Pronunciation of Live
/lˈa͡ɪv/, /lˈa‍ɪv/, /l_ˈaɪ_v/

Antonyms for live

pushing up daisies, go bad, de cease, cashed in ones chips, are established, cashing in, bought a one way ticket, passing on, pass away, send forth, bought oneway ticket, fallow, de-part, behind time, de scend, ex-pire, out-went, fall behind, cashing in one's chips, under taken, wert ordained, de scends, cashing in ones chips, voted in, more last-minute, de-parting, cash ones chips, becoming obsolete, gone to reward, out does, comes pass, outgo, just out, dis charges, more perished, under take, not existing, Demised, sleepy, out-distances, going downhill, more numbed, de generates, idle, lost power, un profitable, sur mounts, gave up ghost, leaves behind, cashes in one chips, passed on, cashes one chips, re-cede, wearing away, came to pass, sur-mounted, in-operative, re lapsing, de-scending, buying one way ticket, letted have, pre ceding, went way of all flesh, getting through, eleventhhour, glided by, un seen, defecate, ex-crete, cashes in ones chips, be established, be fall, ex-cretes, over due, non existent, cashed in chips, in visible, nonexistent, taking place, Forfend, de-cay, lose, out doing, eases off, be falls, in-operable, dis-solved, over-look, nonoperative, cease exist, reject, unpunctual, un mitigated, giving ghost, wert established, art ordained, re-lapsing, art no more, be lated, calls off all bets, retro grades, ceases exist, quiescent, re lapses, breathe one's last, most erased, bought one-way ticket, flew by, cashes one's chips, goes way of all flesh, exanimate, re-turns, cash one's chips, by gone, un ripe, un qualified, out done, rests in peace, in-valid, dis solves, buys a one-way ticket, gotten through, re cent, giving up ghost, dis solved, transcribed, be-lated, is sanctioned, Retrograded, more lastminute, cashing one chips, retrogrades, croak, become law, cashed one's chips, dis-regard, de crees, buys one way ticket, perish, not heeding, buy farm, cash in one's chips, in-animate, insipid, dis-appeared, passed away, out ones misery, in the lurch, ex celling, becoming valid, re paired, went past, buy a one way ticket, un expressed, goes way flesh, fizzling out, finished, slipped away, in-sensitive, re turns, voting in, fizzled out, breathe one last, gone reward, latent, useless, out-doing, de-crees, out right, most contained, re fusing, re-lapse, out-raced, de ceased, re-fuse, go way of flesh, out misery, un-developed, down drain, gone to meet maker, ex-changed, broken, be sanctioned, run low, breathed one's last, not heeds, de livering, most anesthetized, bite dust, un-profitable, is ordained, ineffective, cashed one chips, re-posing, Outgoes, dis-solves, de part, sluggish, re-pairing, flies by, dis-charges, de-scended, most vestigial, become ratified, un-responsive, ex-changing, de-creed, un-mitigated, give up the ghost, wast no more, shoots ahead of, ex crete, bereft of life, murdered, over-looking, nonoperating, re-aching, assassinated, most suppressed, most unanimated, buys a one way ticket, breathe ones last, am no more, more vestigial, breathed ones last, late, trans-pire, de-scend, breathes ones last, cashed in one's chips, got through, out of misery, is taken, dis counting, inoperable, out strip, are ordained, calls all bets, being ordained, pre-ceding, re pairing, dispirited, unreverberant, shun, wast sanctioned, push on, blew past, outraced, ceasing exist, re-ached, melting away, in-active, give up ghost, ceased living, un-ripest, took place, gives the ghost, pass on, de generated, breathes one last, decommissioned, becomes ratified, recidivating, out-racing, out of one misery, dis appear, fade away, expire, dis-counts, out righter, out one misery, go, re ceding, called off all bets, out-stripping, ceases to exist, unproductive, un-expressed, vanished, go way all flesh, cashed chips, dis appearing, becoming law, break down, upping and die, coming to pass, ex-, re-lapses, noncurrent, are taken, bought it, de-cline, re