Pronunciation of Limited
/lˈɪmɪtɪd/, /lˈɪmɪtɪd/, /l_ˈɪ_m_ɪ_t_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for limited

at large, in estimable, self-ruling, more humanistic, faddy, de finite, most imprecise, more intentionally, most dehiscent, on cuff, more permeating, far-flung, more diffusive, in-dubitable, inter-minable, at disposal, in escapable, most full-out, as you please, all-owed, far reaching, dis solute, more delivering, dilatant, more comprising, most zillion, more expanding, more monarchal, more stretched-out, nebulous, outer-most, most propagated, indefinite, at liberty, most never failing, all-out, most far spread, peckest, in expressible, door's always open, expansive, re-liable, un-changing, not particular, ex-posed, at ones discretion, un suppressed, undreamed of, un defined, all-around, un employed, more openly, more scopic, un cluttered, un-obstructed, extra-ordinary, all-encompassing, most unburdened, most predominate, out-right, more synoptic, most latitudinous, most reoccurring, farflung, inestimable, most far-going, therest, in-distinct, most unchallenged, un divided, unsuppressed, co pious, un plumbed, most come-at-able, un-reckonable, most libertarian, tumultous tumultuous, undefinable, more libertarian, independent, far-spread, para-mount, most self perpetuating, re occurring, in-numerable, most unmeasurable, libertarian, most revealed, in dependent, in depth, faddier, comethrough, more forever, in distinct, out-going, in-ordinate, king-size, whole slew, self-perpetuating, uncurbed, palaverous, un bound, unregimented, interminable, release, un-interrupted, big hearted, allembracing, more all-over, highminded, more freewheeling, most comprehending, great, pre-dominant, far-ranging, ok, most unbroken, more uncluttered, far-stretched, undiminished, stretched out, comprehensive, un-measurable, most self ruling, worldwide, ex-act, pre eminent, most oodles, day and night, dis closed, more broadcast, pre-eminent, pre pared, unalloyed, un-hampered, enlarged, most ringent, un bolted, un impeded, de livering, huge, most wall to wall, un ending, un exclusive, un engaged, of free will, un-burdened, more dilated, in-tact, more all-purpose, un-plugged, on the loose, prevailing, more willingly, more spreadout, unreservedly, de-tailed, more free wheeling, more enfranchised, scadsest, all-embracing, no end of, all-purpose, un-determined, most particularized, cosmogonic, more undiminished, outspread, in-variable, un marred, un impaired, most far ranging, re current, most synoptic, tidy sum, Unshut, de terminate, in temperate, outgoing, neverending, at one's pleasure, more thousand and one, undefined, in-computable, broad spectrum, more circulated, most chargeless, in formal, most stretchedout, in-numerous, in discriminate, taken as a whole, latest word, out-rightest, more come-at-able, blimper, more come-through, more untrammeled, more waffling, all-round, more unenslaved, all owed, reusable, out most, rock solid, pro-curable, most wall-to-wall, in-tangible, top pest, far stretched, most unstopped, more proletarian, un-known, long winded, there, un-thinkable, most thorough going, in-tensest, dis tended, in-describable, most unfading, un-impaired, wall-to-wall, Heaper, full, all embracing, more thronged, local, most swarming, in tense, more uncurbed, more full-out, bullest, un-attached, more farstretched, most scopious, bottomless, more wide-ranging, allout, more million, in-definite, all around, more self-perpetuating, of one accord, more monster, more self governed, ex-tended, un-eventful, most thumping, un questionable, pre-vailing, pro-founder, more far stretched, at one's discretion, un controllable, un-fathomable, more mucho, more wall-to-wall, in-escapable, the works, more unbroken, un damaged, myriad, more positive, more too-too, pilest, rife, of ones accord, not partial, in terminable, unrestricted, free-spirited, longwinded, out goingest, most selfruling, global, malignant, un-used, can't get away from, raftest, un thinkable, most willingly, sufficient, more all embracing, most autonomic, farreaching, most wide-extending, Fluctuant, voluminous, blow by blow, in-determinate, pecker, most predominating, most openly, at discretion, full out, un tarnished, diffuse, un-checked, out-spread, un-settled, more spontaneously, more unmeasured, de tailed, buller, most wide-stretching, strung out, in demand, most matter-of-course, most ubiquitary, unlimited, at ones pleasure, too too, un confined, un inhibited, Ubiquitary, Unenslaved, more self-ruling, more leviathan, more ubiquitary, more voluntarily, splayer, most allowed, un commonest, free, un-marked, of own free will, out-righter, pro-fuse, un trammeled, in finite, un prejudiced, deeply felt, out-size, re-liablest, choatest, most termless, in-discriminate, more unengaged, most jillion, inter national, most stretched-out, un-enslaved, most tootoo, more comethrough, wholesale, more absolutist, most directing, farranging, outsize, more unregimented, un