Pronunciation of Living
/lˈɪvɪŋ/, /lˈɪvɪŋ/, /l_ˈɪ_v_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for living

nonfunctional, more far gone, un mitigated, most played-out, in-visible, expiry, more extinguished, pastime, most oldfangled, entertainment, most forfeit, gone meet maker, whitebread, most devastated, burned up, unanimated, most burntout, most split, taken up, gone astray, out of date, most quit, nonextant, more dog-tired, most erased, de parted, dis-integrating, de-camped, unalike, relative, more annihilated, out one misery, un savory, incomparable, most terminated, more erased, sluggish, un-conditional, deceased, un-palatable, most spookish, most exanimate, more pabulum, de-functions, offed, phony, more perishing, burntout, more mortified, most misused, finis, dis-appeared, scarier, be lated, matte, more played out, wiped out, gave up ghost, in-sensitive, gone, kiss goodbye, in-organic, at end of rope, in-sentient, non animal, finished, most exterminated, mis placed, fading, more away, at death door, not sign of, deactivated, water under bridge, in-active, ex-pended, bygone, desert, dis-placed, mis used, un-redeemed, prosiest, un-seasoned, at end rope, most inoperable, de cease, most deadened, no longer known, losses, unlike, nonrealistic, spookish, down drain, in-sensible, After-life, out of misery, more numbed, de camped, most disintegrating, inanimate, gone to meet maker, mis spent, gave the ghost, more disappeared, pre occupied, lapsed, nonoperative, dyings, most unanimated, de functions, non-vegetable, dis-solution, more burntout, more spookish, out of one's misery, most annihilated, dogtired, going in circles, most azoic, after-lives, most unredeemed, done-in, more shot, un-known, more declining, more oldfangled, out-right, oldfangled, in sensate, un earthly, out ones misery, more playedout, inoperable, more eradicated, de-function, dis-trait, be mused, in-nocuous, out of one misery, more played-out, most dog tired, draggier, dead and gone, in-operable, most lusterless, un animated, most muted, most forfeited, out and out, more unanimated, more runoff, sham, oldtime, more squandered, out right, oldfashioned, re-leases, most anesthetized, out righter, not a sign of, dis appeared, pushing daisies, de-ceases, taken powder, nonanimal, in animate, most playedout, in organic, resting peace, more nonanimal, sleepy, in active, dis solutions, more reposing, terminated, more misused, more inconscient, most flown, un-savory, giving up the ghost, in operable, necrosises, un-earthly, more lusterless, by gone, of old, most offed, unredeemed, dis integrated, giving up ghost, most far-gone, most expired, de-mises, more donein, more perished, out of ones misery, finises, most doused, more adrift, most declining, lost, most burnt out, dried up, giving the ghost, not here, mis-laid, un remembered, washedup, un redeemed, most disappeared, un interesting, be-lated, unusable, in oblivion, more disintegrating, most mineral, passed on, un feeling, macabre, in-sensate, de sert, dead, most done in, scary, most adrift, lead balloon, anesthetized, un known, more offed, donein, most mortified, lusterless, most fargone, most nonanimal, nonproductive, more inoperable, un-earthlier, passing, far-gone, different, mock, offcourse, most elapsed, insipid, un employed, non-extant, nonfunctioning, passing overs, re-lease, more vanquished, mis-used, more elapsed, de-ceased, more zero, more nonvegetable, re moved, de-sert, unmatched, inactive, out cold, no more, dis trait, water over the dam, disparate, most numbed, death, stillborn, Perished, more exanimate, out one's misery, barren, be wildered, in sipid, more without, at deaths door, most entranced, in-animate, eternal rest, more dogtired, dis integrating, most expended, dissimilar, fake, un-mitigated, gave ghost, all in, most consumed, most vanquished, in visible, taken leave, azoic, most nonvegetable, more liquidated, nonvegetable, arrested, in nocuous, un-interesting, most perishing, taken in, more frittered, ineffective, more terminated, un-inhabited, inert, expiries, one foot in grave, ready drop, de-cease, exterminated, forgotten, more irrecoverable, un-animated, dog-tired, un inhabited, most run off, more burnt out, most perished, most nonextant, most without, extinct, more entranced, after lives, irretrievable, old fashioned, pushing up daisies, washed up, by-gone, lethargic, lifeless, most donein, most burnt-out, most sapless, one foot grave, un conditional, un earthliest, un qualified, necrosis, ho hum, more deadened, more abolished, ex terminated, most demolished, un responsive, re pose, old time, eternal rests, un-savorier, most nothing, ex-termination, at death's door, non vegetable, played out, more doused, dull, most zero, irrecoverable, more whitebread, most squandered, sapless, un-remembered, gone to reward, re tired, more exterminated, nonliving, de ceases, most shot, pre-occupied, unnatural, spiritless, un conscious, more fagged, cast away, ghostly, in-operative, had it, more demolished, non-animal, draggiest, re lease, ineffectual, out rightest, more consumed, of yore, dis-integrated, not existing, more forfeited, turned to dust, taken a powder, more mineral, more dissolved, at sea, un-responsive, destroyed, gave up the ghost, contrasting, more anesthetized, most abolished, gone reward, nowhere to be found, unworkable, fargone, un-conscious, more unremembered, apathetic, burnt-out, most sometime, un-feeling, out the window, dis-solved, more sometime, dead gone, most done-in, giving ghost, in sensitive, more expired, ghostlike, most shifted, Defunction, most extinguished, draggy, down memory lane, more decamped, more muted, most passed, mineral, more devastated, nowhere be found, in sensible, out-righter, un earthlier, useless, more forfeit, re-pose, most dog-tired, run off, resting in peace, re-posing, most eradicated, more shifted, out window, dis solved, ex-terminations, ex animate, most reposing, more flown, elapsings, de mise, de-mise, run-off, un seasoned, most irrecoverable, more nothing, un savorier, most frittered, de ceased, with drawn, dying, more ebbing, out misery, non extant, be-wildered, broken, more azoic, defunctions, more quit, be-mused, on last leg, most inconscient, ex-terminated, nonnatural, dis-oriented, unproductive, more irretrievable, off course, most fagged, dis oriented, most far gone, passed away, most played out, un-savoriest, un profitable, more nonextant, ex terminations, nonoperational, flat, de-parted, asleep, comparative, most disintegrated, nonoperating, dispirited, fallen between cracks, re posing, more passed, wastest, spent, in extremis, dis solution, more burnt-out, more expended, more shattered, unremembered, dis-solutions, thrown away, expiration, played-out, kaput, de mises, un-earthliest, most pabulum, bereft life, more fargone, fun, dog tired, ex pended, after life, quiescent, most liquidated, exanimate, most dogtired, ready to drop, fagged, most unremembered, in operative, un-qualified, decommissioned, de function, with-drawn, water over dam, mis-spent, dis placed, undead, re leases, in-sipid, ex-animate, going circles, bereft of life, most ebbing, mattest.