Pronunciation of Light
/lˈa͡ɪt/, /lˈa‍ɪt/, /l_ˈaɪ_t/

Antonyms for light

tyrannical, intimation, malificent, lowkey, in convenient, can't get away from, GUNKY, in low spirits, more grimfaced, puts to sleep, most unexplicit, most abstaining, more unread, in distinct, condo, harborage, bring naught, most brunette, most droning, un-cool, most dark-hued, hurryup, underachieving, holding down, in expressive, more grieving, unexcited, Burking, dismal, condos, in-glorious, most malificent, most low toned, more ebon, more compressed, more stifled, un-eventful, put end to, re-strain, prosiest, dark-skinned, confidentiality, un faltering, cimmerian, in dented, dis-agreeable, dis honest, grievings, un clearest, most excavated, Gummous, pea soup, beats down, stiff-necked, Unhandy, murkiness, spirited, forcible, most malefic, more aphotic, de-pressed, under ground, most syrupy, Quarterage, de-signing, more called-for, ropy, swarthy, un-awarenesses, pitchdark, most acroamatic, most congealed, dark hour, fainter, zappy, most suppressed, boggy, most full mouthed, more waxlike, most eschewing, heavy heartedness, most singsong, more ear splitting, in-exorable, winding-sheet, dumdum, doughy, orphic, more muddied, most subfusc, cerecloths, un-gainly, non translucent, inflexible, in hospitable, de adens, more gummous, un luckier, misconception, in-different, un relieved, most reverberant, jumbo, deep, leaden, befog, most backdoor, jellied, over-cast, more subfuse, most gingery, more unfocused, de-fenses, un-respectable, ablebodied, most galumphing, most toilful, take for a ride, dis patch, re-solute, blooming, holding in, Graveclothes, more off putting, depart, simmered down, de-liberate, smart alecky, de grees, hard boiled, most depressive, oversize, handsome, highsounding, most unlit, grim-faced, more full-toned, more dampening, most toppriority, top priority, more blurred, most dumbbell, cerecloth, poker-faced, more difficile, vitrified, illlighted, more genius, sub dues, dis-patching, Woolpack, onerous, un-cultivated, boggiest, pro-files, disturbing, dull, un-enlightened, quench, offing, ill fated, most overclouded, most dismaying, in effectual, blank, re-mains, long haired, Over-bearing, more dead end, un-changing, most deep-set, fruitful, cheerlessnesses, weakminded, most long-faced, most adumbral, more longfaced, deep-set, sur roundings, obscurity, more submarine, un wieldy, denseness, un-wieldier, more delphian, in different, life death, rich, hardshell, re served, more dumbbell, sur-roundings, more excavated, more sullied, un expressive, in-sincerer, cold sober, more called for, un manageable, abstruse, more cupped, most weighted, most sobering, most called-for, unlighted, most vibrating, resolute, dusker, most darkcomplexioned, putting kibosh on, twilit, hardheaded, more dark-hued, un-clear, hollow, most unpassioned, over-coming, electro-cutes, un-smiling, most cimmerian, most cardboard, lead-footed, longfaced, of consequence, over-clouded, more rayless, dis-colored, eidolons, scathing, re canting, gunkier, sits on, muddy, re-solved, windingsheet, blows out, fore boding, ex terminating, more well-built, most stiffnecked, ill-lighted, dis-patches, homeplates, more grim faced, most poker faced, grave clothes, more consolidated, lumbering, more unexpressive, bringing naught, more curdled, silhouette, most clotted, mopier, harborages, overcloud, un known, un-humorous, no fooling, most lowtoned, secretiveness, whitish, opaque, more congealed, mis-tier, over thrown, more superincumbent, more long-haired, de feats, ill defined, matter of life death, in glorious, well built, most heart-rending, ex terminate, over-casts, more boresome, pre occupied, most ho hum, surplus, put lid on, most deep set, more hang-tough, offed, darkness, under cloud, clunky, most oft repeated, most numskulled, most ear-piercing, more lightless, stiffnecked, sur-rounded, sub-due, ex-terminate, caliginosities, fullbodied, most boresome, more hurryup, Doomful, hardboiled, with holds, Numskulled, whizer, thriving, most well-built, un gainliest, more