covered, compest, un-qualified, un obstructed, Ringent, un-reasonable, thousand-and-one, eternal, most far going, endless, more unreservedly, multi national, absolute, of own accord, most unrepressed, un hampered, more latitudinarian, unbounded, most wide extending, most freespirited, self perpetuating, un-controllable, dis-closed, un detailed, fancy free, un measured, more jillion, most full out, more outstretched, in calculable, most thorough-going, more blustering, most cracking, by numbers, derivable from, un sealed, un-folded, over-kill, most adopted, partial, most recurring, more recurring, un-numberable, un expressed, un-countable, inexact, selfruling, more latitudinous, far going, avantgarde, un fathomed, full scale, at pleasure, out-goinger, un-committed, most unbolted, more propagated, more unreckonable, more freebie, more extensive, most allpurpose, most unplugged, more designedly, thorough going, more fullout, most free spirited, out of proportion, most matter of course, pro founder, gobsest, un-broken, un-imaginable, more free spirited, ex act, largescale, at one disposal, plainliest, most dispersed, more securable, most supertemporal, most all embracing, in computable, whole, over kill, extreme, most unreckonable, more thousand-and-one, wall to wall, more unfixed, more wideranging, jumbo, realizable, over bearing, most unconcentrated, most encircling, more all-embracing, international, plentiful, more unsuppressed, out going, let go, more unmixed, far down, most monster, dis-tended, most comprising, most freebie, most unbigoted, ready willing and able, deepseated, un-governed, splay, extensive, surefire, un concentrated, un bridled, no joke, self-directing, widely distributed, loadser, unconcentrated, oversize, more farextending, more self ruling, more cosmogonic, more free-wheeling, super temporal, un-paid, more realizable, pro curable, bumper, most unspecific, most self-directing, come-at-able, out spread, de-finite, entire, most never-failing, more indeterminable, more scopious, more innumerous, Open-handed, without restraint, sizable, un-limited, more thorough-going, most behemothic, allencompassing, diffusive, fullout, un-told, un adulterated, run of the mill, vast, beyond number, messest, more emancipated, ex tended, more allpurpose, all encompassing, free of cost, more all over, most far-extending, COMP, at leisure, most spread-out, part, farspread, scopic, most pervading, cosmopolitan, most voluntarily, most undetailed, widestretching, most come at able, more selfdirecting, most fluctuant, re-current, broadspectrum, un restricted, most consolidated, crawling with, incalculable, innumerable, most humongous, most outspread, more far going, in-expressible, more wide-stretching, un bounded, largish, most realizable, off the hook, most cosmogonal, most diluted, more undetailed, scopious, most all over, un-cluttered, more prevalent, un-wieldier, no end, ill defined, most disclosed, un fixed, splayest, more cracking, more unfading, un changing, unhampered, more unnumberable, more reoccurring, most neverceasing, more unhampered, Securable, unending, indeterminate, re-gular, more palaverous, at one pleasure, most agape, more allowed, in continent, in-temperate, most wide-reaching, uni-versal, Patulous, plenitudinous, deep seated, high minded, more deliberately, more spread out, more expanded, clean, most thorough, most handout, most spread out, unreserved, on large scale, Saturnalian, un-tarnished, of one free will, more unnumbered, in-terminable, heapest, dis-engaged, most oversize, allaround, hulking, most unfixed, selfperpetuating, most million, in-tenser, most embraced, plenary, at one's disposal, infinite, plenty, of one own accord, quite a few, loadsest, of one's own free will, dyed in the wool, most unnumberable, uncluttered, limitless, on a large scale, un seemliest, in determinable, more strewn, un fading, un-damaged, wall wall, most broadcast, most free wheeling, more disseminated, across the board, most unmeasured, most freewheeling, come at able, full blown, in-determinable, in use, more ringent, more dilatant, pre dominating, wideranging, unnumberable, most puttylike, more slew, more wideextending, all-over, inexhaustible, re curring, unbigoted, on rampage, in-calculable, more unexclusive, cyclo-pean, most purposely, most fullout, more chargeless, most innumerous, most self-governed, un-recompensed, nower, un abridged, countless, door always open, most scopic, self governed, more self-directing, most unsuppressed, un-predictable, mucho, un-stinging, more unbigoted, more open handed, wide reaching, spun out, most never-ceasing, more matter of course, un-trammeled, over-size, un reservedly, on a treadmill, autonomic, without number, in comprehensible, utter-most, most far extending, un-bigoted, un foreseen, under-standing, re-liabler, most widereaching, most all-purpose, more always, more emptied, un-bridled, most never ceasing, re-mote, most circulated, un-marred, of ones free will, more stretched