Pronunciation of Long
/lˈɒŋ/, /lˈɒŋ/, /l_ˈɒ_ŋ/

Antonyms for long

un-cultivated, teeny, most synoptic, bandaid, more contracted, truncated, pint-sized, un polished, Curtate, mean, more overnight, ephemeral, close-grained, anymore, un-refined, un-enduring, insignificant, scarce, narrow, most compacted, de-creased, hate, more breviloquent, un-developed, most well pressed, most jam packed, trans migratory, here today gone tomorrow, runtiest, abbreviated, cut to the bone, inconsiderable, squattier, microscopic, close the ground, episodic, more thickbodied, short-haul, un-cultured, unfixed, runty, hardly any, un expectedly, the point, unanticipatedly, sawed-off, scanty, limited, un-mannerly, in a nutshell, in-delicate, un justest, un-dependable, puny, clear cut, slight, not long, most mini, more recapped, in substantial, trifling, fly by night, runtier, slender, most rehashed, dis-courteous, un-stablest, curt, more sawed off, most sawed-off, most band-aid, snubber, miniature, telescoped, most breviloquent, concise, un enduring, most compressed, undersized, more peanut, more band aid, condensed, un-prolonged, more pocket sized, not to be relied upon, currently, more short-run, close, more lessened, truncate, badtempered, deciduous, most sawed off, sound, low, un-sure, un stable, un-civil, un cultured, un reliable, fleeting, cut the bone, bad tempered, more sawed-off, more decurtate, brief, more shriveled, most trustless, more curtate, gone in a heartbeat, gone heartbeat, to point, more consolidated, most pint-sized, more unwilted, un juster, head long, most compendiary, un-ceremonious, most cowboy, pocketsized, most needing, un wilted, matter of fact, dis courteous, clean cut, bluff, un-justest, gone a heartbeat, fugitive, short haul, breviloquent, most circumscribed, most untutored, un gracious, compendiary, more truncated, cut to bone, more close grained, most pocketsized, in-adequate, in-elegant, most niggardly, unimportant, suppliest, more here-today-gone-tomorrow, rough, most thick-bodied, toyest, most diminished, clipped, sudden, more compendiary, re capped, more runthrough, more closegrained, more lamster, most plain-spoken, un prolonged, de-curtate, more decreased, more abbreviate, paltry, ill mannered, appressed, in considerable, more shortened, in-considerable, impermanent, more summarized, unprolonged, more blustering, un-trustworthy, nononsense, band aid, more pint-sized, more make do, re-hashed, more abbreviated, un-fixed, un sustained, most short-haul, weak, most emigrating, flash in pan, in elegant, more makedo, quick, more migrating, makedo, thick bodied, more glancing, most decurtate, trans-migratory, more mini, un-juster, most pocket sized, wellgroomed, more synoptic, un-reliable, most recapped, ignorant, untutored, decurtate, shortrun, boiled down, most shorthaul, most escaping, most shortrun, over night, plain spoken, blunt, un-just, over a heartbeat, more trustless, not be relied upon, most decreased, in-decorous, shrimpy, short run, most unfixed, more run-through, close to the ground, on the lam, short-lived, temporary, most peanut, re-capped, more bandaid, un-gracious, most truncated, most shifting, instantaneous, small, tiny, crisp, most shortened, more compacted, most short run, not to be relied up on, un aware, more run through, most band aid, more unfixed, most curtailed, short-run, make long story short, pocket-sized, more cowboy, clearcut, runthrough, without warning, most pint sized, thumbnail, un-expectedly, most run-through, most jam-packed, more unprolonged, un sure, most vacating, snubbest, out spoken, on time, more untutored, pint sized, close to ground, short spoken, more well pressed, more cropped, compact, shrimpier, un cultivated, most migrating, shortspoken, more appressed, evanescent, most thickbodied, Trustless, in-substantial, most confining, most summarized, not be relied up on, well pressed, transient, on lam, lean, over heartbeat, most sawedoff, un-stable, un pleasant, pro visional, for time being, flashest, despise, most unprolonged, dis reputable, un stablest, most evading, squatty, right now, un refined, diminutive, un dependable, un-couth, under sized, more pint sized, more pocketsized, today, infinitesimal, without delay, out-spoken, pocket sized, most short-run, in-sufficient, more compressed, not be trusted, un-stabler, most thick bodied, more diminished, most blustering, Toyer, most contracted, most abbreviated, short tempered, more here today gone tomorrow, gone in heartbeat, short term, make a long story short, nowadays, snub, in adequate, most bunched, short sweet, more bunched, most makedo, presently, shorthanded, un couth, close grained, more thick-bodied, thick-bodied, close ground, un fixed, more close-grained, most lessened, sawed off, most cropped, un-wilted, not large, not to be trusted, improvident, bearish, little, no nonsense, niggardly, thickbodied, wee, not big, most bearish, petty, cleancut, more short run, most close-grained, most curtate, short, over in heartbeat, more needing, shortest, cut bone, more rehashed, more jam packed, most consolidated, un-professional, illmannered, well-pressed, un tutored, crispy, most unenduring, most plain spoken, more thick bodied, shrimpiest, smallish, most make-do, flash the pan, mini, supplier, most glancing, diminished, un feeling, more emigrating, to the point, more unsustained, most bandaid, abridged, trivial, passing, more jam-packed, transitory, more short haul, fly-by-night, more pocket-sized, sawedoff, un mannerly, well groomed, most deciduous, most run through, short handed, most runthrough, crispier, make do, over-night, more unenduring, without hesitation, in nutshell, synoptic, more avoiding, more subitaneous, de creased, un-sustained, crispiest, more circumscribed, most pocket-sized, most make do, shorthaul, in delicate, shortlived, more confining, more bearish, more well-pressed, closegrained, wellpressed, squattiest, un-tutored, more escaping, summary, most unsustained, de curtate, more curtailed, more sawedoff, Unenduring, Unsustained, abrupt, un-pleasant, by surprise, over in a heartbeat, shorttempered, re hashed, most close grained, un stabler, low on, more band-aid, overnight, dis-reputable, short lived, more piquing, more shorthaul, quickest, most abbreviate, most abridged, more deciduous, most here-today-gone-tomorrow, in decorous, stubby, bitty, more abridged, of short duration, un-aware, most lamster, head-long, soft, un civil, pithy, not protracted, for the time being, most piquing, hurried, dislike, make-do, under-sized, un just.