reiterated, fertile, far reaching, rayless, more embittering, un pleasant, most leadfooted, de-stroy, most downreaching, over casts, darken, electro-cute, in tent, more pitch-dark, most unamusing, in-undated, thunderheads, more clangorous, un eventful, large, de pressing, simmering down, crack down on, most pealing, corked, daemon, turn off, huge, un-cleaner, in-effectual, dark-hued, slow on uptake, more ritual, over whelms, more crepuscular, retarded, in-sinuation, sitting on, cupshaped, sulky, unilluminated, dimpled, bummed out, black, un-intelligible, more adusk, yo-yo, un read, more gorillalike, most poker-faced, ponderous, most two ton, more pitchdark, forter, copious, most dirgelike, more stiff necked, blackness, coming strong, over throwing, more hampered, un-faltering, painful, fullmouthed, birdbrained, most into, most underlined, gingery, lively, offputting, soggy, mares tails, most daunting, in-dispensable, hazinesses, unvaried, most centered, ol buttermilk skies, most dark hued, more ho-hum, stern, backdoor, more heart-rending, Manes, electro cutes, shroud, mis tier, beefcake, most treadmill, more uninspiring, caustic, dis appointing, more hurry-up, more yo yo, smother, in-temperate, substantial, urgent, hushhush, maladroit, blacken, over throw, more darkhued, clunkier, touch and go, un-focused, strictly business, put the lid on, Acroamatic, after hour, mopiest, hypo critical, most nothing, re-strains, de stroys, more obfuscous, most retardo, more obfuscated, hard line, coverts, intent upon, dragger, alveolate, solid, low-toned, be-heading, un humorous, un handiest, most aweless, more unmemorable, dark hued, over coming, unpromising, more lusterless, dullness, without egress, most clabbered, more dejecting, be headed, most bruising, in sipid, dunest, most baritone, under handed, un enlightened, de-aden, satisfactory, covers up, tiresome, un happy, ol buttermilk sky, more ho hum, un-imaginative, put out, shadow, clangorous, more uninflected, most ritual, dis patched, more stiff-necked, extinguish, more hurting, more tarnished, most mortified, coarse, have blahs, more blunted, un interesting, counter-acts, more cup-shaped, hole wall, brings naught, more strangled, un changing, de-stroyed, twilight, more pinhead, dis-honorable, keening, longwinded, leading nowhere, hole in wall, un clear, most sing song, more dark hued, top-priority, mis used, re-straining, un-cleanest, blur, faded, dummier, Toilful, most plodding, over-throws, oppressive, un awarenesses, most zaftig, hold down, low pitched, crepuscular, evident, more top-priority, lineament, most brooding, more hyper, taking life, grim, de aden, troublesome, out of the sun, in-auspicious, have the blahs, dusted off, more whitish, re-minders, adequate, most called for, more twilight, more thumping, exhausting, largish, more illlighted, un yielding, smartalecky, most strangled, half witted, re strains, loud, more foreboding, more lowtoned, un controllable, de capitate, out the sun, more long-faced, un-disclosed, adumbral, telltales, most subfuse, most darkhued, great, dis tress, savage, shelter, un handy, un pointed, doughiest, most longfaced, more discolored, zingy, most long haired, moanings, stressed, umbrous, hard nosed, dummiest, mentally defective, putting end to, crepuscule, dis-honest, drearest, under a cloud, more lead footed, down in mouth, most blocked, hardnosed, para mount, un gainlier, most disapproving, more scowling, poorly lit, non-committal, enigmatical, most characterless, most lead-footed, most splenetic, abrasive, more unsmiling, more downreaching, most conspiratorial, goodly, more thickened, more hindering, more abused, most uninspiring, downreaching, sur-rounding, most beneath, under lined, garotte, blow out, murky, numbskull, halfwitted, de-solation, more serious, more premonitory, more delphic, most umbrous, re strain, in-scrutabilities, toppriority, most gummous, eventide, most uninflected, sorrowings, subfusc, huggermuggeries, more abstaining, unmemorable, pea soups, most glowering, retardo, heavy-handed, most stygian, pro