cramps one's style, concusses, gain time, keeps it down, turning the heat, puts foot down, batted eyes at, hurt, de-ranging, pre dispose, be-netting, pinion, hanged up, out maneuvered, putting screws to, catch act, drags ones feet, drag one's feet, leading on, cooled out, boxed up, re-strains, lays on thick, taking the fall, co-ached, ensnarl, sate on, bring to trial, re viewed, Swilled, reeling in, bollixing, dis allow, caught act, holding sway, torpedo, took out on, prevailing over, re-fused, muring, putting ice, bring trial, sur-rounding, de vote, de cay, pre-occupy, hook up, upset the apple cart, decreased the volume, back-watering, getting hooks in to, see court, de fining, laying hold of, re buffing, disenfranchising, took out of play, inter lacing, saddled, embogged, lashing out, holds down, inter-cept, re view, have tree, putting the screws to, lay one's hands on, inter-twined, intro-duces, threw away keys, kibble, dis-mayed, in-dentures, put snare on, over look, slowed up, de lay, dis organized, sucking in, dis cover, vellicates, monkey with, in-criminate, declared guilty, overdid it, dis-concerts, de tains, carried off, nailing down, keeping down, reels in, Infatuating, plays off, apprehend, gave run around, dragged one feet, over-powered, counter-acted, swept away, drops on, underlies, batting eyes at, takes chair, brings to ground, give edge to, holding for ransom, Mured, jollying, tosses in jail, enquires about, holds hostage, gets the better of, be calms, takes prisoner, pre-disposes, bound, turn on heat, hitch on, snapped up, take by storm, tails off, stem, giving the runaround, tie one hands, by-passed, re-buffed, having up a tree, inter-lacing, throw monkey wrench in, brings to standstill, impeach, Bottled, tongueties, ordinated, Viseed, re calls, mis-leading, sending up the river, called signals, ex-cited, putting lid on, taking possession of, catch unawares, Comminuting, foil, out wits, getting hands on, putting half nelson on, Entrapped, re torts, throws down, out-flanked, lying in wait, keep out, keep waiting, stops up, makes off with, keeps custody, pre-scribing, bridle, enmeshed, dis comfit, monkeys with, stayed put, in denture, enquired about, trans-fixes, made with, hitting on, fly off the handle, inter twisted, be-grudging, counter-acting, seeing in court, pre-vents, secure, gentling, de crease, re membered, throwing cold water on, clinging to, hogtie, be wildering, Levigated, decreases the volume, with-holds, dis-covered, takes stock, sweep off one feet, clutch, sub-jugate, held custody, shotgunned, Closeting, played up to, sucks in, stops oneself, played for time, gat in way, lose edge, pre pares, over comes, made a party to, putting a lock on, made hit with, get ropes, caught offbalance, Husbanded, puts on docket, seeing through, throw book at, dis franchise, sent river, sees in court, over come, caught off guard, under lain, intoxicate, Indenturing, directionalizing, over whelms, re collect, tangle, JAPS, de militarizes, dis-mantling, pro claiming, reign over, turning aside, being sparing, clamp down on, drag ones feet, put the cuffs on, sur-mount, being parsimonious, de-valuating, dis charging, inter lace, candling, downing, rolling back, dis franchised, defends against, get ones fingers on, de-range, gave slip, de clines, gave runaround, re quiring, tailing off, dis mantle, simmers down, out-fits, by-passes, gets one hands on, gat the way, bastilling, Snowed, ties hands, stop, held captive, winds down, dis-patch, catches hold of, garrote, putting a stop to, gridlocking, suck in, by-passing, turned the heat, bursts in on, dis-continued, get in the way, de-creased, over-coming, re press, sprung on, kept check, honied, dis-mantle, catches the act, have authority, dusts off, catches off-guard, Bogging, turned aside, marking out, pre-paring, ordinating, brought trial, tied ones hands, inter laces, super-vised, dis maying, marked out, puts stop to, giving runaround, keep mind, closed in, give the run around, torpedoed, sweeps off feet, bites at, turning on the heat, catching red handed, cooling off, over rides, carries off, dis patching, holding in, gat hooks in to, bag, locking up, over-reaches, freezes to, bursted on, sur prises, turns aside, up-set, worked over, kept under one's hat, rendering useful, put damper on, flag one, reduced speed, keep check, disfranchise, send prison, held over, counter-act, pre side, handed onto, gained time, got one hands on, brings to heel, super-intends, turned one on, bringing trial, de activating, re quired, carry through, held sway, de coy, sur-prised, trips up, closing off, carry away, hauled in to court, defend against, ex-terminating, delimitated, house trained, directionalize, skyjack, getting one fingers on, re cognizing, drawing in, dropped on, laying hands on, de-limited, finishing off, has tree, choke back, catch off-guard, save for rainy day, cracking down, cool off, locking in, got under control, pre-dispose, over powers, fitting together, de-spoil, caught off-balance, putting a lid on, kidnap, chokes back, de-lighting, monkeying with, lays trap for, in criminate, de-tour, Trashed, bringing to trial, mow down, Back-water, intermits, manacle, wast parsimonious, sending up, Levigate, drags one's feet, underlied, sweeps ones feet, over bore, put on docket, slackened pace, fettered, wearing away, biting at, scotches, catching in