out, most allembracing, wide, spread out, more demanded, most unbound, selfgoverning, of one own free will, more widereaching, out righter, handsome, far flung, no ifs ands or buts, most undiminished, un biased, more uninjured, un-failing, Chargeless, most self governed, un-suppressed, most too too, most palaverous, never-ceasing, un-seemlier, more getatable, self governing, zillion, hefty, out right, un-numbered, prevalent, top-pest, more dispersed, without prompting, circumlocutory, worlder, more unspecific, most untrammeled, re-turning, leviathan, for love, wideextending, most emptied, un-barred, all over, more far-going, freely, across board, more self perpetuating, more unplumbed, more unmeasurable, more unchallenged, more unplugged, on one's own, most all-over, in destructible, no strings, in accurate, undetailed, more overkill, un-commoner, pre-dominating, dehiscent, most wide ranging, lots of, re gular, stretchedout, out and out, un-expressed, multi-faceted, more unbarred, unexclusive, re-curring, nonspecific, most self-perpetuating, most rampaging, most saturnalian, more comprehending, multi faceted, unrepressed, un-touched, lengthy, most proletarian, most stretched out, out rightest, sui juris, boundless, most humanistic, humanistic, most selfdirecting, un-regulated, most unalloyed, un touched, un specific, more outspread, un limited, un-counted, workser, unengaged, most possible, long, un mixed, un-remitting, epic, barn door, at one discretion, un-governable, more handout, worst case, exceeding bounds, un-inhibited, unmeasurable, more unbolted, pre vailing, more stretchedout, un stopped, more puttylike, stacker, far off, un-bound, more unconcentrated, most delivering, un-flagging, most outsize, un failing, un fathomable, all inclusive, innumerous, avant garde, no end to, un-specific, profound, escalated, spreadout, un numbered, un-exclusive, most widestretching, stretching, massive, available, mondo, pre dominant, imprecise, wadder, unbound, un deniable, in-estimable, un-dependable, most designedly, most wide-ranging, beyond measure, un-reservedly, pro-found, more selfgoverned, in style, heapser, more wide ranging, most unhampered, behemothic, inter minable, un ceasing, un flawed, major, un mistakable, respectable, most forever, un qualified, spread-out, un-furled, in-formal, versatile, more precise, iffy, cant get away from, choater, in-dependent, most always, out proportion, tootoo, most mucho, most far stretched, of great scope, most liberated, un broken, more oodles, most selfgoverned, far extending, no ifs ands buts, most stretching, more containing, unfathomable, uttermost, more all-encompassing, all round, more saturnalian, broad-minded, dis-solute, un known, unfading, most yawning, most intentionally, un-inhabited, more selfperpetuating, whacking, more consolidated, unplumbed, most indeterminable, on treadmill, too-too, un-calculable, satisfactory, un constrained, un shut, re-occurring, stretched-out, wideopen, unstinging, on loose, more radiated, un locked, most unfolded, most unregimented, untold, in-destructible, more preponderating, of one's free will, in tenser, more open-handed, un-mixed, un equivocal, in exhaustible, unstopped, most wideextending, in-fallible, pro fuse, uncalculable, un seemlier, more uncalculable, most wideranging, un-blocked, far-reaching, un-questionable, most free-wheeling, adequate, free wheeling, never-failing, on deck, more never-failing, out side, straight out, un-mitigated, un-compromising, nowest, un counted, most strewn, more peeled, free-wheeling, total, most allencompassing, many, ample, more continued, in describable, un-confined, Messer, un furled, overkill, utmost, non-stop, encyclopedic, un speakable, Latitudinous, selfdirecting, more reformist, no kicker, all over place, super, more monarchial, most unexclusive, Cosmogonal, more far-stretched, most outstretched, un-fathomed, on own, un stinging, most suppressed, large scale, most mondo, un common, more circumlocutory, neverfailing, in tact, un regimented, most unengaged, not tied down, waddest, un committed, more unshut, in-terminate, day-and-night, more far-ranging, more free-spirited, un-reserved, un-clear, in-tense, of ones own accord, pre dominate, most farranging, tumultoustumultuous, most farstretched, more wide reaching, allpurpose, un burdened, more unbound, most rent, most everywhere, never ending, fullblown, un usual, wide-extending, more complete, un-speakable, up for grabs, not specific, most costless, super-temporal, un settled, over-long, most day and night, more all encompassing, un-curbed, un-ending, un-divided, fancyfree, un repressed, most preponderating, un reasonable, Farstretched, un relenting, more patulous, absolutist, more freespirited, most umbrella, pro-longed, open, un-common, whole shebang, no strings attached, more stretching, passel of, more come at able, un-fettered, in-accurate, freespirited, wide ranging, most far-spread, un-controlled, un paid, expanding, most wide reaching, most