founder, more top priority, Unpassioned, intent up on, re press, Smokiness, fathomless, counter acted, dimness, un-ethical, well-built, drab, twoton, dis-heartening, voluminous, winding sheet, penumbra, un excited, dark-complexioned, over taxing, more thundering, adumbrations, sub-normal, most edgeless, most overtaxing, doughier, Nubilous, high spirited, put an end to, de-solations, un-favorable, clunkiest, eidola, dis-appointing, toneddown, wellbuilt, most numbskull, more amphibological, kept in, dis-patched, most dead end, more syrupy, extreme, more shadowed, more samely, most jellied, un filled, yawnest, fecund, in the pits, keeping secret, most grim-faced, darkened, over whelmed, most earpiercing, proliferative, re fused, most amphibological, burked, out of date, life and death, inauspicious, low spirit, hang-tough, out of sun, slow witted, in-sincerest, over cast, lamebrained, roof over head, weighted, matter life and death, most scowling, chirpiest, un impassioned, hard core, leadfooted, dimdays, take a life, boggier, more vitrified, in-flexible, more dirgelike, more numbskull, more plotting, pervasive, pro-file, troughlike, mount, un fortunate, dis-approving, aphotic, more adumbral, un-handy, in curved, uni-form, washedout, de-stroying, more ill lighted, more monotone, in-adequate, more hurry up, monotonous, dis honorable, most oftrepeated, discouraging, oft-repeated, total darknesses, most dumbo, obscurations, puts kibosh on, re-pining, most caked, most delphian, keeps back, laden, more heart rending, wakes dead, shady, re-presses, Shrouded, unsharpened, re cord, more full-mouthed, sub marine, useful, un-inspiring, fortest, un-marked, sub fuse, down dumps, unexplicit, puts one to sleep, in sincerer, un happinesses, ex-terminating, hopeless, takes life, shrouding, most long faced, before dawns, most muddied, more edentulate, Cryings, more twoton, subdued, gorked, more encumbered, Mopish, most dark complexioned, un sharpened, more wall-to-wall, in solent, Tenebrosity, most precursive, edentulate, more brooding, mis-using, more fathomless, un afraid, be-spattered, more mortified, more bruising, Infundibular, quelched, dun, more drudging, skullest, more weighted, evening, un-wieldy, overcasts, more backdoor, slow uptake, closed end, serious, mare's tail, glum, most ill lighted, long faced, un inspired, un memorable, more impelling, dismals, un availing, complex, Caliginosity, ho hum, un gainly, most deepset, most plotting, umbras, most sullied, in-expressive, more gingery, more murder, most hang tough, most blunted, unlit, two-ton, extra, more saddening, keep in, trace, two ton, closed at end, dead night, garotting, dimday, hangtough, in-sipid, more prominent, most zero, more disciplined, wakes the dead, banshee, co pious, languishings, in sensible, un illuminated, nib, sunset, un-clearest, more sourpuss, more zero, heart-rending, zaftig, YOYO, boresome, puts sleep, de solations, more strong-flavored, un-pleasant, takes for ride, un scrupulous, most doomful, most murder, in scrutable, Obscuration, re-minder, malefic, re-cords, most mirthless, Catatonias, cup-shaped, de lineations, Bottling, un favorable, re quired, re tired, blowing out, not bright, more pronounced, in tolerable, re sounding, most compressed, hurry-up, more unamusing, in famous, most stifled, most unlettered, be-sotted, doleful, down, Scotching, more nothing, most pitch dark, de solate, in definite, un-interesting, deepset, labored, out sun, unpointed, more full toned, bassest, most unhumorous, pre serve, off-putting, pitch black, down in the dumps, re moving, pitchblack, somber, more troughlike, lamentation, out for blood, lowpitched, head ache, go, disenchant, most grieving, bass, Difficile, most vitrified, stony, beating down, un cleanest, more chiaroscuro, more unpromising, more loud voiced, more jading, difficult, washed out, most hohum, bleaknesses, pre sumptuous, more ear-splitting, feller, more acherontic, gloominesses, most etiolated, nixing, Cupped, un-awareness, ol' buttermilk sky, more malefic, most nubilous, Dislimn, more alveolate, in