Pronunciation of Lifeless
/lˈa͡ɪfləs/, /lˈa‍ɪfləs/, /l_ˈaɪ_f_l_ə_s/

Antonyms for lifeless

low pressure, Fairylike, kittenish, play hard ball, easy-going, eye catching, more zoetic, breathing, go-getting, what's happening, operative, more red blooded, more go-getting, fireball, good natured, dynamic, more go getter, safe sound, full spirit, breezy, feeling ones oats, dewy, re solute, existent, un seasoned, most go getting, in fine fettle, most another, bushy tailed, hyped up, more true to life, in pink, coming strong, most hard working, more hard-working, most fun loving, vivid, interested, living, hard working, buoyant, live, most hyper, high spirited, safe and sound, bright eyed bushy tailed, most bouncing, more refreshed, most prismatic, in-tense, fill, more bright-eyed, pleasure-seeking, more razzle dazzle, more prismatic, un practiced, whizer, super-abundant, most lowpressure, re-splendent, replete, playful, smart alecky, most demoniac, red-blooded, un contaminated, more bucked, most newborn, in-solent, gladsome, more buzzing, co pious, zappier, fresh, more go getting, in fine feather, feeling, un-withered, prankish, most activating, sensitive, more subsisting, most gladsome, forcible, just out, most chromatic, more easymoving, more bright eyed, more newborn, more bushy-tailed, most larkish, more zestful, brilliant, self confident, true-to-life, more go go, most romping, ablebodied, larkish, hot press, perky, razzle dazzle, most enlivened, most hyped-up, un trained, more low pressure, like new, more eager, brandnew, more low-pressure, more fun loving, more go-go, GOGO, un faded, full of spirit, un-faded, un cultivated, Gamesome, re-habilitated, most funloving, more fairylike, dis respectful, most bushy-tailed, cheerful, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, more enlivened, most tenderfooted, in-creased, able bodied, being, ball of fire, most fairylike, in tenser, rosycheeked, keenwitted, brisk, be-ginning, more characterful, most swarming, hilarious, running, ex-cited, more lowpressure, more gogetting, fascinating, de finite, most fun-loving, most pleasure seeking, un-trieder, most hypedup, full of pep, more easy moving, co-pious, more gamesome, over-flowing, un-triedest, un-contaminated, easymoving, quickwitted, up to date, de-finite, grooving, more bouncing, blushing, play for keeps, more gladsome, un tiring, most bushy tailed, un-trained, Subsisting, in-tenser, more pleasureseeking, in-formal, zappiest, silvertongued, most go getter, highpowered, goodnatured, quick on trigger, quick, stimulating, re freshed, bubbly, elvish, more jesting, more easy going, colorful, un touched, most easymoving, bright eyed, un trieder, swarming, stalwart, more panting, in tense, true to life, lively, more brighteyed, un-dimmed, more hyped-up, more gogo, most razzledazzle, more keen-witted, impish, prismatic, in-haling, most around, un-tried, most red blooded, most razzle-dazzle, more respiratory, growing, most easy going, un-processed, more rehabilitated, full life, exuberant, Unfaded, most rosycheeked, most zestful, over done, quick on the draw, un-flagging, most red-blooded, pre sumptuous, in formal, un-conventional, Spright, fill up, most true-to-life, laid back, jaunty, Neoteric, energetic, twinkle toes, un dimmed, feeling oats, thriving, fun-loving, animate, quick on the trigger, quick draw, in-tensest, ruddy, most bustling, bright-eyed, more romping, most coltish, more beginning, go-go, hypedup, gogetter, most bushytailed, active, un-tiring, most prankish, full, dewiest, more activating, more redblooded, more up, razzledazzle, more funloving, up beat, sprightest, more swaggering, re cent, bright-eyed bushy-tailed, quick the trigger, razzle-dazzle, sportive, more tinged, un conventional, un-usual, more fireball, on the move, nower, most jocose, most redblooded, most go-go, goahead, chirpy, selfconfident, un usual, most astir, caring, most go-getter, more astir, most pleasureseeking, brighteyed, most go-getting, more unpolluted, most comer, multi colored, spunky, most invigorated, more unfaded, more wheezing, flippest, quick the draw, most tinged, most antic, sanguine, more uncontaminated, this season's, devil may care, most up, in the pink, physically fit, the latest, more red-blooded, more bustling, smartalecky, easy moving, more true-to-life, re stored, most rosy-cheeked, most keen witted, chirpier, most buzzing, pert, born, redblooded, nowest, rosy, alive, most revelatory, most elvish, pro vocative, most razzle dazzle, make full, quick witted, multi-colored, ball fire, brand new, bold, bright, sunny side up, zingiest, eyecatching, most gasping, zoetic, un-cultivated, characterful, un-polluted, under standing, bushytailed, interesting, un constrained, in good shape, most panting, more tenderfooted, full pep, un skilled, highspirited, agile, most hyped up, most true to life, quickest, more easy-going, more unwithered, more larkish, hard-working, full beans, flipper, on move, whats happening, most unfaded, most low-pressure, most easy moving, un triedest, more undimmed, most neoteric, ex cited, this seasons, rosy cheeked, more chromatic, most fireball, feeling one's oats, zesty, full of zip, go getting, un wearied, undimmed, pleasure seeking, most bright eyed, gay, coming on strong, more revelatory, most easy-moving, coltish, re-stored, most unwithered, re-freshed, go go, zestful, un-seasoned, in haling, most gogetting, vivacious, strenuous, most keen-witted, re-solute, bright eyed and bushy tailed, hued, un-touched, un impaired, more rosycheeked, flushed, free easy, more coltish, be ginning, unpolluted, hot the press, un flagging, rosy-cheeked, red blooded, chromatic, easy going, zestier, most characterful, keen witted, animated, glitziest, more grooving, un-used, low-pressure, in high spirits, most refreshed, more razzle-dazzle, zingy, most gogetter, more bushy tailed, more hypedup, most zoetic, most undimmed, most go go, zappy, fun loving, dis-respectful, spirited, most gamesome, re habilitated, more bushytailed, Keen-witted, quick trigger, selfassertive, sprighter, most hard-working, most bright-eyed, hot off press, un-wearied, more antic, funloving, re presentative, un polluted, chirpiest, sprightly, more another, under-standing, feeling one oats, dewier, pro-vocative, in solent, more elvish, demoniac, full zip, most sportive, distinctive, un tried, more swarming, in good spirits, pleasureseeking, going, silver tongued, un-impaired, this season, zestiest, more electrifying, not stale, most bucked, more keenwitted, more hyper, most beginning, more prankish, most uncontaminated, functioning, un processed, uncontaminated, un withered, quick on draw, more invigorated, most rehabilitated, intense, more inhaling, goodhumored, tenderfooted, un-skilled, most gogo, more hyped up, most hued, more around, high-spirited, super abundant, most swaggering, most subsisting, most electrifying, bushy-tailed, most brighteyed, tongue in cheek, over flowing, un used, frisky, more razzledazzle, respiratory, Unwithered, most wheezing, existing, hyped-up, vibrant, whizest, revelatory, more demoniac, up-beat, glitzy, easy-moving, exciting, hardy, re-presentative.