the act, defuse, dulls, toss jail, softpedal, be grudge, tensed, softens up, dragged into, keeping lid on, roping in, tacks on, laid for, Scotching, get, upsets apple cart, de fusing, putting lock on, be-witching, in criminating, ex-acted, called on, beats down, takes the fall, underlain, kept line, drag in to, rule over, bringing to heel, holds over, cracks down on, take the fall, swept off one's feet, get angry, took possession of, lay hold of, bursted in on, gives run around, in-terns, pre-serves, sweeping off feet, clinch, dust off, dis allowed, sweeping off one feet, in clines, threw in dungeon, dropping on, kept lid on, throwing dungeon, held spellbound, saved for rainy day, Viseing, keeping line, back water, looked over, reeled in, got better of, over running, brings to a standstill, co-oked, spirited away, Shipwrecking, put to sleep, bring knees, give an edge to, sentence, tuned down, hold spellbound, ex cite, sand, caulked, reined in, gets one's fingers on, Trussing, holds spellbound, be-numbing, hits the brakes, putting docket, hold captive, seeking redress, in-tern, taking fall, astringes, pro-longs, be-net, lay thick, intertangles, dummied up, de-touring, gotten in way, taking away, gat way, laid on thick, sent to prison, dis-composed, compel, dis continues, sweeps one feet, tie hands, intro duce, laid hold of, de solate, catching the act, shuts in, looked for, retarded flow, gotten one's fingers on, in-duct, Noosed, sent up river, puts through, re-views, embroiled, disenfranchises, over-throws, over-bore, over born, throwing monkey wrench in, with-hold, tying one hands, tie one's hands, hobble, take charge, fore-stalling, arrest, pre-serving, took out play, Tombed, clung to, over-looking, turn on the heat, out-flanks, cracked down, took hold of, doing battle, take out of play, threw book at, running low, be-calms, muck up, Creaming, catching offbalance, hits brakes, drags feet, pennypinched, catch redhanded, brought ground, bring bay, astringe, gotten in the way, laying down law, scouting out, sur-prise, getting around, put a lock on, getting upper hand, inter woven, haddest tree, is sparing, knocking down, draws in, enquire about, re-cognized, declaring guilty, over-run, give the run-around, pre-limits, sub sided, de-activated, un balances, Fracturing, closed off, holding custody, made sure, de-activating, re-quiring, catching redhanded, de-presses, dragging into, re-view, takes it out on, gotten the upper hand, de-clines, dis mantled, palms, de generates, retard, triumph over, bring to standstill, Pinioning, inter-tangling, in sert, threw cold water on, gives the slip, giving way, re-moving, send up the river, de-tains, corking up, in-convenience, getting hooks into, retardate, wolfed down, post pone, getting ropes, forced upon, brought to a standstill, catch red-handed, defended against, take out on, holds captive, be-sting, putting under lock and key, stunting, play up to, takes out on, shipwrecks, gat in the way, stopt up, kicking around, lays hands on, involve in litigation, brings to trial, Noosing, Vellicated, be guiles, concuss, engaging in, jollied, gets in way, brings to bay, burden, impede, brings suit, de-votes, super vised, keep it down, cramp ones style, over reaching, plays up to, dis-continue, over-look, froze to, Manacling, de duct, balming, roped in, dropt in on, gets fingers on, backwaters, super-intending, gave the runaround, fence off, over ride, caulks, de fused, sprang on, scratching around, de-light, re collects, keeps under hat, bring to ground, counter act, throws away the keys, Levigating, finish off, bided time, hast up tree, pro longing, preclude, pro-longing, reduce speed, gets ones fingers on, fence in, mousetrapped, copping, prosecute, strangulates, sands, drew in, comminutes, trans fixed, getting way, wrought at, co-aching, scouts out, tongue tying, sits on, bat eyes at, de bar, out-fitted, groused, overborn, tying hands, bit at, gaining control, sucked in, de stroyed, pre-siding, Buffaloes, lay ones hands on, post pones, dis concert, saddling with, dis-courages, involves litigation, spirits away, involve litigation, eased up, letted down flaps, de fuses, delimitates, swept one feet, Benetted, gave orders, railing in, fly the handle, retro-spect, interning, hand onto, pre-vented, keeps under ones hat, ties ones hands, jams up, keeping in mind, ex act, out maneuvering, enquiring about, run low, detain, got the better of, de-cay, pre-dominate, inculpate, kick around, enfettering, ran rings around, pro scribes, re quire, over-reaching, catch off guard, Bogged, chain, nip bud, entrap, played to, over-whelm, pro rogue, in-corporate, pre-vail, Jukes, under-lied, carry off, drags into, draws together, pre-dominated, in criminates, enchains, de lighting, winded down, pre occupied, be-ached, tying down, By-pass, died down, stopping oneself, plays for time, blocked off, de ranging, brings standstill, tensing, Dulling, bird dog, pro-rogued, brings to screeching halt, gets the upper hand, caught hold of, out-fitting, re-buffing, puts under lock and key, with stands, re duce, hold for ransom, upset one apple cart, be wildered, back-waters, bring ground, over throwing, give chase, juked, Soaped, corner, slow, pre-disposed, coops up, does battle, in closed, take court, dusting off, ensnared, cling to, re-strained, steers clear of, taking stock, soften up, over-runs.