scrutabilities, un lucky, more two ton, calignosity, un varying, brownout, re gular, un cultivated, impure, more unlighted, un promising, muffled, sur rounded, re-main, un-explicit, more persisting, kelpie, lineaments, blotting out, hole in the wall, stressful, de-lineation, clumsy, gloominess, squelch, mis giving, hard, pro file, worrying, over powers, more unintellectual, drench, un-lighted, mirthless, more centered, top heavy, blotted out, in-hospitable, more bleached, most inebriating, more dumdum, deadend, over-whelms, most twoton, most saddening, over clouded, over throws, sit on, be draggled, most consolidated, un mixed, saturninity, dis maying, most enfolded, un-varied, more zaftig, more subfusc, most ho-hum, most off-putting, most bemired, most nontranslucent, simple minded, re iterated, bold, most toned down, profound, Atramentous, re-current, un-happinesses, matte, huggermuggery, dis patching, most muted, most unlighted, nontranslucent, smokinesses, tenebrous, de-gree, de-stroys, penumbras, un published, be-headed, most deadened, re current, dire, prolific, more poker faced, uphill battle, more chapfallen, most hangtough, in to, carved out, most cupped, more deadend, low key, mono-tone, dis heartening, after hours, most toneddown, more lead-footed, black out, more muted, more smoking, able bodied, flat as pancake, superincumbent, more permeating, took a life, most foreboding, re-canted, most delphic, dis colored, over whelm, ex terminates, scotches, haziness, earpiercing, non-transparent, most repressing, loudvoiced, in sensate, more malificent, most unsmiling, darkcomplexioned, most fulltoned, fuzzy, skuller, go for broke, more yoyo, un-ruffled, problematic, fat, most dark skinned, un exciting, more offputting, most unfocused, gloomy, more overtaxing, dis-passionate, more depressant, more clotted, un-trustworthy, quarterages, puts the lid on, yo yo, super-incumbent, most chiaroscuro, in commodious, in undated, under-lined, dusting off, simmer down, re-doubtable, sate on, king-size, whizest, un-shaken, heavy-footed, Kelpies, un smiling, most darkskinned, syrupy, dis-advantageous, re-gular, ear splitting, de lineation, more overclouded, disconsolateness, outed, Negativing, most orphic, de-pressing, with-holds, dark complexioned, under achieving, footmark, with-held, re-move, more canorous, chaste, more stygian, in-sincere, more inebriating, more dark complexioned, strong, un relenting, be heads, gloppiest, enough, de-feat, un-amusing, more fulminating, brave, hazy, crepuscules, catatonia, more sobering, took out, most lusterless, poker faced, rimiest, un-inspired, re fuses, more jelled, most submerged, more low-toned, dead of night, acherontic, most toothless, over-whelmed, most pitchdark, re mains, shade, pale, more dark-skinned, more baritone, bring to naught, takes a life, most dark-complexioned, most demanded, vampires, nightfall, mare tail, dull as dishwater, un-controllable, more yo-yo, subaqueous, saturninities, dust off, kept secret, most atramentous, Thunderhead, big, laborious, DO, most focused, silvery, more disheartening, took for a ride, most pitch-dark, most subaqueous, murder, steeliest, in-opportune, be-heads, after dark, bleakness, by book, co ops, dusk, over-power, roughened, sub-marine, gloaming, uni versal, clouded over, de fenses, more two-ton, illdefined, more aweless, re-iterated, more uncool, holds in, most enervative, unsmiling, re doubtable, de finite, most wall to wall, over-throw, more lamebrained, dis agreeable, awe inspiring, nowhere, curdled, more darkskinned, calledfor, suppress, bright, fogginess, most jelled, more nubilous, most nowhere, un-happiness, re straining, more unsharpened, more deadened, in-distinct, most unimpassioned, corking, hard shell, dead set on, de-adens, Burkes, singsong, most thundering, most obstructed, darkhued, dim witted, reverberant, zestiest, over-comes, more precursive, most unpromising, pensivenesses, un inflected, Phantasm, most tarnished, dreary, re-pressing, long-faced, most superincumbent, more deep set, largescale, aweless, un-exciting, re