Pronunciation of Likely
/l_ˈaɪ_k_l_ɪ/, /lˈa͡ɪklɪ/, /lˈa‍ɪklɪ/

Antonyms for likely

un-clearest, unimposing, funereal, out the question, miserable, unprepossessing, improbably, in conceivable, most god knows where, un-decided, nongermane, discouraging, unassured, ghastly, un known, un convincing, farflung, more doubtable, in-accessible, implausible, un common, in substantial, reachier, un assured, most incogitable, unlikely, unsightly, alfresco, unthinkable, un settled, unattractive, un reliable, wont fly, super natural, useless, most frontier, lamebrained, most openair, not likely, out lying, questionable, un-reliable, cockamamie, in-credible, un-communicative, in-considerable, un-clear, unpropitious, extra ordinary, out of question, unknowable, re served, in backwater, fishy, with drawn, remote, frumpish, in-curious, offensive, horrible, far off, terrible, Doubtable, most nongermane, re-aching, out of ordinary, unpromising, extramural, un-assured, mind boggling, most unconvinced, off lying, in-conceivable, unsure, un likeliest, un commonest, vile, full of holes, hideous, unpleasant, in credible, more cockamamie, disgusting, up-pity, out-door, offlying, re-mote, reachiest, impossible, un-thinkable, sur face, foul, unaesthetic, extra-ordinary, stuck up, desperate, in decisive, abhorrent, unpretty, un-convincing, un knowable, in supposable, more bewildering, god knows where, most confounding, more insupposable, un-believable, frightful, out ordinary, awe inspiring, full holes, un-ordinary, skeptical, marvelous, more unknowable, gray, most unassured, in-supportable, frumpy, hundred-to-one, un-involved, homely, extra-mural, open-air, god-knows-where, most doubtable, more lamebrained, dismal, dark, far fetched, nauseating, dreary, won't hold water, for the birds, un ordinary, be yond, openair, won't fly, most god-knows-where, in-different, more boondocks, difficult believe, unworkable, ugly, open to doubt, be wildering, unforeseeable, un-likeliest, un-dependable, more unconvinced, un commoner, un sure, more beyond, grotesque, un convinced, ill-favored, un-realistic, sur prising, out side, un likelier, un-trustworthy, un-likely, in-supposable, un-usual, negative, off beaten path, outside, far flung, un-essential, unencouraging, out question, more apart, unappetizing, funnier, revolting, dis interested, most lamebrained, more nongermane, more hundred to one, un-natural, re mote, bad, wont hold water, iffy, aweinspiring, un realistic, bleak, in-appropriate, sickening, outlandish, in considerable, more hundred-to-one, putting airs, un thinkable, not expected, retrospective, gloomy, sur-face, un-trustiest, witchy, Insupposable, shocking, un involved, Unhandsome, reachy, un-likelier, suspect, in curious, unbecoming, most hundred to one, in different, un-settled, laid back, un-sure, Trustless, disheartening, unreasonable, re-achiest, plain, un-connected, non germane, re-served, most offlying, off-lying, most open air, unbelievable, touch go, suspicious, wretched, farfetched, re achy, un decided, in-consequential, untrustiest, in-decisive, most trustless, incredible, in consequential, repulsive, un-discovered, un-knowable, out-lying, slim and none, for birds, re achiest, re-achier, unshapely, hundred to one, un likely, un interested, unheardof, unpleasing, un imaginable, in-coherent, wont wash, in comprehensible, more open-air, uncertain, un-trustier, un-common, un essential, slim none, un-commoner, non-germane, unheard of, un trustiest, improbable, middle nowhere, more trustless, absurd, in accessible, past belief, dis-interested, un reasonable, out door, re achier, more alfresco, out-side, most unknowable, more extramural, won't wash, mindboggling, un trustier, touch and go, most beyond, glum, sur-prising, super-natural, dubious, inconceivable, un clear, un substantial, un discovered, be-wildering, loathsome, more imcomprehensible, most off-lying, Haggish, in direct, slight, un usual, more god-knows-where, more confounding, objectionable, uncomely, re-achy, dreadful, un-concerned, outside chance, un-important, outer-most, in supportable, cheerless, nasty, un-substantial, grim, unconvinced, in cogitable, ridiculous, most imcomprehensible, most insupposable, gorgonian, un-reasonable, most open-air, beyond belief, re tired, un concerned, more offlying, in-direct, middle of nowhere, un-interested, most apart, open doubt, unlovely, un clearest, difficult to believe, more open air, more frontier, inapt, un-known, with-drawn, depressing, inauspicious, in appropriate, in-cogitable, comfortless, most hundred-to-one, un believable, Incogitable, repellent, abominable, un dependable, repugnant, preposterous, laidback, re aching, most boondocks, disagreeable, un-trusty, untrusty, be-yond, unfavorable, unappealing, up pity, in-substantial, unbeautiful, beyond possibility, un-imaginable, re moved, more incogitable, fly by night.