pair, de-livers, most offed, out-shine, de parts, cashed in one chips, cashing ones chips, call bets, absent, cash chips, sub sides, pop off, in animate, pass, de scended, de clare, more liquidated, breaks down, coming pass, ghostlike, de cline, gave ghost, dis regarding, out of one's misery, giving the ghost, up and die, wert taken, out-distancing, Defecating, proceed, gliding by, buying a one-way ticket, kick bucket, de generate, retro graded, gave up the ghost, be-falling, fail, un-seen, cash in ones chips, buys a oneway ticket, more deadened, re-pair, inert, became ratified, were established, dis charging, go way flesh, un animated, had it, went way of flesh, be fell, Outwent, in a bind, un-exposed, more sometime, bought one way ticket, at rest, dis counted, de livers, de-clare, wiped out, more ex, de-mise, over looks, anesthetized, re cedes, faded out, terminated, dis appeared, meet ones maker, re turn, was no more, dislike, lethargic, buying it, most last minute, calling bets, called all bets, de cree, relinquish life, wither, no more, dormant, de scending, de cay, unanimated, call off all bets, de-generated, more unrealized, un-interesting, wert no more, dis regard, sterile, fade out, de liver, am ordained, most smoldering, vestigial, ex changes, passes on, de-parted, more inoperable, un conditional, give the ghost, dis-regarding, calling all bets, cash one chips, dead, goes past, slips away, defecates, dis-appearing, de-clines, de generating, between lines, out-shined, relinquishes life, de parting, passing away, de-cease, calls off bets, going way all flesh, most unpunctual, cash in one chips, de creed, out gone, dis-continues, ex animate, between the lines, de livered, out raced, un-riper, un-animated, comes to pass, be no more, come to pass, melts away, lets have, pro mises, resting in peace, be fallen, out one's misery, be-falls, out races, sent forth, Non-existent, out-strips, cash in, dis-regarded, being no more, leave behind, bought a oneway ticket, gives ghost, out of ones misery, dis-counted, outrace, pushing daisies, out distancing, upping die, under-taking, sur mounted, going bad, de-ceased, desert, more smoldering, re lapse, ceased exist, most mortified, running by, re lapsed, leave, gave the ghost, dis-continuing, be-fell, pro-mises, blow past, dis appears, halt, out luck, outracing, out going, avoid, meet one maker, de clares, were sanctioned, resting peace, de-cays, glides by, dis-continue, re-lapsed, most perished, out-shines, re fuses, out strips, un exposed, pro-mise, give ghost, letting have, kaput, ups die, ups and die, leaving behind, un-feeling, am sanctioned, retro-grades, out race, offed, out went, in valid, over looked, become obsolete, de-generates, dis continued, pass up, buy one way ticket, inoperative, ran low, dis charge, more eleventh-hour, defunct, most deadened, out-race, losing power, most numbed, more offed, were ordained, in lurch, de-ceasing, most last-minute, de-livering, dis counts, giving up the ghost, flying by, breathes last, calls bets, rested peace, be taken, relinquished life, sur-mount, under took, go past, resist, de-ceases, buying a oneway ticket, under lying, more eleventhhour, going beyond, goes way all flesh, went downhill, forfeit, dis-continued, de clines, out distanced, fizzles out, nonfunctional, out-shining, cashes in one's chips, buying one-way ticket, nonresonant, fade, calling off all bets, dis regards, sending forth, missed the boat, un interesting, call all bets, ex-celling, inelastic, un realized, is established, run by, art taken, languish, dis continues, more eleventh hour, un-conditional, breathes one's last, cooled off, out-righter, re turning, un-employed, ex celled, re-paired, becomes law, went beyond, unworkable, breathed last, more anesthetized, becomes obsolete, slain, goes bad, re ached, re-turning, trans pire, dis solving, not heed, retro grade, arrested, retro-graded, most exanimate, re-pairs, most