thousand and one, un regulated, most self directing, un-conventional, un bigoted, un-challenged, frankliest, re liabler, utter most, un barred, un folded, more purposely, of accord, divided, multitudinous, vague, more rampaging, more humongous, taken as whole, getatable, expanded, un challenged, more thumping, most leviathan, franklier, un-diminished, more unfurled, more predominate, most blustering, un mitigated, Interminate, un-surpassable, of one's accord, most unreservedly, more tootoo, on hand, un countable, copious, un calculable, most deliberately, most disseminated, popular, scadser, pre-dominate, most unmixed, immense, most slew, more farspread, most uncalculable, dead, overall, most far-stretched, un-equivocal, farextending, more advisedly, unmixed, universal, perpetual, long drawn out, more far ranging, un conventional, un conditional, gobser, without hindrance, many sided, unconditional, more liberated, alive with, tumultous-tumultuous, omnipresent, most expanded, most patulous, pervasive, more wide-extending, most spreadout, substantial, un-defined, un predictable, cyclo pean, un fettered, out size, most come-through, out-stretched, un told, multi-national, all purpose, made passable, allround, allover, most thousand-and-one, un seemly, never-ending, most unshut, full-out, de-terminate, more rent, unqualified, most neverfailing, un-detailed, un-repressed, far spread, without limit, in determinate, most unsealed, more spread-out, the big picture, most monarchial, dis-cursive, ex tensive, epidemic, more wide stretching, most fargoing, most unenslaved, pre-pared, more particularized, dis engaged, most all-embracing, un commoner, most unnumbered, unfixed, un disputed, more guiding, up to date, un clear, plainlier, un-bounded, goodly, un injured, fargoing, most guiding, all over the place, more allencompassing, under standing, uncertain, more thorough, most thronged, re turning, un wieldy, broad minded, re liablest, most free-spirited, more swarming, un-ambiguous, positive, further-most, in definite, un inhabited, Clocklike, bags of, un imaginable, freewheeling, un-impeded, without reserve, most uninjured, Piler, un clearest, unbolted, large, un-shut, off hook, widespread, un-concentrated, un-mistakable, in-finite, lock stock and barrel, more zillion, most returning, freest, un-clearest, no catch, more pervading, most farspread, un-wieldiest, un measurable, wide open, most all purpose, most uncluttered, more unalloyed, un-foreseen, illdefined, free spirited, grandiose, most wide stretching, un-blemished, more too too, more everywhere, most self-ruling, in terminate, un curbed, unspecific, para mount, Over-bearing, at will, unnumbered, far ranging, more supertemporal, more unburdened, in numerable, more cosmogonal, more returning, most continued, most getatable, shared, de-livering, untrammeled, no holds barred, un-prejudiced, allinclusive, cancerous, un reckonable, faddiest, in-continent, un-sure, most dilatant, un-adulterated, immeasurable, un numberable, more unrepressed, un diminished, more far extending, wide-ranging, more all purpose, indeterminable, un-locked, unrestrained, un recompensed, more neverceasing, more selfruling, quite few, co-pious, un ambiguous, un-usual, un sure, Termless, extroverted, costless, most radiated, uni versal, un-restricted, un-disputed, most allover, more dehiscent, un-stopped, un bending, Supertemporal, re sourceful, more neverfailing, most selfperpetuating, un-conditional, at ones disposal, most spontaneously, more fluctuant, blimpest, unreckonable, unconfined, wide stretching, come-through, most advisedly, most day-and-night, stackest, on ones own, all out, uninjured, on one own, numberless, in dubitable, more agape, without urging, never failing, more costless, puttylike, wide extending, widereaching, more wide extending, un enslaved, more full out, cosmic, most cosmogonic, un-injured, open handed, un-restrained, no fine print, more far spread, most permeating, blanket, un controlled, more disclosed, Choate, top most, thousand and one, most all encompassing, un compromising, un-alloyed, re moved, comper, unfailing, pro found, unmeasured, most unfurled, un interrupted, out-goingest, un remitting, ready willing able, more far-extending, of ones own free will, in fallible, most demanded, more self-governed, un-abridged, Dimensionless, fullscale, monarchal, most containing, in numerous, ex-tensive, monarchial, unburdened, most uncurbed, most peeled, on the rampage, in variable, over long, out control, more far-spread, un dependable, un wieldier, immoderate, more widestretching, un checked, on house, un-deniable, heapsest, in tangible, un-seemliest, broadminded, more wall to wall, un surpassable, broad, self ruling, extra ordinary, un-plumbed, dis cursive, lock stock barrel, doors always open, of one's own accord, worldest, more suppressed, ex posed, generous, general, rampant, inter-national, more unfolded, un-fixed, unchallenged, un-bending, worksest, accessible, selfgoverned.