Pronunciation of Lightweight
/l_ˈaɪ_t_w_eɪ_t/, /lˈa͡ɪtwe͡ɪt/, /lˈa‍ɪtwe‍ɪt/

Antonyms for lightweight:

most lead footed, fat cat, leadfooted, Acroamatic, pro founder, sizable, captain, heavyweight, celebrity, czar, extensive, icon, most leadfooted, big cheese, whale, in tolerable, of import, most zaftig, king, useful, in different, notoriety, great, prince, top heavy, major leaguer, honcho, heavy hitter, substantial, muckety-muck, titan, over cast, baron, handsome, co-pious, massive, goliath, personality, personage, big gun, two ton, lion, bulky, major, over-weight, considerable, jumbo, in-different, magnate, figure, biggie, dreadnought, co pious, bigfoot, whopper, overweight, big boy, huge, king-size, un-wieldier, luminary, more lead footed, mogul, large, big, most grieving, whacking, big leaguer, monarch, Nawab, voluminous, important, somebody, blockbuster, un wieldy, big-timer, lead-footed, more acroamatic, more twoton, un manageable, pro-founder, STANDOUT, colossus, hulking, un wieldiest, bigwig, mastodon, heavy, dinosaur, consequential, lead footed, over weight, most weighted, more two ton, un-wieldy, more grieving, twoton, goodly, un wieldier, un-wieldiest, more zaftig, un-manageable, tycoon, celeb, most acroamatic, kingfish, more lead-footed, leaden, NIBS, pro found, significant, pro-found, most twoton, two-ton, kahuna, zaftig, more two-ton, more weighted, elephant, most two ton, in-tolerable, behemoth, over-cast, super, weighted, Cause Celebre, unwieldy, megastar, big wheel, big shot, oversize, kingpin, cumbersome, largish, most two-ton, ponderous, more leadfooted, hefty, nabob, topheavy, most lead-footed, pooh-bah.

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