eleventh-hour, discontinue, fading, nonfunctioning, most liquidated, passed up, buys it, take place, flatline, passing up, re-ceding, goes downhill, most stayed, out racing, be ordained, goes way of flesh, out-gone, more contained, out-right, easing off, shot ahead of, most ex-, de-scends, Re-turn, dis-charge, left behind, de mises, out-strip, Passed, was ordained, melted away, dis-appears, dull, Outgone, sur-mounts, wast taken, out did, nonliving, in-visible, calling off bets, more exanimate, breathing ones last, cash in chips, handed, rest peace, out rightest, ceases living, breathing one's last, cease, cease living, implied, un-ripe, Demising, over-looks, dilapidates, ineffectual, cease to exist, dis continue, cooling off, de-livered, lastminute, be falling, was established, de-clares, pro mise, re-cedes, be-fallen, vote in, dis-charging, over look, under-takes, behindhand, buying a one way ticket, up die, lifeless, ease off, dis regarded, out and out, not use, under-lying, re aching, were taken, most sometime, un responsive, cashes in, in sensitive, are sanctioned, de ceases, more stayed, cashes ones chips, abandon, breaking down, buy a oneway ticket, re-fused, out-did, unrealized, retro-grading, migrate, dis-solve, lapsed, in operative, fades out, called bets, un-realized, fizzle out, re posing, ex pire, in sipid, sub sided, lost, ex changing, unimportant, de-parts, going way flesh, let have, more suppressed, re-turned, un-qualified, more reposing, under-taken, buy a one-way ticket, dis-appear, de mise, came pass, uncharged, running low, cashing chips, called off bets, was taken, buys one-way ticket, die, rest in peace, re pairs, Dilapidating, ceasing living, breathed one last, expired, quit, re-ceded, un feeling, wast ordained, shoot ahead of, going past, go beyond, out of luck, blowing past, sub side, dis-regards, last-minute, over-due, retro grading, bereft life, most expired, wast established, became obsolete, became valid, taped, out commission, be-fall, unloaded, ghostly, broke down, most behind, gives up the ghost, in bind, buy one-way ticket, un ripest, out-distance, passes up, buy oneway ticket, re fuse, de-cree, journey, cashes in chips, step out, under developed, more unanimated, votes in, move, were no more, out shined, ceased to exist, dis charged, most ex, de cays, loses power, went way all flesh, under takes, am taken, inactive, in active, slip away, blows past, de-liver, goes beyond, cool off, depart, cashing in chips, executed, becomes valid, more ex-, more mortified, sur mounting, call off bets, dilapidate, cashes chips, de-generate, buys oneway ticket, in-sipid, out shine, decease, Handing, sub-sides, recidivates, ceasing to exist, most reposing, wert sanctioned, nonoperational, in abeyance, out shone, succumb, out-stripped, deactivated, eased off, went way flesh, slipt away, more erased, out-done, gives up ghost, more behind, Defecated, most lastminute, become valid, ex-animate, art sanctioned, cashing in one chips, breathing last, out-does, stop, recidivate, recorded, in operable, lapse, unusable, breathing one last, gat through, buy it, Perished, dis continuing, cashed in, becoming ratified, ex change, dis-solving, un employed, by-gone, melt away, under-developed, breathe last, most unrealized, most inoperable, apathetic, de ceasing, cools off, went bad, de-mises, upped die, became law, being taken, dis-charged, out-going, shooting ahead of, out distance, sur mount, meet maker, relinquishing life, nonproductive, go downhill, barren, de-generating, fading out, buying oneway ticket, being sanctioned, more last minute, sur-mounting, being established, ex, dis-counting, going way of all flesh, rests peace, de parted, is no more, takes place, go way of all flesh, am established, Retrograding, re fused, come pass, brake down, dis solve, bought a one-way ticket, gone meet maker, rested in peace, cashing one's chips, going way of flesh, more expired, cashed ones chips, under taking, get through, ex cretes, gets through.