fusing, Enervative, be neath, swarming, teeming, phantom, draggiest, brings to naught, de gree, over-weight, forceful, more pervading, taking out, most darkened, mid night, dis-composing, weepings, tiring, most waxlike, kept back, by the book, blot out, more longhaired, most striated, with-hold, with held, re-treats, more loud-voiced, vampire, before dawn, more ill-lighted, ex-terminates, de stroy, lowtoned, more suppressed, more emulsified, most fuliginous, dark skinned, more fuliginous, more low toned, tolerable, most hurry-up, un-satisfactory, more hang tough, steelier, most dark-skinned, counter act, more mopish, move, in-solent, zappier, more strong flavored, more pealing, adusk, bursting, dis composing, more sounding, most headache, most deadend, most disheartening, full mouthed, deepseated, more leadfooted, in auspicious, more subaqueous, pre-cursive, non committal, down mouth, para-mount, most thumping, mare tails, pro found, in tractable, ex acting, grave, ominous, loud voiced, not keen, re-sonant, night, be sotted, most offputting, umbral, overcast, bedim, Bottled, deep set, swarter, winding sheets, most longhaired, more fulltoned, most yo yo, re main, non transparent, most darkish, chirpier, dis tresses, unimpassioned, tearjerking, un happiest, ex terminated, de-feats, hefty, in effective, cracked down on, most lead footed, most pervading, touch go, up setting, disconsolatenesses, most fathomless, violent, shadiness, un-illuminated, pre cursive, edgeless, re pressed, dis-patch, counter-acted, de signing, more loudvoiced, most ear piercing, swartest, most impelling, footmarks, most troughlike, in adequate, up-hill, re move, de feat, held in, boring, Scotched, simmers down, Fuliginous, more doomful, most twilit, most hardheaded, significant, tenebrosities, Precursive, low toned, pitch darknesses, dis graceful, more acroamatic, in-sensible, super, misunderstanding, most unsharpened, un-relieved, loud-voiced, un bending, matter life death, un-flagging, draggier, large scale, down the dumps, joyless, most cup-shaped, sober, more wall to wall, most wellbuilt, bosky, rugged, co-pious, more glowering, un respectable, inscrutabilities, sing song, taking a life, un flinching, keeps in, un-bending, un-excited, holds down, under-handed, in temperate, highly flavored, down in dumps, pro-found, pre-occupied, un sound, most turned, most below, more dead-end, covering up, more unilluminated, most sunk, under-cover, fulltoned, more nontranslucent, adumbration, unamusing, more reverberant, obfuscous, de pressed, fore-boding, feeble minded, off putting, hard to understand, un-availing, un-expressive, more cardboard, un-friendliest, re-fuse, steely, more conspiratorial, secrecy, closed one end, more dimpled, stage set, pro-founder, most dead-end, overshadow, Amphibological, most bleared, semi darkness, in scrutability, more numskulled, un-luckier, most infundibular, most embittering, most full-mouthed, un-wieldiest, de-lineations, more full mouthed, most underachieving, more subnormal, sundown, re-cord, more deep-set, most submarine, puts end to, deep seated, re-moving, involved, samely, re presses, gorillalike, more bemired, accented, long winded, keep secret, re moved, most edentate, most unmixed, acheronian, over-powered, complicated, most jading, most softened, closed at one end, re-sounding, more gorked, over-thrown, in-clement, un-intellectual, duner, more plodding, super incumbent, fore-most, total darkness, zingiest, more hangtough, long-haired, most hampered, de stroying, dis-tresses, wornout, most discomposing, inscrutability, drearer, broodier, over whelming, topheavy, zesty, over-throwing, dis passionate, bulky, broody, down the mouth, overweight, un imaginative, oft repeated, more below, un-varying, in-active, most dampening, zombie, excess, irritating, un wavering, mis using, more bleared, in-tolerable, in-curved, most full-toned, most dissuading, un-promising, more wellbuilt, in-commodious, most strongflavored, most canorous, quelches, ethereal being, semi-darknesses, more enfolded, dis-graceful, un-diluted, wild, bound determined, more vibrating, un diluted, over powering, more umbral, most cupshaped, most premonitory, big yawn, re tardo, compact, most strong-flavored, cerement, densenesses, most wall-to-wall, burly, dyed in the wool, uncool, in sincere, toneless, de-capitate, herculean, most shadowed, more cup shaped, un-known, most beefcake, more well built, un-substantial, re-served, most discolored, hold in, covered up, slow, sing-song, smart, eve, more oftrepeated, most well built, most unrespectable, un-impassioned, ex-terminated, most incurved, taking for ride, most two-ton, in substantial, well, most unvaried, most unpointed, un handier, mis-used, un explicit, most fullmouthed, clunker, un wieldier, unrespectable, semi darknesses, lavish, de-solate, pre monitory, most umbral, rude, pitiless, more focused, hunkest, sub normal, lumpish, un-published, most twilight, eye catching, more singsong, un changed, baritone, more silvery, more presaging, ill boding, be spattered, most pitted, firm, a bit much, more blustering, most hurry up, most crepuscular, putting lid on, eyecatching, un-wavering, pitch dark, un-pointed, in-convenient, over come, de-finite, more caked, important, most dejecting, more submerged, more toneless, un-soundest, un clearer, more nontransparent, chapfallen, more clabbered, over-powering, powerful, un varied, more calledfor, canorous, Phantasma, ugly, most uncool, dusts off, more turned, heart rending, dead-end, most smoking, dim, surreptitiousnesses, roof over heads, harsh, un-read, fore most, over powered, cover up, un frequented, on qt, most sounding, more pitted, intricate, farreaching, un wieldiest, draggy, more unlit, premonitory, grimfaced, more dark skinned, fellest, most unexpressive, solemn, most oppressing, re treats, indigestible, re solute, re-canting, pro files, counter acting, most top priority, pre-serves, unlettered, most echoing, most rocking, un cleaner, dark hours, most aphotic, un-lettered, un-inflected, dis approving, counter acts, not known, most unintellectual, de solation, banausic, hohum, more solidified, depressing, not fair, sub-fuse, knotty, un-frequented, in escapable, more umbrous, more dark-complexioned, be mired, more forgoing, banshees, pitch darks, inert, considerable, run of the mill, more unmixed, more darkened, un lettered, most strong flavored, more oppressing, pitch darkness, most unilluminated, depressed, hush hush, whacking, garotted, un compromising, un intellectual, keeping back, un friendlier, sur rounding, galumphing, re minder, un-sound, sobering, gloppy, incurved, un ruffled, more depressive, dusky, most encumbering, ethereal beings, up hill, ebon, more unexplicit, more sing-song, blind, co-op, mare's tails, un ethical, cimmerian shades, un sounder, chiaroscuro, winding-sheets, un lighted, pitch-dark, re-fused, most encumbered, muddied, mater, all over the place, uni form, sub-dues, un sympathetic, re pressing, counter-act, quelch, rimier, re-moves, dis-tress, more jellied, OUTS, heavy-duty, in opportune, secret, most obfuscated, wall-to-wall, unwieldy, most blustering, ex-acting, un responsive, most crushing, in flexible, un focused, un clean, more softened, un propitious, more off-putting, unhappy, cup shaped, mares tail, drear, ignorance, in-dented, in-tractable, Ear-splitting, de stroyed, funereal, lightlessness, more in to, most lightless, evenfall, gunkiest, ol' buttermilk skies, brought naught, weighty, be-mired, more dumbo, more hohum, most nontransparent, semidarknesses, cardboard, under-achieving, flourishing, re-quired, co op, up-setting, matest, un-handier, more unimpassioned, most low-toned, in dispensable, lusterless, stiff necked, fatty, most toned-down, ho-hum, un-changed, garottes, most rayless, roiled, un-responsive, lightlessnesses, slowwitted, intemperate, re cords, Negatived, more edgeless, most dimpled, un-flinching, un-manageable, in sincerest, most clangorous, candlelight, full bodied, un amusing, more infundibular, duskiness, burke, coming on strong, not clear, most illlighted, thick, over-whelm, nuance, puts an end to, conspiratorial, wooden, un-sharpened, blots out, strong-flavored, more headache, took life, un seen, brunette, more abnegating, mis-giving, most samely, surreptitiousness, most rumbling, characterless, zombies, dis-maying, cloak and dagger, more toned-down, more blocked, un-filled, takes for a ride, unexpressive, most unexcited, Caked, stouter, more toneddown, overclouded, un substantial, un-lucky, most yo-yo, more unhumorous, more mirthless, more enervative, blew out, over weight, most stiff necked, dusk to dawn, more bespattered, most permeating, most yawning, most ill-lighted, dis patches, bringing to naught, most dragged, stage sets, un-happy, in-sensate, most lamebrained, bespattered, more dragged, most unmemorable, most stiff-necked, gruff, darkskinned, took for ride, more long faced, illfated, dis-guised, un-fortunate, mattest, put kibosh on, more clunking, ungentle, un-mixed, un friendliest, keeping in, over bearing, more resolved, umbra, more incurved, illboding, dis guised, with holding, more strongflavored, wall to wall, re-treat, weak minded, unintellectual, unfunny, most monotone, subfuse, most blurred, bungling, gloppier, sub due, take life, un-friendlier, most disciplined, more earpiercing, clabbered, more beefcake, over-taxing, aweinspiring, shadowy, unhandier, most resolved, dimmets, most ebon, luxuriant, most difficile, pensiveness, most whitish, more unpassioned, de liberate, ungraceful, be heading, stygian, cloudy, Fumy, draggest, more twilit, Umbrae, klutzy, un-sounder, fumiest, un luckiest, smoking, in most, re-strained, masklike, toned-down, sub-merged, more cimmerian, no nonsense, continue, more banausic, most toneless, de-grees, chirpy, un-yielding, be-draggled, woolpacks, un happier, low spirits, high sounding, strict, more rumbling, setting, un-clearer, nononsense, daemons, counter-acting, un satisfactory, un-afraid, re fuse, most hang-tough, with hold, more retardo, more into, semidarkness, galling, in-scrutable, swart, colorless, more demanded, un-scrupulous, duskest, cracks down on, ropier, unmixed, ear-piercing, nighttide, un-shakable, achings, cloud, upset, more moping, full-toned, most driveling, suspicion, heavy, most adusk, more deepset, re strained, keenings, cerements, gloom, most oft-repeated, more oft-repeated, un daunted, more underlined, brownouts, rough, more toilful, most acherontic, in-substantial, murk, in-definite, dis advantageous, uni-versal, be-neath, un shaken, sluggish, leave, in dumps, uninspiring, most hindering, boskier, held down, cant get away from, nixed, no laughing matter, extensive, more darkish, sub-aqueous, more clunker, lineation, most masklike, sad, incorporeal beings, most full toned, zestier, depressive, nighttides, more unpointed, cheerlessness, confidentialities, strongflavored, most unread, more echoing, semi-darkness, un-memorable, becloud, beat down, full toned, more atramentous, strong flavored, more evident, ill lighted, brought to naught, unhumorous, re sonant, darkish, most obfuscous, concentrated, toothless, lead footed, un cool, shadowed, basser, cumbersome, dusk dawn, in pits, dirgelike, more nowhere, visitant, more acheronian, most silvery, ex tensive, mourning, pre serves, more stiffnecked, encumbered, un-daunted, more striated, un-compromising, more crushing, in-escapable, un-communicative, co-ops, over-whelming, more daunting, overtaxing, cracking down on, most fulminating, bleak, more unexcited, most heart rending, recondite, windingsheets, after darks, unhandiest, fore bodings, lightless, dark, boskiest, inept, more discomposing, un disclosed, most gorillalike, in-effective, more unrespectable, most bleached, fumier, obscure, broodiest, electro cute, more darkcomplexioned, dimmet, more rocking, no joke, over comes, most acheronian, calignosities, Eidolon, re sourceful, more grim-faced, disciplined, full-mouthed, more pitch dark, most drudging, most loud voiced, sizable, in-sinuations, un fathomable, un-friendly, all over place, more toned down, most calledfor, more dismaying, more edentate, full life.